Funnel Hacking Live – Welcome To The Family – Dave Woodward – FHR #216

Funnel Hacking Live – Welcome To The Family – Dave Woodward – FHR #216

Funnel Hacking Live is more like a family reunion. The keys to creating a successful live event. Why live events need to be treated like a symphony and orchestrating the event is more important than you ever thought. How to unify your live event before the end of Day 1.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

-Understanding the importance of live events (1:00)

-Orchestrating your event to favor the attendees (4:30)

Quotable Moments:

“We can never lose the family feeling.”

“Our event is more about trying to help people connect with others who are having success.”

Other Tidbits:

Taking a look at your business to find out if there is a way to incorporate a live event is highly recommended. Finding a charitable cause helps unify your group and helps build your culture.

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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back everybody I just getting back to funnel a can live and I’m so massively excited because I have a bazillion things in my mind I’m trying to get out and convey to everybody as for everything that happened one of things is I’ve had a ton of questions about offers and how to create offers and all that kind of stuff that I’m gonna end up doing a little bit later really going through a deep dive into offer creation and things it’s one of the things that Stephen Larson is just amazing that I’ll probably actually bring him onto it to walk through that as well but I want to spend a few minutes here welcome you to the family and this is gonna kind of sound kind of a crazy little podcast only pretty quick here but I want to understand I understand the importance of live events and realize that for those of you been around our ClickFunnels™ family here you’ve heard us talk a lot about the importance of culture and understand that yeah we joke around a lot about this whole day idea as far as you know ClickFunnels™ cult or understand the importance of really creating culture that is so strong and so powerful that when you get together you really feel like you’re coming home we were at funnel hacking live so finally I can live 2018 was in Orlando Florida of the Disney Coronado Resort started the 21st of March and went to the 25th so it’s really four days just jam-packed tons of excitement and while we were there Brent Colby ters who’s one of our business partners here and click funnels also runs a lot of our operation stuff and and personnel and now is in charge of all of our two comma Club X coaching came up and said you know what to me the most important thing here is as we take a look at next year because people always ask me you know how large can we make this how big of an events should this become you know we this is our fourth one and our first one we had we were lucky to get the you know six hundred people and then we bumped up over a thousand and then you know last year we were pushing almost a two thousand and this year we hit over three thousand people and it’s like how big do you make it and really I love what Brent was talking about he said you know Dave the thing that’s most important is we can never ever lose the family feeling this needs to be a family reunion when people come back a family a family home even when people come back to funnel hacking live it needs to be more of a family reunion that they’re excited to attend one of the things we’ve we decided a long time ago and that was we never wanted to create more of the trade show breakout type of sessions primarily because we feel like we lose that family feel the hard part about that though is now we’ve got people literally who are from starting to people who have done over ten million dollars in a funnel and so to try to provide a single track versus a multi track type of environment where people can all gain from it as they’re going through it it has become a massive massive challenge for us it’s one of things we continue to look at my only reason to mention this to you is I as you’re looking at your own business and as you’re growing your business to realize there is a value that exists in bringing together your hyper users and your family to strengthen them individually but more importantly as as a community so when we take a look at ClickFunnels™ in our family reunion next year again we we will not go much more above where we currently are I know the venue we haven’t released it yet but the venue really doesn’t allow for much mourning of 4,000 tops type of deal and so we’re gonna be in that same sweet spot if you know three or four thousand people and they could we make more money absolutely if we open it up and you know if we do a nine thousand grant cardone style type of thing but that’s just not the feeling that we’re trying to create what we want to do is we want to make sure that people feel connected and I’d encourage you guys to take a look at your own business and as you start going out and creating your own live events there are so much that takes place in a live event and I’ll probably do a podcast later about all behind the scenes things that took place but realize a couple things that you need to understand is the entire thing is orchestrated and what I mean by that is it’s orchestrated in a way that’s in the best interest of the attendees and we joke around about this as far as a family type of thing there’s a lot of things where it’s as a parent again I’m the father of four boys and I’ve got a beautiful wife who I just a door and as she and I talk you know for those of you guys who know me real close her name is Carrie but I refer to her as princess and so as she and as princess and I basically spend time together talking about our boys it’s always there are certain things that we know are in their best interests and we need to make sure as we spend time focusing on them that it’s it’s taught in a way to them that they don’t feel like we’re always just preaching at them that they know we have their their best interests at heart but understand sometimes the word is no and you can’t do that and other times it’s things that we’re encouraging them my only reason to mention this is as you take a look at building your own family culture is there’s the same type of things that take place we get as we’re looking at speakers I get approached all the time by gosh you know this this got to be an amazing street speaker this woman has the most amazing community she can sell a lot of tickets realize that’s not why we do our event our event is more about really trying to help people connect with others who are having success inside of ClickFunnels™ to help us roll out on an annual basis those things that we’re committed to doing to make sure that our users have have more success in their own business whether that’s their new tools and services that we’re providing and adding to ClickFunnels™ but realize that a lot of the speakers and things that we’re bringing in there’s certain messages that we want conveyed in a way that is in the best interest of our attendees and this gets more and more difficult as I made mention all the time considering the fact we’ve got people who are starting versus those people who’ve done over ten million some of the things that we’ve added in as you probably saw that was that entertainment pieces of value that actually were connected to the community again I’ll spend more time on talking about this in a later podcast but understand that all of this is orchestrated and we spend literally months in advance orchestrating who the speakers are the order in which they speak the topics that they talk about and understand that we always end up having from the very beginning we’ve always had a charitable cause that we raise money for at our live events it serves two purposes one is we personally believe in the mission of all those communities in and products and services that we’ve promoted in the past that’s been Stu and Amy MacLaren’s world teacher aid this last year we ended up bringing on Tim Ballard’s operation underground railroad and realize every single time there’s there’s a reason behind that and again I don’t have time on this podcast to go into all the details behind it but I will at a later time but realize when you’re looking at a live event I would highly recommend that if you’re gonna have something like that which a person believe you should there’s a purpose to why we do it on the first day and there is a you’ll see every every year we’ve done if you take a look back that we typically do the the fundraising aspect on the first day the psychology behind it first of all is it as people unite to help a third party group it actually strengthens and unifies the people who are there at the event there’s a whole bunch of psychological things behind it but I can just tell you after doing this for years and years we’ve done this that’s one aspect of it the second aspect is that unity that then takes place follows through the rest of the event it allows people to get connected in a way that they otherwise wouldn’t it then opens them up to share much more freely sure a lot not everyone can contribute financially that’s not the purpose the purpose though is to provide people the opportunity to do so another thing that as you take a look at at your event is to make sure that you’re doing things that are in the best interest of the attendees but also in a way that will that when they leave they take that information and as they share that information with others it then unifies their community as well as your own and again I’ll spend more time on this later but I just wanted to just reach out to everybody and first of all welcome you to the ClickFunnels™ family if you’re not already a member of ClickFunnels™ you can go and get a free trial or ClickFunnels™ calm and you get a 14-day free trial there’s one part of it that obviously is is the software piece more important to that is the culture and if you take a look at businesses the strongest businesses are those businesses that focus on building that type of a culture you take a look at Apple you take a look at any of the large brands and Russell did an amazing whole rollout as far as taking a look at culture and everything from different companies in the way that they built their culture and we’ll talk more about this on a later podcast as well keeps eating these things I am gonna get to my promise but realize that you have to build a culture and there’s probably no stronger way of building a culture than having a live event so I would take a look at your own business and see is there a way that you can incorporate a live event and when you are incorporating a live event I highly recommend that you find a cause financially that you can get behind and to have a donation or a charitable cause or focus and if you’ll do it on the first day and the first night you actually will find that it unifies your group and actually will be a huge thing that will propel the rest of the weekend so have an amazing day thank you so much welcome to the family we love having you here as a part of ClickFunnels™ I if you would mind reaching out to iTunes light as if I know them personally if you want mine go do to iTunes and give me a rating in a review I’d appreciate it we’re really trying to see different ways I can get this podcast out to more people for those of you who came up to me at funnel hacking live and said you got value out of this podcast I hope you know how much that personally means to me I’ve been doing this thing for over a year now this is you know 200 plus episodes and I know when I first started this I had to really know I still don’t have really an agenda as far as my whole purpose here is to provide hope and value and show you other people who are having success what they’re doing and more important than that to find a way of really just providing you hope to realize that on your entrepreneurial your entrepreneurial journey I know at times it can be a solopreneur type of event where it’s just you and you feel totally alone I just want you know you’re not and we’re all here for you I wish you all the best in all that you’re doing and we’ll talk to you soon you know one of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on iTunes you wouldn’t mind going out rate the show let me know how I’m doing just go to iTunes click on the episode and rate it leave a comment I read all the comments I’ve appreciate all the stars and everything did when you already left for me I can I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind I’d really appreciate it and I again thank you so much for all that you guys do have a great day

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Funnel Hacking Live – Welcome To The Family – Dave Woodward – FHR #216

Funnel Hacking Live – Welcome To The Family – Dave Woodward – FHR #216