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???? Transforming Business With Video Marketing And Story Telling – Special Guest Sean Stephenson

Funnels Video Marketing

Funnels Video Marketing: So, you have a great idea, but how do you get your message out? In this special feature Funnel Hacker TV feature film, we are diving into the world of marketing. We’ll give you a look at how we craft the stories of people and products you know (like Sean Stephenson) so you can better learn how to craft your message and reach your audience.

Funnels Video Marketing: Transform your Marketing Business

– Russell, you were mentioning yesterday in your talk that oftentimes you’re mistaken for like, oh I look 11 years old. Oh, poor Russell, looks like he’s 11, awww. (audience laughing) You know Russell, have you considered my friend, maybe the fact that you made a product on how to build potato guns might have made people think you were 11? I dunno, I’m just, just a theory.

Just a theory. – My name is Russell Brunson and I’m part of an underground group of entrepreneurs that you’ve probably never even heard of before. We don’t rely on cash from venture capitalists to get started and we don’t even have goals to go public either.

In fact, our motivation is the exact opposite. You see, we have products and services and things that we know change people’s lives. Because we’re fighting against the big brands, people with literally unlimited budgets, we have to do things differently.

We have to do things smarter. We don’t have financial safety nets, because every test we take is with our own money. We have to be profitable from day number one. So how do we do that? How’s that even possible? If you ask the MBAs or look in your college text books they will tell you that what we are doing is impossible, yet it’s happening every single day. And it’s happening through an art and a science that we call Funnel Hacking. It’s not really something that I can explain to you, it’s something I have to show you.

These stories are a glimpse of entrepreneurs just like you, who have a dream and vision and wanna change the world in their own little way. I use a Funnel Hacking process, and I’ll make their dreams become a reality.Yes, we are Funnel Hackers, and these are our stories. (energetic music) Every year people ask me, how do I pick the speaker for Funnel Hacking Live?

When I first met Sean Stephenson for the first time, I knew within half a second, it’s like I want Sean on our stage. Now, I had no idea that he was going to spend the first like 15 minutes of the presentation roasting me and making fun of me, but it was really really cool for a couple reasons. One, it was cool to see how it tied the audience and bonded it them to him. Which was really cool.

And second off, it was just always funny to hear what people really think about you. – You’re so clean and good. How many people, deep down inside have a little bit of the feeling that I have, you would just love to see Russell like in sweatpants with like Cheetos whipped on ’em and like, and you know, he’s like angry, and his hair’s all messed up, and he’s like cussing like a sailor.

How many people? Am I the only one that fantasizes about this? (audience laughing) (audience applauding) – Every Funnel Hacking Live we’re trying to build a storyline of like, of what are… the community as a whole, what are they struggling with? Where are they stuck?

What are they trying to figure out? And so many people in our community are trying to get their message, trying to get their voice, trying to get things out. And they get frustrated and struggle by the fact that they’re trying to help all these people. And a lot of times, no matter how many people you try to help, a lot of times you just can’t help them.

A lot of times it’s family members or friends or people that you’re trying to figure out, how can I change that person’s life? But they won’t come and listen to your product or your service or the thing that you’re trying to sell. And one of my favorite parts of Sean’s presentation is when he talked about that.

Funnels Video Marketing: How Youtube video can help grow sales

Talked about how do you know who to save? How do you know who to help first? And so I actually wanna show you guys that clip from Funnel Hackering Live, ’cause it’s one of my favorite from clips from all the speakers ever inside of Funnel Hacking Live was this part of the presentation that Sean gave. –

How many people have ever made a video on YouTube or Facebook and it only had like 10 to 30 or 100 views, and you kinda were pissed? Oh! I wish I had more visibility. Well these 15 souls needed what you just sent. When the Coast Guard goes out on a stormy night to rescue a boat that has capsized. They bring their helicopter and they hover over top of the boat and they realize, there’s more people in the water than there’s space in the helicopter. Who do they save?

You know what their motto is? We can only save the people who swim toward us. I can only help those that swim toward me. You will go nuts if you try to help people that do not want your help, but claim that they do. The moment you try to help somebody and they push you back and push you back, you have to say look, you know what? I love you, I’m gonna be over there. Hopefully you’ll swim toward me at some point. If you don’t, this helicopter’s leaving.

The quickest way for you to drown is to try to help somebody that’s flailing around in the water. Or that’s swimming away from you, when there’s all these people that are actually wanting to swim toward you. You know those 15 likes on that YouTube video of yours? They’re the ones swimming toward you. (water sloshing) – As you can tell from that clip, Sean’s entire presentation was amazing. But that was definitely the part that was most impactful for me. Understanding that we can’t help and save everybody, but we can start working towards helping those people who are swimming towards us.

And a lot of times inside of our community, people ask me, how do I get my message out? How do I find the people and get them to come to me? And I think at first it takes you learning your voice and finding it, practicing. Doing Facebook Lives, doing podcasts, doing things to kind of figure out what your message is. And as you start doing those things, people will start resonating with you which is magical.

But then the second piece is like, how do you capture that story in a way that’s really gonna be impactful for people? Because Sean gave us such an amazing gift at Funnel Hacking Live, we wanted to give him a gift as well, so we decided to jump in a plane, both Brandon Fisher and I, and fly to Arizona to help capture Sean’s story in a way that he could use to bring more people to him. – [Sean] (voice drowned out by music) bacon, try that. – (chuckles) Oh yeah.

What we got Sean? – [Sean] All right, let’s get going. – [Russell] All right Sean, what does Snoop Dogg wash his clothes with? – Bleaaach. (upbeat music) – Now when we first came to Arizona, we were planning on making one core video, but after spending time with Sean and the white board mapping a bunch of things out, we decided that it wasn’t just one video we needed.

Funnels Video Marketing

Funnels Video Marketing: How video marketing help my business

We actually needed probably about three or four different indoctrination videos to take somebody on a journey, help them understand who Sean was and build a connection with him, build rapport and make them want to be working closer with him. And so that’s what we kinda decided. And so we went and actually went and filmed these videos capturing Sean’s story and I wanna show you just one of ’em right now. – People are always curious about like, have I always been this positive?

Have I always had a good outlook on life and I said, you know, it really all stems back to one moment. I was having challenges growing up with broken bones with my condition and people would stare at me. And I’ve dealt with a lot of challenges living in this container. And my favorite day of the year was Halloween. I loved Halloween. And most kids like Halloween ’cause the costumes and the party and the candy. But I loved it because it was the one day out of the year that everybody got dressed up, and I could finally blend in. And it was like a magical day where I didn’t have a disability in people’s eyes.

And my mom was in the kitchen and she was packing up our lunches and she was getting everything out to the minivan and I was laying on the floor and I was rolling around. And I catch my left leg on the corner of the door and I bent it back and I snapped it at the femur. And in that moment, there’s a bit of a time delay between hearing the sound of a snap and feeling the pain.

But it’s like an eternity because you know what’s coming. And I was just so angry, because I knew I was gonna miss the party and I knew I was gonna miss that one day where I got to feel normal. And my mom comes running in the room and she kneels down beside me.

See, she could just calm me down, there’s nothing really she could do for me medically, because my bones couldn’t be set like somebody else’s, taken to the hospital. And so my mom just had to keep me immobilized for four to six weeks whenever I would break a bone.And she would play this game with me, as any parent who would wanna take their children away from pain, she said, what was your favorite part about our last vacation? But that day, I was so angry. And she could see that anger in my eyes. So she leaned back and she formulated another question. And then she

asked me, Sean, is this going to be a gift or a burden in your life? And I’m thinking is she crazy? A gift. And something magical happened though, before I could respond. It’s like I got clarity on my life. And I realized that she was basically saying, are you going to use this as an excuse the rest of your life as why you’re not happy and why you’re not gonna take a positive outlook? Or are you gonna use this as an example for yourself and others to love your life amidst your pain, ’cause we all fracture.

Funnels Video Marketing: Surround yourself with positive people

We all have fractures in our marriage or fractures in our business or fractures in raising our children. And when you find that there’s a purpose to your pain, it doesn’t make the pain go away. It just gives you the fuel to keep going through it and know that it’s not gonna be there forever. And it really just shifted my whole attitude about life. I realized that you have control over what you make things mean and how you interpret things. And was in that moment I really honestly started to see myself as on a mission here in this container.

The purpose of this whole club is to bring together a group of people who wanna support each other and empower each other to win. You have to have a tribe. You cannot succeed alone in life. It’s hard to go through life by yourself and try to be the only person that is picking yourself back up. It’s good to be in a space where you have people that are not just your cheerleaders, but giving you good suggestions on how you can handle those challenges, so it’s something I’m really excited about because this is where people can go to get their mind and their heart on the same page. –

As you can tell, Sean’s got an amazing story. But people always ask me like Russell, how do I do videos like that? And they think that they need emotional videos, like they think that they need to be crying. And they record a video and they don’t cry and they’ll try again, be like, I didn’t cry. It’s not emotional. But you don’t understand, emotion’s not just crying. Like there’s a time and a place for that.

But emotion is excitement, it’s energy, it’s showing how you actually feel. If you watch any of my videos, watch this video, I’m excited right now as you can probably tell from my eyes and my voice and my, my voice fluctuations, and people are attracted to energy. So the more emotion you can show could be, it could be emotional crying, it could be sad, it could be happy, it could be joy, it could be just energy, it could be excitement. Like that’s the key to really making a video that people are gonna emotionally connect with, it’s actually showing your true emotion about how you feel.

I know that sometimes when you put a camera on, you get nervous and you get awkward. But the key is is really getting, coming back to a state and remembering what it was that got you so excited and then telling people that story from that state. If you do that, they’re gonna feel exactly what you felt when you were in that state the first time it actually happened to you. Want more marketing secrets? If so, then go get your copies of my two best selling books.

Funnels Video Marketing: The Expert Secrets

Book number one is called Expert Secrets and you can get a free copy at and book number two is called Dotcom Secrets. And you can get your free copy at Inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets that we’ve used to become the fastest growing non VC backed SAAS startup company in the world.

One of my favorite things about with Sean is just like how he made fun of me on stage in front of everybody, pretty much made fun of me and Brandon the entire rest of the trip. All you other Slim Shadies. (people laughing) – [Brandon] Snoop Dogg take one. – Bleaach. I’m a unicorn ugh, gosh. Carry your own bag Russell. And double my salary, geez. I gotta funnel for you. (grunts) (man laughing) I mean I even crushed the tater tots for you. (people laughing) – All right, so Brandon has been working on this business called Video-enders, that basically, the end of a video, there’s the thing that points you to like click down here. Opt in over here, kinda tells you what to do. In fact, created a brand new tag line for him from his jokes.

– I’m helping him get rich. Video-enders, we tell you where to go, stupid. (people laughing) – Want more marketing secrets? If so, then go get your copies of my two best selling books. Book number one is called Expert Secrets and you can get a free copy at and book number two is called Dotcom Secrets and you can get your free copy at Inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets that we’ve used to become the fastest growing non VC backed SAAS startup company in the world. All right, we’re back from Arizona and this week, we’re spending a lot of time working on videos ’cause videos are the connection point in almost every single funnel, every single ad.

And if you remember the episode a little while ago, the 24 episode where we built that three or four funnels in a 24 hour period of time. One of the funnels we built was for a product called WakeShake. And the WakeShake video, if I’m completely honest, when all was said and done, we weren’t very happy with it. And we wanted to redo it. We wanted to make something that was funnier, something that caused emotion and we got people to laugh. But also something that placed a seed of doubt.

One of the most powerful selling mechanisms we have, one of the most powerful tools is to place a seed of doubt inside the mind of the customer for all the other alternatives besides your product and your service. Inside of WakeShake, the core, the type of protein is collagen protein, which has a whole bunch of really good benefits. Helps your skin, helps your nails, but it also doesn’t have whey in it. And so from this video, we wanted to place a seed of doubt showing that whey is the thing that causes the problems. It causes the gas and the bloating and a lot of the different problems inside of protein.

So that way next time somebody wanted to grab a protein shake, they’re gonna look if it’s whey, they’re not gonna wanna drink it. Instead they’re gonna want a WakeShake. And so we had a lot of fun re-filming this video with Jared and Nicole who have helped us on tons of different projects as you’ve probably seen in the past. And this is the new video we made for WakeShake. –

After drinking your protein shake, do you ever have bloating, constipation, cramps, increased bowel movements, problem moving, nausea, reduced appetite, a swelling of your limbs, brain fog, sore joints, upset stomach and worst of all, (man farting) is it giving you gas? (man farting) No! That is not a natural side effect of good protein, it’s your body freaking out because it’s allergic to the whey protein found inside your shake.

Funnels Video Marketing: Keep trying until it works

Yep, USA Today said that 60% of adults can’t actually digest milk products. So what happens when you can’t digest something? You guessed it. (sighs) So that makes your protein drink about as slimming as this whey filled Ben & Jerry’s. Might as well polish that off. Chances are if you’re drinking any whey protein drink, that’s what’s making you fat. You need an alternative. Something that will give your body the proteins you need, but without all the gas.

You need WakeShake. (whistling through air) (bottle smacking hand) You can drink a caramel latte WakeShake, or dump your sugar-full Starbucks into your whey shake. And get fat. If this video is live now, then we have WakeShake in stock and you better get it before it’s gone again. In fact, I’d recommend stocking up. You’d hate for your kids to go hungry. Or have to go back to eating Ben & Jerry’s for dessert. Or worse yet, go back to whey (man farting) and start fumigating your house all on your own. So get some WakeShake now.

Everyone around you will be happy you did. – So the important lesson in what you learned from this is that every time you put a video out there, it’s not always gonna work the first time. Sometimes you have to do it over and over and over again. But have fun with the process, make it enjoyable. Like all of us are literally running our own little mini ad agencies which is so exciting to think about. And so have some fun with the creative and figure out how to capture the stories in a video that’s gonna get somebody to move and take action.

Now, next video I wanna share with you guys that we created was one for a friend named Tim Larkin. Now Tim runs a business teaching people self defense, but not normal self defense. This is basically, if somebody comes and attacks you, how do you, how do you put them out? How do you pop their eyeball out? How do you kill them by karate chopping them in the throat before they have a chance to attack you? And he’s told me that for a long time and he wanted some help with the funnel. I said, okay, this is the deal.

I would love to help you with the video for your funnel, but first off, I want you to come to Boise and to actually train me and train my team so that way if somebody meets me in the street, I can pop their eye out or choke them out, whatever it is we needed to do. And so lucky for us, Tim and his entire team flew out and gave us a two day training in my wrestling room, showing us how to defend ourselves in case of an attack. (man grunting) – Strike.

First or second knuckle, we want all five of them to be wet. And I do this. (man grunting) There, if I’ve done that correctly, coming off the wall with my body weight. And the eyes available to me. Hit high sternum, it goes right up into the neck every time. It’s gonna resist for a second, and then break. And what we’re doing is we wanna compress and crush the bone. Find the target, strike the target.

When you’re throwing something with body weight… Finding targets. Without doing anything, I’d much rather be here. Everything I need right now is here and that’s back there. Come through. (man grunting) (man yelling) Want that eye. (energetic music) (man screaming) – All right, and after Tim spent two days with us training us, which we had so much fun, we started looking at his funnel to figure out why it wasn’t working as well as they wanted to.

Funnels Video Marketing: The biggest problem in ads

One of the biggest problems was the ads they were using were all showing tons and tons of violence. Which worked good through emails and through banner ads, but when you started trying to go to Facebook and other platforms, they just don’t allow violence in their video ads and things like that. I said, you know, Tim your story’s amazing, let’s try to capture it in a way that’s not violent, showing people attacking each other, but it’s finding a way that’s emotional.

Actually telling your story like why you do what you do, why you’re so passionate about it. And so we set up a camera and we had a chance to capture this story of Tim telling his story about why he does what he does. – One of the presentations I did, they took us all on a really nice cruise. And they had asked me at one point, that a lot of the girls were going off to college in the next year, and everybody’s concerned about their self protection. And would I do an extra class where the dads and the daughters could come and they could go through a training.

I had one girl that came in, and she truly, if you’ve seen the movie Legally Blonde, this was the Reese Witherspoon character in life. I mean totally had the L.A. talk down and she was not happy that Dad had her come and take away two days basically, of the cruise. She went through the course and she did, she did everything. And about two and a half years later, she came in unannounced to one of my New York seminars. And she knew right away, she looked at me, she goes, “Oh you haven’t heard what happened.” I don’t know, what happened?

She had gone to college that following year. She had a dorm room on the first floor of a dorm, they constantly left their door and their windows open. The the guy that attacked her had been casing the place for about two weeks. And he got their patterns down. And he understood that her roommate would spend at least two to three nights a week with her boyfriend in another part of the campus. And one night she woke up literally to a guy on top of her. You know, he was a 230 pound male. And the first thing that popped into her head was the training that she had with us. And she understood that bigger, faster, stronger threat, he’s on top of me, I can’t change this. But I also know, I only have that one chance.

She was able to draw him in, he adjusted and when he did that, he brought his head closer. And that’s when she was able to reach around and attack his eye. And she knew to hold on to him, ’cause he’s much bigger, stronger, because she knew that people violently react away from that type of an injury. So much so, that he pulled her up off the bed and then went down, hit the hardwood floor. When they hit the hardwood floor, she kinda felt his body just kinda relax (inhales deeply) go like that, and that gave her her opportunity to run down the hall and start screaming for help. By the time they came back, the rapist had asphyxiated and died.

They later found out this guy had been going for the last six years to various campuses and doing this type of sexual assaults on women. When I hear from somebody like this girl, or I’ve had various doctors, people that are there just trying to help people who are just completely innocent, it makes it all worth while to do that. Because oftentimes you’re not sure. You know like with her, I didn’t think I reached her at all. I’m gonna literally show you how to injure the human body, break a structure or sensory system in the human body to save your life.

And you’re gonna know physiologically what happens to the body and why you need to be able to do that. And what the ramifications are. And the idea is if the brain has not gone there before, it won’t be there for you. And the perfect example is in sexual assaults. Oftentimes with women, the perpetrator, when they catch him, he’ll have scratches all down his face, all down his face. So you know that she had the ability to reach to there.

All that did was put his skin underneath her fingernails. Now that helps solve her murder. Whereas if she just understood that if she just penetrated the plane into the eye, that would affected a real injury that would have given her a much better chance of surviving that situation. Unfortunately, to get people there and to have them train correctly, I have to give them physical training of how to actually protect themselves when they have no choice. And that involves using the tool of violence. –

Funnels Video Marketing: Funnel Graffiti

Now the last video we’re gonna dive into today was a really fun project we had. It was a product we created called Funnel Graffiti, which was basically these little stickers, you could go and you could put it on a window or on a mirror and map out your funnels before you build them inside of click funnels. And so, we have the product, we’re trying to figure out what’s a fun, exciting way we can make a video for this?

So I called up Brandon, had him come over. I called Jared and Nicole, we sat down, we started brainstorming like, how can we make something fun and exciting to get people to wanna buy this product? And so we started brainstorming like, what are all the different ways people build funnels right now? And one of our, it was kinda funny was, maybe in the shower you’re mapping it out in the shower. And then we kinda took it to the next level, like what if you use the wife’s lipstick and actually mapped it out with lipstick in the shower?

What if the couple’s out to lunch or out to dinner and they’re making it inside their food? We talked about, there’s this place in downtown Boise called Freak Alley which is this big, huge graffiti street. And they rent out different spots, different local artists to come and do new graffiti. And we thought how cool would it be if we could actually like graffiti us doing a funnel there as well.

And it’s kind of a funny story, ’cause we called them up and it just turned out, it happened to be that they, once a year they bring in new artists to go and do graffiti here in Freak Alley, and it was just during that time when they’re about to have new artists come in. They said, well, you can come in, but you got like a one day window. You have to get the whole thing done today, because day the new artist’s coming in with all the new graffiti. And so I called up my buddy Rob and if you haven’t met Rob yet, Rob did all the graffiti design painting in my wrestling room.

He’s done tons of logo design art for us. He’s one of the most amazing, talented designers I’ve ever met in my life. I call him, I said, Rob, I wanna fly you to Boise to come do Funnel Graffiti and literally spray paint funnels on the side of a wall. And obviously he was in. We flew him down and went to Freak Alley to go and create some of the footage for the Funnel Graffiti video. (electronic music) – Okay, I’m ready to hit start. – [Man] Okay. – [Camera Man] Ready to run with this if he’s ready. – [Brandon] All right, so we got the time lapse set up.

We got a bunch of Kessler gear goin’. And then we’ve got other time lapses going. We’re just time lapsing time lapses that are time lapsing those time lapses. It’s getting pretty crazy. (gentle music) (spray can hissing) (spray can hissing) – What my dad would think. Whatever. – That’d be dope. (Russell mumbling) (paint mixers rattling) (Nicole hissing) (Jared yelling) – One of the other things I really wanted to do is I wanted a cop car, thought that’d be really really funny. But apparently it’s harder to get a cop to come and just flip the sirens on than we thought. So, Brandon figured out a way to make that possible. And so we had these cop car lights. (siren wailing) Anyway, it’s amazing and so I’m gonna show you guys the video for the Funnel Graffiti right now. (Nicole yawning) (water splashing) – Jared! – Honey, this is my book funnel.

It’s an opt in right here with their name and their email address and a submit button and the video. Then they come over here to the confirmation page. If they don’t opt in, they can come– – Jared! Jared! Is that my lipstick? – I dunno, is yours the rouge de livre? – It’s my lipstick. Honey, there has to be a better way. Jared, are you using my noodles? – Yes, but I had this great idea. It’s an opt in funnel, with a video sales letter right here, confirmation, this is a down-sell if they don’t purchase this, with email– – Jared, there has got to be a better way. (paint mixer rattling) –

ClickFunnels™ Transforming business: The WakeShake

You got the name and email address and then this is the confirmation page. And then up here, we’re gonna have some email confirmations and some follow up like this, and then we’re gonna have the webinar registration. – Okay, honey, this is great. But we have a reservation in five minutes. – Come on, you can’t tell me that this isn’t the best date ever. (siren whooping) Ummm, we gotta go. –

You told me anybody could paint here. – I may have over stated, let’s go, let’s go! – There has got to be a better way. (siren wailing) – Go! Go! – [TV Reporter] Capitol Hill, the work out– – [TV Reporter] Darren Haynes, SportCenter anchor ESPN. – Honey. – Hey. – I was right. – About what this time? – Well there is a better way. I got you a present. – What? What is this? Funnel Graffiti? Are these stickers? – Reusable stickers.

You can do it on a window, obviously you do it on whiteboard, you could do it, you could do it on the frigerator. As long as your daughters aren’t using the refrigerator magnets. You can do it on the TV even. As long as I’m not watching The Bachelor or Bachelorette. – [Jared] Nice. – [Nicole] You know, you could even do this in the car. As long as I’m driving. – [Jared] (laughs) Okay. We could do affiliates on our webinar to promote the webinar. – No more lipstick, no more noodles, no more spray paint. – How much did this cost? – Free. – What? I could build funnels! Yes! I could build funnels! –

All right, that project was a ton of fun, it was a lot of work, but it turned out really really cool and sold a ton of Funnel Graffiti for us. And so if you felt like even during this episode, watching these different videos, seeing what we did with Sean, seeing what we did with WakeShake, seeing what we did with Funnel Graffiti, any of these things, wanna understand that this is the type of artisticness that you gotta put into your funnels.

Funnels are very much like the science, like page one, page two, page three. But it’s the art that gets people to buy. It’s thinking like an ad agent, saying what are the videos that are gonna hook people? Make ’em laugh, make ’em cry, get them to wanna move forward and move towards you. And that’s really the goal of this entire episode we wanted to share with you is have some fun while creating your videos and your messaging because that’s what gets people to come towards you.

Just like Sean talked about at the very beginning from Funnel Hacking Live. I want you guys to remember that as you’re building your funnels. And remember, you’re just one funnel away. (energetic music) Next time on Funnel Hacker TV we’re gonna take you behind the scenes to meet my original mentor, the godfather of internet marketing himself, Mark Joyner. Watch as we take one of his best selling books, Mind Control Marketing, create a new video, create a new funnel, and launch it to a brand new audience. We are Funnel Hackers and these are our stories.


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