How Vulnerable Are You In Your Marketing? – FHR #193

Why Dave Decided to Talk about Our Vulnerabilities:

People buy on emotion. This requires you to connect with your audience. There is no better way than by being vulnerable. But “How Vulnerable”? There is a fine line from being authentically vulnerable and being vulnerable only to sell. People can see right through this and it can hurt you more than help you. Dave reveals an example of where being totally vulnerable actually connected with the audience and helped sell over 50,000 copies of an E-book in less than 5 months.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

-Natalie, a good friend of Dave’s, is a prime example of using your vulnerabilities in marketing. (1:32)

-Dave gives us an example of vulnerability from his own life to help us all see how it correlates to our own marketing (7:34)

-We learn that what you might perceive as a hindrance is an opportunity to explore for others. (11:16)

Quotable Moments:

“The fascinating thing to me is the massive amount of success she had because she connected so pure, and so raw, and so vulnerable. “

“I see a lot of people who use vulnerability as a power tool to almost take advantage of people. That’s not what I’m talking about here. This vulnerability is how you truly feel”

“This wheelchair wasn’t a symbol of limitation. It was a symbol of freedom.”

Other Tidbits:

Vulnerability lets people know your real, so it better be real. There is nothing that will hurt your business and credibility in the industry than presenting yourself as someone you’re really not. If you truly want to help those in your influence, then you need to show them how the product has helped people like them. That person can potentially even be you.

When we allow ourselves to become vulnerable with our audience we build a relationship with them. And what happens when you have a relationship with somebody? They trust you. With this trust your audience will be more willingly to confide in you and trust you with their testimonials.

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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back to fun lack of radio this is a fun topic that’s a topic that’s actually really personal and I hope at the same time helps you in your marketing god this is the whole concept of vulnerability and how vulnerable you actually are in your marketing and how it actually impacts you in the way in which you connect with your audience I’ve been going back and forth on this it again props out to Russell I love him like a brother and he’s a dear friend and I because he’s that close to me he’s able to give me a lot of the counsel and advice that I probably wouldn’t take from others but it was really fascinating the other day when we were talking about the importance of of being more emotional and expressing those emotions and let him people feel the feelings that you’re having and it came up just the other day when I was we did a Facebook live yeah yesterday with Natalie Hodson and with Kailen and it was fascinating because I look at Natalie and the things that she’s done and her success has come because of her vulnerable tough work vulnerability what I mean by that is she started off when I first met her over a year ago she had kind of a product similar to a Dollar Shave Club basically was a dollar Fitness Club where basically got a fitness a dollar a day fitness tips and things and she was having success with it but not the success that she was hoping to really get not the real true to common club type of a success that she was wanting and so she ended up as she was doing one of these videos she actually ended up peeing her pants on a live video and obviously most of us would be totally humiliated couldn’t deal with it and would have shut the camera off she kept the camera rolling and she kept the camera rolling it was fascinating to me to see how she connected now wasn’t she just peed her pants cuz she peed her pants it’s because she’s had kids and she doesn’t as for a lot of women their dominant muscles and their pelvic floor muscles aren’t as strong and just couldn’t control that part of their bladder and it was fascinating how she was able to be so 100% vulnerable and what ended up happening for her is she’d up creating a completely new product based off of four women who basically have had kids who are trying to control their bladder it’s a medical condition and the fascinating thing to me is the massive amount of success that she had because she connected so pure and so raw and was so vulnerable with those people and her audience just flooded to her oh my gosh it’s been fast I actually was at church I had was walking the halls and overheard I was actually passing by the bathroom overheard two women talking about Natalie and her product and obviously these two women have had that situation happened in their life it was just it was crazy me or him at church hearing about Natalie Hodson and I thought how important it is as far as being totally vulnerable and how that vulnerability actually connected with people under help you understand she sold over 50,000 copies of her ebook she sold over a million dollars in litter I think less than six months because she was so vulnerable and so that vulnerability was exactly what her audience needed she needed they needed somebody to basically take the torch for them and to lead them and to guide them and to be the person who’s gonna say listen this is a real situation this is something that really happens in life and I want to help and because she was that vulnerable she had that massive amount of success it’s connected so many people with her that now anywhere I go it’s funny I hear people talking about it and the great thing is as you get to know Natalie she’s the most genuine pure person who really hurt it’s not a vulnerability that is out there she’s using to to try to take over a market it’s because she cares she cares so much about others who are going through same situation and I hope you understand that as as I see a lot of people who use vulnerability as a as a power tool to almost take advantage of people that’s not what I’m talking about here this vulnerability is where it’s how you truly feel and you’re using that vulnerability to connect with people and as you’re able to connect with these type of people it then helps it helps you be that much more authentic and the people truly feel that authenticity because they feel that authenticity they’re willing to follow you and they’re they’re really are looking for someone to help them so I didn’t really encourage you guys as you take a look at that to become more vulnerable and to express your feelings in a way that connects more with your audience where you’re able to get those emotional stories out personally it’s in my own life it’s been one of the things I’ve struggled with the most I I don’t like people feeling sorry for me and I don’t like people feeling I never want to feel like I’m a burden yet at the same time what I’ve realized is by my not being more authentic and by my not being more vulnerable I’ve actually pushed people away and it’s something I’m really starting to try to work more on in in the way in which I talked the the words that I use I’m try weird Liberty was driving into the office day talking with my wife and we were having this conversation she goes but how do you feel I’m like ah that feeling word again but I really encourage you guys to be much more vulnerable to go out and to find a way of really sharing and if you don’t mind I’m gonna take my own personal Liberty here and try to share and try to go myself and share this story with you in a way that helps me be more vulnerable but helps you kind of see how you can use this in your own marketing or a way in which you can actually tell a story and so bear with me on this one not understand again I you’ve heard me probably talk about this whole back surgery thing and it got to the point where it was so bad at Christmas time we were we were going to see these Christmas lights and it was through a park it was like a mile long walk through this park and there was tons and tons of lights all over the place and I knew I actually wasn’t gonna be able to walk a mile and I thought and do I just don’t just stay in the car and just let the family go do that and like I don’t want to do that I want to participate and so I ended actually asking my son to push me in a wheelchair and it was the most humiliating painful thing to me not because I was in a wheelchair but because of what had happened to me when I was a little kid and it brought back this flood of emotions and I was I was struggling so much with it that I didn’t want anyone to know and so I didn’t share with them but inside I was I was just sobbing what happened I don’t know if you’ve ever had the experience to where you were the last kid picked did for a team or anything like that well I had that experience multiple times when I was a kid due to an illness that I had at the age of 2 I ended up having contracted encephalitis and hydrocephaly big technobabble bottom line is I had water on my brain and it basically got so bad to the point where at the age of 2 I had to learn to walk and talk all over again and had seizures and had all these crazy things happening and and for the next eight years of my life I was on medication to help overcome it and to really control it but I remember as a kid wanting so bad to to not be the last person picked and it was I was always one of the last people because I didn’t have the coordination I didn’t I wasn’t able to run as fast I was able to walk and as the older I got sports became massively important to me by the time I was in high school I was like I’ve got to get involved in running and I threw myself into those types of things and then even in college as far as playing intramural sports and I picked a degree that actually was in physical therapy and exercise science and things because I never wanted us to experience it’s those types of feelings the crazy thing for me was as I’m being pushed in this wheelchair all of a sudden all of this fear came back of what had happened 40 years ago where I was like what’s gonna happen if I can’t run what’s gonna happen if I can’t walk what’s gonna happen if if I can’t be the dad that I want to be and I had this flood of emotions that took over me and I was trying so hard to contain myself and I was so appreciative to my son Christian for pushing me through the park and yet at the same time I I knew others were experienced the same thing and we got to this one point where I turned the corner and here was a person in a wheelchair and you could tell they I mean it was a custom wheelchair this is a they’ve been in their wheelchair for years and I looked at them and our eyes connected and all of a sudden I felt what they were going through but it wasn’t sadness and it wasn’t frustration and pain it was excitement and how excited they were to be out in this park and they this wheelchair actually wasn’t a symbol of of limitation it was actually a symbol of freedom and this has allowed them to go and experience all of these crazy cool things and they were smiling they’re joking around with the people they were were with and it totally changed my state and I’m like Who am I to be so sad and frustrated because I don’t have what I want right now when other people are in the situation and what I’m looking at is a is something that is limiting to them it’s mobility its freedom its excitement and they were you would not have known if you were listening to this conversation everything else you wouldn’t have known this person was in a wheelchair these they were so excited they were joking around it was Christmastime they’re just spend all this time with their family and their friends and have this great experience and I’m sitting there thinking what the heck is going on and it totally changed my state to where I was like listen no matter what it’s gonna take I’m gonna get the surgery I’m gonna go through this kind of stuff and I’m gonna get back not only to back to the what a quote uncle would be normal for me I’m gonna get in such great shape that I’m gonna go out and help others do the exact same thing and I thought in life how important is to realize that a lot of the things you look at and you feel are things that are holding you back or you’ve had negative experiences in your life that you don’t want other sticks to hear about I looked at this wheelchair as something so negative and yet this other person use this wheelchair as the most exciting positive thing in their life because it created freedom for them and thought it’s important for us in our marketing to make sure that we help that we use the experiences that we’ve had whether it’s trials and negative things because other people have gone through those same types of things they felt what’s your what’s your felt what’s your feeling or you felt what they’re feeling and you found that by doing certain things you were able to overcome and what other people are looking for is they want you to have empathy and your vulnerability helps empathize with what they’re going through and that allows them to connect with you it allows them to realize that that you’re real that you understand and you can relate to them and it’s been such a huge epiphany for me recently to realize that the experiences that we have in our life are actually tools and resources that God gives us to bless the lives of other people and as a marketer if you would use if you’ll become more vulnerable as as natalie has to realize that you’ve got a message that you have to get out and the only way you can get that out to people is by becoming more vulnerable again it’s something I’m working on a ton I wish I had all the answers and I could say this exactly how it’s done I would highly recommend you follow Russell because he’s probably one of the best at it and really using true feeling without it coming across fake and by being truly authentic and I think that’s the key is that your vulnerability has to be authentic you can’t use it just as a tool to make money but if you’re like Natalie and you use it as something where you it’s an experience that you’ve you’ve had that because you’ve gone through that you can now have empathy for those people who are going through it right then and there who are have these feelings and of doubt or feelings of of inadequacy or feelings that they can’t make it and you can now go through that and say you know what I felt exactly what you are feeling right now and because of this this and this what I found is this has worked for not only me but for literally tens or hundreds or thousands of other people and it gives people the ability then to say yes I can go out and I can do that so I encourage you guys to be more vulnerable find a way of connecting more with people again I appreciate so much that you’re spending time listening to this podcast if there’s anything I can do that would contribute more or help you more in your business please reach out to me I really I want to I want to find different ways that we can share the successes that we’ve had or the people that I meet and the success that they’re having with you have an amazing day I wish you all the best in all and all your success and all that you’re doing inside of your own funnels in your own marketing but also in your own personal life have an amazing day and look forward to connecting with you real soon you know one of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on iTunes you don’t mind going out rate this show let me know how I’m doing just go to iTunes click on the episode and rate it and leave a comment I read all the comments I appreciate all the stars and everything everyone already left for me again I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind I’d really appreciate it and I again thank you so much for all that you guys do have a great day

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How Vulnerable Are You In Your Marketing? – FHR #193

How Vulnerable Are You In Your Marketing? – FHR #193