How To Make More ClickBank Affiliate Sales with Marketing Funnels | Funnel Fridays Ep 48

How To Make More ClickBank Affiliate Sales with Marketing Funnels | Funnel Fridays Ep 48

Clickfunnels™ ClickBank Affiliate – Make Sales with Marketing Funnels

Clickfunnels™ ClickBank Affiliate: In this episode of Funnel Fridays, we’re going to show you how to use marketing funnels from ClickFunnels™ to promote virtually any affiliate program, including ClickBank. Create a unique “bridge” pages to direct traffic to affiliate offers and separate yourself from the competition. You can also use this to help affiliates sell YOUR products and services by giving them content they can use to promote you.

Clickfunnels™ ClickBank Affiliate: Billboard 100 list

almost on we’re on air on YouTube yay whoo-whoo-whoo unicorn boom we live over here yeah dude that’s my wife I answered my favorite one so far it is kind of stylish isn’t it it’s super cool where’s your eyesight you see out of that one you can see what’s up Russell here over there and I’m ready today for magic and by the way that’s fair use YouTube don’t shut down our video it was less than seven seconds therefore we can use it [Laughter] hey you remember how Armand became like a country singer and then got on the Billboard 100 list or whatever yes I do

remember that I think we should take some quick photos raps and write at our own album and like new song and much things like that and then like market the crap out of them you got the Billboard 100 and then we can say like clickfunnels on the Billboard 100 I think that’s a wonderful idea and if you want I can help to craft a said rap but I can’t do it all by myself we’ll have to do it together with lots of caffeine to do a music video and like we saw hats and all kind of cool stuff yeah absolutely we could do that that’s amazing all right hey um so today I want something really fun and Julie story’s gonna kill me so I Judy’s got no idea this was happening but I thought would it be more

fun to have her fill the funnel today said of me cause it’s like no so her where Julie’s like way cooler than I am anyway and she’s like got flowers on her shirt this morning and she like if you amazing what do you think Jim let’s do it I had no warning almighty no it’s all an excuse Julie this is proof that anybody can do it not just Russell oh wow that’s a real compliment to a lady rustle that’s real nice if Julie can do it by golly anybody can Tim you do the copy and and Russell builds it right do the building or I know that’s pretty much how it works okay all right all right

we got 20 minutes to build it yeah well let’s explain what we’re gonna do today okay nose and basically what we’re gonna do is this was a cool idea because a lot of people like we don’t have a proneness yet I know so what we said is you know if you don’t have a product one of the ways to test a market certainly is to sell someone else’s product as an affiliate so you can start building your tribe and seeing whether or not you can resonate with the people sell make affiliate commissions and then eventually come out with your own product right boom that is so what’s the biggest

Clickfunnels™ ClickBank Affiliate: Market place of affiliate

market place of affiliate offers that basically anybody can sell Clickbank and I actually started with Clickbank back in the day like in the year 2000 right before the turn of the century so they’ve been around for a while and they never miss sending me a check huh I think a funny story about that you step on their website big thing it says it said like I know Twitter 15 years never late on a commission check and had like a counter their Commission checks is like two billion dollars in commissions they paid out and then one day they missed it I got the email saying like

we’re so sorry we’ve never ever missed it and it may only work there at the time was it like no chaos there oh yeah and so they had to take that off the website because actually this knew what was it the behind the scene Sawyer’s that is it illegal to tell Melanie was there and she saw that people crying and stuff anyway it was and they were late once can I’d say the biggest thing that they ever did that was like the biggest mistake they ever what’s that what did they send out every two weeks a commission check right what was what it was a check in an envelope they were

sending out envelopes yeah nothing else ever in the envelope ever crazy people already fight you already paying this posters all the opportunity lost for direct mail there for like like twenty six times a year for ten years that just or 20 years or whatever dude it just it was mind-boggling and then they went to direct deposit and they lost it but all that’s man I how much would you have paid to send an insert in Clickbank checks Oh yet to the dream the best affiliates in the world yeah send this to anyone that has a check over a thousand dollars would you have paid two dollars a pop to send those it’s late to do that but it won’t do it you know send checks anymore other issues with big deposits that’s they just direct deposit my dough anyway yes anyway all right so quickly one last thing just real quick you know talking about unicorns see this cute little fuzzy unicorn see how cute he is somebody sent me that so I had to

Clickbank link so he won’t even let you run an ad for your Clickbank link straight out of a Facebook ad or if he does he’ll change his mind and so by doing it this way this enables you to do affiliate marketing whereas everybody else who’s trying to do the old Google cash model or whatever where they’re just advertising the affiliate link straight they they won’t let you do it you can’t advertise an affiliate affiliate link plus with some affiliate links especially like

Clickfunnels™ ClickBank Affiliate: Automatically get your email

Clickbank and JV zoo and other places like that um they’ll automatically get your email labelled as spam in a lot of cases when they have a link in there like that so doing it this way alleviates a lot of those mechanical issues as well right oh yeah but what you said was much sexier so thank you all right but what there’s a lot of screens going on here so just focus on the middle one miss summary which page which one do we want to do we want to have a hook so we need a headline for the first page and a call to action and then our which which pages are we going to try and build in the twenty minutes that’s whatever this builds you I I think Julie can you squeeze page and bridge pages in

20 minutes okay you’re giving me the copy right Jim for a dollar and we’re gonna send them we’re sending them to this page this is the this is the actual order page right all right you said did you PayPal me that money yet I take stripe to okay so the first of all you’re setting that up so the first thing I’m going to need to do is create actually I’m going to need to create a headline so I think what we’re gonna do what I’m gonna be doing so I’m showing my screen and I’m just gonna be quiet a little bit while you’re working on that because usually Russell talks while I’m doing my magic over here someone lets you do the same thing so I’m actually going to use the killer headline scripts

version 2.1 oh the egg timer yeah we go down like 18 because yeah alright alright so I have actually only 18 minutes to build this so I’m gonna you want me to start talking alright so I’m gonna create the squeeze page first this is gonna have the curiosity inducing headline that Russell talked about and then we’re gonna get their email address and then we’re going to send them over to the bridge page so I’m just gonna look here at what the style is I mean really when it comes to squeeze pages you guys you don’t really have to do anything other than what’s already and click files like if you’re really fussy and you want to like change the background I can like get rid of the background

right that’s gonna load now Jake sent me a 1.2 Meg Bannock amend you shrink your images before you do it Jake Jake never shrink advises images the first time yes you see how long it’s taking guys you want your you want your squeeze page to load fast do you want to make sure you save your banners as JPEGs not pngs because otherwise it’ll take forever like you just saw but for now let’s just let’s just make it let’s just make it happen here how to melt body fat in as little as twenty one days even if you’ve tried every other diet in the world before and failed how to melt say it again how to my body oh honey honey honey you don’t have to do that I’m just going to send this to you in private

Clickfunnels™ ClickBank Affiliate: Create Headline Background

messenger it’s just copy and paste and I do and wait a sec okay where did my mouse go green there it is all right did I send you by calling you honey Julia so I have really apologized no you dear one of the things I want to tell you guys here is like if you’ve got a headline like this let’s it helps if you take it and you make them two different sizes so you create the main headline and then you create like the sub headline and you make it like that but I’m gonna actually

move this this background because it’s going right over her face there we go so I just changed the setting on that background picture and now what I’m going to do is I’m gonna make this headline really big well not that big make it on two lines and then pick your font doesn’t really matter just something really bold really obvious and then make your tagline exam I think that works as a tagline right even if you tried every other died in the world before I’m failed yeah absolutely all right what about a call to action on the button well you know it’s funny I’m just going

through the call to action script here at final scripts and I just one or two little variables away from coming up and I’m gonna underline that so that people understand and then we’ll do a call to action and we’ll save this and we’ll call it how about yes I’m ready to melt fat now Oh will that work again making a copy and paste it before you through the power of Russell’s triple screen you don’t have three screens everybody I think a little tiny laptop I’m using what all right well your profits if you triple your screen let’s add a little arrow on the call-to-action button on the button where I’ll slow down I know making it too awesome okay there you go that’s a squeeze page I mean that’s

like literally all you have to do I’m gonna probably bold back okay good you look at you alright now we have to twelve minute we talking about it’s basically done now we’re just moving on to the other one all right I’m just gonna clone this final step so I can save my work and just keep the branding the same and I’m adding it to the funnel so now I have a second page here and so now this is going to be my bridge page and what did we say you wanted whistle for Peter for us yeah for the bridge page we want a headline we want video if times Brunson box and then like step one by this step to university okay so we’re gonna do a video and are we gonna use the same we’re gonna use the same headline right you know I think we should use a different headline okay what do you think Russell

Clickfunnels™ ClickBank Affiliate: Think of the right topic

should it be a different headline we do 50 of them so we might as well test I mean I was I was thinking more like you know top weight loss expert reveals how to melt body fat in in the next 21 days [Music] well note I want you to spell it out now top weight loss expert reveals how to melt body fat in the next 21 days body fat I mean reveals objects right yeah that reveals how oh okay again courtesy of funnel scripts here we go we want to do a different Julie’s crushing is under stress I’m so great you know what I’m thinking is that probably this is going to be a testimonial so

um knew that sub-headline would be something like you know along the lines of here’s my story here’s here’s one person’s or something here’s one one person’s weight loss story like that alright so Russell’s talking about the Bronson box now the Bronson box is not the easiest thing to build in 10 minutes and 55 seconds but it is super super cool so I’m gonna do like a really like hack job one because it would probably take me about 10 minutes to build it normally like 10 minutes total 10 minutes 42 seconds okay so let’s do this we’re gonna create we’re gonna use the

image feature element here to keep it easy can dig send me actually when you send me some images real fast do you want geez just like little like alright and then we’re gonna just do it like this and we’ll add a little margin this is a Brunson box it’s a spoiler box it basically kind of teases what’s in the video because some people don’t like to watch a whole video or they’re like I don’t know if it’s worth my time and so when they see these like little teaser things about what’s covered in the video then they’re more likely to stick through and watch the video in slack oh sweet thank you Jake I have bullets for you here in just a second oh you will okay and while I’m doing that Russell also said that he wanted like he was talking to open the step 1 step 2 step 3 right of what you have to do next am I gonna

so it looks like a step-by-step path their own personal roadmap to weight loss success I could or I could just actually write the number 1 see that looks kind of funny okay no in just a second um Julie is going to be pasting in enough for bullets that were made with the Brunson bullet scrap part of fun scripts your number one source for online copyright ok discovery number one helps you me I’m getting I’m getting used to this like three three monitor so nice

Clickfunnels™ ClickBank Affiliate: Add useful description

yeah you don’t need the little descriptions it’s just boom boom up and get rid of your lorem ipsum I don’t even know who she is I never knew I never met her Laura Epson how many minutes do I have you’re doing fine eight minutes okay imagine if you could take your time how wonderful and easy this would be with these amazing tools well eight gosh it would really actually it would mean at most if I wanted to like be really fancy with design it would take me at

most an hour and then be done what happened to my D okay so I’m just gonna get rid of this and then we’re just gonna we can just add like a simple image here and so Jim what do you want to put under the step one and step two and step what kind of coffee do you want there well I mean that’s just gonna be step one what it rutted Russell say the steps were again step step one is basically go by go go get your go claim your copy of three-week diet step two is send me your receipt and step three I’ll send you all these cool bonuses so I don’t know that we can list off all the

bonuses but those were the three steps right yeah so step one go buy the thing so you’ll you put the link put the button yep so guys while you were talking I was half listening gym because I I don’t have it but I wanna I wanted to show you guys I just went in here just for a quick fix and I went up here into stock and I just grabbed like you can find like badges arrows boxes there’s like stuff already pre-loaded in here if you’re really lazy so I just wanted to show people that like you don’t even have to have a Jake if you if you don’t want why is it not working for me right

now what I would do and I know Russell does this all the time as he makes the word a link and he makes the button because some people respond better to words versus buttons some like length some like buttons I’m gonna put that here I’m probably gonna change the link to read so it’s wrong I’m gonna open it in a new window that’s what this little arrow does right here lalala okay and I’ll make that bigger and then we’ll add a button I like the way you say button button who’s saying funny but you don’t say it the way I say it so obviously it’s funny you’re from the south I am not from the South I’m from California you’re a really weird Californian I live in the South now I’m a transplant

Clickfunnels™ ClickBank Affiliate: Give Offers

claim your three-week diet now okay here here and it needs to have a click click here I think it’s or have some kind of icon on that on that button I think yeah and look at you click here with your embedded command action I know and we’re gonna put it in here open make sure you open it in a new window you can get all crazy with the button if you want those of you doing this at home you’d want to make sure you use your affiliate link not the direct link but don’t worry about that right now oh yeah sorry that’s good I mean you don’t have it but I’m just I’m just pointing that out for the 3 week diet you are correct I would never affiliate for that alright alright ok alright then what you’re

gonna do guys is you’re gonna duplicate this whole thing you don’t have to do all that work step 2 is email us your receipt right I would I would me person I’d have it go into a help desk but it could be it could email so the cool thing with your button is you can have that either be a link to your help desk or you can have it linked to an email right right so I would probably do this what’s the mail to link you can actually create a mail to link right I just go like this mail mail to : yeah open that up in the new window look at you click here to submit your receipt and we will make

that’s weird about this right now is that this graphic is like making the words heart soul can we just fix that real quick I’m gonna change this to full center no I’m not I’m actually going to get rid of this graphic problem well no fill 100% with you know what we’ll do we’ll make it easy we’ll create what I’m just making sound effects to dress with you it’s working there we go so I’m gonna go in the back green section here and I’m just gonna create some background so that the words are easy to read there we go and so I probably would fix that background image to

make it to make it work for for this particular I might actually change that so is that it did be finished in time well let’s and let’s talk real quick about what you would do to make that video and and then we’ll give you amazing kudos and stuff but what I personally would do is I would use the the million dollar testimonial script inside of funnel scripts and you can basically use that to interview yourself or you could have somebody interview you basically want to tell your story about the results that you’ve got that you got from it so basically this helps you to assemble a testimonial of any length you want that you could tell the people exactly the results that they got what you’d say to

Clickfunnels™ ClickBank Affiliate: Easy to edit

somebody who’s tried before and failed what you think of the person who put together the diet that all that stuff and then I would end the video by telling them all the stuff that you that you would give them as a bonus in order for them to buy it because you believe in it so much you want to make sure that that everybody takes advantage of it so you want to sweeten the pot that kind of way I mean that that would be a way that you could create an amazing video that would that would have a real impact on people so that would be the only thing I would add and we don’t have time to do that right now but that’s pretty freaking amazing we have 12 seconds I’m adding little shadows on

the things to try to make them gray Julie you did all you did better and rustled us sometimes yeah so we did it we did it and I take a nice oh my gosh and I changed I changed the background so that it you know didn’t have the girl and I didn’t have to worry about covering her face and all that kind of stuff so there you go there all right when I finished my doughnut I’ll have one of those awesome no this was really fun and not stressful at all what you throw you on camera five minute second here right that works you know I put on full screen okay I want you guys to really

think about something there now okay using these tools using what she knows how to do it you know just at a basic level under pressure and it’s they always say that you always revert whenever you’re under pressure you’re gonna revert to your training knowing how to use clickfunnels knowing how to use funnel scripts and having to get something done the stress that she was under is no different than you’re working a full-time job you’re trying to figure out how to create some income it’s one o’clock in the morning and you’re trying to get something done to feel like you’re moving forward that same level of stress is exactly what she was experiencing right there and we use the

Clickfunnels™ ClickBank Affiliate: Setup your autoresponder

tools to create something actually looks pretty darn good in that 20 minutes and I think that is amazing and Julie deserves a big round of applause she’s taking a little farther when we usually do I gotta go home and change my clothes now [Laughter] I think it’s funny though because people always like I talk to you all the time you were like I’ve been include photos now for a couple months I hope you something done sooner like a couple months like what are you doing like just do something like what doesn’t work like it’s probably not gonna work guess what if you did

that and then tomorrow you do another one and actually I didn’t I I don’t know less than it takes you to get a six year college degree you’ll figure it out so anyway yeah that is the number one thing that stops people is like the fear of failure and perfectionism it’s the only way to get out of that and get over it is to go right through it and think about what we did though as far as before we got into using clickfunnels or using funnel scrubs we drew out on a piece of paper and a factor on the whiteboard what we needed to get done so it wasn’t a situation of hey let me get in here and I’ll figure it out it’s like I drew out exactly what I need and then if you look at those individual pages the

front page it’s it’s a picture it’s a headline it’s a call to action it’s a box it’s linking it in with my autoresponder next page it’s you know a headline of video a brunson by a brunson box yes I thought action those three things I mean you and that’s all there was that was it you’re done you have that video done you could start promoting this thing amazing tool it’s a great job Julie awesome yeah so Jim if someone doesn’t have funnel scripts yeah we should probably go what’s they do well number one you need to go over to funnel scripts and the reason you need to go to phone scripts is because phone scripts are going to help you to do all your headlines all your videos all your brunson

boxes all your regular bullets all your emails all your follow up all your web all of your video sales letters all of your long-form sales letters and any other type of sales copy you would need including your Facebook Ads bottom line if you are a funnel hacker you do funnel marketing funnel scripts was designed specifically to help you with all of your sales copy needs now you do have the choice of going out and hiring somebody to do your copy for you and for the price of an entire years worth of access to final scripts you might get somebody to write a couple of headlines for you or a single email or for a low low price you can get access to all those things and be able to take care of your copy

Clickfunnels™ ClickBank Affiliate: Amazing Training

needs yourself faster than you could even write the email asking somebody to do the job for you so head on over to funnel scripts con to watch an amazing training with Russell and myself when including a great demo similar the one you’ve seen here or if you’re already on the fence and ready to get started go to phone scripts can /go and take action I’m Jim Mertz it’s been my pleasure to be a part of funnel fries today along with our special guest I made that up off the top of my head dude that’s amazing I overthink I share one more thing real quick sure all right your office

for all my all my friends out there if you haven’t noticed yet we’re about to go screen.this to the top of the of the clouds but if you had a funnel hacking calm so the amazing is happening here and this funnel is insane so kuraki my tickets on sale this morning and they’re exciting so February 19 2013 in Nashville Tennessee if you watch this video you’ll be so insanely it’s like my favorite video of all time you’ll cry you’ll laugh you will feel inspired you will ah so fun anyway but scroll here we have a private concert from Lindsey Stirling at the event ah so exciting and then if you scroll down you sell the speakers and there may be a couple people that you recognize here there’s that guy at the big head even Alex hold on I gotta get my Alex are you handsome you know you got my Alex glasses on for those

who anyway you can’t see me alright but if you look down here check out who’s speaking we’ve got you hey you didn’t answer you didn’t answer me Russell since I’m speaking on the same day does that mean I get no Bonnie much I was hoping that was a rhetorical question and not a real question all right you think Gary gets this work I swear Jim you’re better than that aren’t you come on you sound like my father it’s so funny webinars and all the nice ladies will say to me Jim you don’t have to do that you’re better than that right so I’ll keep it clean Russell thank you anyway I go to fall hacking live how come you tickets you guys and the first 2000 were actually here oh I took so everyone always like wants to like how about the hurtful and lacks is like the best ways to listen to all over the last four years biohacking lives before you show up so we put the audio recordings of all glass floor funnelling labs on a

Clickfunnels™ ClickBank Affiliate: Event Training

pre-loaded mp3 player and we had a guy Tim Castle he comes over here in his notes and we took all four years of his notes and it’s been 400 pages and spiral-bound him and for first 2000 people we’re sending out preload mp3 player and the spiral-bound big ol thing of notes who does that fatty boom-boom nobody yeah it’s Russell what’s called urgency and scarcity because I get stressed about events the first two thousand tickets will be sold fast now 755 were sold at the event which get left just like 13 something Baker if it does yeah I’ll give you one so that cuts out 20 more for speakers and then we sold I think like 250 tickets last night an early bird thing so we have less than a thousand I’m left so if you guys want one of those do you want the freeloading p3 player and the four interface part of our manual people will get you access though the dude is putting them on an mp3 player so you can listen to anyone

that’s amazing and that way you can immerse yourself in all final building stuff before you show up back Jim’s presentation from lacking line two years ago is on here as well so you should listen to that and Julie’s from last year’s on here and anyway it’s it’s an abandon oh sorry no video but the notes are there and notes have screenshots people’s slides so you get the big spiral-bound we haven’t gotten one of those you have a speak spiral-bound of every presentation Tim does amazing job I do the notes and taking screenshots everything so you can listen while you’re taking notes of the thing and yeah it can I say something and then I say this from the heart I have been doing this

for 21 years I’ve been to so many different events all over the world and I’m telling you right now funnel hacking is it that event it’s the best people it is the best learning experience it’s the best networking it is the best quality of presentations the quality of production what you walk away with is better than anything else I have ever seen or been a part of anywhere on planet earth when it comes to marketing related stuff this is not hyperbole I’m not I’m not paid to say this I’m telling you guys this is the event and I can’t tell you how many people I’ve known over the years that I’ve told look you need to become a part of what Russell’s doing I don’t care that you used to do your own seminars I don’t care what groups you’re a part of you need to become a part of the funnel hacking movement because this is where it is this is the tip of the spear moving all of this forward this this is where you need to be if you’re serious and and that comes really from my heart that just that everything about it if the rest of the world is

Clickfunnels™ ClickBank Affiliate: Make social engagements

here funnel hacking live is up here and getting further and further away from it as far as just people taking action making connections and getting real results most people go to these seminars and you like take a bunch of notes and then nothing happens but something about what’s going on here is people go and then they take action and they get crazy results and then they get rewarded for it on so many different levels so you need to sign up now if you haven’t signed up you’re you’re just a loser and the way to stop being a loser sign up so there you go Jim said that not me that’s awesome I appreciate that and yeah I think if people realize how much effort goes into it like literally our cost so far before the events even started over a million bucks on I’ve put a million dollars into throwing a party for you guys they’ll change your life so you want to cover the thousand dollars to come in we’ll send you a thousand our gift for free so I promise you even just the roundtables you you get to sit down with people and ask them any

question you want the amount that they would charge you to do one-on-one consulting for you is out of this world and yet you get to sit down and ask questions of people that are making millions of dollars you can ask your specific questions and get a great answer right there I mean how could you not be there no today I’m gonna be there you gonna be there I’ll be there cool anyway fact two years ago Julie was there it came to my round table at the burning question and I answered it and now she’s here so that probably wasn’t the exact following year I got my so all right we wrap it for today thanks everybody thanks Jim thanks Julie thanks everyone’s back here filming as well Nick orbited David everybody was fighting the spider Jake for doing the images and finding this thing appreciate everybody we love you all and we’ll see it final hockey lab bye everybody [Music]



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