How Hacking Facebook, Dropbox and Hotmail has Earned Us MILLIONS

How Hacking Facebook, Dropbox and Hotmail has Earned Us MILLIONS

Today we are talking all about growth hacking and how it earned us MILLIONS here at ClickFunnels. We looked at companies like Facebook, Dropbox, and Hotmail and the things they were doing and hacked their processes and in today’s video, I’ll be sharing that strategy so you can take your business to the next level.

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– What’s up everybody?
This is Russell Brunson.
Welcome back to my channel.
I’m so excited to have you here
and if you’re a first time
visitor, make sure you click
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and turn on that bell
because we got
amazing videos coming
talking about traffic and
funnels and growth hacking,
and a bunch of cool things
I wanna make sure
that you don’t miss.
Now really quick, in this
video, I have my brand new book
called Traffic Secrets
and the last section I
talk about growth hacking,
what are all the ways
you use growth hacking
to grow your companies
and so I’m gonna show
you guys in this video
how Dropbox uses growth hacking,
how Facebook uses
growth hacking,
how Hotmail uses growth hacking
and then how we took those
ideas and we used them to grow
Clickfunnels into the
company it is today.
So that’s what’s
happening in this video.
It’s gonna be a ton of fun.
We watched that video.
When you come back, I’m
gonna share with you
something really cool at the end
so make sure you watch this
video and if you like it,
please let me know down below
and I’ll see you
guys when it’s over.
This is the title of
this next segment.
How Hacking Facebook,
Dropbox and Hotmail
Have Earned Us Millions in
Free Traffic Secrets, k?
All right so as you guys know,
there’s this whole
funnel hacker community.
I am the original,
the OG funnel hacker.
What does funnel hacking mean?
Some people would think it
means going and selling stuff
and the answer is not that.
Funnel hacking’s all about
looking what people are doing
and modeling it, k?
So as we were doing
Clickfunnels, I’m
looking like how,
’cause I’m not a coder,
I’m not a programmer,
I have no ability to actually
code and make Clickfunnel.
People always tell me,
‘Russell thank you so much
‘for building Clickfunnels.’
I’m like, ‘I don’t know
how to build Clickfunnels.’
I have a genius
named Todd Dickerson
and a whole development
team who build Clickfunnels.
I’m the dancing monkey on stage
who gets to talk
about it, right?
And then my job was
I gotta figure out
how to sell this thing
and so I’m looking here like
how do people sell software?
I’ve never sold software before.
And I’m looking around
and I looked, what does
Facebook do, how does Dropbox,
how do Hotmail, what do they do?
Started looking at those things
and funnel hacking the ideas
so I’m gonna share with
you some of their ideas
and then show you how we
actually funnel hacked ’em
to grow Clickfunnels.
You guys wanna see that?
All right, cool.
To lead off this session,
we’re talking about
one of my first early
friends and mentors
in this whole business, a
guy names Mike Filsaime.
This is Mike right here,
and back in the day
he had a course called
Butterfly Marketing
which is right here
and it was still one of my
favorite courses to this day.
I keep telling Mike like,
‘You should write a book
called Butterfly Marketing
‘and bring these
principles back.’
But it’s been almost a decade
since they’ve been out there
but Butterfly Marketing
was a great product
and some of the, the
basic gist of it was he,
in Butterfly Marketing he talked
about the butterfly effect,
where some of you guys have
heard of this concept before
where a butterfly flaps
its wings in San Francisco
which causes a chain
reaction of events
that turns into a tsunami
on the other side
of the world, right?
Something like that.
So that’s the concept
of Butterfly Marketing,
of the butterfly effect and
he took that to marketing
so well maybe this
is true marketing.
What are the little tweaks
we can make on our pages
or our funnels or our upsells
that cause huge increase
in profits in our business?
In fact, Mike was one of
the originators of the OTO,
the one time offer, all right?
He was the first
person to show it to me
like here’s how you do an upsell
and it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh,’
and they adding that
little thing in there,
it changed everything
for me, right?
So it’s these little tiny
butterfly marketing techniques,
so, in fact, all you guys
should tag Mike down below
@MikeFilsaime or
whatever and be like,
‘Mike, write a book called
Butterfly Marketing.
‘We all wanna buy it.’
But that was kind of
the concept of it,
all these little
things you can do
that have a huge dramatic impact
in your business over time.
And so a lot of these
things that I saw Facebook
and Dropbox and all
these companies do
were like these little
butterfly effects, okay?
To make something truly viral,
you have to get past
a referral point
that Mark Joyner calls
the copulation rate
or the rate that your
viral marketing grows.
K, this was not planned
but I’m gonna explain
how viruses work,
according to my expertise
and since we’re in the
middle of the Coronavirus,
we might as well talk
about this, right?
K, just kidding.
So what happens,
with the virus, k,
let’s say you have
a thing right,
and so you have one person
that goes into this thing,
so for our intents and
purposes it’s the landing page,
right, so here’s the landing
page, here’s your headline
and so the ops in, k,
and if for every
who comes in here,
on the backside
zero people pop out
or I guess you have,
how do I explain
this the best way,
the copulation rate
is how many people
come back through, right?
So if you have one
person come in here
and from there maybe the
word of mouth is like,
well that person, one out of
ten people tell someone else
then you have a .1 percent
copulation rate, all right?
‘Cause every person
that comes through,
every ten people
who come through,
one person will come back
through and refer a friend
and they come back in, right?
So that’s not viral
growth, right?
‘Cause if I send 100 people
means I’ll get 10 growths
channel and get one
and eventually it just kind
of stagnates and dies, right?
So the copulation rate
is really really low.
But if I create something
where one person comes in here
and they refer
one person, right,
they get something
that’s not viral growth,
but it’s growth, right?
If for every one person that
joins, one person will come out
and you have this thing just
kind of flat lines right,
which is kinda cool.
But viral growth happens when
you get one person come in
and you get more than one
person come back, right,
so 1.1 or 1.2 or
whatever that might be
is copulation rate.
So now you send 100
people into here, right,
and you get 101 people who
come back through viral growth
and then 200 and 300,
that’s the whole mechanism.
That’s how a virus grows, right?
And so in marketing, the
butterfly marketing effect
means that how do
you create things
that make it so that
for every similar,
everyone who joins
your landing page,
how do you get more
people who come in?
Everyone joins Clickfunnels,
how do I get more
of ’em to come in?
Now to get true copulation rate,
to get more than one percent,
more than 100 percent referral
is really really difficult
and doesn’t happen very often
but even with that said,
it’s what can we do
to get this number from
.1 to .5 to .7 to .8
so that, ’cause anything
that happens there
is under that viral growth
is just free traffic.
So that’s kind of the premise
of what we’re gonna be
talking about during
this session right here.
K, so to have something
go truly viral,
you need each person who
comes into your funnel,
into your world,
into your product
to refer more than one person.
That’s how you start
growing virally, right?
All right, so here’s how
Dropbox did it initially.
And you guys have
probably heard,
if you follow anything
growth hacking strategies,
how Dropbox did it.
Okay, so Dropbox came in.
When a new user would
sign up, they’d say,
‘Hey, if you tell your
friends and your family
‘by posting this on
Twitter and Facebook
‘we’re gonna give you
more storage for free.’
and then people did that
and Dropbox grew, right,
’cause everyone’s like,
‘Oh cool, we got 10
megs of free storage.
‘If I post this on
Twitter or Facebook,
‘I get an extra 30 megs or
gigs,’ or whatever it was, right
and Dropbox did that and
that’s how they went crazy, k?
For a while, they
had viral growth.
Every single person who
got sent through Dropbox
did bring in three
or four more people
and then boom, it
became Dropbox, right?
Viral growth.
So that was the Dropbox
hack that we learned.
I was like, ‘How could I
apply that to Clickfunnels?’
and I’ll show you how
we did here in a second
but I was like, ‘Yeah,
that’s so cool.’
Again, helped Dropbox to grow
to over 500 million
members worldwide,
which is a lot of people.
All right, here’s
the Facebook hack.
So when we’re
joining Facebook, k,
back in the early days
and I don’t know if
it still does this
’cause I haven’t joined
Facebook in 12 years
but back in the day
when you joined Facebook
and you became a
new user, it’s like,
‘Hey, do you wanna see if
your friends are on here?
‘Click this button and we’re
gonna scrape your address book
‘and see if your
friends are on here.’
So we scrape your address
book, found all the people
and say, ‘Cool, here’s a lot
of people in your address book
‘who are already
part of Facebook.
‘Do you want us to contact
all the people who aren’t
‘and invite them as well?’
You’re like, ‘Ah sure.’
You click a button, boom,
and it would go and invite
all the non-Facebook users
to come to Facebook
and really quickly
Facebook exploded
because of using a viral
growth hack like this.
Hotmail had a really
cool growth hack as well.
You probably heard
this one as well.
Hotmail came out and in every
single email they sent out,
they added a P.S. line
that said ‘P.S. I love you.
‘Get your free email
And so what happens is a group
of people start using Hotmail
and everyone starts seeing
get your free email.
Back in the day,
email wasn’t free
and the people were
like, ‘Oh that’s cool.’
so they signed up
and they signed up
and soon millions and millions
and millions of people
are all sending out
emails to good friends
or family members,
everyone they loved,
all driving people
back into Hotmail
and that little butterfly
effect, that little hack,
that little growth hack,
whatever you wanna call it,
dramatically increased how
many people came into Hotmail.
All right, so again
I’m looking at that
as the original
funnel hack, right?
How do I use these ideas?
How can I use that
to grow Clickfunnels?
And obviously I can’t
do the exact same thing
but how can I make
something similar?
So first one when
we looked at Dropbox
and my own Dropbox hack, right?
So Dropbox when someone came in
and they signed up
for Dropbox they said
we’ll give you more storage
if you refer your friends.
So when we initially
launched Clickfunnels,
we did the same thing.
New user coming to Clickfunnels,
we’d give them 20
funnels in their account
and then the first page saying
hey if you refer your friends
through Facebook or
Twitter whatever,
we’re gonna give
you more funnels
so when they referred
at least one friend,
we doubled how many
funnels they got
and then they had 40
funnels just by doing that.
So when we first
launched Clickfunnels,
that’s how we got tons of
our initial viral growth
is by modeling
Dropbox’s growth hack
by doubling their funnels
when they referred more
people into the site,
which is how we got a lot of
additional growth initially.
K, the next one’s Clickfunnels
plus Facebook’s growth hack.
The next thing we did is, I
didn’t have the technology
like Facebook did to go
and grab your address book
and spam all your friends.
I wish I did ’cause that’d
be amazing but we had to do,
figure out how else can
we do something similar
so when we had
our first webinar,
people would join, would
sign up for the free webinar
and we’d give people a free
14 day trial to Clickfunnels
and after they
joined the webinar,
we would say, ‘Hey if
you refer five friends,
we’re gonna give you one
of our products for free.’
And what happens is someone
registers for the webinar,
they refer five friends
and they get their
free 14 day trial.
Those five friends would come
back and they would join,
they refer friends
and what happens,
when we were
looking at the time,
I think about 20
percent of the traffic
that were coming in to
register for every webinar
were not from our ads
that we were spending,
they were from the people
who signed up for the webinar
referring their
friends back into it,
so a 20 percent
lift in free traffic
just by adding in a
tell a friends script
on the thank you page
of our webinar, k?
So again, we use
Facebook’s growth hack.
We modeled it, we
tweaked it a little bit,
put it into our page, and
got 20 percent more visitors
for free to every
one of our funnels
that we were driving people
to Clickfunnels at the time.
All right, and then,
oh yeah, there you go,
20 percent in free signups.
All right and then this
is the third and last.
This was my favorite one.
You’ve probably seen this.
We’re looking at Hotmail.
Hotmail had the P.S. I love you.
Get your free hotmail
account here, on every email.
We said what if we did
that on Clickfunnels
so we created this little badge
that’s on every single page
that says built
with Clickfunnels
and when you build a page
by default in Clickfunnels,
that badge is on there.
And if you’re building it,
and we plug your
affiliate ID in there
so you get commissions any
time someone clicks on that
and signs up for Clickfunnels.
But we built that in day
number one into Clickfunnels
so every page by default had it
and you can turn it off
if you want but it’s there
and the results
have been amazing.
Over the past five years,
the badge has generated
over 10,000 people
have joined Clickfunnels.
That’s $1,000,000
per month in revenue
because of that little
badge we put on there
almost as an after thought.
K, that’s $12,000,000 per
year right now in revenue
we get because we put
that badge on there, k?
These little butterfly
effects, these little things,
they cause huge, huge
changes in your business.
And so for you, I want you
to start thinking about that.
In your businesses,
in your funnels,
in everything you’re doing,
what are the little hacks,
little butterfly effect things,
little viral things
you could add in there
that’ll increase how much
traffic you’re getting
and as you’re going through
other people’s sign up flow,
watch what they’re doing.
Be a funnel hacker.
Watch, oh that’s
how Dropbox did it.
How can I apply that
to what I’m doing?
Oh that’s what Facebook did.
How can I apply that
to what I’m doing
’cause those little hacks
had a dramatic increase
on our company as a whole.
It’s fun because if you
start looking at it that way,
literally marketing is like
hunting for buried treasure
as you’re going through units,
like you’re looking
for this thing,
like where is the pot of gold,
oh that idea, that’s some
gold, that’s some gold,
that’s some gold and you’re
finding all these things
and it’s really really fun.
All right, I’m hoping if
you just watched that video
that you’re geeking
out right now
and thinking about
all the different ways
you can use growth hacking
to grow your company.
Now inside the
Traffic Secrets book,
the third section
here, at the end,
is all about growth hacking,
different techniques and tricks
and ways that people
haven’t even dreamt of
to get traffic in their funnels.
Before there was Facebook
and YouTube and Instagram,
when I first got started online,
we had to do other things
to grow our traffic
and I share all of those
in section number
three of the book here
and that’s one of
my favorite parts.
It’s at the end
so you may wanna just skip
to the end and read it,
but what we’re doing right now
is a very special promotion
where you actually
get a free copy
of the Traffic
Secrets book right now
and you just gotta go
or click on the button
right here somewhere.
Click on that button and
you can go get a free copy.
I already paid for the book,
you just gotta cover
shipping and handling.
We’ll send this
thing out to you.
It’s the hard bound version.
It’s 300 and 50 something pages
and the whole growth hacking
section’s in the back.
You’re gonna love it
but there’s tons of other
ways you get traffic.
Over 20 different traffic
secrets broken down
in excruciating detail
so you can look at ’em,
you can read it,
you can model it
and get traffic into your
websites and your funnels.
So go do that right now.
Get your copy of the Traffic
Secrets book for free
and then after you do that,
click on the link right
here to watch the next video
on other cool ways you get
traffic into your funnels.

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