How To Replace Yourself The Right Way

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How To Replace Yourself The Right Way

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What I’ve learned during the systemization process inside of ClickFunnels™ over the last few months.

In this episode Russell explains how to replace your own level 6 skill sets with people who have level 10 skills in one thing. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in today’s episode:

-Why having the ability to take his daughter to the Little Gym helped Russell reflect on why it’s awesome to be an entrepreneur.

-Why entrepreneurs need to figure out how to do everything to get their businesses off the ground.

-And why it’s a good idea to replace yourself with people who do better work, once you’ve made a million dollars.

So listen here to find out how you can find a lot more people who are better than you to run your business for you.

what’s up everybody’s russell brunson and welcome to marketing secrets podcast so the big question is this power entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe it out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets everyone I just got done I took off early today and went and took Norah to a little gym which is so stinkin fun she was so cute and I headed back to the office to go get some stuff done just grateful today for being an entrepreneur and having the ability just to like take off and go to my daughter’s little gym thing and have fun with her and not have to like worry about anything so one of the what are the hidden benefits to be an entrepreneur right alright so one taki is today so and it’s something that we have been talking about a lot recently probably because we’re in the middle of it in our company but it’s like getting the systemization in right so the first time I ever heard about systems was I read the book Emeth by Michael Gerber and I I remember it was probably probably twelve years ago or something and at the time I started my business and I had like learned how to do everything right because I couldn’t have any money out sort of program at Neverland program so I hired this guy named Matt Dorel in Rome and he who still works for me to this day and and so he did all the programming stuff I had to figure everything else because I didn’t have any skill so I had to learn how to do write copy I had to learn how I didn’t just either I hired images but I learned all these different pieces like to marketing and traffic and sales like and like it sucks when you’re first get started it’s just you you know how many capital or money so it’s like you have to like get really talented and I think that’s one of the big reasons why if you heard the intro the show I make fun of people who take on VC money cuz I’m like they don’t have to learn any the stuff they just like cheat they get a bunch of money to hire people and there’s never anyone on the team that actually has the skill set to run the show like there’s got to be someone who has done everything once or else it’s hard to like I don’t know that’s just my thought thoughts my feelings so I was doing everything from writing copy doing his customer support driving traffic doing sales project management everything it was just me right and orell and then someone I think it was tell me Knudsen or someone at an event mentioned this book called the e-myth and I thought oh it’s like the Internet mark I think he was like internet or email I don’t know so I bought the so I remember we’re going on a trip down to Lake Powell my wife and I and so we’re heading out we swing by Barnes and ovo I go in the bookstore a business section there’s a book called the e-myth I’m like this is the one that I’ll talk you know so I bought it jump in the car ride drive you know 12 hours down the Lake Powell Utah jump on a house but go in the middle the boat pull out my new books to learn about internet marketing and I start reading it has nothing to do with internet marketing let’s kinda point at first but I nothing else treats I can’t read this thing and it was all about systemization talked about you know how most authors feel like they’re juggling this thing and this thing and juggling at ten different plates right you try keep mall whole up top cause you know if one of them Falls Holdings gonna collapse you talked about basically going in there and like each of these things you’re spinning it’s like create a system around it plug some of that system and then and then run with it and then doing that through all the different things until eventually without saying systemized and that was kind of the gist and I’ve never gone super deep with Michael Gerber stuff outside of that and I don’t have a couple friends who disagree with what he says but the conception is like this is brilliant like build systems to replace the things I’m doing and and I honestly struggled with that for a long time I think most entrepreneurs do because I think this and this is this is the whole point of the podcast I think I know why now that we’re doing at the right way I think the reason why is because because you have been you as the entrepreneur who had to figure out all this crap ahead of time you did figure out do all these things like you’re taking on like 20 or 30 different skill sets initially do you have to learn to be able to launch a business right which is hard and some things you’re really good at some things you are whore blah but you have to figure how to do it because cuz there’s no one else doing it right like I had to learn how to write copy cuz I member um someone explained it to me on time I was like huh that sounds horrible like I hate writing and they’re like well you could hire him they’re really expensive and I didn’t know how to hire so and and only person I really knew the time who consider himself a copywriter was Joe of Italian I went to his site and he was charging like you’re like six dollars a word for email copy I was like six dollars a word like even the little words like uh-uh and I was like I can’t I guess I gotta learn this crap it’s out of my books and study your practice and read and learn and like it was painful but I had to do it because there’s no one else that could do it at the time right so then we get the point where start trying systemize things we start bringing people in I think the biggest problem most of us have as we assume that the people that we’re bringing in will have all the skills that we’ve have acquired to get this thing off the ground and I think that’s what I’ve always been frustrate I can bring people in on my god like you can’t do this like again you do this one part but you’re horrible all these other things and it’s like you’re trying we try find rock stars to replace us which is like not easy at all and what I’ve been learning through this new process is systemization we doing with James P James P frill is this less about that more like figuring out all the pieces and then bring people that are just amazing at that one piece and so it’s gonna be weird it’s like how do I say this the right way cuz I don’t want to make it sound offensive cuz it’s not even a little bit I feel like for me and for most entrepreneurs like we probably get to like level 6 or 7 skill set and a whole bunch of things right it gets this they gets this idea off the ground right and so that’s kind of kind of where app and the goal is not to bring in someone that’s the same thing it’s like it’s like picking each one of those skill sets that your six app you take that apart and you find 10 level person and plug them into just that one thing it’s the problem that in our minds entrepreneurs gonna know how we all think is like you saying take ten people to replace what I’ve already doing and it’s like yes but those ten people will be able to do level 10 of what you’re doing that level for you know five or six whatever you’re doing right now and so it actually becomes better but it takes more people to do because there’s not anyone who’s gonna write copy and do customer support right even though you had to do that I think they’re not gonna do it you got to find like a level 10 support person level 10 copy person level 10 funnel person level 10 designer and like all those pieces you plug them in and and be okay with the fact that they’re not gonna do all the stuff you did they’re just into one piece but there’s no way better than you and there and if you try to give them two things or three things they’re gonna suck at all of it they’re gonna do way worse than what you’re frustrated annoyed and fired him right but it’s like understanding that like their level 10 skill set is gonna replace your six now you get ten people awesome like now becomes magic I’m looking at it’s happening now and are in my business I’ve always been I’ve had an amazing team and I’ve been building his team for a long time and it’s been it’s been good but as we’re specifically trying to replace me on things I currently do which I do a lot of things I still things and it’s like I’m trying to do that I pull myself out those pieces and it’s like it’s been scary but I’m trying to find level 10 people each spot plug them in and now it’s like man they take my like what I didn’t make it better and and I think the most haunted fear is probably level 10 on one thing they got I think yeah like I would say I’m level tenant one thing so I’m keeping that peace because I love it but the rest of it any other people and anyways hope that gives you hope cuz I know that as I system my stuff in the past I’d always get frustrated because I think I’m trying to get people three or four things like hey you’re gonna write copy and do this and do this and they can do one or two but then the other ones make it make him struggle just they never were able to be rock stars it was by fall I didn’t let them shine where’s now stepping away from this and true izing look like just having folks on that one thing just because you did ten doesn’t mean they should be in fact they do is gonna hurt themselves and you and everyone like I think that’s part of the problem not a problem part of them I guess the opportunity entrepreneurship is we have to master 10 things to get this thing into orbit is you thought a million bucks now it’s like okay now I just bought my freedom now it’s time to take this cash let me place myself at level 10 people and yeah and first its to be scary so you spend all your cash on his leveled head people but if yellow with had people then the cash will dramatically increase the cash does not dramatically increase means you didn’t find level clones so anyway I hope that helps it was kind of big AHA for me recently just watching his like I went to go with Nora and I did a little meeting with my team I’m looking at like okay that’s the person replace this part of me and that person plays that part of me and that part I’m looking all this things and I’m like all of them are better those things than I am this is so great I’m gonna play my daughter now and they’re doing their their their piece of brilliance and I can go spend time my daughter pretty special pretty cool that’s the goal this that’s been the goal for me I’m finally getting there and I hope that gives you guys some faith and some hope especially those who have tried to systemize have tried to replace yourself and tried to hire people and have been frustrated I get it and maybe this little piece that I got over the last day or two will help you as well so hope the helps back in there build some funnels makes everybody and we’ll talk to you soon bye 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How To Replace Yourself The Right Way

How To Replace Yourself The Right Way