How To Run High Impact Events – Alex Moscow – FHR #206

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How To Run High Impact Events – Alex Moscow – FHR #206

Why Dave Decided to talk to Alex:

Alex Moscow is a leading expert for coaches who want to work with high end clients. He overcame his stuttering and fear of public speaking and now works with entrepreneurs to run high impact events. He shows how to run retreats with 6-16 People and Walk Away with $6-Figures+ in 3 days. He breaks down the steps he uses to fill events. His funnel is unlike anything you may be used to seeing. He takes you step by step through his process of how he generated over 1200 percent return on his marketing dollars.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

-Alex talks about self-help and how he overcame his childhood stuttering problem (1:50)

-How to create a small group 3 day retreat and walk away with six figures (4:00)

-Formatting your event (7:05)

-Split testing coaching programs (19:30)

-Onboarding process for small groups (20:30)

Quotable Moments:

“The only way to help your clients…is over a long term relationship.”

“Getting results come down to onboarding.”

Other Tidbits:

You don’t need to fill a room with hundreds of people in a seminar to make money. Sometimes smaller, more intimate groups flow better than speaking to large groups.

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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward hey everybody welcome back I’m so excited to have you guys here today because today you have the opportunity of hearing from Alex Moscow Alex welcome to the show thanks Dave excited to be here one of the things that again people always ask me about and it’s sometime really excited today really kind of explore with you since you’re really kind of the world’s leading expert in working with coaches to make sure they really own their value and more importantly that they’re able to to really find a way of getting high-end clients with integrity and a topic that you know a lot of people talk a lot about but really rarely ever do and I think the the cool thing is I was taking a look at some of the stuff you’ve been doing and I know one of things you were talking about earlier was the fact you’re able to run high impact events with retreats of really about six to sixteen twenty people and yet the coach can walk away with somewhere that you know plus six figures type of thing in less than three days and so that’s one of things I want to make sure we cover today but before we do that I’d like to kind of talk a little more about your story because as we were talking just a few minutes ago your your guy is really kind of focused and working with entrepreneurs to help them do a lot of public speaking and to work really as far as crafting their message so they can sell high-end products and things and yet you’re a guy as I recall who basically had a fear of talking to people and also I think you also mentioned the fact that you have a history as far as being a Sutter is that correct that is correct my friend that is correct do you mind kind of explaining a little bit of how how a guys struggling with stuttering actually has been able to overcome that as well as the fear of public speaking to now where you’re actually the leading guy teaching other people how to do this yeah absolutely so when I was a younger clinical speech therapy never really worked for me and so I’ve been into personal development and spirituality and you know it’s really the self-help field you know for my whole life and so I was brought to my first seminar when I was 19 and it was it just it changed the whole my whole perception around you know who I saw myself as and what I saw as possible for myself so you know as I got into going to different seminars and live events around you know yeah being the best version of yourself I’m getting rid of limiting beliefs all that stuff like I I was able with just which is really weird for someone who stutters is that I was able to attract really amazing mentors in in my life and so I’ve had a really amazing mentors who have shown me the possibility who saw a greater potential and myself then it’s all greater potential in me then I saw for myself that’s fascinating I know that it’s one of the things I’m sure is why you do what you do now is you’ve kind of been paying that forward because of all the help that you got in the past that correct yeah and also I I believe that you know everyone’s here for a reason and I believe that we’re we all have unique gifts and unique talents and I believe if you’re if you have those or if you haven’t found those yet you know how we find those we go back into our story of where we came from and so for me like I have you know the two main brands the one you spoke about small events big profits helping coaching experts to do high impact events retreat six to sixteen people walk over six figures in three days so that’s you know helping people speak from stage putting on events making you know high-end mastermind offers from stage and have another one on high-end sales which is effortless enrollment you know how to how to sell high-end programs with owning your value and complete integrity and truth and so it’s like if you look at what I do you know it’s like I so much of my story has been like healing that within myself and owning that within myself and I believe you know as a coach or an expert oftentimes we are teaching the thing that we we needed to learn most in life I love that I totally agree with you on that well we just recently came back from Grant Cardone event where Russell spoke to almost 9,000 people and you know walked away with over three million dollars in sales but I’m fascinated by the fact that you could actually create a retreat of six to sixteen people and then walk away with six six figures in three days so if you don’t mind I’d love to kind of explore how in the world you’d do something like that totally so I believe in this day and age like our customers are more sophisticated and I believe I’m in my market and the coaching and expert market I believe and I believe in all markets in general but especially in this one that our clients are craving in too see like they they’ve been sold so many online courses they’ve been through so many product launch formulas and I believe our clients are craving intimacy and access so in working with thousand different coaches for the past nine years I have discovered that you know there’s so many thought to so many different coach who said you know I’ll do an event someday I’ll do a seminar someday I’ll do a workshop someday and I don’t know if you familiar with this day but my experience is some day it rarely ever happens and so there’s all these different stories of well I need to be at this level I need to be making this amount of money I need to have this amount of clients you know I’m not experienced yet I’ll do a seminar when and so a lot of them and a big belief was that they had to have you know a hundred two hundred three people in a seminar before it to be profitable and what I found is actually rather than going going wider I believe good I believe go narrow and deep so in my small events big big profits model like I say get rather than going to the masses you did just get do you the right people there get the right people in the room and so I have I have clients like Katarina Satori and I preferred this this story is really relevant to what you shared is that you know she wanted 20 people at at her retreat and she got you know a week before you know I was coaching her and she had five people there and she was like I only have five like and she was like use tears you know she was so upset she’s like hey these people are here like they showed up I’m gonna show up at my best like there’s 20 there and out of those five people you know she was able to do one hundred and ten thousand dollars from those five people that’s a narration and at a smaller event like why I believe they’re so impactful is because you can share you can share your content and you can also answer questions so you know with a bigger seminar you have to you know there’s maybe influence techniques you’re using your your presentation has to be so so clean and polished whereas in a smaller event you can just talk and you can ask question hey is this landing hey what’s what’s been your biggest insight you know you can get the feedback from your audience and I also believe to to attract an enroll you know your dream clients you need to be the most authentic and expressive er of yourself so in a small event like when you can like when you just be I believe that when when there’s a foreign framework to follow yes and when you bring your own flavor of who you are into it that’s what that’s what creates results like that so on these small events then Alex are you having people are they coming have they already paid a high ticket to get there and then you’re pitching him on a higher thing what’s the form apt as far as the actual event yes so it varies um what I teach in my programs is called a premium core offer so that comes with a that’s a online course a QA for six to eight weeks and a private Facebook group and then a live event so that’s like a traditional product launch formula type of model but instead of charging at thousand a two thousand I say charged three to ten thousand for it so a lot of my clients are using that where they’ll sell that course and then they’ll they get they get a ticket to that event as a bonus or I have clients who or that the ticket price for that’s anywhere it’s usually to two to five K so it’s a two to that two to five thousand dollar coaching program for six to eight weeks and then at the end is a live event that they are able to come to so they’ve already gotten some results from you and now they come to the event and then at that event you’re pitching in the higher end product yes that’s correct okay so on the how are you selling the front end piece is that through a webinar is that straight traffic application what what’s your process to to sell the first product yeah the great question so that varies um there’s some my clients who are using webinar funnels or just different types of online funnels that drive to an application and that’s sold over the phone and another big strategy that I use as well is is speaking so I’m a big fan of of sponsoring live events it’s it’s like you can pay for traffic you know and you can also pay for live traffic so I look at a sponsorship for an event like if you’re you know if someone were to spawn sole responsible sponsor grants event you know like they pay a certain amount to be on stage and then they’re in front of nine thousand people so I also have my clients I’m sponsor or just speak on the different stages for that as well that’s I love that idea I was talking with the peat bog is about that a while back and something we’re looking at doing for ClickFunnels™ and some of us kind of speaking team we’re looking at putting together so on that what’s the average cost you’re seeing as far as for sponsorship how many people are there all that kind of stuff yeah so that varies per industry and my experience most honestly man most like if you go to the bigger events like of the the beer name influencers you’ve been doing it for a while like it’s your gonna look you know for a hundred people in the room your sponsorship if you have like if there’s so many different variables you know is that can you make an offer like are you spreading to sell or you just giving something away for free where you make your money on the back end so for myself like I usually go for a smaller spot because I’m not selling like everything that I do is higher end and so it’s closed over the phone so I’ll take like a lower speaking spot because I’m just gonna make a free offer for a big consultation with me and so that’s usually an anywhere from if there’s like a hundred to 20 people in the room you’re looking at anywhere from attended to 20,000 for that if you want to speak and sell like a mainstage spot you’re looking 25 to did like forty thousand usually okay and how much time are you getting just on stage to to sell or to pitch your at least even your free stuff yeah so for for like a free spot to make excuse me for spot to make a free offer you’re usually looking 45 to 60 minutes and then for a mainstage spot that’s usually in a a 90-minute spot where you can make an offer fantastic so on something like that you obviously you really have to know your numbers and you know what you can typically so like take for example on a webinar we’re typically looking at something like that where you know if you will just use two hundred people the hundred people basically register the webinar you’re gonna get about a 30% to 40% you know show up rate so you know 30 to 40 people on there and then you’re in a closed anywhere from you know 10 to 20 percent of that so you’re looking at you know three to six seven people in on a webinar to have a deal for a hundred people so in an event where you got a hundred people these people all typically are these I’m assuming most those are probably paid events that you’re speaking at yes that’s correct so these are people who they’re much more of a high qualified person than a person that would say be on a webinar because these guys have have not only paid money for the to attend the event they’ve also taken you know two to three days out of their time they also have paid for travel and hotel and so you’ve got a much more qualified buyers correct absolutely okay and then on that so on here let’s say if it’s ten thousand bucks you’re spending for a hundred hundred people and you’re sitting in front of those people and you’re giving them an offer is it for a free consult what to use that kind of your your your most common offer yes so I’ll I’ll break down my last sponsorship in detail is that cool that’d be great love it oh so I spoke at an event for coaches on how to run mastermind so that’s that’s a great event for me because I teach how to sell masterminds and so I I invested it was it was like fifteen thousand for the sponsorship that was a it was a 60-minute speaking spa it was during lunch and I can make a free offer so during lunch is not the most optimal because you have to fight over people’s food so what I did that event last I did really well and so it was fifteen thousand for that and then flying out Mike my team and for all of the branding and stuff I was in for about 18 grand after expenses so 18 grand in I did a 60-minute speaking spa made a free offer and then I also had a base a sponsored booth for the three days to so I would highly suggest anyone who sponsors get that booth in that booth can I that booth can triple the amount of revenue that you make there if you know how to work it right so I spoke during lunch I made an offer for a a a business engine upgrade session that’s what’s the name of my console or help someone gets crystal clear on who their dream client is I helped them get crystal clear on what’s the message to attract them and what high end program is going to be attractive in the pricing structure in the model for that so that was what my offer was it was free I did it for free it was a $497.00 no-show fee so nobody so they have to put the credit card down show it show they’re serious if they show up to the call nothing is charged if they would cancel 24 hours in advance nothing is charged but if they don’t show up and they don’t call let us know then their card is charged for 497 dollars that query cool yeah I love that cool so yeah I got it in my VIP lunch like was so it was a lunch for the VIPs there is about 68 69 people in the room I believe I did 22 22 applications from that and I closed 11 and I did a hundred and twenty one thousand in two hundred twenty one thousand five hundred in sales and I collected 75 thousand cash or 76 thousand cash that’s fantastic so basically you’ve got 68 highly qualified people you got a 33% close rate on apps and then from those apps you converted 50 percent of those yes so an $18,000 investment basically brought you in 75k yes 75k and then the additional but I I’m only half the Asians so my math only works half the time Dave [Laughter] it’s about 50,000 extra in contract because I did I did a hundred twenty 1500 in contracts so the extra fifty fifty thousand or so what was it was collected over the next three months that’s fantastic so we’ll just say you know what you invested eighteen thousand and had it made one hundred eighteen or hundred twenty thousand on the video ten a 10x multiple on your investment yeah I think it’s important especially in this industry to be really clear on cash collected I totally agree with you on that you know I did a hundred thousand dollars in sales how much cash do you collect well collected 500 in cash very interesting what the way that experts position things oh it’s so funny well we actually refer to that as stomper Matic from haha stompernet where they would basically say oh yeah we sold sold this you know monthly product you know a thousand dollars a month and if everybody stayed on for the next twelve months we would make X I’m like well first of all no one stays on for twelve months in a continuity program and you didn’t collect all that so usually it’s about a tenth of what they actually would say so I totally understand the stopper math effective now a lot of coaches kind of say well how much they made so I appreciate you being that transparent and open about Alex that’s very very cool well I love I love what you’re doing and especially this whole idea of of going out and speaking at other peoples events to fill your own events and so now that you’ve got so from those eleven people that you sold they now are in into your you know Hunter K or whatever it is and then some of those people also are gonna attempt a live event with you that’s your event basically and then you’re going to upsell them as well yes that’s correct yeah like are we making offers cuz I think about it like this and I think this is really important so whether it’s a webinar a stage presentation like I give everything so it’s like I give you everything that I could in this you know in this in this in this 90-minute webinar you know like I wish I could I wish I could teach you everything I needed I that you need to know to enroll high end clients in ninety minutes but the truth is that that’s just not how it work so you know so this has been valuable for you then you know this is what I have next so I got my three-day event like I give it all you know I say hey here’s everything that you need to know if you can take this information and go out and like in it and implement it on your own great you know but how many other events have you been to where you said oh my life is gonna change and you’re back at a different seminar you know three months later I call that seminar syndrome so I believe they’re really I believe to really helps how really help our clients you know like we didn’t work them for six months to a year and beyond like I have like I totally agree with you on that oh my gosh anybody who’s listened to that I hope I know Alex just went over that real quick but realize the only way you can help your clients is to really get the value that that you can provide to them is over a long term relationship which does require our high-end selling type of thing and if it’s six months to a year or two or three years whatever it might be I think I’m a huge believer in that totally I believe it’s like if someone can of or you know my hiring programs yet Holden coming to my event like learning good go implement and I have clients who could do that you know I have clients to invest their last you know thousand couple thousand dollars and then they come back you know a couple months later like oh my goodness like I could invest in the higher and stuff now and I believe that in this in in my field in in in the vertical that I’m in that’s the way that should be like I tell my clients like my program should never cost you money like if you take action if you if you if you implement what’s there like there should be so much abundance from it that’s all even a second thought I believe that’s how that’s how like business develop programs should be I completely agree with you on that we’ve taken the same approach here ClickFunnels™ is to make sure that any type of a coaching program it shouldn’t be you should basically be able to not only make you money back but make more than enough to then invest at the next level as well so I think that’s a great great philosophy especially from anyone’s out there doing coaching totally is it cool if I give one little tip on that I’d love it yeah I think what’s so what’s so so like especially all my marketing space so the internet marketing the expert space like you know you’re obviously familiar with with um split testing right of course so I I believe so everyone split tests you know headlines a split test landing page they split test on the actual marketing what hardly anyone if anyone ever split tests is coaching programs like what program is gonna get my client aid a better result you know is it this version or this version very very few people I have talked to and I don’t think anybody who actually does that so what I believe to really help our clients is that our clients need to be trained and how to use coaching programs like a lot of people have never used one before they don’t know how to take advantage of it and so I believe how to get our clients the best results possible is to actually is to actually like train them how to use a course like one of the greatest like impacts that I’ve had in my business is is the is the is the is the onboarding process because I believe how it starts is how it finishes so the onboarding process is actually that sales call the enrollment call that’s why it’s so I’m so passionate about it because it’s it’s the entire foundation for the whole relationship but the onboarding call referring to is the call after that of how did you set your client up for success that piece alone of implementing that has it’s what’s really attributed to helping my clients get the amazing results of that they do I mean man that is fantastic yeah but that is that’s been a key factor for that too oh that is so cool can you share just a couple of things that a couple things that you’re doing on your onboarding to to generate that kind of success oh you asked great questions Dave I love this yeah so like I got this one off for my girlfriend Jennifer hoody who has like an incredible copywriting the agency for people like Joe polish Dean grad COC and some of the top influencers and so I learned this somehow I gotta get four credit on it the communication framework like a or you can call the communication framework or a communication conversation of like of how honest do you want your feedback to be like so when we’re coaching you like how and how how how honest do you want it to be like on a scale from one to ten and then what does that number look like for you like that question alone I think is a game-changer because it lets you get on the same page as your as your client as to like how they actually community and how they receive feedback cuz some like it really direct and you know spot-on and others don’t others that really doesn’t work for them so I found that’s been monumental another one one of my favorite questions is uh I asked him in my onboarding process you know we’ll go through you know but what what problem are you what’s the number one problem me that you’re looking to us to solve in this program why are you committed to succeeding in your life and in this program right now that’s another gem and this is my favorite one is uh how might you mess this up I mean because like honestly Dave my perspective is that like there’s so much business strategy out there like you can like literally everything that we’re mostly stuff that I teach so you can go on YouTube you can you can goo you can google it you can google anything now I believe you know information is not transformation it’s not information is not transformation so I believe when you’re looking for a coach like do they have the coaching ability to see the blind spots that I don’t see for myself like when when I’m going through and when when my own limiting beliefs coming up in my own my own negative patterns come up to keep me small like can my coach called me forward to take action on what’s on what I need to actually do so that’s why like I asked that question of you know how might you mess this up it’s like what pattern should I be aware of of how you will keep yourself small because if you are left to your own devices that’s what you do that’s why you’re in the program in the first place so I believe that you know the programs that have the highest clients success ratios which I’m so so so grateful that you know I have a lot of people saying that mine does is it’s because that I I get really clear on that you know even with the best business strategy if they don’t believe it themselves if they don’t believe it they can do it they’re not gonna actually go out there and take action on it oh my gosh I love that oh we’re gonna have another call later because I think this whole idea as far as onboarding for the coaching is is really where most people screw up any coaching program it might be real good at selling it but getting the results comes down at onboarding I I went through I had hired a coach right at the first of the year and I actually had these kind of conversations with him so it’s kind of fascinating so for for me if I as far as if I was coaching with you and you’d ask me you know how do you like to receive feedback I’m I prefer really direct I hate when people kind of dance around it and everything else just be direct with me especially from hiring you as a coach just tell me what’s wrong whereas I’ve got other people I’ve got friends I know who that kind of just abrupt blunt in-your-face type of stuff is almost offensive and so I think it’s really important when you’re coaching that you understand how they want that feedback for me as far as my number one problem to solve was I the coach I had hired at that time was helping it was basically one of the it was based on the one thing and so for me my number one problem was I have way too many number one things and so my number one problem was I wanted to help me focus on what’s my most important problem that by accomplishing everything else will become irrelevant or unnecessary and then as far as how much you mess this up for me the easiest way for me to mess mess it up is taking I will over commit myself to too many different things and and not achieve what I need to do in the amount of time I needed so I those types of call onboarding are just huge and I appreciate you taking the time to go through that and I hope hope you guys who are listening this who are running coaching programs understand the importance of this it’s one of the things Alex we’re actually looking at from quick final standpoint is to to start going out and doing more speaking on stages and one of things we’ve looked at offer and possibly would be this type of a coaching and then I love the idea as far as onboarding and it really it doesn’t sets up the student for a ton more success but I think as you made mention Alex as the coach it helps you really identify what what you need to do it again it goes back to a split testing so I love thank you so much for sharing those absolutely absolutely I’ll give you one last question or one last little piece to like put that put the cherry on the on the on the sundae is I’m after you after how how much you messed this up you want to ask you know what steps can you put in place to to prevent that from happening for yourself so they take ownership of that and then you ask you know how can we how can how can i as your coach how can we how can we how can my company you know that supports you in this as well oh I love that I think too often people look at coaches as their Savior instead of as a coach and I I think that’s fantastic I love how you put the the ownership back on them that’s where it should be I believe that’s what I mean that’s what a great coaching is you know and like I I you know I tell my clients on the phone like I’m not looking for your money I’m looking for really good clients so if people are coming to me on my sales code and I saying well I was in this person’s mastermind and this person’s coaching program and it doesn’t work and doesn’t work that’s like I’d be like hey like that’s definitely a cute idea so cuz like I know people in those programs and they’re working in so the common denominator and all those programs is you so like I should why should I let you into my program when you know when gets hard because building a business is hard you know there are gonna be things that they need to work through you know and you think it doesn’t work like how do I know he you’re not gonna go out there and tell them two people my program isn’t work because I know my program works I love it that’s fantastic boys we get kind of close to wrapping things up you’re Alex if people want to find out more about you or or connect you what’s the easiest way of doing it yeah so the easiest way of doing it would be if they go to my website they can go to Alex Jay Moscow comm al e^x J M o SC o W calm they can connect with me there and also I have I have a bunch of free gifts on that on that site and then if they want to connect with me directly which people for you for you Damon in the clicks uh Nelson community is you can actually add me on Facebook so slash Alex Jay Moscow al e x j mo SC o w and if you add me as a friend but make sure that you shoot me a message as well cuz I get a lot of requests and if I don’t get such then I’m probably not gonna add you so and I would love to talk to you but if you know if you don’t send the message then it definitely makes it a little more difficult for me I appreciate your saying that I bet from people all the time say if I had a G on on Facebook as a friend I’m like I get blown up on friend request and I’m the same way if you don’t know if you don’t send me a personal message I I just don’t even look at theirs they’re just too many people just add a whole bunch of people I just I don’t take the time to go through it so I think that’s a great way of doing it well Alex again I truly appreciate all your time and your effort and and most importanly the content the value Balaam’s here you’ve been dropping for our listeners I know you said you’ve also got an event possibly coming up they could attend is that correct yes yes yeah so what I wanted to do for you Dave in the ClickFunnels™ community is I have an event called the exponential enrollment experience and you can find that ad exponential enrollment com I’m sure that Dave will have a link on here and that events if you liked what I’ve shared on this on this podcast just about you know really coming from a place of truth and integrity in your sales process a really feeling authentic in making those offers and into higher-end programs in you that’s what this event is all about and I believe like I said to to attract and enroll high-end clients you need to be the most authentic expressed a version of yourself and I’ll be teaching my method on congruent closing this is the first time I’ve taught it to the public before and with congruent closing it’s about being that amazing coach that you are not just with your clients but also in your sales process because no matter people teach objection handling and I know there’s like the objection and handlers Bible and there’s all sorts of like different scripts on how to hang on people’s objections yeah in my experience that when you’re dealing with an objection that someone’s beliefs that’s their limitation that’s their belief of why they don’t believe they can have something that they want and people’s excuses are infinite they’re unlimited and so it doesn’t matter how many different lines that you can say that’s not what’s gonna overcome the objection and start a really awesome long-term relationship with your client we’re gonna help them change their life with my congruent closing process it’s a process that’s really going to help you own your value and also stand congruently in who you are and speak your truth in that in that enrollment process so that your client is truly empowered empowered to say yes you know most closing processes most other sales trainers they’ll teach you how to how to just get a deal done get a deal done get a yes if that’s what you want to do that’s fine but this is not the event for you like my event is my congruent closing processes empowering that person to or enrolling them in a bigger vision for themselves and empowering them to make a decision to take action on that vision so it’s about it’s the you can go to exponential enrollment calm I’m giving Dave and the Cleveland community special pricing on that that ticket to um I’ll give David details and he can post them on this page of where it’s gonna be shared cool well Alex again appreciate your time today thank you so much and I look forward to connecting with you real soon absolutely thanks so much Dave you know one of things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on iTunes you wouldn’t mind going out rate the show let me know how I’m doing just go to iTunes click on the episode and rate it leave a comment I read all the I appreciate all the stars and everything already left for me again I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind I’d really appreciate it and again thank you so much for all that you guys do have a great day

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How To Run High Impact Events – Alex Moscow – FHR #206

How To Run High Impact Events – Alex Moscow – FHR #206