Greg Jeffries, How To Promote ClickFunnels™ With SEO from A Dream Car Winner

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Greg Jeffries, How To Promote ClickFunnels™ With SEO from A Dream Car Winner

Greg is one of our Dream Car Winning Affiliates, He shares how he created his success without spending any money on ads or paid traffic. He uses SEO and reveals the tools and resources he uses to generate free sales to ClickFunnels™.

-Greg got himself a free dream car through ClickFunnels™!

-Using SEO’s to supplement your ENTIRE income

-Greg Jeffries knows some good tools for you to become an effective affiliate

-Scaling using Greg Jeffries’ tactics

-There’s plenty of opportunities

-Finding your tactic is crucial


“…and everyone’s posting screenshots on the Facebook pages going ‘Wow, these are big numbers. I want to achieve that.’ And you know everybody that is willing to put in the effort can. There’s plenty of opportunity for each person.”

“There’s so much opportunity, and there’s only so much that I’ve been able to do.”

“I feel that we’re in a real special time when it comes to the internet and SEO because we’re at this real nice place where there’s a lot of cool tools to do affiliate work.”

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here’s your host Dave Woodward well welcome back everybody you’re here at funnel hacker radio and I am your host Dave wood where today you have the opportunity of actually hearing from one of our dream car winners Gregg Jefferies great welcome to the show thanks for having me I’m super excited you guys you may or may not know Gregg if you’ve been around click follows he’s been crushing it and it was really kind of fun he reached out to me basically saying hey you know what I’ve won a dream car and I think it’d be important that you basically let other people know how I did it I thought you know what what a fantastic opportunity we’ve never had someone on the podcast basically showing exactly your telling how they’ve actually been able to do what they’ve done like this and so I hope you guys really enjoy the show this is gonna be a lot of fun for me because I don’t know exactly what’s gonna happen here so uh Gregg let’s go to just dive right in first of all I your mention basis in fact you’ve been online for the last seven years kind of in the trenches learning everything you could about internet marketing spent you know tens of thousands of dollars you both I guess using your credit cards and stuff oh yeah just really tried to find out exactly how to how to make it and I think again the cool thing is basically you know after years of lots of trial and error I think it’s cool that you’ve actually refined what you are basically calling your simple SEO method that allows you to really get traction in almost any industry promoting any type of product I appreciate the fact that you’re promoting ClickFunnels™ yeah you know SEO is one of those crazy topics that man ID is so hard for a lot of us to kind of wrap our head wrap our minds around SEO is one of the things I’ve always just kind of said you know what I’ll deal with that later so I think it’s fascinating that you’ve actually figured this out there’s always been a lot of the you know black out versus white hat type of comics when it when it comes to SEO but tell me what I first of all let people understand what you’ve done so far and kind of you know what types of funnels you’re using to to drive this how you’re doing it and let’s kinda see where this goes okay so yeah I make my full-time income from mostly from affiliate SEO so I just promote a variety of different products ClickFunnels™ is actually a big chunk of those Commission’s and the main the big kind of aha moment like I’ve been kind of like he said in the trenches for the last couple years I learned you know invested tens of thousand dollars and courses and you know paid traffic SEO all kinds of stuff and just sort of naturally gravitated towards the SEO side of things and the big aha moment for me about a year to ago was focusing on longtail keywords that’s just you no longer search phrases and that’s something that people are probably you know have heard of are familiar with but I feel that we’re in a really special time when it comes to the you know the Internet and SEO because there’s we’re at this nice place where there’s a lot of cool tools that make it simple to do things like click funnels and like certain keyword tools that make you know implementing my strategy really really simple that these these tools they just weren’t around a couple of years ago like there’s always been opportunity on the internet but it’s it’s there’s been kind of a barrier to entry until I feel like the last couple years and so what I you know this longtail keywords is not anything new but before a couple of years ago I didn’t know personally that there are any tools out there or many where you could quickly scrape a long list of these these keywords you know you could use tools like longtail Pro or something and do like competitive research on these keywords but I never really wanted to invest in tools like that cuz I was like you know we’re we’re the other we’re the other keywords because you know there’s only so many keywords that Google Keyword planner tools gonna give you those are and I don’t even know if you can really trust the data if it’s accurate or not but you know there’s more keywords than what it gives you or at least I did I was like where are those keywords where are those crazy long tail keywords that I know people are all over the world or typing in so there’s a couple tools out there that you can get some more insight into those so one that I can recommend is called a keyword tool dot IO so it’s pretty easy to remember just keywords hold a o and you can just I start with a like a root keyword or a basic keyword so for instance if we type in ClickFunnels™ to that tool then we’re gonna get a long list of you know related keywords that are you know longer tail and it’s basically going out there and scraping these from the google related keyword searches out there so these are keywords that people are actually typing in but they’re there longer tail which means they’re far less competitive and so they’re really easy to rank for and while they might only get a handful of try you know trickle of traffic each per month since they are so you know you know so easy to go after and like low-hanging fruit if you take the effort or put forth the effort to just optimize content and and by optimizing I mean saying like you know send backlinks or anything like that but literally just create content about these targeting these keywords either in a blog post or YouTube videos or both and do that lots of times then you’re going to not only get some organic traffic but you’re going to find that you’re gonna be kind of dominating and saturating the search engines for you know YouTube and Google for these longtail keywords and again even though each of these keywords alone may only get searched a handful of times a month if you’re going after a hundred or five thousand of these then that’s a lot of you know real targeted traffic every single month and ClickFunnels™ is just one of many products or services or niches that you can do this in Cleveland which is actually kind of a small super niche product or service you know it’s in the internet marketing niche which is really really small compared to things like diet and weight loss and you know some other products that you may be able to find on Amazon so there’s just unlimited potential with this strategy so let’s get as people are listening give them an example so what would what would be something they could actually so if they were going with so first of all a lot of you guys who are listening if you aren’t familiar with affiliate training and things how it works so with with ClickFunnels™ you basically get 40 percent commission on a monthly ongoing basis for whatever product any of your anybody basically is buys through your three affiliate link you get that 40 percent commission and the way it works for us basically if you have as you get a hundred people we then pay you five hundred dollars for your dream car and as soon as you have two hundred people on a monthly basis you then get you know $1,000 for your dream car but the whole idea behind an affiliate program is you’re basically a company is paying you to basically market for them so instead of us going out and spending our money promoting ClickFunnels™ Direct we then pay our affiliates to promote for us because it’s a it’s a much broader and wider reach and same type of thing whether it’s Clickbank or some of these other large affiliate type of networks they’ve got products and services do the exact same thing for us one of things we offered was you know our affiliate bootcamp trying to get people started real quick it’s a free program so you can go to Philly at bootcamp comm if you want you kind of get get started on some of the basics to affiliate marketing so the stuff here that Greg is talking about obviously takes a little more time but the the key to it is if you take a look at a product like click funnels what you’re getting paid monthly for everything that you do the longtail actually works because you’re you’re building a whole bunch of assets out that out there that continue to be looked at and clicked on and they’re clicking on your affiliate link and you’re still getting credit for it even though you may have created that content last year or the year before our our number one dream car affiliate for the longest time actually used to be Stephen as getss and he literally was one of the very first people who created a a blog post very detailed blog post about click funnels versus leadpages and just provided a immense amount of content and value and so people spent a ton of their time out there actually diving into exactly what he was doing trying to understand and learn from that so again this is something that Stevens started you know we’re three years old as of last Saturday’s and he literally put it up I think within the first two months and was our number one affiliate for gosh probably the first two years since he’s dropped a little bit just as other people promote a pretty heavy but I mean he’s still taking a look right now trying to glance through our top leaderboard here he is still in our top four so it’s immutable yeah he’s just crushing it so it’s cool to see well if it’s okay I would I want to show people or kind of explain how how I would scale with this strategy because and I can use ClickFunnels™ as an example because a lot of people is that cool yeah course okay so a lot of people the example I gave a lot of people were gonna do exactly that and that’s like as far as they’re gonna take it so if you use a tool like keyword tool I Oh plug-in keyword ClickFunnels™ it’s gonna give you a list of a couple hundred and that that list in itself is gonna keep you busy for a while but a way to scale because you know once you what once you start to see results you start earning money especially with ClickFunnels™ that’s recurring you get kind of addicted and you want to make more money so you know when you run out of keywords for the actual product or service that you’re promoting what do you do but then you know where do you go from there so it’s I have a really simple way to scale from there it doesn’t I don’t know if this was working like every single niche but it definitely is one way to scale but with ClickFunnels™ so first I would go after the low-hanging fruit which is the keywords related to the product or service name which are all two ClickFunnels™ keywords next I would start going after all the competitors so the leadpages the insta pages the you know whatever their other sales page tools out there and all of those if you plug all of those keywords into your tool you’re gonna get hundreds for each of those products and services I just think of all the things that ClickFunnels™ does and all of its competitors and you can go out there and you know build these lists of all of those you know competitors and basically the the angle there would be when you’re creating your content whether it be a YouTube video or a blog post if you you can decide which one you want to promote but if you want to increase your Commission’s with ClickFunnels™ you can address these other products and services and highlight their strengths weaknesses and kind of direct them and you know refer them ultimately to ClickFunnels™ so you’re siphoning that that longtail traffic and it comes to the leadpages and the instant carts and stuff but you’re ultimately promoting ClickFunnels™ because the truth is everybody that can use ClickFunnels™ and and really needs it for their business they don’t know what it’s called they don’t even know it exists but they might be familiar with a leaked pages or an instant age or Infusionsoft and so they’re probably they might be searching for those keywords and that’s your opportunity to introduce them to an alternative solution like click funnels and so are you then creating what type of content are you creating for those people when they’re clicking on that um you know you could just again just create content to sort of address why they came there so if they they’re searching for something specific in relation to that tool you can say you know hey thanks for checking out this video you know a reason you came here is because of leadpages blah blah blah you’re trying to look trying to do something specific with leadpages on so you know maybe address if you know something about that tool that would help and you can address whatever you know question they came to get answered and then say oh and by the way you know you may also want to consider it as an alternative click funnels which also does this this this and this you know both my links are below it’s up to you you know which one you choose to invest in and then I would also offer like some sort of a bonus to incentivize them to take action through your affiliate link so that’s the first layer and then to expand our to expand it even more it’s kind of what you guys said that you’re gonna do and that’ll last the phone hacking live with the experts secrets book you’re going like mass marketing going abroad and so then you can break down once you go once you start sort of go after all the competitors all the those brand names like the leadpages instant pages and whatnot then you can go a little bit more broad and and and a go after the keyword the longtail keywords related to sort of the generic keywords related to what ClickFunnels™ does so it’s a squeeze page tool it’s a sales page builder it’s a you know autoresponder solution it’s a affiliate management tool so those are all kind of broader terms but you can start with you know the root keywords of each of those and plug those into the longtail keyword tool and those are much more broad those are for you know the people that that you know they don’t know what leadpages is they don’t know what clique phones is they just know they need like an affiliate management system or they need a squeeze page builder they know enough that that’s all they know but they don’t they’re not familiar with the brand names so that’s like a lot more broad but it you know that’s kind of scaling big once you’ve attacked all the other keywords and brands out there and competitors so that’s kind of how to scale with with click funnels and there’s so much opportunity like there’s there’s only so much that I’ve been able to do and that’s why I’m kind of sharing this because I know there’s a lot of affiliates out there that they get really you know you know impressed by my results or other people’s results they’re posting screenshots and the Facebook groups and they’re like wow you know these are big numbers I want to achieve that and every like everybody that is willing to put in the effort can absolutely so there’s plenty of opportunity for each person even if you just focused on one batch of keywords like if you wanted to be the guy that kind of siphoned all the leadpages traffic and those that traffic to ClickFunnels™ you could be that guy or if you just wanted to focus on me and fusion soft traffic and kind of siphon that traffic from Google and YouTube you could you could be that guy and just just pick a place to start and then again as you but as you start to make more Commission’s you’re gonna get you’re gonna want to make more so that’s a way to scale because I don’t want you to run into these roadblocks where you’re like man you know I went from like zero to you know a thousand bucks a month but how do I get to 2,000 you know are you are you doing primarily videos for that content are you doing blog posts where where they do where they going together I’m doing more blog posts and articles now just because there’s a little bit you have a little bit more controller that over the traffic with your own website but I started with nothing but YouTube videos so just lots and lots of YouTube videos okay and I know for a lot of people we’re seeing right now if you want to do a ClickFunnels™ review and put that on youtube we’re seeing a lot of people going to that primarily cuz we’re driving a lot of cold traffic to our new viral video and so people go what it’s click funnels they’re type it in you know click funnels reviews into you know YouTube so I I would say probably the first thing I would end up doing would be creating a ClickFunnels™ review website on because we’re paying for a lot of traffic and so I mean that’s a real easy one the other thing I know is you know blog posts if you’re getting a lot of it kind of comes down to whatever your best yeah if you feel like you’re best at doing a video then do video if you feel like you’re better it as a writer then didn’t by all means do a blog post or an article or something like that and the key to it is is providing content and the great thing about content and anybody’s been watching any of the stuff we’re doing right now is we are becoming a massive producer of content we do you know a ton of Facebook lies we’re doing a lot of YouTube videos we’re doing a lot of just written things as well we’ve got a whole new blog strategy we’re gonna be coming out in the next month on just really trying to dominate those types of industries so realize that contents real critical and part of it’s just getting it out there and then obviously if you can get it out there specific to the keywords I think that’s a huge huge opportunity one of the things I know we’ve seen a lot of people have success with they’re doing stuff on YouTube is bid IQ and you can basically it’ll tell you all the keywords that you know some of the top ranking videos we have and what you can do to basically beat those mm-hmm so I think again those are great any other resources before we wrap things up here um no I just wanted to kind of give people a push in the right direction and that should be enough even for beginners just with that one resource to get because it’s really the key to leverage in this strategy is having that list of keywords like each I want to you don’t have to be tasked with trying to figure out all those yourself so with a simple tool like keyword tool dot IO which is a free resource they have a paid version but the free ones absolutely fine to begin with that can give people enough direction to whether you know whether they decide to focus on videos or blog posts whichever one they’re best at that I’ll give them a starting point I think that’s awesome well Greg thank you so much for your time I greatly appreciate any parting words no I guess if they if they want to learn more about the step-by-step process of exactly how to do all these steps and what I’m doing not just for ClickFunnels™ but you know scaling and other niches they can check out my website SEO affiliate domination com that sounds awesome well but I appreciate it thank you so much for your time today all right thanks Dave thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified any time we release a new episode just subscribe over I follow hacker in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Greg Jeffries, How To Promote ClickFunnels™ With SEO from A Dream Car Winner

Greg Jeffries, How To Promote ClickFunnels™ With SEO from A Dream Car Winner