How I Got Scammed… Here’s What I Learned

How I Got Scammed… Here’s What I Learned

You may not believe this, but I got scammed by an 18 YEAR OLD! Talk about embarrassing! All I can say is that it happens to the best of us. You all will love this story of how I got myself into this situation, what I learned from it, but most importantly how I made money from it.

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then he ended up stealing someone’s identity they stole his mom’s identity police ended by grading his house he fled the country and then the last message we all got he’s like russell paid to sell your product i love this guy honestly the entrepreneurs are the only people that can actually change this planet so when i got started in this game i was going to school at boise state in boise state my wife and i just got married and uh i was broke she was supporting us i was trying to figure things out and so i would spend half my time about half my time the third of my time in school through my time wrestling the third time like in and out of the computer labs trying to figure out how to play this game and i remember there was this young kid from singapore named joe kumar anyone remember this remember joe kumar joe kumar was like an 18 year old kid who came on the internet marketing scene his very first idea he’s like what if i interview all these internet gurus whatever you want to call them and ask him a question and the question he asked is may sound familiar to some of you guys here in a second he said if you were to lose everything if you lost your big fancy internet marketing name you lost your email list your jv partners and everything all you had left was your knowledge and the internet connection for 30 days what would you do from day number one today 30 to save yourself and that was a question and he asked a whole bunch of people and ended up getting their answers and combining them into two ebooks and i read the headline and then it was like there’s 60 people who had their step-by-step 30-day plans and how they would start over if they were if they lost everything how they started from scratch i think it was 97 bucks for his ebook and i had never bought an ebook this is before amazon had ebooks ebooks weren’t a thing i was confused but it sounded like the hook like i was in and there’s like 60 people like 60 gurus he’d interviewed all these ebooks so clint and i had been married for less than a year i remember i got the 97 on a credit card which was again more money than i had bought the thing and then i got an e-book and again i was confused so i took it to kinko’s to print it was like a thousand pages and i would print a thousand pages it’s gonna cost you like a couple hundred bucks i was like oh so i took the thing shrunk it so basically there’d be 12 pages on each page so i could afford to actually do it so i printed it out uh so the page is like this tiny and uh and i printed it and i bound them in this folder and then we went on our one year anniversary we went to hawaii so i had these two my own books and i’m reading them like this page these little tiny pages um on the flight over there and then in hawaii on the way back and i make circling things and like freaking out and it was interesting i read the very first person’s plan it was like oh my gosh it’s amazing the second person’s the third and i started realizing that everybody’s plans were similar they all had their intricacies and their differences but all of them were basically you have a product you got to sell the product then you got to traffic the product and somewhere between like plan 18 and plan 40 or 50.

i was like all i need to do is create a product have a way to sell the product and then drive traffic the product like i finally got it right anyway so i got all excited this is the part where he scammed everyone he came out and he was like hey if you want recent rights to my ebook it’s 500 bucks i’m only going to sell to 10 people and i was like what freaking out i don’t have 500 bucks but i have a credit card so i called the bank had him increased my thing by 500 bucks i went and bought the resale right now i was gonna be one of ten people to sell this product i was gonna make millions like the vision was there uh turns out he didn’t sell to 10 people he sold it to thousands of people like everybody on planet earth was like this is there’s only 10 people this is gonna be great seeing the world he sold tons and tons and tons of tons then he ended up stealing someone’s identity and he stole his mom’s identity and all his craziness and then the singapore police ended up like raiding his house he fled the country and then the last message we all got do you remember this the last message he’s like hey everybody if you think those other people’s 38 plans are good mine’s the best i’m writing it right now and if you want a copy of it all you need to do is fax a picture of your passport and whatever to this number and uh wiring information or something to this number and i’ll send you copy my book and that was last we all heard joe kumar he’s gone last i heard the police are still on his hunt he may be on this boat maybe we don’t even know anyway so there’s the joker so there’s a little long story so now fast forward 15 years later and i was like oh my gosh that was the greatest hook of all time what if i use that hook he’s not gonna sue me because if he comes out he’s gonna go yep no no the real story i was actually in a decade-day call from later circle members and they were having an idea and i was like what you should do i told the story joe kumar might in your industry you should do this and then as i’m sitting there talking to him i was like oh my gosh i should do this i went and i looked 30days.

com and it was nothing was on it was had a for sale sign so while i’m doing my deck and day trying to teach i can’t remember who it was inner circle i’m like doing this thing and i i’m on the side like because they can see my whole face i’m like texting dave i’m like buy this now whatever it cost it’s my time i got my deck in day card remember dave he’s like i got it we owned i’m like we own 30days.

com this is like the greatest domain name of all time and uh and that’s the project here what would you do imagine this you suddenly lose everything your money your name your reputation you have bills piled high and people harassing you for money over the phone and all you have left is a click funnels account and internet access for 30 days what’s cool about this is i was able to go ask 30 different people who all wrote their plans like this would be my framework of how i get back on on top right so we have this really cool framework and and we used it okay but i’ll let this question of if you you know based on where you’re right now if you lost everything would be the step-by-step process to get back in 30 days or 60 days or a year whatever the timeline you wanna you wanna have right but how powerful of a framework is that for a question to drive a framework right how many guys in your business right now could literally tonight send an email to your list or do a social profile that who here would be interested if i would lose everything today or i was saying weight loss space i gained 400 pounds last night on the cruise ship and i got to start i’ve got 30 days so funnel hacking live with my step-by-step process to get back in shape right or the stock market’s crashed i lost my entire investment portfolio and i started from scratch right now at 30 what would i do what would i invest in where would i go how many guys want to know this okay or i decided i wanted to become a dancer and i forgot everything about how to dance what would i do to get back and compete you know whatever it is right i always take that framework of here’s where i’m right now if i lost it all would be the step-by-step process to get back to where i was at in a certain amount of amount of time this has become a huge multi-million dollar year business for us this alone could be our business the question leads the framework and the framework can be your front end middle value ladder back and like it doesn’t have to be something we’re super creative he doesn’t have to build 500 frameworks be successful like you just build one and learn how to leverage it in each of the different phases like that that becomes could be the entire business like this could be a 10 million your business easily off one question you

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