Funnels Earth Moved – We unveiled our newest feature in ClickFunnels™ HQ

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The Earth Moved At ClickFunnels™ HQ As we Unveiled Our Newest Feature FHTV Ep 89

Funnels Earth Moved

Funnels Earth Moved: In today’s episode of Funnel Hacker T.V, we go behind the scenes to show you our ever-expanding ClickFunnels™ Universe. Not only are we adding new offices – Russell just completed a new book that we show for the first time here on Funnel Hacker T.V We are expanding. We have purchased the land behind our current offices in Boise and we are building a NEW super office to expand the current ClickFunnels™ HQ. Funnels Earth Moved

Funnels Earth Moved

– So where are we going Dave? – You know what, I don’t know, it’s a surprise! I don’t know! – Surprise! (techno music) – Alright, so me knows a couple things. Number one: The desk is mostly clean, thanks to Melanie! Number two: Dave looks really angry right now. – I can’t even believe this! – We’re doing someone a favor.

They want me to come speak in Australia, we said “No.” How many speaking gigs have I said “No” to in the last 12 months? – Hundreds! – Hundreds! – Hundreds! – And they’re like, “Please?” Alright, I can stream in live, but I can’t come out of a favor for you guys. Now it’s happening so I’m about to go live in Australia.

They have 1/3 as many people as they promised they were gonna have. And then they’re demanding, like threatening me to do all these things and– – Not going to happen! – I’m doing this as a favor to you! I don’t need to be here! I can just close this and go back to bed! Dave is like, I’m like the nice guy, Dave’s like the mean guy, “just hang up right now!” I do it for the people. – Gotta serve them! – Team Australia, we love you and we’re gonna, we’re gonna serve ya! But, I want to go home and play with my kids and it’s already… but now I’m gonna be here until all night cuz it’s daytime in Australia, so…

Anyway … Australia, we love you! (hard rock music) Oh, guess what? We just got the books in the mail! – [Dave] What is in this box? – [Pitt] Awww, what’s in the box? – Hey everybody, I’m Russell Brunson and I want you to check out my brand new book called, “Network Marketing Secrets”! (crowd cheering) – [Male Voice] “Network Marketing Secrets’? – Are you new at marketing program? Are you struggling to… Oh, I hurt my thumb! (laughter) To grow your team? Are you sick of bugging your friends, your family about stuff that you think they should just do? Is there a funnel that actually works for a party?

Funnels Earth Moved

Yes, the answers is yes, it’s all inside this new book! Oh shoot, it’s got pages! (laughter) I thought it was going to be blank! – [Dave] Oh check it out, we actually got a legit book! Oh my gosh! – [Male assistant] True legit to quit! – [Dave] Check that out, it’s a real book! – [Male assistant] Look at that, it’s Billy Mays! – [Russell] I love it! – You have to understand, this book was created in– – This was an article last week and we’re like, “We should turn this into a book!” and now it’s a book! (laughter) – Russell wrote a whole book in, what, a day, a week? – Uh, ish!

– Yeah, yeah! The longest part was the graphic, it’s crazy! (laughter) (upbeat music) – [Russell] What are they doing out there Brent? – They’re moving dirt for a new- – [Russell] What’s so significant about that lot? – Well, our new office is going in there! – [Russell] We just bought some land! Do you hear that? Yeah, I think it’s a tractor! ♪ Tractor, oh tractors ♪ ♪ They get the job done ♪ –

All right, so I’m gonna go see if they’re gonna let me actually ride in one of these things! Think they’ll let me do that? Probably not! But, you gotta ask! Well, I asked and I got turned down, can’t ride! ♪ I wish I could drive one ♪ – So we’re sitting here talking about all these crazy-cool dirt movers and how much they’re able to move all this dirt. Mike’s telling me how close they can get this. They can get this thing down within- – [Mike] Half a tenth. – [Dave] Half a tenth? – Yes. –

Funnels Earth Moved

That’s crazy! ♪ They’re so much fun ♪ All right, Mike said, “No.” I can’t play, I can’t ride. Oh well, you gotta ask! But, they’re moving a lot of dirt! So they basically take all the dirt from down here and they put it up on that big mountain! That’s a fun toy! – (laughter) That was so much fun! They get the job done ♪ (techno beat music) – What’s up everybody? Todd here and it has been way too long since I gave everybody an update… (techno beat music) of what’s going on at Click Funnels on the other side of the country over here in Atlanta.

So, I’m gonna go for a ride today and take you guys to the new office that we just moved into a couple weeks ago and show you all the construction that’s going on there. Show you some of the cool stuff that’s going on the development side of things and new product changes that are in the works. (techno beat music) All right, we’re here! It looks like I’m probably the first one here today too! Non-descript, unmarked door on this side of the building. The front will be cool soon, we’ve got a big sign coming. We got a kitchen! We got a under construction conference room behind a metal door.

So this place actually used to be a newspaper printing press in 1930. So this old, historic building. This is going to be an awesome conference room soon! Walls, the roof, these floors, everything’s gonna be done up. If I come in here, I got the main area. We got our desks, A bunch of standing desks set up. As I said, under construction. But, we have the important part.

Funnels Earth Moved

Funnels Earth Moved

We have all the books and the T-shirts lined up. And of course TVs everywhere with Apple TVs hooked up to ’em so we can do all kinds of coolness. And we’ve got Jimmie’s station. Another open station … Miguel and Roberson down here. Nobody’s here yet, as I said. And then my station here which has probably got more desk space than I actually need, but big logo will be there soon.

It’s gonna be pretty sweet! Just did something kind of cool! Show you this right here. That is the new Click Funnels Chrome Extension; it gives you a shortcut so you can click a button up here, right here at the top of the screen. Click “Edit Page” … boom! Instantly jumps you into editing the page right there inside of Chrome, super easy! And, I’m also going to jump over here.

We’re gonna spy on Taco, see what Taco’s doing. See what kind of cool stuff he’s designing. (hearty laughter) See what you’re designing on. – [Taco] I’m just editing out this page. – [Todd] This is the design for the stats updates that are coming for split testing. It’s pretty friggin awesome! Nice! – Yeah! – Love it, see you guys! (techno beat music) – So where are we going Dave? – You know what? I don’t know, it’s a surprise! I don’t know – Surprise! – [Dave] Surprise! –

Funnels Earth Moved

All right, so we’re on a secret mission. (“Mission Impossible”) As you may know, we just opened up a brand new office right here. We love it! (techno beat music) But then, it turns out people like Funnels a lot and so Click Funnels keeps growing and growing. How many people are in our current office right here? – I think it’s like 22? – 22. – 22; How many people work for Click Funnels? – How many total people? – Total people in the Click Funnels universe serving our audience and our clients. – Probably 157. – What?! Where do they all fit, they only fit 22 in there? So, most of them work from home.

So everything’s happening and it keeps growing here so we need another office. So, we’re actually buying the land behind the office to build a super office! – [Dave] It’s the mother office! – [Russell] Yeah, the mother- – [Dave] The mother office! – But it takes a long time to build a super office, like at least a year, plus they have to develop the grounds, like they do that thing where they put in sidewalks and water and stuff.

Anyway, so we have this little gap. This is called, “The Gap.” (energetic orchestra music) – C’mon! (laughter) – So the gap between (laughter) where we have super office and where we don’t have super office. What do we do with all these people? So we decided, let’s go get a new mini office! –  [Dave] (laughing) A mini office! – [Russell] Brent thinks he’s found the mini office. Is this it? – We did! – So we’re heading down there right now to go check it out to see if the mini office is half as cool. I’m a little nervous because the mini office used to be owned by one of my friends and all their stuff is still all over the walls. They are couponers.

Funnels Earth Moved

So as you’re about to see there is a whole wall of grocery, is it wallpaper? – [Brent] Yes, it is wallpaper! – No way really? – Grocery store wallpaper plus their things all over. It’s pretty awesome! We’ve found it! – [Dave] This is crazy! – All right, here we go! (blockbuster movie music) – So we got – [Dave] We get the lights on- – Click Funnels Meridian. This will be Click Funnels Boise.

We got Click Funnels Atlanta and a Click Funnels at Canton actually. And then a Click Funnels – [Male Voice] Grand Rapids. – Grand Rapids. We’re gonna have one, two, three, four offices. We’re a legit company now! Totally legit! (blockbuster movie music) – [Russell] Wall of coupons! – [Male Voice] Ohhhh! – [Woman’s Voice] Oh Lord! – [Russell] Oh, Reese’s Puffs, they’re so good! – I love these! – [Brent] See this, point this out! Bruce Jenner, a picture of Bruce Jenner! (laughter) – [Woman’s Voice] Awww! – [Dave] You mean Caitlin Jenner? – [Russell] Back when he was a man? Okay, Reeses Puffs are good. (laughter) – [Russell] Trix! – [Woman’s Voice] My favorite! – [Dave] Where’s my Trix? (blockbuster movie music) –

ClickFunnels™ Earth Moved: So Russell’s been on the phone (laughter) has been on this webinar for almost three hours just crush em Jason, let me take you there to see what’s going on. – [Radio Man’s Voice] Yeah and it’s funny cause there’s pricing tiers, if it’s for five people it’s this much, if it’s for 10 people it’s this much, right? And you know like I don’t even know what we paid. I had my assistant move the whole thing. So I’m paying her money to then pay somebody else money when you know they got us in front line, Ayyy!  ClickFunnels™ Earth Moved

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