FunnelHacker Radio 183 – How Zapier and ClickFunnels™ Make You More Productive

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FunnelHacker Radio 183 – How Zapier and ClickFunnels™ Make You More Productive

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie:

ClickFunnels™ is one of Zapier’s top ten fastest growing apps. Zapier now has over 1,000 apps. In this episode Julie Stoian shows you step by step how to how to use Zapier and ClickFunnels™ together to make you more productive. Here are 3 of the Zaps she walks you through: 1). Inviting People Into Your Facebook Group After They Buy a Course 2). Create New Sales Pipeline in Trello When Leads Come In 3). Following up with Attempted Failed Purchases. This was recorded on a Facebook Live and you can find the video on our FunnelHacker.TVYouTube channel.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

Julie lets us in on how Zapier can help us track the leads we get through ClickFunnels™ (5:16)

Through combining Zappier and ClickFunnels™ Julie has found it easier to access lost payments (10:10)

Julie answers questions from the audience (15:36)

Dave and Julie dive into how you can automate your business through apps (17:00)

Julie breaks down why integrating Zappier with ClickFunnels™ is so simple and beneficial (19:23)

Webinar Integrations (21:54)

The audience asks about zappier and ClickFunnels™ (24:00)

Important Question: Is Zappier trustworthy? (28:56)

Quotable Moments:

“Pretty soon, developers are working on it, you’ll be able to push information into ClickFunnels™ instead of just out from it. So that’s coming out soon. Date to be determinined.”

“If you take nothing away from this training except this one key point: if you have a new contact, a new purchase, or failed payment those are the three ways that ClickFunnels™ can send trigger information going out.”

“The truth is that automation frees you up so that you can connect with your customers more and stop doing all of the little tasks that are getting in the way of your day.”

Other Tidbits:

Trello is the glue that holds CickFunnels’ productivity together, and Russel Brunson’s love affair of a software.

Julie uses Zappier to send her texts every time she makes a sale. This way she has excuses to bust out into the happy dance throughout the day. Who doesn’t love a good reason to do a happy dance?

Audio Clips:

(2:39-2:49) “So Zappier is one of the software that when I discovered it it was like lightbulb moment, after lightbulb moment, after lightbulb moment. I was like ‘I can automate my whole life with this’”

(21:30-21:40) “There’s so much that you may be doing right now, that’s taking a bunch of steps. The idea behind Zappier with ClickFunnels™ is to simplify things and really automate it as much as possible”

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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome welcome welcome hey guys yes not yet it’ll take a few minutes it’ll say hey we’re streaming live but we’re not really but then we are I love technology the first time I did a live I would zoom to Facebook it was the biggest trainwreck ever it’s okay all right so here we go let’s see is it live there yeah we’re live we’re live I see all right let me share I’m gonna share it myself gonna share it fantastic this is one of things I’ve been waiting for today I’ve got enough people around surrounding me to have all the sorts of technology lastly Laos tax make this stuff happen so thanks John thanks Julie we’re ready to go all right everybody welcome this is gonna be a ton of fun we actually are gonna be doing this Johnson be posting this inside of our click files Facebook page the SEC’s shown up on Russell’s I’ve got the opportunity having Julie story in here with me this is gonna be also posted as a we’re also been doing this as funnel hacker radio podcast I believe we’re going through three zaps today yeah well we’re gonna talk about just how awesome zapier is with ClickFunnels™ and all the cool stuff that you can do with it sweet alright so a little background here first of all understand I get asked all the time how do I actually integrate with ClickFunnels™ I get companies coming to me saying hey I wanna do this or do this so what we’ve basically done is we’ve created an integration with zapier and zapier has been set up to if you’re not familiar dual talked a little bit about it but a little background first of all to understand is zapier now has over a thousand different apps that you can connect to click photos happens to be one of the top 10 fastest-growing apps and we’re super excited about that so they did a huge post talked it all about that and now what we’re gonna do is show you exactly how zapier works for those of you guys who are using ClickFunnels™ so for those who are gonna be listening this as a podcast some of this you’ll actually see on will try to explain as much as we can as we’re going through this but I highly recommend that you also go ahead and take a look at funnel knocker radio or I’m sorry funnel hacker TV where the video will be posted there as well so with all that said let’s dive right into this welcome again Julie’s story thanks so much you know thank you I’m so excited so zapier is one of those softwares that when I discovered it was just like lightbulb moment after light bulb moment like I can automate my whole life so I thought it would be the best thing to do would be if I could just share my screen and then we can talk about like the three basic ways that ClickFunnels™ works with zapier right now and then like you’ll start to feel the possibilities just like grow and grow and grow so I’m gonna share my screen I think I can do that let me do it cool all right guys please there’s usually like about a 30-second delay or whatever on live so they probably don’t see it yet but this is the inside of zapier this is like what the inside of my zapier account looks like now when you go to zapier comm I just want to pull up what that looks like here it’s going to give you all kinds of ideas and you might be like oh my gosh I have no idea what to do and the bottom line with zapier is it talks it’s like a talking app it helps two different software’s that wouldn’t normally connect to one another talk to one another in exchange information and that’s what that beer does and that is one of the coolest things about it so there are three things that zapier can do with ClickFunnels™ right now and i want to go through each one step by step and Dave please completely interrupt me if you have a question or you think of something that we want to like go on a rabbit trail I will for sure so three things ClickFunnels™ you can do when there’s a new contact in your funnel when there’s a new purchase in your funnel or if there’s a new failed purchase these are the three things that you can track and you can move that information from cliff into another program so if you guys are in the comments what are the programs that you’re using now besides ClickFunnels™ in terms of I’m talking things like schedulers like your acuity calendar or maybe you’re using spreadsheets or you’re using some sort of like shipping and fulfillment activecampaign is an email service provider maybe you’re using Trello like Russell’s totally geeking out on Trello right now what are the other apps you’re using put them down in the comments below so you can see because chances are there is a connection between that app that you love or that you’re using in your business and click files all right Dave so I’m seeing here we’ve got like MailChimp Google Docs activecampaign Gmail awesome okay great so the first thing I want to talk about is for any of you guys how many of you are doing lead generation with ClickFunnels™ right you want to know when a lead comes in ok we all know that when a lead comes in follow-up is absolutely key so this is how you would set up the Zap in zapier so that’s the most important thing to know is that you have to go to zapier comm and sign up for an account and then you can hook up your ClickFunnels™ account so once you’re in zapier right here you’re gonna click this big orange button that says make a zap that’ll be your first step once you’ve confirmed your account so you click make a zap and then you end up on this screen which I just was there before so in the choose a trigger you’re gonna choose you’re gonna type in click funnels and you’ll get click funnels now if you’ve never hooked up click funnels before the first time you have to like connect it and then it’s fine so we’re gonna choose make a contact I’m just looking here the question is make sure nobody has any questions ok awesome new contact hit save & continue’ and then it’s going to ask you to connect your account if you’ve never done so before so I’m gonna I’ve already done it so I’m just gonna hit save and continue the next thing it’s going to ask is what funnel do you want to look for that contact information in all right so we’re gonna choose I’m gonna just choose one of the funnels where I know I have contacts in if you have a lot of funnels like Russell who has like 8 bajillion it may want to use the search and go ahead and look for the funnel that you want then then then the next question it’s gonna ask is well what funnel step so for all of you guys doing lead generation you want to do the first step in your funnel most likely that’s where the lead gen is gonna happen right so you’re gonna click on click funnels door here and you’re gonna pick the step where that opt-in form is that’s really important make sure you pick the step of the funnel where the opt-in form is is and then hit continue now what its gonna do is it’s gonna try to do a test and if this is a brand new funnel and you’ve never had a lead come in it’s not really gonna be able to do the test doesn’t mean the Zap isn’t gonna work but just be aware sometimes it’s helpful if you have a test contact in there so it’ll be like test was successful okay now you’ll hit continue and now what do you want to do with that contact there’s all kinds of things you can do with new leads so i’m just looking here how many of you would love to be able to call your lead the minute they come through your form okay I want to do that for sure that’s a must right so there’s some cool like built-in apps where you could literally just send a text message to yourself that says you just got a contact you can pull their fields in and you can call them on the phone just like that all right so that’s really cool so you can use the built-in zapier app for SMS and literally just give them phone this is also great if you’re doing lead gen for local businesses and your local business is like you’re doing Facebook Ads for them and and you’re getting leads for them and they’re not following up with their leads send the text here to your client like harass them if they need you know they need to follow up the other thing you could do is you can add it to slack I don’t know how many of you use slack or Trello but what we do is when a new contact comes in we actually put it in Trello and we go to Trello and we create a card in Trello if you guys know Trello we create a and Trello so that it actually automates a checklist and it tells the the VA what to do with that lead all right so I’m gonna hit you yeah so you hit create card you can do all kinds of crazy things with Trello hit save and continue connect your Trello account and then you set up the template what board you want what list you want and what you want the Trello card to actually say so if I pop over here to my Trello and I look at my my application process for one of my courses if an application comes in zapier will automatically put a card on the incoming application input in the information and then it gives me a checklist of what to do like what do I do with this application do I accept them do I reject them and I put them on a waitlist all just from ClickFunnels™ killer yeah so that’s super fun all right let me just see if there’s any questions so that’s what you do that’s what you do with contacts so right you want to add them to a board now how many of you would love to recover lost payments I want a great never lost game it’s for sure yeah yeah so if you have a failed purchase right so let’s go back here and let’s go to the other the other option which is a new failed purchase all right so you’re again I’m gonna connect your ClickFunnels™ account just once and go into your zap let me just give ClickFunnels™ a call here and I’m gonna just go to a funnel where I know there’s a failed payment somewhere go to the order form and what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna do I want to make a two step zap I’m gonna alert my VA that there’s been a failed payment and I’m also gonna create a draft in my gmail account so that she can send an email all right okay so I’m gonna first choose slack and I’m gonna send a message into my slack Channel and I’m going to show you my slack here I have a channel called influx and basically every time there’s activity in my funnel any funnel this channel records it so that people my admin my team can come they can look at what’s been purchased there’s instructions on what to do if there’s special things to do and they can be added to Trello to Facebook groups all kinds of things you can see this is all the activity in my funnels this week and this is an ongoing list of what to do so that’s the first thing I do is I send a message into slack okay so I’m gonna go over I’m gonna actually go to the dashboard and show you what one of these looks like so let’s see here let’s go to this one no that was not doing it this one is doing it right here okay so basically this is a two step and this is when there’s a purchase we’re creating a user and sending that information to slack so if there was a failed purchase what you could do is you could create a draft in an email in Gmail so that the VA all they have to do is they see the alert and slack they go to the Gmail they click on draft and they send the message that says hey you need to update your payment information alright so I want to does anybody have any questions about about how’s like the concept of how zapier works you you don’t have the questions pulled up right now do you I don’t I get those real quick here though okay alright guys so let’s set up a failed purchase we’re gonna do it step by step we’re gonna start with ClickFunnels™ we’re gonna do failed purchase we’re gonna go into a funnel where I know there’s failed purchase here and we’re – the order form remember you have to go to the right funnel step where purchases are being made and it’s gonna look and it’s gonna it’s gonna say test successful and now what we’re gonna do is we’re going to create a two step zap the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to create a girafft in my gmail account so I’m going to click Gmail then I’m going to create draft you could actually send the message if you want but then you can’t really customize it and sometimes I like to customize it so I’m gonna hit create draft and I’m gonna pick my gmail account that I want to send it from if you’ve never hooked that up it’ll ask you to connect your gmail account and now it’s gonna ask you to set up the email so this is how you do it you’re gonna click this little menu bar right here and you’re gonna find the contacts first name or email or whatever it is you want and in the case of setting up a draft you really need the email to be the first thing so that’s email if you want to see see anybody and then put who it’s from so you’re gonna use actually you can just type right in here just type your actual email address because it’s going to come from you and then make a subject line oops looks like your card needs updating okay and now you’re going to put your actual email hey there we just tried to charge your card but the payment didn’t go through you know please update your card blah blah blah blah you can actually also put it as a separate label in your inbox and you can do an attachment and then hit continue now once you’ve created it it’s going to show you exactly what the from name is who it’s to the subject line and what and you know what you said and then it’s gonna send a test now once it’s done you’ll see that the test worked and then you can finish and you can name your zap so this would be failed purchases make draft in Gmail for to send now if I wanted to I could add the second step over here on the left and I can add a second step which sends a message into a channel okay that alerts them that there’s been a failed payment and to go send that email all right cool all right a bunch of questions let’s see okay someone is asking can you zap an email from many chat into action etics ah not yet Dave I pretty sure that in one of our meetings they alluded to the fact that ClickFunnels™ will eventually be a receiving app not just a giving app that is correct yeah yeah all right so so what that basically means is right now as click funnels and zapier Connect which they’re always working on more right now you can push information from click funnels into thousands of other software’s pretty soon the developers are working on it where you’ll be able to push information into ClickFunnels™ not just out from click file so that’s coming soon to be you know date to be determined okay let’s see just look in here if there’s any other questions someone asked what is Trello oh my gosh what is Charlie you should look you should listen to Russell’s podcast you should go ahead marketing secrets calm and listen to Russell talk about Trello he has a total love affair with Trello it’s basically like project management meets list making it’s it’s a project management tool primarily ok so guys do you basically you can go to zapier comm and you can look at all of the apps that they currently connect with if you have you can connect things into Facebook groups you can connect them not just to slack and to Trello but to a lot of project management software’s asana Basecamp so any purchase in your funnel that requires any sort of manual work maybe you have a coaching program and you want to connect people to boxer or you want to send them a calendar so they can book their first call anything like that that requires any kind of manual action can be done without their and they’re always adding new apps aren’t they how many apps do they have now actually they just cross through a thousand and it’s one of the things I really encourage you guys one of the things that’s great as far as that we’ve been working with zapier on is trying to allow you to make things as robust as possible while at the same time really maintaining the streamlined ClickFunnels™ so that it doesn’t get too too cumbersome so I really encourage you guys there are so many different things if you take a look at some of those apps that are out there and I’m gonna be trying to reach out to some of our other click felons users who are using zapier in fact if you’re on this call and you listen to this and you’re if there’s things that you are currently using Zakhar and click falls for please post it down in the comments I’d love to kind of see what everyone else is doing but you’ll see right now as Julie’s got a screen up what some of the things that zapier and ClickFunnels™ are basically already allowing you to connect to so if you’re going to zap your under ClickFunnels™ you’re basically see whether it’s through Gmail whether it’s MailChimp whether it’s through Trello slack all these crazy things that are out there Dropbox I know there’s a lot of different things where you can actually use Foot funnels with zapier to really work with your bas to accomplish a ton of stuff and I think probably one of the most important zaps if you’re not using Trello is going to be Trello because it just allows simplify your life a ton i’ve actually got a call later with james james Friel who we’re working with here click funnels to kind of help guys understand throw a little bit better but that’ll be for later so right now we’re gonna focus currently on zapier and some of the things that you can currently do with click funnels hands out here together yeah and so I think you know for those of you who’ve never heard of zapier or you you’ve heard of it but you’re like at seems complicated it’s really not like inside click funnels in the general settings of a funnel you’ll see all of the you know possible options right so I just kind of quickly went through some of the ones in my own business that works so well are when you want to give instructions to team members maybe you guys are doing like free plus shipping funnels and you need to alert somebody that there’s been a shipment or there’s been an order that needs needs attention right so whether you’re connecting to think about it as like you oftentimes want to connect to something that’s like a notifier that’s why Trello asana Basecamp slack things like that but you can make the two-step zaps so that it can do one thing and notify you and then it can do another action so you can notify a team member and slack and then you can add them to a new list in wherever your email service provider the other thing how many of you guys sell like you have big membership programs or maybe you have you know courses and academies and stuff and you hat and you built you built that stuff before you knew ClickFunnels™ exists and so you have this program over here that has all your course material you can zap the purchase information from ClickFunnels™ into your course members area so it’ll could automatically generate a user and password for your new customer that’s another thing that you can do with it’s really cool I’m seeing in some of the comments right now Julie we’ve got Kevin Kia made mention as far as quick when I was into any zapier supported CRM for lead management click funnels indeed zapier support an email autoresponder for auto on a mission management click when I was in Xavier supported webinar platforms including those that support web hooks so that’s all of them they’re things that are out there Noah Jeffery Maddox mentioned a couple things as far as instant exit clients with hot lead information so they can contact new clients right away and make the sale and I know you kind of mentioned that as far as the whole texting thing oh yeah the whole idea here is to realize there’s so much that you may are you may be doing right now that’s taken a whole bunch of steps the idea behind zapier with ClickFunnels™ is to simplify things and really automate it as much as possible I know Julie it’s probably the things you’re most well-known for is the speed of implementation and actually get other people doing a lot of the stuff that you need to get done and Zach Jarno is one of those things that helps you connect with your VA and the rest of your team as well you know I was in Kevin you made a great a great point here about the webinar into raishin I’ve had a lot of people ask me and this is a perfect example you have a let’s say you have a live webinar you have a registration page and you want your using GoToWebinar or your using zoom and so you want to integrate your opt-in form inside click funnels right where you go into the funnel step and you go to settings and integrations and you integrate it with GoToWebinar and then you’re like ooh but I also want to integrate it with convertkit or active campaign like I wanted to go into GoToWebinar 3 click funnels but I also wanted to do something else that’s where zapier comes in handy because you can integrate with GoToWebinar integrate with zoom right in the click funnels dashboard and then you can use zapier to also send that contact information into your DSP perfect cool oh and Nick just this is cool because you are always talking about philly ‘it’s nick says you needs apps for affiliate sales so we can do a happy dance when we successfully spread the click funnels message yeah that’s really important too if you’re if you’re trying to track affiliates what I do as an affiliate is like I get the opt-in information and I use this app and then they go by click Connells and then I have the opt-in information too to follow up and connected them fantastic other things Julie what he else do want to cover real quick here well I don’t know does anybody else have any other questions about like how to how to use zapier or what maybe you’re true maybe are you stuck doing something in click funnels right now that that may be zapier can help is you just don’t know it yet interesting interested to hear what people are currently stuck on and how zapier can consult that there’s a little bit of a delay so it takes a few minutes for people to hear us and then respond so go ahead and put that down in the comments as far as any questions you guys might have as far as things you’re trying to do and see how we might be able to actually help facilitate that through who’s that here as well yeah okay here’s a question he says can you do all the Zap connection inside a click funnels so when you’re actually creating those apps you have to create an account at zapier and do in there like you can definitely click this use this app button but it’s still gonna ask you you’re gonna have to create an account over a zapier and you get three zaps for free when you sign up for zapier and then you have to upgrade to a paid account if you’re gonna be crazy and have a million zaps seen here from Kevin you can also upload your affiliate sales report to Google sheets and use apps to add your contacts back in the clip that was action etics to follow up campaigns there as well interesting cool that’s a great idea to see my CRM is commissions Inc and I’ve been having a hard time getting click funnels and them to connect via zapier yeah so I’m unfortunately if the if the receiving software isn’t isn’t connecting that’s something that you have to talk to you that receiving software about because click funnels actually did they get on the top 10 list Dave do we make the top 10 list yes we are we are okay so like click funnels and zapier really worked out their kinks so that’s working really well so if you’re noticing it’s you’re having trouble you might have to talk to your to the other software because that’s where the that’s where the problem is between the talking between zap and your CRM yeah and honestly realize I can’t but people always ask me I want this company to integrate with click funnels we’ve setup zapier integration for that sent for that exact purpose because there’s a lot of people who want one-off type of integrations and we’re just not building those types of integrations out right now but I highly recommend that you go ahead and have whoever your company is that you want to integrate with click funnels have them integrate with zapier and you’ll be able to get that kind of information right away so that’s been one of the best things we’ve seen recent it’s working extremely well for the one-off type of integrations and that’s also what we’ve really looked at as far as the companies were going to integrate next with will be those that were probably have the most robust integrations currently threes app you’re on yeah absolutely and you know the right now if you like certain there are certain software’s that have immense customization with zapier slack being one Gmail being another Google sheets Google Docs I think Trello has tons and tons of options the the most if you take nothing away from this training except this one key point if you have a new contact a new purchase or a new failed payment those are the three ways that ClickFunnels™ can send trigger information going out so if you just sit down with your business and think about the process that happens when you get a contact when you get a purchase or when you get a failed purchase and all the things that you would love to do when that happens in your funnel chances are with a thousand apps zapier will have a receiving connection – an app that’s going to be able to do everything now guys for Trello for example I don’t know how many of you know about Butler bot it’s another automation tool I literally when something comes into my funnel and lands on Trello Butler bot takes over and starts automating the whole process it’s like the most craziest automation you’ve ever seen and it like literally eliminates my need for a VA to manage that part of my business so it’s like yeah those things definitely are gonna be working on I don’t I’m seeing a lot people say gosh we want more information on Trello and zapier and all that we will bring that to you guys later and promise you but again I wants these folks right now exactly as we can ya know so all right well guys you know I would definitely get his appier account test it out even if you do something really basic like just adding Google contacts I mean adding ClickFunnels™ contacts to a Google spreadsheet or sending yourself a text message I don’t know how many of you really are trying to get into two comma Club or whatnot but like there’s nothing like getting a little text message or a ding on your phone that says like you rock you are awesome you just got a purchase right like I could just go set that up now I just like make my day really happy all the time we’re all about doing the happy dance you want that so whatever we can do to help you guys create a happy dance is something we definitely see happen it’s also kind of good if you’re running ads like you can tell like if you’re getting like three five purchases a day and your phone goes off you start to get used to that and then all of a sudden like your purchases tank that’s kind of a notification like hey you should go check something out on your ads you know what do things I wanted to talk to you about Julie on this first of all real quick is amber may mention his app you’re trustworthy and are there many glitches I can tell you Zack you’re everything that we’ve been using for is extremely test trustworthy and I really haven’t seen that many glitches at all so I would highly recommend using it that’s why we’re doing the podcast and the Facebook live right now yeah I mean I I run my whole business using zapier like so I trust it entirely well what I think we were going to talk about Julie is she the ideas for inviting people into your Facebook group after they buy a course yeah Oh oh I’m so glad you brought that up I totally forgot we were gonna talk about that yeah so how many of you guys sell courses and as part of the bonuses you give away access to a private Facebook group so one of the things that’s really annoying is like you never know like I don’t know about you but I get people who request to join my groups and they didn’t buy and so and so then the VA is like ooh did they buy do they not buy so the way we’ve worked around it is we send we use zapier so that when there’s a new purchase we send that information to a private channel in slack and it tags my assistant and it says hey Suzy Julie just bought this course please look out for her name in the Facebook group because you know Suzy’s gonna get an email from me that says hey welcome to the course here’s the Facebook group link but so so Suzy’s gonna know to us you know go to the Facebook group but but my VA won’t necessarily make that connection at least not without like hunting through strife or ClickFunnels™ so slack creates a nice ordered list and she can run down and see who’s purchased the other thing is if you have a secret Facebook group like those are ones that people can’t join you have to invite them you can send a slack message that says please invite and then add their email from zaps and then you can literally have your VA just invite them via email and it’s just all tucked away you can do it in Trello or slack either one I love that one thing real quick I’ve had a couple people asking about as far as oh how many zaps can you really do and how is it really working with ClickFunnels™ so I just received the report yesterday from zapier last month month of December there was twenty two thousand thirty three live zaps that were done between ClickFunnels™ and someone else and hope my copies of our fifty five thousand users we have seven thousand six hundred eighty nine that are using their live users using zapier and click file so I highly recommend it gets whole reason why we’re doing this is we want to make sure that for those you guys aren’t as familiar with it Giuliano is doing a ton I really appreciate all the comments again anybody who’s got other ideas please post more comments down there so we can kind of see those as well but again whole idea here is whether it’s through trying to save a sale whether it’s trying to get a text message if you want to create your own little happy dance let’s do something like yeah and the whole idea here as far as making sure that you can really simplify your life by utilizing zapier with Trello and your VA to really accomplish almost any process that you want to do like we just mentioned as far as a Facebook group or a private Facebook group yeah if you’re not again I think I’m not saying no if you currently don’t have a private Facebook group or something like that as a bonus it’s probably one of the best things to create a community that we’ve seen so I’d probably recommend you guys take a look at you using that in some of the offerings that you guys have hey guys the sky is ultimately the limit I mean I just pulled up this zap on my screen you’re seeing right now it’s like a six step zap it’s like new purchase then enroll them in this course and roll them in this course and roll them in this course enroll them in this course send a private message to my VA and create an action card so they know what to do this is like a six step zap because I like this big bundle and this is and this is the easiest way to do it so it’s it takes a little while to like get in the game of like what you actually can use it for but once you get going you get like what I call the like automation syndrome and you just like I’m so way to automate this I know there is and you just you know you’re just like we’re you’re ready to like figure out how to save more time because right time is the most limited resource in the world totally agree well again Julie thank you enough for coming on and doing this training for us again this because you guys are listening to this as a podcast this also the video is on our funnel hacker TV channel so you can see the video there I highly recommend you guys watch it listen to it again think about different ways that you can automate your business I know we have a lot of people out there of our 55,000 plus customers right now we’ve got a lot that are still kind of a solopreneur where it’s just you one of the main thing really high your most important thing is your time which Julie just said and kind of look as far as what’s the value of your time you need to hire a VA and we’ll probably do a VA training later but there’s so much you can do once you automate it so that you can take that off your plate and then you can focus on on your unique special genius and that’s where your real money starts to compound Dave the thing that you just said that was so cool about that is that people think of automation is like taking yourself out of your business and like being less human and more robotic but the truth is that automation frees you up so that you can connect to your customer more and stop doing all the little tasks that are just eating away at your day so you have more time to create content more time to be with your customers because all that stuff is taken care of with automation that is such an awesome point thank you for bringing that up that’s again we’re all about building as much cult sure as you possibly can there’s no way of doing it than connecting with your users so very cool ideas yeah awesome anything else you want to cover before we wrap things up no no I just think I think zapier is awesome it’s one of my favorite tools I always think to myself you know I wish I invented zapier it was a brilliant idea back there they’re pretty excited about it yeah yeah again Julie thank you so much we just love you to death appreciate having you on I highly recommend you guys go ahead take a look at funnel hacker TV see the actual screenshots that Julie was going through and again we can’t we appreciate so much everybody who listens to this who shares this content out there and if there’s things you guys want by all means hit us up let us know what you want you can connect with me facebook private message me there or send me an email at david ClickFunnels™ comm we want to continue provide as much content as we can we love having experts like Julie on and if there’s anybody else you wanted to have on just let me know Julie thanks in what doc positive yeah thanks guys

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FunnelHacker Radio 183 – How Zapier and ClickFunnels™ Make You More Productive

FunnelHacker Radio 183 – How Zapier and ClickFunnels™ Make You More Productive