How can I scale my program when people are too embarrassed to share the topic?

How can I scale my program when people are too embarrassed to share the topic?

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can’t let’s jump into this party so alright who we got first what’s is lens first hi Russell is Linda from Sydney Australia I manage path that specializes in constipation so yes I hope to unlock the intestinal blocks of society and I do this through my constipation online program as well as my natural tea which isn’t a laxative doesn’t cost dependency and tastes amazing and loads of people are getting great relief from it so far so my question to you is how do I make this more scalable online you see the problem with working with constipated folk is that they’re offering to embarrassed and ashamed to talk about it so to get people to share the love and to spread the news about what I do is not easy so would love your help because I would love to help so many more people banked up people get their human at pipes working better so we’d love to hear your thoughts thank you over and out ok Linda so first off that’s awesome I love it and you may be surprised but I actually have a lot of experience in this realm one of our inner circle members is a specialist in this that’s kind of fun and then I had a chance to do some work with the Harmon brothers who happen to do the poo pourri ad and also the squatty potty ad and they kind of the same thing like people don’t like to talk about poop right and so it’s kind of a scary thing and so if you notice if you go to Harmon brothers calm first off they’re amazing watch all their videos especially the one they’re launching in like a month and a half from now because it might be ours um but go go and watch their stuff because for them to get people to share poop it had to be like a funny exciting interesting thing right as soon as you try to be too stuffy with our messages and because that it’s not shareable now we had on those of guys who are in the fill your funnel training we had adam lyons out here who is he is he does a lot of stuff actually but well he was here for rods with us he was he was basically teaching teaching us how to make viral videos and i could ask them some more question i’m like my videos people watch them they weren’t getting sharing like why not he said you have to think about the psychology people they’re sharing stuff right and for me my problem is similar to yours a little different but but similar like the answer is the same for both mine and four years so um with mice is like summer watches your video is like they don’t want to share because like building a business is their thing and sharing it and their friends you can do it it’s not cool for them like they want to do they want to keep that to themselves so they don’t share it he Adams in the pick up chicks Marquis same thing like you have a video had to pick up chicks people want to share that because then it’s like okay like I’m desperate I wanna pick up chicks look at it from different angles so what Adam did is he made a video that was really cool he it was a video he has a holden son three years old four years old three year old son who went and so we videotaped he taught his son like three or four pickup lines and took him and had him go pick up a three or four girls and videotape the whole thing and post it online it was like three year old pickup artist and the video I’m getting like 20 million views on Facebook hundreds of thousands and other places and it grew because it was a different angle because people want to share that right so if I always make videos and maybe I will be soon showing kids making funnels or puppy dogs or something different but it’s something that’s shareable it doesn’t take away from themselves if they share it right if somebody shares a funny squatty potty pooping commercial like and also you need to have a budget and have a puppet and stuff like that but is something that people will share it doesn’t necessarily reflect on them so something interesting funny exciting that’s shareable that that’s what I be looking to try to create so I don’t know the answer to that but that’s the that’s where you start thinking through exactly how would I do that what would it be on you know it’s something that the interesting people to share with they’re not necessarily saying like oh I have this problem you guys should also look into it – because you’re right that’s uncomfortable people to share but if you can figure out a way to create videos and content that that are interesting or drinking that people want to share and it’s not so much telling on them that they’re doing it right so that’s what yes are thinking through so every business is gonna be different hope that works for years that that great guy drop the hike top of the bar one more marketing secret if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert stickers calm and book number two is called calm secrets and you need your free copy at com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets to leave you to 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Today’s Question: How can I scale my program when people are too embarrassed to share the topic?

I’m a naturopath who specializes in constipation… [I provide] an online program as well as a natural tea… How do I make this more scalable online? The problem with working with constipated folk is that they’re often embarrassed and too ashamed to talk about it. So to get people to share the love and spread the news about what I do is not easy.
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How can I scale my program when people are too embarrassed to share the topic?

How can I scale my program when people are too embarrassed to share the topic?