Funnels Dreamforce Salesforce – How they inspired our vision of the future

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How Dreamforce 2018 And Salesforce Inspired Our Vision Of The Future FHTV Ep 103

Funnels Dreamforce Salesforce

Funnels Dreamforce Salesforce: In this week’s episode, we are picking up massive inspirational vibes from Salesforce’s Dreamforce Event in San Francisco. Sales Force is the largest company in our field and going to their event, really had Russell Brunson inspired for more.

Funnels Dreamforce Salesforce: Golden Gate Bridge

– Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to Marketing Secrets Podcast. Today I am streaming from the Golden Gate Bridge. I am out right now in San Francisco, obviously, at Salesforce’s big huge event. It’s called Dreamforce. When we decided to come out here everyone kept asking like why are you guys going to Salesforce’s event? What’s the point of it?

So I wanna kinda tell a story to understand why we’re here and hopefully it helps you guys as well. (conch blaring) – [Announcer] : Please welcome chairman and co-CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff. (crowd applause) – [Instructor] We are all moving forward. We’re moving at the force of the Industrial Revolution. We’re moving from the first revolution of steam, to the second revolution of electricity. We’ve moved into the third revolution with computers. Now we’re in the fourth revolution. – [Russell Brunson] The Salesforce event is here.

Super excited because Funnel Hacking Live every year keeps getting bigger and bigger. This year we ran 5000 people but Sales Force, this is like they have 170,000 companies come through San Francisco. All of San Francisco shuts down. – [Marc Benioff] Tomorrow night my friend right here is gonna play for his venue with his band Metallica! (crowd cheers) – [Marc Benioff] Yeah. – It’s insane. (rhythmic, chime music) – Where’s the bedroom? – [Russell Brunson] I want like some either vegan food or some bacon, oh and some green drinks. We’re in California so this is where like hippies eat so we gotta eat some hippie cool food. So I’ve been to San Francisco. This is my second time.

First time is at this event that Todd and I were sharing a hotel room because we didn’t have very much money. We’re talking about like the big idea. It was the pre-cursor to ClickFunnels™. It was called WPUndies and we got a logo designed. It was the WordPress logo wearing the little tighty-whitey undies and that was the big idea that later became ClickFunnels™. I thought it was the better idea though. – Why do you hate money? It’s one of our many Brunson isms. –

Funnels Dreamforce Salesforce: Amazing Sales Force

What’s up? How you doing man? – Aw man. I’m dying. – [Russell] Ryan you need to tell Dan the story on video about last year with Cuban. He texted us, we’re in the middle of a partner meeting. He’s like hey I’m in a room with 100 people and Mark Cuban, what should I ask him? So as a joke I texted back I’m like ask him what it would take to get bought for a billion dollars. Just totally joking. – So I was like okay let’s do this. It’s like the rooms full of like dudes in suits and okay the other thing you forget is I’m the one guy in the room wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Dude comes over taps me on the shoulder, hands me the mic and I’m going oh my God, I’m the last question?

Wearing a Hawaiian shirt I’m supposed to ask how we get bought by a billion dollars and there’s Tony Rodoni their Executive Vice President of Sales. I’m like alright let’s do this. I kinda set it up as this little story as like we haven’t had any funding and we just hit our first hundred million dollars. How do we get bought? How do we take it to the next level and get like Salesforce to buy us for a billion dollars? That was how I set it up. – To Mark Cuban! – Yeah to Mark Cuban. Everyone in the room laughs.

He thinks it’s awesome. Unfortunately, his answer was a total dodge and he just gave me this b.s. like oh it sounds like you guys are doing everything right you don’t need my help. And I was like what? Way to leave me hanging. (energetic drum melody) – [Voiceover] Enter Dream Force through this arch way to your right. – [Announcer] It’s amazing what you have done. This is a celebration of you our trailblazers. – [Dave] This is takeover San Francisco on Salesforce. It’s like Dream Force takes over the city. – [Russell] One of the best secrets about live events is going with the right people. We’re hitting Sales Force. We knew that if a bunch of introverts came it would be really awkward.

We’d be all excited, we’d go hide in our rooms. We are the introverts here on the team. So I have my extroverted half which is Dave. Dave goes out kills things and brings it back to me. And I’m like oh cool. Todd’s got his extrovert who is Ryan who is actually out killing something right now. What’s up my man? – Hey man you wanna film me? C’mon, here we go. ♪ In the summertime ♪ ♪ When the weather is hot. ♪ ♪ You can reach back up ♪ ♪ And touch the sky. ♪ ♪ When the weather’s fine ♪ ♪ You got women, you got women ♪ ♪ On your mind ♪ ♪

Funnels Dreamforce Salesforce: Cabela’s of Salesforce

Have a drink, have a drive ♪ ♪ Go out and see me till your fine. ♪ – We’re in the Cabela’s of Salesforce right now. (energetic hip hop beat) – [Russell] We’re in the trail heads. The trail head is where the beginning of like the Salesforce success path and this is all different classes and workshops and stations to help you to go have success with the customer. There’s 2700 presentations that happen during this weekend and there’s one up right now called Customizing Page Density and Sales Force Lightning Design System. Not as exciting as funnels but you know.

You notice the design and everything like the branding. The feeling in here is kind of like this cool like your actually at a camp ground. When you walk by stuff in here like there’s bird’s chirping and waterfall sound. The ambiance is amazing. Now we’re back in the convention space. Salesforce San Francisco. So Salesforce just bought this company right here for $6.5 billion dollars earlier this year so it’s some chump change laying around. – [Dave] With a B. – And that’s the size of their booth. So MuleSoft is software that helps take data from one spot to the other. So they bought em for 6 billion and now MuleSoft is a character.

They build a mule out. You buy the company, you make a character, animate it and now it’s got a big ole booth showing how MuleSoft works. – [Man] Oh my goodness, is that Russell Brunson? – [Woman] Russell Brunson’s in our booth! – Are you kidding me dude? Brunson is in the house! Russell! Russell! I’m practicing the perfect webinar as we speak, dude! Watch this guy buy! This guy’s like the best marketer in the world, man. Kudos, seriously. God, where was I? – How much do you think that booth is right there? – [Ryan] 50 grand. – [Russell] 40. – $100,000 dollars. – Okay so do the math. Your at one, two, three, four, there’s a million dollars that row. – [Ryan] A million dollar aisles. – Each aisle and these are the little baby booths.

There’s some big booths back here. – Their size of booth space, we’re probably all in eight hundred thousand. – So we should splat a million dollar booth next time and just be like take that IBM. – You know what we should have is a funnel that’s also a slide so you can go down and then, just a little ride. – What? I don’t know. So we started at 0.8 miles away from Stripes headquarters. We walked around for about twenty minutes and now we’re 1.1 miles away from Stripes headquarters.

Funnels Dreamforce Salesforce: Funnel Transit Center

So it’s not working out to well and I should probably look not down at my phone. – Nice to meet you. – Russell. – Hey Russell, nice to meet you. (melancholy bass music) – Salesforce! – This it? – This is it. – Oh that is sixty inches off. Alright so Tony Robbins told me there’s two ways to go to the tallest building in town. Number 1 is actually to build the tallest building in town and number 2 is to knock down all the other buildings around you so granted that one’s really big. I’m jealous, I’m not going to lie. This tower is insane. Dude even the lobby it’s like it’s wrapped in LED walls.

Alright we found out how much this building actually cost to build. What’s the guess? We all know. $1.1 billion dollars to build this building. Do they just put their cloud on every building? – [Ryan] All these buildings theirs? Holy. – [Russell] Is it? – [Ryan] Why else would it have a huge logo on the side of it? Salesforce transit center. You have your own like metro station. Dude that’s insane. – [Russell] Whoa. – [Dave] That’s like Funnels Transit Center. – [Russell] We’ll funnel you to wherever you need to go. – [Dave] That’s right. (lighthearted keyboard music) – [Russell] Salesforce is the biggest company in my world right? I think they said last year they did $13 billion dollars in sales. My little Funnel Hacking Live that I thought was so cool and so big, it’s tiny in comparison.

As we’re talking about coming out here and thinking we should come, I remembered a story that I thought was really, really important. When I got started wrestling there was the state tournament. My dad took me to the state tournament and I remember sitting up in the stands and watching the people in the city of Utah. The best of the best wrestling, competing and I remember sitting there watching and I was like oh my gosh, there’s these guys from my high school who won a state title. And then we’re going back home and I was like I want to be a state champ. I set that as my goal. I set it as a target and I started going. I started running, started moving. Fast forward now a couple of years.

Well I won the state title and it was awesome. It was amazing and everything and in college I never went to the NCA tournament. I never went to nationals. I never saw those things, right. I had it as a goal, I was like I want to be a national champ but I never actually seen it. I missed my goal every year. I actually had a friend. His dad used to always take him to national tournaments because he didn’t care about being a state champ, he just wanted to be a national champion.

Funnels Dreamforce Salesforce: National Tournament

I’m going to try to be a national champion and there I’m thinking like gosh because I never seen a national tournament, I didn’t even know what it looked like. It’s hard to run towards something you haven’t seen. Fast forward now to this event, right. Last year, a bunch of guys from my team came out so they were telling me like it’s a whole different level, and as they were telling about it I was like oh my gosh, that’s the next level. I need to go and witness. I need to go see it just like I went to go to the national tournament cause as soon as I see it then it becomes real and now I got a goal, right.

You always start thinking. I want you to open your vision of like what’s the platform I can create? In fact, a little while ago we were doing the math on how many jobs had been created because of ClickFunnels™. It’s fascinating. There’s like the jobs of our employees, right? Then there’s the jobs of all the 65,000 customers, all their employees. Then the extra jobs. There’s the copywriters, the designers, the programmers, like all the other things. Conservative guess was about 250,000 jobs have been created because of ClickFunnels™.

We’ve created a whole ecosystem of people, right? It’s funny cause coming in yesterday I was a little intimidated but after sitting in that room with five thousand other businesses and watching Marc Benioff deliver his keynote and seeing the people, seeing the software, seeing the innovation, seeing the ecosystem, seeing all this stuff that I was watching it was like this is just another tournament. It’s on a bigger stage but I can compete at this level. I wish I would have seen this five years ago cause that would have shifted everything. I would of had more belief and when you believe you can actually accomplish, right? What we could do, what can’t do, like the path has been trail blazed for us.

Funnels Dreamforce Salesforce: Different Sales Funnels

The first lesson is for you. Is to go see whatever your aspiring to become like go and find that and experience it so you can see it so it’s not just this scary weird thing that’s like tangible. I can do that. Alright guys with that said my fingers are frozen. I’m gonna go and watch the sunrise here. – [Todd’s Wife] You guys have taken this company to a whole nother level like I know that there are companies that are bigger and make more money, but this is a family owned business and like although you guys aren’t related you guys have always treated each other as if you’re brothers. I think that whatever you guys set your mind to, it absolutely can happen.

You don’t have to hook me on it. If this is something that you guys are all in agreement with like I will be the cheerleader, and I’ll say rah rah go ClickFunnels™ and I’ll wear the t-shirt. I will trash talk Leadpages. (laughter) – [Russell] So it’s the last day. We’ve been here for a couple days and we decided we wanna walk and talk and just kind of brain dump. It’s been so cool because there’s all these businesses who started like us. We went to Stripe, right? We saw this company that was an idea that somebody had. We saw Voxer. We saw Optimizer.

We saw all these companies, tech companies in our same space doing amazing things and just helped us to see the vision of like what’s actually possible. I think sometimes we’re in our bubble where we’re in Boise or in our hometowns and we don’t see. We don’t see what happens in the tech capitals of the world like this and when you see something like this, your like oh my gosh like this is what’s possible. How many more people can we serve when we have infrastructure like this? Now we know.

Now we see. The other side of that gets me pumped. We’re excited to head back home and start implementing some of the stuff, come with ideas. Can’t share with you yet but you’ll see them and we promise you you’ll love it. So let me know which events you’re planning going to and that we can meet up at down in the comments below and subscribe. With that said I’m gonna get some sushi and then we’re heading to Metallica.


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