Funnels Grant Cardone – 3 million dollar table rush 10x Growth Conference

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3 Million Dollar Table Rush at Grant Cardone’s 10x Growth Conference (Part 2) | FHTV Ep 92

Funnels Grant Cardone

Funnels Grant Cardone: Mayhem Breaks out at Grant Cardone’s 2018 10x Growth Con as Russell Brunson breaks all sales records and does 3 Million Dollars in 90 Minutes. Follow behind the scenes as Russell prepares to deliver his presentation to over 9,000 Entrepreneurs and how he leverages the Mandalay Bay’s own internal System to create a buying frenzy! Funnels Grant Cardone

Funnels Grant Cardone

– Our plan once this is all done we’ll take all three million dollars and put it down on black and see if we can double it. It’s gonna be amazing. (dramatic orchestral music) Alright he’s coming down from the ceiling check this out. – [Announcer] Motivation in 10X levels countdown. 10 Nine Eight – Are you kidding? – Seven. Six Five Four Three Two – Oh man. One Zero (explosion) (dramatic music) (crowd applause) (high energy, bass thumping beat) – This is so awesome! – This is so crazy! – That was amazing. (laughs) Guess what today is? Well tomorrow’s the big day but today’s the first day of, that’s gonna start the big day and Dave just went down the elevator. – Dude I’m like totally freaked, I got like chills and goosebumps.

There’s like so much energy in this hotel, it’s like gonna explode. It’s like all of the male testosterone just (grunts) All they’re talkin’ bout sales and making money and starting businesses, it’s like crazy kinetic energy. – And we’re gonna come in and explain to them how fun its work they’re gonna be like wait what? What? What? (high energy, bass thumping beat) We’re about to get ready for the show to start, it’s filling the stage up, getting people in, this place is nuts.

But that’s where we’re at at 10X event. I just got done with the slides and we’re sneaking out to go get this shirt fitted I’m wearing tomorrow ’cause the guy fitted it wrong. And I gotta go shopping for some shoes or something. – I’ve got a ring! Actually I have Collette with the ring. – Are you gonna, is Dave gonna propose to me? This is gonna get awkward. – Mr. Brunson will you accept? – Ohh, I’m so excited! I do this last time we got really got married. Whoa. – I love you to death and I’ve supported all your crazy dreams. – (laughs) Maybe I should be giving this ring to her. (all laugh) – [Dave] Oh my gosh so this is two ounces of white gold four karats of diamonds and yellow gold, ClickFunnel’s logo in the middle. – [Russell] That looks so cool. ClickFunnel’s here.

Funnels Grant Cardone

ClickFunnel’s on that side, and the X, wonder what the X is for, that would be for 10 million dollars or eight figures – We need 10 of these for my hands. – Dude seriously. – You spelled eight wrong I think. Just kidding. – Dang it! – So you punch somebody in the face boom! – It’s like oh. Said it’s two karat. Wait how much gold is it? – It’s two ounces of gold and four karats of diamonds. – Those are real diamonds? – Those are real diamonds. Holy moly. Okay you wanna see the next cool thing? – Yeah! – Kay so Dave has been talking, there’s a way you know on TV hotels when they turn on there’s like a little thing in the beginning? You can actually pay to put your own ad on there.

So Dave just found out we can do it so. – We’ve got an ad going in front of every single person who’s on the Grant Cardone hotel block. – So we’re gonna try to see if we can get it, to have the book, the book on fire one. So turn on, they’ll be like “Why is Russell burning his book?” Russel Brunson and this book, my new book is literally on fire. So hopefully this’ll be on everyone’s hotel room here in a few minutes. (upbeat, hiphop music) And we are setting up 9,000 bags on all the seats to prep for tomorrow. It’s gonna be kinda crazy. (high energy, hiphop music) And guess what?

Today is the big day in like three or four hours I’m gonna be on stage at Grant Cardone’s event in front of maybe 9,000 people here. So I’m nervous like crazy but I need something in my stomach I don’t want to eat so I ordered two halves two sides of avocado. (laughs) So check it out this is my room service for myself today. Avocado and an avocado. ‘Cause I need some healthy fats and that kind of stuff. Two bottles of Fiji water. Guess how much room service was for 40 dollars. (laughs) I spent 20 bucks for half an avocado, amazing. Alright this is happening. I’m kinda freaking out a little bit. I’m going down to get my slides, get ready, got on my fancy pants clothes on. –

Funnels Grant Cardone

Funnels Grant Cardone

[Dave] What? Game on baby. – Check out who’s behind me. What, it’s Dan Usher! – You know I’m excited this is a lot of people. – This is so crazy. (upbeat, reggaeton music) – [Announcer] For the past 10 years, he’s made his following of entrepreneurs in the millions. He sold hundreds of thousands of his books, popularized the concept sales funnels, he’s co-founded the software company ClickFunnels™ that has gone to over a 100 and million and 55,000 customers in just three years.

He is the king of funnels, the Internet’s favorite entrepreneur, affiliate marketing genius, container of expert secrets, he is an American storyteller. Ladies and gentlemen bring to the stage with a thunderous 10x applause Mister Russell Brunson! (audience cheering) – [Audience Member] Russell you’re a badass! – Thank you very much. (laughs) This is amazing. First off I want to thank Grant and his entire team for allowing me to be here and share my message with all of you guys. This is insanely cool. (upbeat, techno rock music) Thank you guys again for having me, I appreciate you! I cannot wait 10X’s companies next 12 months.

Thank you everybody. (upbeat rock music) Alright so just got done a little while ago with the event. It was a smashing success. (laughs) 9,000 people in the room I think we signed about a thousand. For ClickFunnels™ it’s a three grand a piece, so do the math on that, it was a great day. We came back, laid down on the bed to take a quick nap, and we just woke up again.

So I’m gonna head up, they are up there, processing orders so we’re gonna go see everybody, say hi and go celebrate so yay. What is goin’ on? – How are you guys? What? – Alright so Dave just brought us something really exciting to our attention. So we made more money today than we did the entire first year of ClickFunnels™ and what else did you say? – Russell actually made more than a million dollars in one hour. A million bucks! – That’s my new going rate so if you guys need to uh, book it with Melanie just let her know. – I can’t wait to update the website. –

That’s partly why some of the people are like, “Hey you know what? “If I take you out to lunch can I just take you out to lunch “or dinner while you’re here?” I’m like are you kidding me? – And some guy’s like, “How bout 15 minutes of your time?” I was like well based on our new hourly rate It’s about a quarter million bucks. (laughs) Alright then Brent can you tell me what this is? – This is something handed to us, a cool stack of a hundred dollars bills, so it was given on the floor last night. – Did he say he won it or something? – Yeah three thousand dollars cash. – In cash. So apparently guy was gambling last night and won like, did you say he won six or something? – Yeah. – He won six grand and he’s like, “This is basically free “for me” so he just gave us the cash.

Funnels Grant Cardone

– There it is. – That’s why you do events in Vegas. Our plan when this is all done we’re gonna take all three million dollars put it down on black and see if we can double it. It’s gonna be amazing. Come on, yeah! You’re in Miles? – Dude I’m sold. Yeah I’m not putting it down though. ‘Cause if it’s on me I’m out. (men laugh) I’ve already got one of these pink slips. (Russell laughs) –

Alright so we just found out that Dave pulled a little sneak-a-roo, we got the book burning video. This copy of expert secrets is literally on fire. On all the TVs here for anyone who’s in the room blocked for 10X. It’s playing on a looping stream for the next 48 hours so we’re gonna go down right now ’cause we don’t have on this TV here, we got our room blocked, we’re going down to one of my buddy’s rooms. ’cause he says it’s on so I’m gonna go check it out.

Dave you excited? – Yes! – We’re going. You guys excited for this? – Let’s go watch your commercial. (Russell laughs) – It’s just on loop for hours. – This is probably what the 10th time? – Alright so so apparently James is the best phone prank caller in the world. So anyways we’ve got some, we’ve been practicing over here. So. Give us the what accent– – Indian first? – Indian first. – Mr. Miller this is Baldeep. (all laughing) I’m calling from Grant Cardone’s team.

We need you to dress him we demand excellence from you. So that’s our Indian. – That’s Indian, now we’re gonna do Irish. – Mr. Miller, we’d like you to go shopping for Mr. Cardone. Can you dress him with some new threads? We demand excellence from you though. – (laughs) Alright what else you got? What else you got? – I’m gonna do Scottish. Mr. Miller. (laughs) I’m calling from Grant Cardone’s team.

Funnels Grant Cardone: Can you go shopping for him? He needs a kilt, he needs some bagpipes, and most of all, we demand excellence from you. (all laugh) – Alright you got more? You got more? That’s it? – British is boring. Hello Mr. Miller. My name’s Nigel I’m calling from Grant Cardone’s team. We’re gonna need you to dress Mr. Cardone for his next presentation but most of all we’re going to demand excellence from you. – What else you got, what other ones are there? – I got Chris Walken. – Alright yes. – [Woman] Good, this is good. Mr. Miller. This is Chris Walken. It’s strange but I’m working with Grant Cardone. We’d like you to dress him. Can you do that? We demand excellence from you. (Russel laughs) – Oh bravo, bravo. Yay! Funnels Grant Cardone


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