How To Fortify Against Your Weaknesses AND An Exciting Announcement!

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How To Fortify Against Your Weaknesses AND An Exciting Announcement!

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As you grow, your weaknesses will start to show, here is how to strengthen those holes as they are exposed.

On today’s episode Russell talks about setting a goal last year to pay off his house, and why it was so important to him. He also talks about fortifying his business to make sure it can’t be destroyed by something stupid. Here are some of the cool things to look for in this episode:

-Find out why paying off his house was such a big goal for Russell for years.

-Hear some of the things that have kept him from reaching that goal in the past.

-And find out why it is so important to find the holes in your business and strengthen the weaknesses to protect yourself from those looking to destroy you.

So listen here to see how you can bump up your security at home and at your business.

what’s up everybody this is russell brunson welcome to so the big question is this power on CH Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing sick days are everybody so another podcast for awhile but I must get some messages out I had a really cool Christmas episode I wanted to do and I just I was but I still think I’m gonna do people do it as an ears episode instead but uh anyway that’s kind of that’s yeah basically what happened is New Year’s Eve my brother and Brett and his family came over for for dinner and rightfully so of us are throwing really kind of like I shake my legs burn stuff so I took some medicine and that sort of began and I’ve had since then it’s been six days now fever of 300 300 four degrees constantly since then which means I’ve been forced to be fed and how many things I lost 15 pounds and last since so what positive of everything else they did have to cardio to lose weight so that was pretty sweet but I mean anything yet in a week I’m still hungry so I’m just gonna keep ride to try to help my body tells me if it’s hungry again but uh anyway so I feel a little better today my cop is it’s harder today so that’s the only things kind of like hurtin but I just too excited now about what I’m about to go to so I want to share with you guys because and it’s funny I had this weird fear about sharing listen you guys I don’t know why I think I might know why look something back story and this beat is I actually my dad bought me the book Rich Dad Poor Dad actually everyone before else before I got there we’re sad were dead but my dad always told me that you should try to pay off your house first it was like summer he paid his house off he’s all excited he’s like yeah you always gonna pair house off like that’s just one thing she wanted to do I did an episode on this right three or four months ago about paint your house off firstly and the reasoning was like because it gives you that the security of your house been paid off gives you the ability to out there and risk as entrepreneur which you know way to make like crazy risks sometimes it’s hard though if you to risk things where I can’t get my family who’s there like that’s the weird fear there and so and so anyway my dad got me the Rich Dad Poor Dad book I read that there’s talk about assets investment sounds like he’d be a moron to pay your house off why would you ever do that doesn’t make any sense never asked my dad that I was like why would you like doesn’t make he said static what am I just sitting there and he said you know it may be sitting there may not be the smartest investment the world might eat me dumb investment I tell you what you sleep better tonight knowing that’s paid off knowing that I didn’t matter what you risk as an entrepreneur I can lose that Newhouse can family always have the house spear and so after that point I was wanted to have my house and I remember I remember my the first house we my wife and I bought we lived it for 10 or 11 years and it wasn’t crazy house was a nice house and I was gonna pay it off but just never was able to and towards the end I knew I wanted to buy to the house I just didn’t put a lot of money into that then we bought this new house three years ago it’s kind of crazy house and I was like dang it’s my golden issues I want to pay it off within a year buying it and I was I able to it was kind of crazy it wasn’t oh yeah it was a real goal it’s kinda like oh yeah I told people accent chemical and then the second year went by and I taken a big whack down on the house we also build a pool house that summer and color things but we but we had paid off as the last Christmas time the last New Year’s my sets to New Year’s resolutions and I had two New Year’s resolutions one was to get a passive income stream outside of ClickFunnels™ to cover my monthly living expenses which is less than 20 grand a month slave ain’t something that covers 20 grand a month that I can live for free even if the business disappeared and the second thing is the second thing would be to pay off my house and so that was my goal year ago and then rathas and we had this if you go back in time you listen to the podcast like storming and flooding our house flooded like craziness and then we rehab the whole house took eight months and then we built the huge crazy soccer field always all sorts of things and I still paid a lot of money towards the house shrink it try and get paid off but I mean it’s a big ghost eleven thousand square foot house on five acre land that’s big house right and anyway last week I messaged my accountant RC CFO I call him he’s awesome I messaged him I was like a Clint like can I pin my house left this year is that possible when he’s I’ll get back to you as he got back in a little while he’s like yeah you want to you be find a Mike be serious so I just on my deathbed when in the office and I picked up this newspaper here with this check inside and it is literally the paperwork tape at my house that I’m driving to the bank right now to meet my wife over there and I pay my house off right now it’s gonna be gone and now I’ll never like I don’t even know I’m kind of freaking out and I’m excited and it’s gonna be the coolest thing ever so I hope you’ve been this about anything ever they cools it I think of my parents tonight at 11:30 night and thinking about the airport I’m so excited – my dad said dad guess what my house so there you go that’s got the fun excited to be sure if you guys alright so I do have a message to say that it’s pertinent to everybody so the last thing I’ve been trying to do from my deathbed this last week or two before the end of the year was basically is to figure out where are the weaknesses in my business and how do i fortify against his weakness and skin and it’s not weak supply for me it was like sorry this is like in people may have a couple places like we need different people or the right people or things like that but they’re just there’s just holes there’s gaps in the business things that you’re not they don’t pay attention to you because of what of your personality type is you don’t see you don’t notice right so I’m trying to identify those and then and then figure out what those things are like where are places that you can be destroyed right like legally are you legally compliant on everything are you you know are you doing this right like this things about that like like where are the gaps you have in your business you could you could literally get destroyed if you’re not careful there’s the in the good old Book of Mormon i’ma show you guys another story from there but in support there was a effect if you’ve read the expert seekers book I talked about a guy named captain Moroni and this was I believe it’s actually him telling the story I might be wrong but basically he’s he was protecting he was protecting the this is his city right and most places say they have like this where the armies are at but between like where that all their strong guards were out there these weaknesses and and so captain Romo I was like hey we need to fortify our weak spots and he said because you know even even our especially our enemies they know where our weak spots are out they they know how to destroy me to strengthen him and so he went he started fortifying and putting armies and people and like stuff in place to protect their weak places and they did that and then when the armies came to try storm him and try to try to get him shut down they weren’t able to because because because they fortified it the weaknesses and strengthened them and so for me that’s been our really our golf last couple weeks to say okay where where are we weak like where could we be in trouble like where what things have we done stupidly that we just didn’t pay attention to things that we as entrepreneurs writing so fast with million miles a minute we don’t think about the little thing here or the thing there right what are the pieces were missing where where are the holes we need to fortify and then we’re actively fortifying those things those pieces and like getting the people in place with the structure of the systems were that legal docs are like whatever those things are try fortify ourselves and that’s kind of shirt you guys say I think that is important for all of us to look at I don’t like credit union bank is somewhere right around here I don’t know where exactly it’s at so I’m gonna pay this thing out there this week anyway so that’s what you guys did short thing to throw things claw times entrepreneurs we get so obsessed with the marketing the cell of our thing which is obviously the most important part and we forget about like the protection of that thing so that’s my reputation is is to spend some time this holiday season think you how to protect your things you don’t ever lose it just some things that are stupid they lose all your business should should not be successful is if the market doesn’t where your product or service like that that makes sense all the other reasons are stupid and they come from us not protecting ourselves so that said protect yourselves fortify yourselves against those those holes those gaps and thanks everybody and we’ll talk to you soon would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF oh no hacker TV

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How To Fortify Against Your Weaknesses AND An Exciting Announcement!

How To Fortify Against Your Weaknesses AND An Exciting Announcement!