Funnels 10x Sales Profit – Do THIS to 10x Your Sales

Do THIS to 10x Your Sales Funnels Profits

Funnels 10x Sales Profit

Funnels 10x Sales Profit: Pretty much everyone selling online wants to know the answer to this question: how do I increase my profits?! Click Funnels own, Russell Brunson outlines his personal strategy when it comes to his success online.

Funnels 10x Sales Profit: DIY Sales Funnel

– Alright, for everyone who’s tuning in, my name is Russell Brunson and right now I’m going to be covering another really cool question about how to grow your company, how to do funnels, and today’s question is called Funnel Profits. “Russell, what can I do to 10x my Sales Funnels’ profit?” Okay, so I’m going to begin by doodling out a sales funnel now, obviously every sales funnel is different.

Ever since we launched the company Click Funnels, people have been able to create all sorts of sales funnels so you can do simple ones, complex ones, there’s a bunch of variations but most sales funnels aren’t that complicated, right? Unless you are using really confusing software, then some people get really confusing but I like to keep it simple. So, most of mine are going to be like a landing page where my goal is to get somebody’s email address. So it’s going to be an email form and a button.

Then from there I go to a sales page, or maybe there’s a video and then there’s a button where somebody gives me money and then the next page, maybe there’s a page where there’s another video here and then there’s an upsell where they click a button and there’s an upsell. So, like, that’s a basic funnel, right? And so the coolest thing about what we do as funnel builders inside of Click Funnels and if you’ve read the Dotcom Secrets book or any of my books, I go deep into how these things work like step one, step two and that a whole bunch of different funnel types but what people understand is that the reason why this is so magical and the reason why I’m making really simple funnels is because I can test something, right? So let’s say I create the funnel the best I can, I don’t know if it’s going to work or not, then I go over and I talk to Mr. Zuckerberg over at Facebook and I say I’m going to buy some ads.

Right, so I go and I buy some ads and I drive traffic into this. Now what’s cool about this is I can go and I can buy some ads and some people, depending on your budget might be like 10 dollars, or 50 dollars, or 100 or 1,000 or something but I usually put some money in and I sit back and I just wait and I watch it and what’s going to happen is the ads, the market is going to show me exactly what’s working, what’s not working. Okay? So what’ll happen is like, let’s say I spent 1,000 bucks, right.

Funnels 10x Sales Profit: How much to spend on ads

So say I spent 1,000 bucks let’s say it cost me a dollar per click just to make the numbers easier, right. 1,000 people end up showing up on this landing page. So then I look at, okay, of the 1,000 people ending up on the landing page, how many people gave me their email address? And I’ll look at that number and say, okay, looks like we had 378 people gave me their email address so, the conversion of step one and step two is with 378.

They also, okay, from 378 people gave me their email address how many actually purchased? And I’ll say okay, well, we ended up having, say, 10 people that actually purchased, and say, okay, how many people took the upsell? From the upsell we say, okay, we had one person take the upsell, right? So now I look at these numbers and I say, okay, what is, like, 1,000 people came, and I got 1,000 dollars so that means the ad, it means I’m spending about a dollar per click which is actually really, really good, right?

So I know that the ad over here, so this is Facebook and I’m placing the ad, okay, I know that that worked, that was good so I’m not going to touch the ad, because the ad’s perfect. And I come over here, 1,000 people hit, 378 so that means that 37% opt in, right, which is pretty good, that’s not horrible, it’s not the best but it’s pretty good. Okay, so that means if I draw a little number here, it means 37.8% of the people opted in on this page. So this page is a winner winner chicken dinner.

I’m not going to touch it but I’m going to be very excited about it, right. So now 378 came to this page and 10 bought so what’s the math on that for all our mathematicians at home. Let’s see, it means, what, 3.7%, I believe. Am I right on that? Anyone check my math? (laugh) Bought off this thing here, and 1/10 means 10% bought here. So I’m looking at all these things, so 37%, 3.7%, 10%. So if I’m looking at this funnel and I’m coaching somebody, I’m going to say, okay, what’s broken? The ads are doing awesome, a buck per click, winner, that’s awesome.

Funnels 10x Sales Profit

Funnels 10x Sales Profit: What should be the upsell rate?

Number two, 37% opt-in rate, that’s cool, we’re not going to worry about this. 3% sales rate, that’s, depending on the price point here, that’s not too bad, and then 10% upsell rate, 10%, like that’s, maybe that’s really really low, right? And again, I can shift these numbers, let’s say I shift these numbers and I go from 378 to let’s say we only get 78 people to opt-in, right? And then all of a sudden these numbers start shifting so now it’s like oh, crap, in this funnel we only had 7.8% opt-in rate.

Now I’m looking at that and I’m like there’s your issue, that’s the problem. That’s a horrible opt-in rate. So what do we know? It means I didn’t use enough curiosity on the landing page. It means my landing page was too flashy, it was confusing people, whatever it is. So I’ve got to change that, right, so I come in there and we call these funnel audibles, I come in there, I call them audible, I need to tweak this page a little bit. I make some tweaks, some changes, and hopefully this goes from 7% to 17%.

And we keep tweaking it, and now it’s 27%, now it’s 37%, we make the changes, and then eventually this goes back to green where we’re like sweet, that number’s awesome, I’m really happy at 37% that opted in. And now, you know I put a dollar into ads now, maybe back here two dollars pop back out. Which that’s all marketing is, it’s all funnels are is how do I build a funnel where I put a dollar in advertising in and get two dollars back out. Okay, if you had a slot machine where you put a dollar in and every time it popped out two dollars, how many times would you put a dollar in? You’d put in a dollar every single day as often as fast as you could, right? So same thing, so we’re building the slot machine where you put a dollar in, get two dollars back out.

That’s all we’re playing with this game, it’s super fun. And so, all I’m looking at is okay, I put the dollar in, I get two dollars back out, if not, which one of these numbers is skewed. And then I figure out, okay, opt-in rate is awesome but this is only converting it at a 0.5%? That’s the red one, this is the one, something’s not right here. And my video’s not right, or the offer’s not right, or something’s not right, so I’m going to tweak some stuff, change some things, spend a little bit more money and see what happens.

Funnels 10x Sales Profit: Do couple of tweaks until it works

And then I’m going to make some tweaks, some changes, spend some more money, and keep going with that process until it works and I have a funnel where I can put a dollar in advertising in and get two dollars back out. So that’s how we 10x our Sales Funnels’ profits. If you look at anybody in my inner circle, people I coach directly, my own funnels, this is the game we play. We create our best version we possibly can, we go spend some money on ads, and then we sit back and watch, see what happens, and then we come back and say oh, our guess on this page was wrong. Or this was awesome, that’s awesome, this is doing bad.

Or these three are doing awesome but our ad costs we’re paying like 22 dollars per click maybe our ad’s horrible, let’s change the ad around. And you just make a couple adjustments and tweaks until it works, and as soon as it works you’ve got something you can put a dollar in and get two dollars back out. Then you just dump in as many dollars as you can and every once in a while, not all the time but every once in a while you build a funnel that’s so good where instead of putting a dollar in and getting two out, you put a dollar in and you get three out, or five out, or 10 out, and this is like the big paydays you’re looking for.

But we don’t know which ones this is going to be which is why it’s so much fun building funnels inside of Click Funnels. You try one, test it out, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Then you try another one, sometimes it works, it doesn’t. Try another one, make some tweaks, make some changes until boom, something hits and then it’s off to the races. So, that is how you 10x your sales profit it’s just by watching the numbers and doing basic, simple math, making simple adjustments, trying again, and keep doing that until you have something that actually works. Thank you so much for watching! Every single week we publish new secrets just like this so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of them and I will see you on the next video.


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