Funnels Sales Break – Russell’s journey to 3 million dollars in 90 minutes

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Russell’s Journey to Breaking EVERY Sales Record at 10x Growth Con (Part 1) | FHTV Ep 91

Funnels Sales Break

Funnels Sales Break: Get an exclusive look into the biggest event that Russell Brunson has spoken at EVER where he made over 3 million dollars in 90 MINUTES!! It is time for the 10Xgrowthcon with Grant Cardone. We have finally arrived at the event to end all events. Do you mind if we over deliver? Funnels Sales Break

Funnels Sales Break

– This is awesome! (screaming) (dramatic music) – [Host] He is the king of funnels, the Internet’s favorite entrepreneur. Affiliate marketing genius, ladies and gentleman, bring to the stage with a thunderous applause, Mr. Russell Brunson. (cheering) (upbeat music) – You’re like, there’s a million crazy cool things happening right now. One is this thing called price marinade which is a totally different subject for a different day.

But, the question I have to ask you guys is how long do you spend preparing your slides? Especially if you’re speaking in front of 8,600 people. Oh my gosh. – So (laughs) We’re two days in, I’m still in the intro. Two days of building, haven’t got to number one yet. The event’s in like one, two, three and a half days. – Yeah, but you’re gone all day tomorrow. (laughs) We’re gone all day traveling tomorrow. – No sleeping tonight. – But seriously, the key here is you have to understand the pre-frame that has to take place whenever you’re about ready to build this type of deck. And, again, massive massive congrats to Russ for the amount of time he’s put into this thing. It’s going to be the biggest thing ever, or the worst thing.

No, it’s going to be the biggest thing ever, can’t wait. – I totally, this is the biggest event I’ve ever spoke at and it’s a group of like super alpha male salespeople so you have to like elevate above the audience. I’m coming out from the first 30 seconds and totally calling them out, and challenging them and pushing them from before I even introduce myself I basically tell them I’m going to charge $11,552 all they have to do, they have to stand up and commit they’re going to do it or else I’m going to kick them out. (laughs) Should I kick ’em out.

You stand up, get out right now, cause you don’t wanna freaking 10x to your business. – Crazy! – Alright it’s 11, no one, 1:43 in the morning, I’m at the office working on my slides for the 10X event, so about three hours from now Uber’s coming to pick me up and from there we’re heading to Arizona for most of the day to hang out with Dean Graziosi then from there fly to Vegas.

Funnels Sales Break

Gotta wake back up, work on the slides, I got about 24 hours to finish my slides. And then the fun begins for the 10X event, which I’m not gonna lie I’m really nervous for and really excited for. So we’ll take you on the journey, show you what’s happening behind the scenes, here we go. Alright we got a whopping 90 minutes of sleep last night. – Airport. – Oh my god this is cold for Boise. (upbeat music) Hey so how was the guy with the white gloves? –

Actually really nice. – Surprisingly gentle, and guess who else is here? John! Alright so we’re flying to Las Vegas to speak at Mandalay Bay at the 10X event, but we thought we’d swing by Arizona for two reasons, number one reason and the most important– – The only reason, Modern Burger, the only reason. – We’re just like hey we should go see Dean while we’re here because Modern Burgers in the airport, this is the best part about Arizona is this one restaurant, it’s a single chain, or it’s a single restaurant, no chain. And they have these breakfast hamburgers that are to die for look at this thing. What? What is that, oh. It has egg, it has beef, it has bacon, it has cheese, it has avocado like– – Everything, it’s heaven, heaven between a patty, between a bun (upbeat music) Guess where we are? Where are we at? – We’re not at Modern Burger anymore, we are at the office of Mr. Dean Graziosi. The Deanmeister, Deanarama. – Alright time to head in. (upbeat music) – What’s up what’s up? –

This is Dean, if you don’t know Dean let me tell you a story about him, so 20 years ago he started his first infomercial selling cars, no selling information on how to make floating cars, motormillions right. How much did that infomercial do back in the day? This was 20 years ago, this was back like when 100 dollars was a lot. – Probably five million the first year. – You serious? – Yeah. – So he did, how long did you run the motor millions one? – About three years and then I switched to, three to four years then I switched to real estate. – Real estate, and how long did you do the, well real estate was forever after that. –

Yeah yeah. – 18 to 20 years whatever. – That was a, it was a different world right, there was no internet to launch on. Like I had no other choice, everybodys like why did you pick TV and it was like it was that or direct mail or horse and buggy, I like it. It’s like. (laughing) –

Funnels Sales Break

Funnels Sales Break

That’s what worked. – Door to door knocking, I don’t know. – So I used to watch Dean as a nerdy kid with my glasses on and I would sit there and I would watch his infomercials and I would like listen to what he was saying and just like I can’t believe it, this is the coolest thing in the world, and I would watch him over and over and over again, I wouldn’t watch like Saturday morning cartoons, I would watch like Dean pitching stuff back then. So the first time we met I was like this is kind of embarrassing but I love what you do. I love your show even though you’re selling stuff, this is amazing. (laughing) (upbeat music) Hello everybody my names Russell Brunson, welcome to the Millionaire Secrets Show.

I’m here today with my special guest Tai Lopez, the internet millionaire Tai Lopez, I’m super excited to have you here today, now I’ve got a whole bunch of questions coming from our viewing audience at home. I am so sorry, so you look a little like Tai, is that true, you act like him? So alright well, the shows gonna take a little steer, we’re not with Tai Lopez today we’re here with Dean Graziosi and Dean, welcome to the show, glad to have you here man. (intense music) – Alright if you’ve ever searched online how you can make money, create a side income, side hustle, or take the current idea you currently have and actually make money, literally there’s not better thing you could be watching than right here right now. My buddy Russell Brunson and Expert Secrets. (upbeat music) – You’re out of bacon? – How can you be out of bacon? Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon. (upbeat music) So Russell what are you actually doing right now? – This is the caffeine station. Gonna be a long week.

So we’ve got. – [Dave] He’s only here for two days so. – We’ve got Keto OS, this is caffeine free for breakfast. There’s the caffeine for lunch, we got night, we got caffeine gum, got rhyno rush. Just setting them out so, Dave is gonna steal some, they’re not just all for me hopefully. – Who sets out their drugs before they go to bed I mean come on. (laughing) – Look at how colorful they look. (laughing) – Which pill do you want to take, the red one or the blue one? There it is! – My heads that big on the wall. Right there. – [Dave] Name tags. – Bout to walk in.

Funnels Sales Break

Oh my gosh. Dude this is insane. Look at the fog. – I’m coming Chris, I’m sorry, I’ve just got to capture this. (electronic music) – You have to hear this here. How many seats are in this place? – I wanna say almost 9,000. – [Dean] And how many are left? – Maybe four. – I don’t know how they do it, that is insane. – Okay that’s like 8,996 seats are in here. This is crazy. This guy, out how did, I just wanna know how you pulled this off man. –

Well it was 11 months of hard work, long nights, borderline suicidal moments. – [Dean] Jarrod seriously I’m so impressed, this is crazy. – We came autorepair people because the wheels continued to fall off, we had to bring them back together. So now we’re here man it’s been great, it’s been awesome, good to have good partners like you guys want to come out and rock the house. People are excited to come see you guys. – Okay so this is insane, this is the stage. Can you see like, Grant Cardone tomorrow is gonna be on this thing coming down from the stage. And then there’s fireworks. I asked them to do fireworks for me, they said no. And then back here will be like the picture of you on stage, and then your slides go up there and up there.

Funnels Sales Break: And then this is the audience. (hypnotic music) – So remember that one time, that’s the theme right now, remember that one time? What one time might I recall about here? – One time where we came in to 10X and they were on stage with Fireworks and smoke coming off and then we came back because off cause we hadn’t even started on our slides yet. We’re eating pizza even thought we’re on a carb free diet cause it looked really good on the menu, that was awesome. – Remember that one. Look at this. Thanks Bart Miller. We love you. (epic music) Funnels Sales Break

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