Funnelology Masterclass (Day 3 of 3) -The New Art And Science Of Sales Funnel Building

Funnelology Masterclass (Day 3 of 3) -The New Art And Science Of Sales Funnel Building

Clickfunnels™ Funnelology Masterclass: The New Art And Science Of Sales

Clickfunnels™ Funnelology Masterclass: while we’re creating the phonology course so I’ve had a lot of fun and this is the last day of the training so I’m gonna jump up here in a second and get started but just wanted first off get your guys’s biggest takeaways it’s been so much fun reading your comments over the last couple days and tonight I’m gonna be reading these comments I probably read to my kids.

Clickfunnels™ Funnelology Masterclass: biggest takeaway

They’re really good so it’s making an amazing comment makes me feel good I’ll probably share with my kids so feel free to comment down below and I know honestly I’m curious like what your biggest takeaway was like you know as I share these these principles these things I’ve been talking about sharing for so many years and every time I try to get make it a little better and more clear and more concrete and like so every time here like what big people’s biggest takeaways were it helps me understand like okay cool that

was a piece of people were missing or the thing that I need to go deeper on stuff like that so please let me know your biggest al-hajj it because take aways down in the comments would be in the world to me so whatever it is anything from the last couple days till now please let me know so that’s number one number two before I get started up here as you know I made an offer at the end where you guys get this entire funnelology training for free if you hear tickets to fun locking live and we’ve gotten insane amounts people blown up.

our email and Facebook and messenger and everywhere asking dozens of questions because people want to try and figure out flights no tails all kind of stuff and so the other thing is we’ve sold a ton of tickets think we’re almost 100 or anyway I have the numbers here in the slides I’ll show you in a second but we were selling tickets like crazy I thought this was gonna go tell Tuesday midnight my guess is we’re gonna

sell out for knocking live probably next day day and a half max and so that means you’ve got to move now so I want to really quickly go over they offered for a two guys who are kind of sitting on the fence just so you have it again and they’ll jump up and jump into trains that sound that sound cool alright so here’s basically the offer one more time is you guys don’t get access to this entire phonology course the first four episodes plus the next two episodes for free when you get you tickets to final hacking live before we sell out which is gonna be happening again probably today maybe.

Clickfunnels™ Funnelology Masterclass: how to setup your funnel

Tomorrow we’re almost sold out so I think you take it some time you have a chance to get the full phonological course for free inside the funnel ology course you’re gonna get all the recordings all cleaned up and and looking amazing it’s obviously we you know sometimes on Facebook and YouTube it kind of kind of crapped out a couple of times to get all the the perfect edited video some training you’ll get the audiobook version so you can listen to it while you’re driving around while you’re working out things like that you get the PDF transcript so if my readers out there you can either print it out in my take note so you can have on your Kindle or also there’s about another 12 or so other hours of trainings.

I want to including here that wasn’t able to do live things like my federal audibles training and funnel stacking and other things that the time for the core principles you’ve learned here so I’m in plugging those are the members area as well and whole bunch of other stuff okay and you get all this training and everything else for free when you get two tickets to funnel a key live before they are sold out then really quick for those who don’t remember for locking live is January 29th through February 1st in Nashville and it is the big show we do every single year well actually we had over 4,000 funnel hackers there this year will be as big if not bigger and it’s gonna be a lot of fun and this morning we pulled the stats way 200 nt3 tickets yesterday.

when I told you now we’re down to 161 so again we sold over 100 since this time yesterday and we’ve got 161 left so my guess is by today maybe tomorrow they’re gonna be gone so I wanted to re just give you guys the notice if for some reason we don’t sell out like I said Tuesday at midnight we’re gonna double the price of tickets so either we’re gonna double the price or will be sold out either way now is the time of your tickets so make sure you go do that right away and again a few tickets before midnight or before we sell out you get the funnel the funnel hoja tea master class everything here for free so all you do is go to funnel hockey

Clickfunnels™ Funnelology Masterclass: Setup your email campaign

Lancome and get your tickets so there you go there’s your warning you’ve been warned I don’t get any mail next week like oh well I didn’t get tickets and then I found another sold out because it happens every single year I don’t what happens to you guys this year yep alright that said I’m gonna jump in the master classroom this session number five he is all ready for this if you’re really let me down let me know down below I need to see at least a hundred comments because I already know the stuff so I don’t really I can go to bed I’m tired this weekend just kidding alright let me know down below if you’re excited now I’m gonna go get up there and we’ll get started and jumping into presentation funnels hey everyone this russell brunson welcome back to section number five of the phonology master class the new art and science of federal building I hope he hasn’t enjoyed all the sessions so far we’ve been covering a lot of stuff and hopefully giving you guys

Clickfunnels™ Funnelology Masterclass: Simple to understand

the understanding of all of the fun’ll frameworks and how they work because again they’re not super complicated they’re they’re simple when you start to understand them so session number one we talked about the secret formula figuring out who’s your dream customer where they congregating what’s the bait you’re gonna use to grab them get their attention and then where are you gonna take them and inside there we went deep into hooks story offer which is the framework we used to grab somebody so we get their attention tell them a story to build the relationship with them and increase the perceived value of the offer about to make them and then we make them an offer and notice I said offering we don’t sell a product right we couldn’t offer because an offer increases the perceived value of the thing we’re trying to sell and it makes us unique so we’re not a commodity so so it’s it’s something different that only we can offer okay that was.

all session number one so if you missed it make sure you go back and watch that because it was insane number two that we talked about the result like where are we taking somebody every single customer comes into your world if you have a transactional business you’re gonna always struggle you’re always move work you like looking for the next the next sale the next quick way to make cash right we don’t want transactional business in one business’s their transformational we’re transforming people’s lives and so the big question is when somebody comes into your world where are you taking them what’s your value at it look like what’s the odds or the big result that your people are looking for how do you craft that and create it how do you create a value ladder they grab somebody and sends them uh provides value.

provides more vice they want more from you so you can change their life so you can get them to the end result they’re looking for and you help them find your AHS which I guess that means that you’re the Wizard of Oz which is kind of exciting so congratulations that was session number two then from there we started diving into the value ladder what happens each funnel inside the value adder the next session was all about lead funnels right we talked about the three and type of lead funnels used to generate leads and we talked about the the reason why you want leads while you’re trying to build a listen the value of that list and why it’s so important okay we showed you those funnels then we moved up one tier the value ladder.

Clickfunnels™ Funnelology Masterclass: Add business information

we showed you the unboxing funnels okay from there we showed you the the book funnels for any of our information based businesses in cart funnels for any of our physical product businesses and they also been deep into challenge funnels for anyone who wants to be able to take their customers and doctor Nathan before they send them up to value out it and so we’ve had a lot of fun so far and now we’re moving up to the next year the value ladder which are our presentation funnels that’s the session five is all about so the move of the value agency wet lead funnels unboxing funnels years now masters of those levels of those funnels those frameworks and now we’re gonna be jumping into presentation funnels that’s kind of game plan now I showed you guys this during yesterday’s presentation that basically all of this these two tiers of the value come off value a lot to come off of you making an offer right we talked about all during the session number one we create this amazing offer and we have two ways to sell it off number one is we unbox that offer like I showed you guys during a yesterday’s session we’re so Kade this first offer is gonna be the first thing and the second thing an upsell.

one more episode number two the order form bump like we unbox that offer and we we lay it out and logical sequencing of offers okay or number two to take the entire offer we created we just sell it all at once okay this we start selling more expensive things and so the way we sell something for five hundred or thousand or two thousand or five thousand dollars is by making a presentation and that presentation increases the receive al you what you’re selling and then you actually sell the person the thing okay now

I love all these types of funnels but presentation funnels are are one of my favorites during the very first introduction session I talked about hooks story offer and story selling how we grab people would help stories like all those things we kind of talked about there are going to be elements inside of the presentations you are you are making now one thing I would highly recommend I’m not gonna go deep into it during this training just because it’s outside of contact so we’re covering but if you’ve read the expert secrets book or gone through my perfect webinar training that presentation is perfect that’s why we call

it the perfect webinar it’s the perfect presentation right and I would I would highly recommend studying that because it doesn’t matter if you’re using a video sales letter funnel a webinar funnel or a product launch funnel the script is the same that’s the big secret okay it’s the same presentation I use the perfect webinar on my video sells and he’s a perfect webinar my webinars I use a perfect webinar on my

Clickfunnels™ Funnelology Masterclass: Make a video presentation

product launch funnel so that script that that presentation is important to master and to understand because it is where you plug into all these different funnels okay and I’ll kind of show that a little bit as we go through here but just for those who want to go deeper I’m again this whole training funnel ology is more about the funnel structure and funnel frameworks and then the art is you weaving your stories into it and so that’s the next piece for you to start learning and mastering is the art and how

to do those presentations and things like that okay so that’s what’s happening today though is we’re focusing on presentation funnels okay so those three presentations I’m talking about the very first one is our video sales letter funnels and this is honestly for probably five or six years this is the only type of funnel that I ever did about these other variations or things we’ve kind of developed and pioneered a lot more so in the last five or six years but the first decade we pretty much we’re doing

video sales letter funnels and sales letter funnels and so I want to take a step back in times to understand where these things came from sometimes like oh this is the funnel like it just came because some guy was really really smart and figured out and the answer is no it came from people who are now dead who were way smarter than us and we’re just basically copying them okay if you rewind pre facebook

perfect webinar and hope either say exactly how to craft this okay but basically comes back to what I say in the video you are telling your Epiphany bridge story someone’s coming to this video they’re just like you you have to remember that you remember what was the emotional experience you had what’s the epiphany what’s the bridge you had they got you over here okay and I remember no technobabble you come back and you’re telling them your story okay that’s the core constant what’s happening there okay now this is the perfect webinar framework it’s what he has on session one there’s four core stories right the first the first shot at the big Domino is your origin story so if company comes my video is like hey Lynn Russell

run so let me tell you my story about why I think funnels are the fastest way for you to grow your company they told me origin story about my pivot eBridge origin story about why I believe that the same about offer was the greatest in the world okay right and from there I could announce okay what’s the vehicle what are their false beliefs about vehicle now am I telling the story then hopefully gonna Trump their story it breaks the false belief they about the vehicle then I moved the second part of the secret

Clickfunnels™ Funnelology Masterclass: The power of social media marketing

number two which is their internal beliefs like what’s the thing personally I believe this is a good thing I don’t think I can do it then tell a story about that boom and then the third thing again I believe funnels of greatest in the world I believe I can actually do it but I can do something to drive traffic right or I believe that keido’s must die for me I believe I could actually do but my wife’s gonna buy ice cream and I know and then I’m gonna fall out if you tell us this the whole thing is gonna fall

apart the external belief right so I tell the third row by the external belief and then I move down I do the stack in the clothes okay and again if you’ve read the extra secrets book go into am i perfect webinar training this is stuff we talk about all the time some I can go deep into it but it’s basically it’s me telling my four core stories and then making my offer through the through the through the stack in the clothes okay that’s the that’s what I put in here like that so I put into this video right here okay all right and then if my stories trump theirs that’s the sales video it’s the sales led of my short

Trump stairs knocks down the big Domino and they become a customer that’s it okay so that’s the first part of pages I have the headline top are the video sales letter and then below the video I have what I call video spoiler box I tried to get call the Brunson box but nobody ever does so if you want to like kiss up to me call it the Brunson box if you want to call it what it is it’s a video spoiler box so the video spoiler box the goal of video spoiler box is get someone who’s who’s coming out and see the video

like I’m gonna watch it’s not and they start kind of going down and and and you have us this opportunity grab them before they leave right it’s almost like a like a preview or a trailer in a movie right like you see the Train you’re like okay I want to watch that now some of the video spoiler boxes it’s kind of grab real quick and that great they don’t bounce with video this we’re gonna learn a video I’m like

Clickfunnels™ Funnelology Masterclass: Build your funnel like a pro

you make a decision and when you become something else it’s much easier the next time cuz we are crazy agreed that’s what we do that’s entrepreneurs makes more it is easy to assume that it’s Talent I don’t believe in talent I believe in good habits if you know that your thing can truly help people it’s your duty to make sure as many people get it as possible it reminds them of their journey and where they’re at and that they can keep moving forward and they’re counting on you and that’s why we get up every morning

and create a new reality come back to the present and insist it becomes real you don’t have to be me but there is one game that you cannot lose in like me little old me a stay-at-home mom history major from college don’t know anything about Fitness one year ago I was sitting in your seat at the last funnel hacking line and the lesson is like you this is your family in their new home it started with the people you have to take that identity as a funnel hacker and you have to say magnitude of the pain will equal the magnitude of the reward it has to be that way my funnels work because I work I honestly need the entrepreneurs are the only people that can actually change his planet we’re the ones that are crazy

if you go out there and try to change things like a good funnel hacker I said I can I will end up story that’s what we’re here to do today I meant what I said about you up at on the same things lately has such respect for the rest of my tether what I love that you’re doing now is you’re teaching them to be givers and seeing the value of that getting hooked on that you know it’s made up mostly of the graduation everything for a million dollars for Centro fees have garden-wall decide to call the genomic level work [Music] beneath the gaze of the Nashville Sun life at Faneuil hacking live begins to take form a sight not to be missed here we can see the migration of nearly five thousand funnel hackers descend upon an unsuspecting hotel for a brief period for days this habitat will dramatically change the finalists hacker for me soar a rare species but ever-growing by the thousands each passing day

Clickfunnels™ Funnelology Masterclass: find the right niche for your funnel

throughout the year most of us do not see them often questioning their existence if it weren’t for their countless retargeting ads they wake in the early learning house and are usually found in a crowded gym mentoring the curious young ducklings rejoicing in the Sun by the watering power for a brief moment and of course recording more ads because the backdrop is just stunning they congregating what’s known to scientists as a joint venture the outfit of choice made matching t-shirts and am da Gama’s signifying the bond that ties this dispersed breed together mrs. Hyde by a greeting ritual of an endless myriad of high-fives hugs AcroYoga and handshakes from the field to Lucia in the early hours they descend upon one single enclosure as the door swing open the hackers spring into motion clocking at 30 miles per hour in a race to seat supremacy only the most spirited will lay claim to a cavity view [Applause] from there

they revel at the arrival of the alphas who impart their wisdom from prior hunts during this time their feeding ritual is complex many subspecies survive on a diet of coffee and water which often unintentionally creates a conflict of having to choose between absorbing knowledge and going to the bathroom as the voyage comes to an end they celebrate with a multitude of unpolished dance rituals and whatever this is a pleasing sensation they have replenished their lives and spirits and are fit to return to the wild fhl is a unique anthropological phenomena fit for the most peculiar of entrepreneurs those that have discovered that running a business without a phone is just stupid [Music] [Music] [

Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] here’s to the crazy portals work because I work arts brewers are the only people that can actually change this planet every day we have a chance to wake up and figure out what we’re gonna create we’re gonna make whose life so we’re gonna change which is the most exciting thing in the world does this feel like a family reunion or what I’m gonna ask you to listen maybe like you’ve never listened before you would be making millions and reaching millions if you knew that is how powerful this model is you guys have an unfair advantage by being a funnel hacker the more you understand behavioral psychology the better marketers will be when it comes to my funnel when it comes to my business what are the facts of my fruit just start there people will find you as you find your voice their people will find you but you cannot find your voice until you start until you begin till you start moving forward [Music] you the energy at fhl is like nothing else you can imagine any convention the crazy part that you’ll find in any room when it comes to

funnel hacking live it’s everything you could hope for there’s heart there’s family there’s community and you see Russell’s face everywhere you go and then in women on stage with two comma Club awards and X award people are dancing on stage when you come in you’re getting high fives on the way in that’s why phone hacking live exists I think better than a nightclub there’s a feeling to this room the energy is so powerful there’s 4005 lot of people here today we want to make a difference there’s nothing like this audience people are running in they’re excited and this is what normal hackin does sighs you want to be I went through probably 12 business tries and they were all competing I kept getting the questions from relatives is this the one that you’re gonna be successful with and I spent many years growing a few

Clickfunnels™ Funnelology Masterclass: Sell your products to thousands of people online

businesses and just struggling feeling completely alone isolated you know my head down to the grindstone hoping to figure out the way finding ClickFunnels™ like a little boy finding a flashlight in the woods lost at night it’s been a flashlight for us it’s brought us home being in the same room with the software company and the teaching and the coaching that freed me from the bonds of debt it was really really emotional it was intense [Music] I felt a little internal nudge I couldn’t explain it I knew if I got in the room from hacking live things would change I didn’t know what to expect I was really excited to just see what this whole world is about I am a college student the only reason I’m here is because I

begged my parents to buy me the ticket for Christmas getting here the first day I came like this is an internet marketing conference it was thousands of people from the moment you walk in the door there’s heart there’s family there’s community it is like walking into your own ecosystem and then I see all these individuals from different walks of lives and they’re just like how are you what’s your name what do you do even though we’re all coming from different businesses doing different things you’ve never met somebody but you have this commonality so much personality is so much expression that people hide their hair different colors and wearing crazy suits people are dancing on stage when you come in early in the

morning so I have a marketing degree and I have no idea what I learned in it no marketing skills no business skills of any kind yeah I got my money’s worth off the first speech of the first day and I called my dad I said no like this was worth more than my entire five years I spent somebody asked me yesterday said who was your favorite speaker and I said in regards to what being able to get around six seven eight nine figure earner you can’t put a price on that Russell’s not just someone who’s passionate about sharing what he’s done has just revolutionized the industry and he’s just on a mission to allow people to go faster what’s the new thing how does it work how do we integrate it how do we deploy it how

do we explain it to people it’s not a possibility anymore it’s a reality when they describe ClickFunnels™ as a family doesn’t make sense he’ll you have been here to be around people who are just as crazy and obsessed as me 4500 people here today we want to make a difference its mission and money and you need a boat that’s what cliff falls really stands for us and the truth is as amazing things happen when you’re willing to do you see possibilities that you never could have seen can Excel that business odyssic teach me is this real life just changed it’s just fun it’s a phenomenal it’s an oasis man I was like area feels like home I just feel blessed to be able to be a part of it and the gift of that the gift of that now that’s everything you [Music]

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