How to find HIGH PAYING customers for your Business…top MARKETING strategy!

How to find HIGH PAYING customers for your Business…top MARKETING strategy!

You have your product, you know who you are trying to sell to, but there’s one thing standing in between you and massive sales… you don’t know where your dream customer is hiding! In today’s video, we’ll be going over how you can market to your dream customer and get sales from not just warm traffic but cold traffic too.

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How to find a HOT MARKET and make a LOT of MONEY…

5 Steps to Becoming an EXPERT Marketer – This formula works!!




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when somebody is looking for something right now they are hot traffic problem though and this is the biggest problem with search based stuff is that it’s a constant so the biggest thing for the first session is i want you guys to become obsessed with your dream customer and their journey like the more obsessed you become with them the humans you’re trying to serve the easier this game becomes someone talk about the difference between search based and interest based okay so i want you guys to put yourself back in time and think about humans think about customers think about these people right how did you buy stuff how did they bought stuff that back then they would sit there and like huh i need something and they would go into their car they’d turn the key they would drive to the store they would get to the store and like oh that’s a toaster and there’s like five toasters and like uh which one’s the cheapest and they grab that one they go to the counter they’d buy it and they go back home people bought things based on what they actually needed now i went back into the archives of marketing i wanted to see like when things started shifting okay 1922 was the very first radio commercial okay radio was free as radio waves like how are we supposed to make money with this someone had the great idea to run a radio ad so it was actually for the hawthorne court apartments in jackson heights florida visit our new apartment homes in hawthorne court jackson heights where you may enjoy community life in a friendly environment they were interrupted with a message and then they were able to sell that person based on desire like would you like to live over here you should come check it out 1927 amazing thing happened that’s ruined most of us tv was invented by dude in idaho nonetheless so all good things come from idaho the very first tv commercial aired ever it was for a watch called the volvo watch the commercial lasted for 10 seconds on nbc america runs on boulevard someone’s watching a show and all of a sudden this thing happens it’s like hey you should get this watch it’s amazing and then back to the program and people are like what just happened the very first time that interruption happened through tv now fast forward to the internet okay when the internet came out how did commerce start initially there was this thing called google it’s weird how history repeats itself and for the first 10 years of the internet people would come to google they would search for something and they would go look for it and they would go in and buy it now there’s positives of search okay the positive search is like when somebody is looking for something right now they are hot traffic right like if somebody googled how to get to the two comma club x event today like they’re really excited they’re gonna buy their hot traffic right so someone’s searching the hot the problem though and this is the biggest problem with um with search based stuff is that it’s a constant price race to the bottom if you look at the the shifts throughout time it always starts search and then it moves to uh interruption so here’s here’s my dude over here who’s on his cell phone and all of a sudden he’s scrolling through his face his feet on some boom against this big huge interruption how many guys have seen these in your newsfeed every day of your life right you’re doing whatever you’re doing you’re watching your show you’re scrolling through facebook all i said something hook jumps out interrupts you and if it hooks you right you stop you click on a button and they have a chance to sell you on pursuit value of the thing next thing you know you’re in arizona funnel hockey live or what do we have two clubs anyway right so the pros of this the big pros of interruption based is number one you’re selling warm traffic right i’m able to target people if we’re on facebook i’m not just going to blanket all of facebook i’m able to be like okay people who listen to tony robb and show them this ad i’m gonna try to interrupt them or people listen to gary vaynerchuk people listen to duck dynasty or people like you can target based on interest so the warm traffic your ability go in there and interrupt them that’s a big big pro number two is you can sell on perceived value okay this is how you actually able to sell what you sell for what you’re actually worth how many door door sales alarm sales people have in the room they’ve done this in the past earlier life yeah so if i was going to amazon right now and type in alarm system guess what you see tons of things right i was looking last night i was going through and i was like there were alarm systems for my home i could buy for 90 or 90 so 99 was like the one that i found that covers my whole house and like protects me from burglars now imagine this um you’re sitting at home you’re about to have dinner with your family and all sitting outside you hear this knock on the door you open the door and there’s a smiley person an orange shirt they’re like hi how’s it going right they interrupt you and you’re like ah this person is interrupting me and then they they hook you they tell you a story we’re getting this later to uh after lunch hook story and they make you an offer right they come inside and they have an opportunity now to sell you on the perceived value of this alarm system how it’s going to help your it’s going to protect your home protect your kids do all these things you have this amazing opportunity to sell the person based on perceived value what is you’re selling and what happens when a person leaves you’re signing a contract for free alarm system but if you look at the actual contract what did you sign you sent a contract for a hundred thousand dollars with interruption marketing you have to be good at a couple things you have to be really good at hooks stories and offers right you have to be able to grab someone another face like wait what i know you’re over here watching that cat videos but guess what there’s an amazing thing happening you have to grab them you tell them a story to engage them and then you have to be able to do an offer so the cons is you have to learn these skill sets okay the goal is for you guys to get in the mindset of your dream customer sometimes someday google is going to shift instagram is going to facebook’s going to shift you’re like ah and it’s going to the next this going to the next platform you’re like okay they’re searching for stuff where are they searching what would 12 year old russell search for like getting that mindset is how you figure out each of these things is getting deep into psychology of the person you’re actually going to be working with as a wrestler uh i wrestled at byu for a year and they cut their wrestling team they went to boise state every single day i was in study hall with all the other wrestlers which is a bad idea anyway because now we’re just goofing off like having fun in study hall but i remember sitting one day and i was looking at all the computers in the computer lab and looking over the shoulder all the wrestlers and every single wrestler was on the exact same website at the time it was the matt.

com we were all on there talking trash about all the matches happening around the world and i was like oh my gosh like it’s it’s so interesting like if i was selling something to wrestlers like where where are they hanging out if i wanted to interrupt them like they’re all there on that site i can jump in and interrupt them right there if you’re looking for people who are scrolling who probably aren’t looking for your product right now but you know if they saw it they’d be like oh my gosh this is what i’m looking for like where are those people at okay and this could mean facebook groups but doesn’t have to be in facebook groups i’d be looking like what email lists are they on what podcasts they listen to what blogs do they read what are those different places they’re already at that i can interrupt them with one of my ads because our job is just to find out where they’re getting their information then jump out front and be like ta-da i can change your life right the two questions you have to understand better than anybody else if you want to serve these people you have to understand number one is what are they looking for if you don’t know exactly what they’re looking for you’re in big trouble talked about this in the dot com secrets book the opening chapter is called the the secret formula you guys remember this it’s like who is your who is your dream customer and it’s like where are they at number three was then like what’s the bait you’re going to create to grab them and that that was like what’s the result you’re going to get them where you’re going to take them to right our job as marketers is create the bait get them to stop in the middle of their scroll fix and get them back oh my gosh this is amazing and then after we get them after we connect it and that’s like cool now we’ve got them now it’s taking up this value ladder and it’s getting the best result we can right the more you guys think about that the better you

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