How To Get Clients and Sell Your Agency Services – Laura Egocheaga – FHR #217

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How To Get Clients and Sell Your Agency Services – Laura Egocheaga – FHR #217

Why Dave Decided to talk to Laura:

Laura Egocheaga got burned by an affiliate Ponzi scheme at the age of 17. She wanted to be a successful internet entrepreneur and continued to fight through frustration and discouragement by focusing on learning. She soon learned to code, to do SEO and Google Adwords. She started her own agency only to find out she was good at what she did but couldn’t sell. So she closed down her agency and sold cars for 6 months. After learning to sell she opened another agency and has had success in the Med Spa industry. She reveals how she gets clients and the funnel she uses to get them on the phone and what you can do to get more clients.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

– Laura went from Selling Cars to working with doctors driving facebook traffic (6:00)

– Learn about Laura’s funnel (7:30)

– Tips to increase your closing ratio (12:00)

Quotable Moments:

“Sales is what seems to scare people the most.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask for the money.”

Other Tidbits:

It feels good to help a community you care deeply about. When you feel passionate about what you do, you have a moral obligation to sell it.

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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back everybody this is gonna be a wild ride so hold on tight I’m gonna introduce you to what we refer to as one of the crazy ones for those of you guys we’re at photo hacking live herd Russell’s introduction basically as far as the whole idea as far as ClickFunnels™ and what our community really attracts are some of what we refer to as the crazy ones those are the people who basically get things done and with that said I want to reduce you guys to Laura echo Chiara Laura welcome to the show thank you so much my man I’m so excited oh my gosh one of the things I just love about our live events is I get the opportunity meeting people like you and it was so much fun that right after registration I walked by and had the opportunity of connecting with you you’ve got so much energy you’re out there crushing it your person who takes massive action and I really want to introduce you to our community and more importantly really have have you dropped some massive value bombs on those people who are listening so with that said let’s just dive right in if you’re okay with that yeah man I just don’t read in on a plane so yeah ready to go so with that a little background here Laura literally just got off of a private plane here she was actually out flying one of her friends connected with somebody who she’s like I have to get out of this plane fast enough so I can get on this podcast so we thank you so much for making that massive sacrifice I’m blessed so much so many what I want to talk about is this whole idea is you started off the internet marketing at the age of 16 17 basically get involved in affiliate marketing which ended up being a Ponzi scheme yet at the same time that Ponzi scheme helped you generate over 20 grand in six months how in the world did you do that driving traffic but like in the physical form like meeting people networking getting them to sign up to affiliates like it was crazy I think that is so funny cuz most time people think of affiliate marketing is I never have to talk to anybody it’s all gonna be done online you actually wrap they’re making things happen by going and talking to them and I love that idea so with that said you’d then jump from there and tried to find a way of making money online as a junior in high school I City there try to figure this whole thing out get it introduced to Ray Higdon who’s a dear friend of mine happened to be at photo hacking live did you get a chance to actually talk to him there yeah man I thanked him for everything I’m like thank you for being searchable on Google such a young kid just looking how to make money online it was crazy I love it and from that obviously was the introduction to Russell’s universe ClickFunnels™ and all the other kind of stuff but one things I’m fascinated by is your person really doesn’t take no as an answer I that’s at least from everything I’ve gathered from you so far that’s actually what drives me when people tell me I can’t do something that’s what motivates me like my haters are my motivators so the age of 17 you go out you learn how to code websites because you thought Russell was doing websites you then learn how to do SEO and then you start learning how to do Google AdWords so you can drive paid traffic is that right yeah man how in the world do you do this kind of stuff I had nothing but time I would be alone in my room like I wouldn’t go out and play with my friends like I would just be locked in on just learning more stuff I love it so you basically your dad tells you listen you got to put this internet marketing thing as psychics it’s never gonna get you anywhere in life and you finally graduate from high school what happens next then my dad forces me to go to college and I switched my major from Business Administration to computer science like six times like and like three credits short of my AAA I tell my dad hey I want to prove to you that I can do this without a college degree I don’t need that to be successful so what does then I went to go work at Nielson I don’t know if you ever heard of them they do the ratings no course not yeah we’re there for two years they offer to pay for my college but I was like I’m not going back I’m doing this worked with them then I tried to launch my my agency the first time and I failed epically because I didn’t know how to like sell so like a service right and then I quit that job and quit of 25 or 35 a year’s salary to go sell cars so mission only like because the way I really really learn is by doing it not by reading or like hearing people talk about doing it you know so I did that and I got blessed enough that the dealership that I went to already paid grant cardone a lot of money to train us it was crazy it’s just like the universe all just happened to line up for me at the perfect time and I did that for six months and actually when I was at funnel hacking live the third day that was my one-year anniversary from when I quit my job to start my agency full-time then it is crazy it was from telling you the universe is amazing god is amazing that was surely one year anniversary a sermon it was it was awesome and I got to be there with like what I felt like was my people my tribe no it really was amazing man well I want that what you tell people what type of an agency you’re currently doing and who your clients are because you go first of all and tell people what that is they don’t have a question for you afterwards okay so we are primarily Facebook Ads and our ideal client is a med spas okay so define for people would have met by as if they don’t know um it’s where you usually older women go to get like Botox or like fat reduction procedures and stuff like that so how in the world do you go from selling cars to working with doctors and medical spas driving Facebook traffic for okay well I always knew what I wanted to do like I always knew that I was going to start my own business I just didn’t have like the skill sets to sell something like I had the skill sets to provide the service but not to been somebody that I hadn’t skilled at that so it’s if that makes sense no I think that’s complete sense and I think that’s one of the things I know sales is I think a part that scares people the most and I think a lot of people lean towards internet marking because they feel like they never have to sell anything at least not face-to-face or they don’t have to talk to somebody they don’t have to pick up a phone and I know that there’s probably nothing more difficult for a lot of people than actually handling the rejection face-to-face and I know that obviously as a car salesperson you learn that kind of stuff but why’d you pick med spas um actually my friend just told me hey this is a really good nation it’s working okay let’s go in it work man it was what’s your funnel how do you how do you contact these med spas how do you get them as clients what’s so it’s pretty charged how does that all work so I scrape loose and then I blast email them for four days and lead them all to my funnel my funnel is just as simple let me I’m gonna stop you there go back when you say scrape list what exactly you’re doing I’m going into specifically d-7 lead finder calm you type in a location and you type in a niche and it’ll give you all the information on all the businesses very like their name email phone number so you can literally just take the CSV file and save it to your computer and then upload it to whatever email service provider using like for example now you can use ClickFunnels™ and you just send them out and you just make sure you’re you have a four day sequence of each follow-up emails and they all lead to the funnel and my funnels like a case study funnel once they opt-in they get to see my case study video and they can choose to book a call with me through calendly fantastic so you’ve got a four day follow-up sequence and in that what are what’s the email sequence all about what type of things you talking about in your sequence because you first of all have to introduce yourself there they’re gonna see primarily as a spam coming across yes so at first the first email is hey my name is Laura I can get you in front of these many people respond yes if you’re interested so they have to respond yes to get my second email because I don’t want my delivery delivery rates to go down awesome okay so now they respond yes what happens next and then from there they’re like hey I just want to make sure that you got this and then it’s the same information with a link to my funnel then this the third day it’s the same thing pretty much just like another hey like I said before I want to make sure that you got this are you interested so it’s like low-key spammy but not like really spammy so yeah in this in the third email actually include my funnel and my calorie link oh cool okay so now they come to your funnel when they land on your final is it just an opt-in page with a case study type of headline I mean what’s what do they see when they’ll get your landing page yeah it’s a case study free case study then it’s a picture but it’s a picture of like a video like that’s about to play if so like if they were to click it they get a pop-up which is that where they opt-in and then once they opt-in they go to the actual video perfect so now that land on the video and it’s the video you talking about a case study or is it a client testimonial case study no it’s me talking about the case study and then it says step 1 watch this video so they watch the video and it’s me talking about it then it says step to book your call and then I have also a bonus bonus step and that’s um if they pay immediately I waive the set of fees perfect so how much you charge on your setup fee a grand ok so your that’s a huge offer then and so how much they have to pay a meeting that you did to avoid the thousand bucks the 1500 that’s fantastic yes crazy so you’re getting all these leads basically for free yeah and going through a a four day email sequence to really increase their curiosity and have them sign up they sign up now what’s is they signed directly for the phone call or did he take them anywhere else first no directly to the phone call fantastic so now on their phone call is the phone call just with you or do you have sales people doing the calls who’s taking the calls I had sales people but it didn’t work out cuz like I gave them like ten hot leads and they didn’t close one client and I’m just like I’m Way better at this than you so learn I can’t think like that it may be to build people up so that is awesome so typically how many how many what’s your close ratio then on when you’ve got 10 hot leads how many those you close it into clients I would say 3 out of 10 that’s fantastic yeah it’s it’s not bad and like what I worked on when I worked in car sales was all about closing ratio so what are some tips you can give people about increasing their closing ratios um follow Grant Cardone which is a huge tip definitely always ask for the money like don’t hang up the phone without asking for the money 3 times like that’s one of my rules okay so if I’m if I’m the client give me a sample as far as how are you gonna ask for the money so I’d be like hey miss mr. mrs. customer so what’s stopping you from doing business today hi you know I’m just not sure if I can afford afford the the $1,500 a month right now what about you can’t you afford well I’m not sure if it’s actually gonna work I’ve had other people talking about this kind of stuff I’m just not sure if this stuff’s really is the best thing for me I completely understand and and you know what honestly if I was put in your situation I would totally have to go talk it over with somebody cuz I wouldn’t know if it worked either but what if I can connect you with someone that has been in your position and has seen massive results I’ll be great this then yeah of course boom closed great job Laura I love it so again the importance far as being willing to ask for the money closing people not being afraid of the service that you offer and I think it’s one of the things I’m I love most about the the people we met at funnel hackin live and really our community is I’ve never met anybody in our community who’s out there trying to hurt somebody or harm them or is trying to provide a service that’s not right for someone else and I think that if you believe that passionately about what you do it goes back to this whole idea as far as you have a moral obligation to sell it and to help people find out about it and I I love what you’re doing and so congratulations on your success I think I want to switch gears here and that was we were talking to offline here basically about this whole idea that Alex Scharffen totally screwed you up so for those of you who were not at photoactive live Alex Shara is a dear friend he’s been on my podcast twice now he actually spoke from stage he’s got the billionaire code What did he say that totally messed you up Laura um so I’m in the starter fade yeah the starter phase and like who is like why am i the problem is what I was thinking like literally the whole time Alex was talking on stage I thought he was in my head like listening to me for the past year okay it was crazy he knows his target audience like crazy I realized I don’t really know because I’m not happy with my clients to be like completely honest with you I think I want to go into like a different niche because like I said I got put into this niche because someone just told me oh you can make money ready but I want to actually help people and that’s where I learned at the event like it’s like helping a community that you care deeply about right and I just don’t connect with med spas and not type away I’m soul searching right now but you know I still got to keep my clients no there’s nothing wrong with that I think it’s important those you guys are listening to this realize that when what you’re doing is paying the bills that’s okay and you can use that to keep paying the bills while you you do that soul-searching try to find out what’s next how am I going to branch out it was it what’s my ideal client like and then typically it’s one of those things at least I know in my situation where I’ve had to go through and kind of try and test it out say is this the client I want I’m not sure so you try that and you go nope that’s not it either and you keep trying until finally you find those that just resonate and you’re right too alex has definitely found his niche and those people that he resonates extremely well with once I hate to comment club I’m gonna definitely hire Alec seriously I’m obsessed with his podcast like I listen to a non-stop familiar with this podcast it’s called momentum that’s Alec sharp and you can check it out on iTunes it’s a great podcast it really is not as good as this one though well I appreciate that Laura any other parting words we get close to wrapping things up here want to make sure our audience hears about um guys follow me on instagram at laura eggo chega la ura EG o CH e AGA boom there you go always be closing oh yeah man ABCs all day Laura thanks again for all your time wish you all the best and enjoy your flying thank you so much my man I appreciate you so much and everything you guys do thanks Laura Thaksin laters you know one of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on iTunes you wouldn’t mind going out rate the show let me know how I’m doing just go to iTunes click on the episode and rate it and leave a comment I read all the comments I appreciate all the stars and everything different already left for me I’m gonna really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind I’d really appreciate it and I again thank you so much for all that you guys do have a great day

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How To Get Clients and Sell Your Agency Services – Laura Egocheaga – FHR #217

How To Get Clients and Sell Your Agency Services – Laura Egocheaga – FHR #217