How do you get focused enough to accomplish anything when your buying multiple information products?

How do you get focused enough to accomplish anything when your buying multiple information products?

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all right up next always a familiar face okay up next is Mark what’s a Mark Russell mark Lumiere from the inner circle here’s my question I’m one of your hyper buyers I’m probably in the top ten I think I bought everything you’ve had and everything you recommended I have list grow from Dillard and e5 camp from Todd Brown and I just signed up for software secrets and I’m doing the expert secrets masterclass so my question is when you are a hyper buyer and you buy everything like you you’ve done in the past how do you get focused enough to accomplish anything when you’re trying to do multiple things at multiple times I know I probably have to focus and just do one thing but you do many different things so just would like you to try to answer that question and maybe that’ll give me some guidance Thanks all right mark I think you only answer my question or to your question but I’m gonna answer anyway for everybody else thank you get that the board’s last time the seven eight Ken all right so first off thank you Mark for Hyper buyer I appreciate that um but what’s more important than a hyper buyer is being a hyper implementer so the reason why I’m able to do a lot of stuff is because I implement and launch before I move on to the next thing so I implement faster than probably any human being a planner there’s a couple people in your circle that are pretty good too that’s the thing it’s like buying everything and then learning everything doesn’t do anything right so I’m gonna walk through this is um we talked about Slauson or circling something you rat so this is good for everyone in for you especially so basically looks like here’s the progression of companies right from zero to a million million to ten ten to hundred okay so zero to a million the first thing you’re trying to figure out is this is the what now what are you selling and how are you selling it okay and you know you fade that out because didn’t you say that out going from zero to a million dollars is really simple but probably some of the things people a month six months a year five years ten years like there’s a bunch of stuff is did you figure out like what is that what is it that I’m selling and what’s the sales mechanism so the what now what am i selling that people actually want all I want to create in sublight what do people actually want what’s the what and then how am I actually something what’s process with the funnel what’s that it’s the way the mechanism army used to sell it you figure it out so you figure out exactly people want and how they want to get it then it blows up right and get two million bucks fast bread expert stickers this is all about during that during the phase number one you’re figuring out who you are is the leader if you’re cause you’re putting a new opportunity you’re creating your opportunity o feasible to say stack well ones to be switched when should be stacked if you switched you stack so this is expert stickers go back to read this book let’s help you figure out the what and the how figure that out then it jumps over here and jumps over here right so next pay the money go deep in this this this phase we folks on acquisition ascension mont asian funnels and then phase number three we talked about scaling traffic ken alright so for you yet ERISA where am i am this business right now like do i and so okay this comes back to being a hyper buyer like i sell a lot of stuff because i have people that are all different phase with this doesn’t mean you should buy well you should but for most people you should I’m just kidding you have to buy everything you look like where am I in my business something’s Russell crates are for people here to get them to figure out what and how to sell right so we have programs products books things that are all focused on this okay and so if that’s the phase you in your business right figure out what and how like try and get something that makes it a million bucks quickly buy products and services that help facilitate that and then implement them like crazy don’t start focusing on like these things and these things because you have to get that peace out first right and then so for me like when I make an investment decision I’m looking at okay where am i my business does this thing that’s coming across my desk this is this the next logical step for me to take if it is I jump in if it’s not done s okay this is not for me right now maybe in the future this makes a lot of sense but not today today this is the phase that I’m in in my business okay and so it’s looking at things like that and then again a big piece of it is like understanding that and then becoming not a hyper buyer but a hyper implementer so you get the thing just stop and then implement it and don’t do anything else like blinders on until that thing’s implemented and launch unless launch is like cool so if you Mark what I would say based on all the stuff you just bought and only thing I’d be doing bothers you is expert stickers master class other thing I do I go back to a year and a half ago when you’re in Boise and I did your webinar live I would watch that recording that video and I would just copy that because I already gave you your webinar I already did it for you and it’s all you need like I would just do nothing except for that and just focus on one thing and then launch the webinar get it working then after that works then guess what g5 is a great product key five in this phase of the thing right here software secret spits probably this phase maybe in this phase probably more so in this phase for you for what you’re actually doing and so look at those things and put them in crawl out to order what makes sense don’t try to like brain jump and learn everything things get a headache and get overwhelmed all that kind of stuff figure out where you are and is this thing can help you get the next step in your journey if it is jump in if not blinders put it away don’t worry about it right now so it’s a good all right there you go mark if I have to get you I’m going to kick you if you’re doing two things may show up next in our circle meeting you know I’ll do one and should be launching that webinar that I already did for you a month a year and a half ago so there you go love you mark all right jumping the mic one more marketing secret if so then go get your copies on my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at experts secret calm and book number two is called comm secret and you need your free copy at comm secret calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 speakers to leave you to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world

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Today’s Question: How do you get focused enough to accomplish anything when your buying multiple information products?

I’m one of your hyper-buyers… I think I’ve bought everything you have and everything you’ve recommended… When you are a hyper-buyer and you buy everything like you’ve done in the past, how do you get focused enough to accomplish anything and do multiple things at multiple times? I know I probably just have to focus and do one thing, but you do many different things. So I’d like you to try to answer that question and maybe that will give me some guidance.

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How do you get focused enough to accomplish anything when your buying multiple information products?

How do you get focused enough to accomplish anything when your buying multiple information products?