Funnels Guinness Record – Viral Video Launch Party Breaks World Record

ClickFunnels™ Viral Video Launch Party Breaks World Record ????

Funnels Guinness Record

Funnels Guinness Record: Breaking a Guinness Book world record, playing bubble soccer with the Ultra Spiritual JP Sears, a speech from Gary Vee, and all inside of Boise’s State University’s Smurf turf stadium? Sounds like the launch of Click Funnels Viral Video! Funnels Guinness Record

Funnels Guinness Record

(guitar music) – Today is like the most exciting day ever, it’s finally coming together, we actually have our viral video launch. – It’s with the Harmon brothers, and we thought since it’s streaming live and hoping it goes well we might as well throw a big party, so. We have about 350-400 top influencers of the world who all flew from around the world to be here. – We could go on and on and on about everyone that’s coming. It’s awesome! – This is not cheap, either. This is the biggest facility in Boise.

And we paid for it, and got it. Show everyone how awesome Boise is. – The Harmon brothers are gonna get up there and talk about how they create these amazing videos. I’m gonna speak about what we do, and then we’re gonna launch the video together, and then after that, Gary Vaynerchuk is coming to speak about whatever he wants to talk about. (laughs) – And then we’re going down on the Blue Smurf Turf and we’re having the Guinness World Record setting of the largest game of human bubble soccer ever in the history of the world. – Normal day, normal day. – It’s kinda crazy. I had one hour of sleep last night. (upbeat music) – What was the artist thinking when he painted this nude squirrel? – I think there’s some sort of symbolism going on there, that you should never stop growing. –

Yeah, I made an offer for $15.3 million on this. They said they only wanted $43 and the frame was actually valued at $39, but I’m like, this is worth way more than that. – Alright, everybody, welcome to Boise! (audience cheering) I would argue that video is the most powerful mass-communication tool on earth. In 2009, YouTube was this site you used to share cat videos with your friends. Nn one had built a company using YouTube at this point. Like any other human being, we’re struggling to figure out how to make things work and to be successful. But what drives us is finding the products and services that we love and that we’re passionate about and let that passion come out in our marketing.

We are Click Funnels customers. We use it on a day to day basis. So we hope when we launch this video today, that that passion comes across. (cheering) – [Male voice] Like, if you want to win, there’s no way you’re effin’ Biose, Idaho if you don’t wanna win right now. (audience laughter) Like, when I think about who’s here, I’m like, these people are hungry! – There’s an elevation of the people in the room and that, you know, I got competitive, because I’m like, okay, this is not a Z-list crowd.

Funnels Guinness Record

Funnels Guinness Record

There are people in here winning. – I want you to come to Baynard Media for a day. I’ll pay for your flight and the hotel. We’ll play bubble hockey and we’ll see what’s up. – I don’t really know what happened after that. I kind of blacked out. (audience cheering) – So last night, 10:02 PM, while we’re all at the office, everyone started screaming, and I was like, why is everyone screaming? So we all ran in and we had just passed the 50,000 member mark. – [Man Holding Microphone] Isn’t that crazy? (audience cheering) – [Male Voice]

The coolest thing that I love about Click Funnel that I’m so passionate about, is that if we can empower entrepreneurs, if we give them a tool, it helps them to get their message or their product or their service out to more people. And it doesn’t just effect them, it continues to go and effects insane amounts of people. I didn’t just want a software company. I wanted to build community, I wanted to build a movement, I wanted to build something that was bigger than what we had. – Today’s matchup, ladies and gentlemen, Nude Squirrels vs. the Golden Prospectors. –

My name is Philip Robinson, I’m an adjudicator with Guinness World Records, which gives me the authority today to declare this an official Guinness World Records title, if more than 50 people take part in the bubble football for the full 30 minutes, and they play actively, a Guinness World Record title will be achieved today on the Boise Blue. (participants cheering) – I’m pretty stoked, honestly. – I feel more comfortable without the bubble, that’s for sure. (participants cheering and laughing) – Yo, what do I think of the Zorb? It’s lit, bro. Let’s go. – Russell is not normal, nor does he put on normal events. – You can say something bad about my mama, but don’t you say nothing bad about Click Funnels. –

Funnels Guinness Record: I just like to let my violent actions do the talking. (whistle blows) (upbeat music) – He’s going down. (bubbles crashing into one another) – Magnificent Guinness World Record attempt, they are. Well on target. (rock music) – It’s official! – We actually set the world record, largest game of human bubble soccer, compliments of Guinness World Records. (cheers) (participants chanting in unison) (cheering) – So if you like making money, and aren’t a blind mule, go to and start your free trial today. (banjo music) Funnels Guinness Record


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