How can I use a funnel to promote my gym?

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How can I use a funnel to promote my gym?

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this last one for the day I’m gonna go pass out a long day I hadn’t shaved yet how long has been alright here we go okay who’s this Chris Chris alright Chris who you got I reckon so I’m launching a new program at my gym and I want to know how often we use a foil to get people to come from a pretty large signup event okay so we’ve got a gym and wants to how to get how to use the funnel gay people just pre signup event at the gym all right so we happen to have a whole bunch of really good people inside of inner circle that are killing it Alex her mozi gym launch secrets I think calm I’m I may be plural or seeing any way google him he is like 100 for a hundred percent I’m launching gyms with the pre-launch modeling the best in the world so that’s percenter go check out alex um but basically the concept like doing a challenge like there’s something weird about fitness center shake challenges work they do a challenge and do a funnel inviting people to come to a challenge and like that’s what I would do and then I would go get Alex her mozi as much money as he wanted to do the whole thing for me honestly if it was me if I gym bag that’s what I would be doing but that’s kind of concept is you settle pretty much funnel for some kind of con I think about any time and your trainers to know more than me but like when people decide to join gyms it’s usually at certain times the life right like it’s New Year’s Day they sign up because it’s New Year’s resolution right or it’s like kid there’s a wedding in three months now I gotta lose weight for my wedding or it’s it’s back to school or it’s swimsuit season or it’s like whatever that date is right so I’d be like launching I’d be launching some type of challenge like prior to that to prepare people for Ike summers coming up and in two months like now signs coming to challenge type here Jim opted in and then bring them in to your location and sign them up for the actual paid challenge I can do they’re at your gym that’s kind of what I would what I would be doing is I’d be looking at at the event step back however it is pretty good a challenge and then run Facebook ads like crazy on Facebook for local gyms is killing it so alex is filling up all these people’s gyms they say there’s 107 success rate in getting uh I think an average is like 150 clients in the in the door the first week like it’s crazy so that’s Facebook ads to a challenge page from a challenge for you to a call text whatever it get him in there and then sign them up so that’s kind of how the process works yeah holes out there good all right fit here we go one more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called comm secret and you get your free copy at dot-com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 speakers to review to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world

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Today’s Question: How can I use a funnel to promote my gym?

I’m launching a new program at my gym and I want to know how I can use a funnel to get people to come to my pre-launch sign up even

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How can I use a funnel to promote my gym?

How can I use a funnel to promote my gym?