How I Became Partners With Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi

Tony Robbins is one of my favorite people for many reasons… but what many of you don’t know is how I got Tony to be my friend. promote Clickfunnels and now I am fortunate enough to be business partners with Tony. In this video, I’ll share with you my strategy of how I did all of the above and how you can do it too. Subscribe:


It all starts with Dream 100. Tony was the top person in my Dream 100 and by serving and giving where I could, we were able to foster not just a friendship but a partnership. For those of you trying to get to the top of your dream 100. My friendship with Tony was one that was 10 years in the making, so keep going!

For those of you that don’t know, I got to be a part of a release that Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi put together earlier this year called The trip to Fiji was the prize for the top affiliate marketing promoters for …which was the biggest launch the internet has ever seen (as far as we know) doing over 40 million dollars in its first week.


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(seagulls shrieking)
(upbeat trumpeting)
– The Dream 100, so
what is the Dream 100?
It’s something I
talk about a lot.
I try to get entrepreneurs to
build out a Dream 100 and to
focus on that as the core
foundation of their business.
Yet most people don’t
ever listen to it,
let alone actually apply it.
So, I wanted today
tell you guys the story
about how I used the Dream 100
to get to meet a
whole bunch of amazing
people that I wanted
to get to know.
Now, most importantly
my number one Dream 100,
who was Tony Robbins, and
how I used this strategy to
first off become his friend,
second off to getting to
promote ClickFunnels,
to promote us
and more recently to actually
become a partner with him.
And so, that’s what I’m
talking about today.
– Your reveal?
– Come on in bro!
– The reason why Tony Robbins
has been one of my Dream 100
I remember 15 years ago
when I first heard about him
and I saw him on “Shallow Hal”
and I was like, who is this guy?
– Okay.
– Now, close your eyes.
– So, I went to eBay and
I bought every single
Tony Robbins course I could
find and I plugged in,
and I would listen to Tony
talk to me every single day.
It started to slowly
shifting my mindset,
shifting my body,
shifting all the things.
As I was growing my
company I always thought,
man, it’d be so cool to
work with Tony on something.
I just said, I wanna
figure out a way
to get to know him and
get to work with him.
So, to kinda put
it in perspective
about how hard it is to get
through all the gatekeepers,
since he is a celebrity
that’s bigger than life.
Again, he’s been on movies.
More recently he’s got his
own Netflix documentary.
He speaks to
millions and millions
of people around the world.
– Tony Robbins is
one of the most
sought after seminars
in the world!
– I’d always had this thing
that I wanted to meet Tony.
– He’s about six foot nine
and he speaks like this!
– He coaches Presidents
of the United States,
runs 54 different companies,
five or six billion
dollars a year in sales.
I always think I’m the
busiest person in the world
until I look at Tony,
I’m like, me times 54.
For me the question’s
like how am I,
a 22-year-old kid
supposed to figure out
how to get access
to Tony Robbins?
Literally the biggest
person in my industry
and probably 40
different industries.
– You think he’s at
home now watching this?
– I don’t know Jay, I
don’t know where he–
– I was right here!
– So, what I did, that
built on the Dream 100,
of who are the people who may
be around Tony that I could
get access to, people a couple
of tiers down below him.
At that time my Dream 100 list
included a lot of those people.
People like Frank Kern and
John Reece and Eben Pagan.
All of them lived in
San Diego close to Tony.
And so I Dream 100
them, got to know them,
and then one day one of them had
a chance opportunity to
go and meet Tony Robbins.
When he got in there,
he talked to Tony,
and introduced Tony to all the
rest of the people
at that level.
I actually didn’t
know I was in at first
until one random day
I got a phone call
from Tony and his team to ask me
if you wanna come
and experience UPW
and then have a
chance to actually
sit down and meet
with Tony in person.
(upbeat music)
– How you doin’ out there
(audience cheers)
– So, I flew up to
Toronto to attend
Unleash the Power Within
and I came as attendee.
– Not consciously but
unconsciously through a problem!
– He invited me to
sit in a private
section right in the front.
(upbeat music)
And every time he’s talking
about different topics
he keeps looking at me
and keeps looking at me
and I’m like, oh my gosh,
all leading up to that night
we had a chance to do
the Fire Walk with Tony
which is what UPW is famous
for, you get to walk on fire.
– The purpose of
the Fire Walk is
just a great metaphor
for taking things
you once thought were
difficult or impossible
and showing you how
quickly you can change.
– And he came to me
and said, Russell,
so glad to have you, and
gave me this huge hug.
And he said, come on,
let’s go walk on fire.
(audience cheering and clapping)
(suspenseful music)
I remember going to bed
that night I called my wife,
I was like, oh my
gosh, I walked on fire
and I met Tony, it was crazy!
And I just I knew that that
little piece of him I got
I was like, I want more of this.
I want more for
myself, for my family.
And so, that’s kinda
where it really began.
And when Tony was in his
hotel room talking to me,
one of the first things he said,
he said that I read
about your story.
I know a little bit about you
and you got started
with potato guns, right?
I was like, how
did you know that?
He’s like, ah, I watched
this video of you.
And I’m like, ah,
so embarrassing
that you know about
my potato guns!
But when I got back
from UPW I was thinking,
what’s something
I could send him?
What’s something I can, a
man who can buy anything,
who has everything, what can
I send him that’s unique?
That’s special?
And all of a sudden
I had this idea.
I should send him a potato gun.
The actual potato
gun that we made
in the DVD “How to
Make a Potato Gun”.
And so, I waited for a
month and then two months.
And I didn’t hear anything back
and then one day I get this
email from Tony saying,
Russell, I just got
to my home and there’s
this big, huge box
on the front porch.
He told me that that
night him and Sage
and everybody went out and they
shot the potato gun
in his backyard.
I wanted to send
him a potato gun,
because I wanted
to figure out a way
that Tony’s gonna
remember my name.
And I thought, what’s
gonna be unique that he
will always associate with me?
And I thought the
most unique thing
I could possibly send him
would be a potato gun.
(phone rings)
One night I got a random call.
And I didn’t know who the
number was but I answered it.
And it was Tony
Robbins’ assistant.
They said.
– Hey, Tony wants to know
if you wanna speak in Fiji?
And Collette’s sitting
there and I was like,
Tony wants me to speak in Fiji?
And she heard that and she goes,
tell him yes, tell him yes!
I was like, when is this?
– Next week.
– You want me to speak
in Fiji next week?
And she starts jumping
on the bed like,
tell him yes, tell him
yes, mouthing that to me.
And I’m like, yes,
yes, we’ll come!
And that was 10 years ago.
We actually stayed
in this exact same
house that we’re in right now.
And the kids were
playing right here.
And the first time we got here
I’m like, what should we do?
And there’s a projector here
so that night we sat down
and we actually
watched “Shallow Hal”.
– Please stand up
and give a big hand
to Russell Brunson,
ladies and gentlemen!
– First off, I know a lot
of you guys have businesses
that are bigger than mine
that have been around longer.
But at the same time I hope
that I can bring some
value to you guys,
because I do have a skill set,
we in our company generate
a lot of leads online.
Tony sat in the back of the room
taking notes the entire time.
After the event we were
supposed to fly home
and he asked, he said, hey,
I’m creating this new product
called the New
Money Master series.
Do you wanna be on
one of the DVDs?
I was like, are you kidding me?
And so.
– Let’s get to it!
Russell, I just wanna
really thank you
for coming all the way to Fiji.
– Yeah thanks, it’s
been amazing so far!
So, all this amazing
(mumbles) and stuff happens
and there’s all this
momentum, there’s progress.
We’re moving our way in!
And then, nothing, for years.
Not just like a
year, multiple years.
Like four or five
years (chuckles).
And I got an email from
someone on his team like,
hey, do you wanna help promote
Tony’s book when it comes out?
And I knew that they
were gonna do it wrong.
And I was like, ah!
And so I messaged
Tony, I was like,
hey, I know you’re about
to launch your book.
We just launched ours,
we got a huge success.
I would love to jump
on a call with you
or someone on your team to
kind of explain what we did
’cause I think
it’ll help you sell
a lot more books if you
put it through a funnel.
And he said, I wanna
build a funnel.
Cool, we have this new
software called ClickFunnels.
We’d love to build the
whole thing for you.
And he was like, okay,
how does it work?
I’m like, oh, I need
some of your time.
And he’s like, coordinate
this with my team
and we’ll figure it out.
(phone calling tone)
we called his team
like, we need a day.
And they’re like.
– No.
– Okay, can we have half a day?
They’re like.
– No, there’s no way.
– And we’re like, well, we
have to get him on video,
talking about his book.
– I can give you an hour.
– I’m like, an hour?
– That’s all.
That’s stretching it even.
– Okay so, we flew to Vegas,
we got our own hotel room.
We rented the nicest
suite possible
’cause we needed a good
place to go film videos.
How you doin’?
– It’s been a long time!
– Okay, we got everything
set up for an hour.
We film all the videos we
needed for this funnel.
We gave it to him as a gift
and then they used that funnel
during the book launch.
– Thank you!
– In his newest book
“Money Master the Game
Seven Simple Steps”.
– And everybody here
is getting a book!
(audience applauding)
– It was on every
single news channel.
Today show, CNN, everything,
all pushing back to this
one book funnel that we’d
helped create for him.
– You gotta learn
from rich people.
He lived in a car!
He ain’t always had this book!
(Tony laughs)
– It was successful,
he was grateful.
And after that we didn’t
hear from him again.
Obviously he’s like
one of the busiest,
if not the busiest man on earth.
– He’s clearing out.
(door clicks)
– About that time is
when we had launched
our FunnelHacking Live event.
We had our first event and
we had no keynote speakers.
Our second event, right,
we should get a big
keynote speaker.
We’re like, you know what’d be
really cool is Tony Robbins.
We can’t afford Tony, let’s
just get somebody else.
As it moved in to
FunnelHacking Live number three
that’s when we’re like, okay
we should try to get Tony.
And I didn’t know
how that worked.
I don’t know what he’s
charged, I had no idea.
(gasps) But I was
like, you know what?
First off, if I wanna build
this relationship with Tony
I need to give him
access to our platform.
Number two, if I wanna
build a deeper connection
with my audience I need
to introduce them to Tony.
Tony changed my
life and I know that
he could change
their life as well.
And so, no matter how
much money it cost
we decided to go for
it and to just do it.
– Okay, go, okay go!
– Here he comes, here!
– We have Tony for the event!
– We got Tony!
(the men cheering)
– What?
No way!
(upbeat music)
– I don’t do that many talks
anymore, private talks.
I pick the ones that I wanna
do and there’s very few.
But I’m here because of Russell.
He is truly, yes,
give a hand for him.
(audience applauding)
(upbeat music)
– He went up there and
spoke for almost five hours.
And when he got off, I came
back on stage and it was crazy!
– [Audience] Russell,
Russell (clapping)!
– The entire
audience was standing
and they started
cheering my name!
– [Audience] Russell, Russell,
Russell, Russell (clapping)!
– And it was kind
of weird for me
’cause I didn’t do
anything, Tony did it.
But because I had brought Tony
to them they were so grateful.
After the event was over I knew
that Tony was in the middle
of launching his new book.
And we wanted to help
support this book as well
and so we set up
time after the event
up in the hotel room
for me to actually
go up there and interview
Tony about his book.
I’m excited ’cause I
read his original books
like 20 years ago and–
– Yeah, that’s the last time
I wrote a book (chuckles)!
– And then there
was no books forever
and then that’s when I
started going through
the courses, and the
CDs and the events, and.
And then after it got
done, him and his entourage
were cleaning up and they’re
about to head out the door.
And what he didn’t know at
the time is that in my pocket
I had the very first copy of
the “Expert Secrets” book.
And so as he was
racing out I said,
hey, really quick
Tony before you go,
I just finished my second
book and I would love
to give you a copy
of it and hopefully
you have a chance to flip
through it on your flight home.
He looked at me for a
second, to the book,
gave me a hug and then he
took off and he was gone.
(upbeat music)
Now I can fall asleep!
And we were just kinda
like, ah, crashing!
Like mission
accomplished, we did it!
We took the interview
and we promoted it
and sold a ton of
copies of his book.
Again, trying to figure out how
we can provide as much
value as possible.
So, we did that by
being an affiliate
and selling a ton of
copies of his book as well.
(suspenseful music)
I’d known him at this
point for about 10 years.
I had built book
funnels for him.
I had paid him to speak.
I’d given him access
to our platform.
I’d consult for him for
free as often as I could.
I’d try to provide
value as much as I can
and it was the first
time that I ever
went to ask Tony for anything.
And it was for the launch of
the “Expert Secrets” book.
It was coming out.
He is of all experts
the ultimate expert
in so many different
fields that I thought
if I can get Tony
to interview me
on his fan page that would be
the best thing in the world.
I was so nervous, I think a
lot of people when they pursue
a Dream 100 they’ll
do all the work
but the scary part is
asking the question.
Will you promote me?
And I had been so
nervous to do it.
Finally I said, you know what?
If I don’t ask, I’ll never know.
So, I sent him a message
and within like a minute,
Tony texts back and said,
yep, I’m in, I’ll help you.
I was like, oh my God!
– Tony Robbins is
doing a Facebook Live
with Russell tomorrow
at noon, yeah!
– Are you serious?
– No way!
– What?
So, at the time his
fan page had like
three point nine million fans.
(camera man laughs)
– The moment!
It happened today!
– This is so exciting!
– We’re clicking go and
went live on his fan page.
– There’s a new book out
called “Expert Secrets”.
The subtitles help you
define your message,
build a tribe and
change the world.
Yes, hold that up so we
all see that (laughs)!
– There it is (laughs)!
So, we’ll see the stats over
here on John’s computer.
– Hearts and love
baby, hearts and love!
The stats man!
– That video was viewed
over three million times.
Tony really opened up
his entire brand to me.
Allowing me to be able
to share my message
and my story and my
book with all of these
millions and millions of people.
And that was really the power of
building a relationship
with someone
to get exposure and access
to their entire audience.
– So, if you got my text, right?
You got my text?
– Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah, okay what
if you text me on,
I don’t have time, do I?
I have people come here in
five minutes, I apologize.
– [John] Some people’s coming
here in like five minutes.
– Well, thank you
people for waiting.
(the guys chuckle)
– Dude, that’s awesome, my gosh!
– [John] That’s so sweet!
(suspenseful music)
– All right, so this time
ClickFunnels was growing.
We’re a little bit more
financially secure.
The next FunnelHacking Live
we’d sold over 3,500 tickets.
And so we said, you know what,
we’re at a point now when
we can book Tony again.
So, we called him back
up and booked him for
FunnelHacking Live
in Orlando as well.
And this was the
FunnelHacking Live
where we introduced Operation
Underground Railroad
which is a charity
that Tony’s part of.
Tony’s the number one donor
of Operation
Underground Railroad.
And then, after the event was
done we were breaking it down
and we had a really cool
moment behind stage.
– Congratulations,
this makes me so happy!
You’ve made a
giant contribution.
Right, you know that will save
a whole lot of kids’ lives,
that’s just amazing
and beautiful.
So, congratulations.
– I think one of
the sub-lessons here
for the Dream 100 is
that by doing that,
and it wasn’t something
we orchestrated,
it was just something where Tony
and I both share the same value.
And for him to be
able to see that
and see it wasn’t just
something we talked about
it was something we actually
did and put it into practice.
It’s just something that
builds the connection,
the friendship, the
relationship, that much closer.
And so, it’s important
to find people
that you share values with as
you’re building your Dream 100
because that’s what makes those
relationships really matter.
So, after that
FunnelHacking Live.
When I fast-forward
about six months later
I got invited by
Brendon Burchard
to go to a private
mastermind group in Wyoming
with a whole bunch
of amazing people.
And it was a private mastermind
group that nobody knew about.
We flew in helicopters
to get to this location.
Go fishing, shoot shotguns,
a whole bunch of other
cool things like that.
And on the flight home,
Dean and I were actually
sitting next to each other,
talking to each other.
We’re talking about different
projects and ideas and
we’re sitting on a plane,
both in first class,
and some guy walks
past and he’s like,
hey, I’ve read both
of you guys’ books!
And we’re like,
who’s was better?
(Dean chuckles)
And it was really–
– True story!
– And Dean starts
telling me this story.
He’s like, hey, I’m working
with Tony on this project.
And he starts going
through the whole thing.
And I was like, dude,
Tony doesn’t even do real
projects with anybody!
And he’s telling
me this whole thing
and I’m getting more
and more jealous.
– Oh, can I jump
in here one minute?
I just wanna tell you what this
guy does behind the scenes.
So, he’s like, you and
Tony are doing this thing.
Tony and I built a
software and a course
on how to extract your
knowledge and run masterminds.
– He’s like, I wanna
create a masterclass.
But for masterminds.
He said, instead
of buying a course
from Michael Jordan about
how to play basketball,
imagine going to
Michael Jordan’s house
and actually playing
basketball with him.
And he’s like, that’s
the difference.
And I was like, I get
it, and I was like,
what are you calling this thing?
And he’s like, oh, he had a
couple of different names.
I’m like, dude, you
should buy
And he’s like, someone already
owns that, I can’t get it.
And I thought, oh,
that’s too bad.
That would’ve been amazing.
And then a couple of days later
I was thinking about his
idea and his project.
And I was like, I wonder
who owns
So, I went to
And sure enough there
was the site there.
It looked like it had
been fully developed.
And I was clicking
through the site.
I went to the About Me
page, it showed a picture of
the founders of
And they we’re
literally holding a
2 Comma Club award
in their hands!
I was like, oh my gosh!
I have access to these people,
I can get a hold of ’em!
– So, here’s the cool part.
So, he tells me, you
should have
It’s only a million
bucks, I’m like,
I don’t really wanna
spend a million bucks.
– I was like, no dude,
you have to have it!,,
you have to have that domain!
So, I’m like, Dave a
million bucks is too much.
See if you can negotiate.
So, Dave goes back to
negotiating with these guys.
And then, we had the idea.
– Do you wanna know this
guy, the way he plays?
He negotiates, buys for 600 grand.
And gifts it to Tony and I.
(audience cheering)
I’m not done, I’m not done.
But he’s no fool!
Tony and I saw that reciprocity
and now we made him a partner.
(audience cheering)
Nice move!
– Dream 100 at its best!
It was one of those things
where it’s just like
you’re, wow, this
dream’s come true!
Something I hadn’t even
fathomed 12 years earlier,
or 10 years ago when
I was in this room.
To be not only friends
with Tony and Dean
but to be business
partners with them.
We launched
It was the biggest launch in
the history of
internet marketing.
Doing over 38 million
dollars in sales
in a two week period of time.
The top 10 affiliates
is gonna fly with us in
Tony’s private plane to Fiji!
(audience cheers)
It’s gonna be fun!
– Yeah.
– So.
– That’s why we’re
here on this trip.
That’s what we’ve been doing.
And that’s why the Dream 100
strategy is so important.
Looking back on it
it’s crazy to think
we used this strategy first
off to get in the door,
so that Tony knew who I was.
Second off to build
the relationship and
build a friendship.
And eventually to
build a partnership.
Right, it’s not necessarily
the fastest way to grow
a company, but it’s
the long-term strategy.
Tony always says.
– But most of us overestimate
what we’re gonna do in a year.
Then we get disappointed.
We underestimate what we can do
in a decade, or two, or three.
And that’s why very
few people fit there.
But I’m here, because this
young man has true integrity.
He really delivers.
I know you know that by the
passion that you have here.
The skill sets that
he gives you in there,
but also everything he
does is with integrity.
Which sounds kinda corny
and boring, but it’s rare.
So, I really wanna
acknowledge Russell,
and his lady, and his team,
for being the kind of people.
(audience cheers)
(upbeat music)
– Year number one if you
look in my Dream 100 strategy with
Tony would look like
a complete failure.
I met him for five
seconds and that was it.
Looking at it over a decade
now, it was a smashing success.
So, that’s why the Dream
100 is so important.
That’s why it’s important to
start planting those seeds now.
And if you do that now, today,
not tomorrow, not in the future,
not when you’re ready,
you start today,
you start planting those seeds,
it gives you the ability
in a year from now,
five years from now,
10 years from now,
to harvest those
seeds at a level
you never thought
was even possible.
(upbeat music)
(screen clicks off)

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