Funnel Hacking Live Recap – Day 3 of 4

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Today we laid out the path and the process to become a member of the two comma club.

On today’s episode Russell recaps day 3 of Funnel Hacking Live, which had a theme of the Two Comma Club. Here are some of the awesome things that happened day 3:

-Find out how many people received Two Comma Club awards, and the new Two Comma Club X awards.

-Find out what kind of coaching program Two Comma Club X is, how much it costs, and what the goal of it is.

-And find out how Russell chooses who speaks at Funnel Hacking Live every year.

So listen here to hear a quick recap of all the awesome stuff that happened on day 3 of Funnel Hacking Live.

some everybody this russell brunson welcome to mark and seekers podcast today i’m in covering what happened on day number three of the funnel hacking Lab event so the big question is this power arch Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the left Hoss get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable [Music] alright everybody welcome back I hope that you’ll join us recap and for those guys who have fun alive you’re like oh yeah I remember that and those who aren’t you’re earning massive FOMO fear of missing out and you make sure your coming next week thank you or next next year so if you guys knew what we were planning for next year I have a couple tricks up my sleeve I don’t something to happen not if it does though it’ll be insane so you don’t miss it anyway alright so fun I can live day number three so day number one again for the recap we talked about impact and income damage to this team was one fall away do you know day number three now was the to karma Club now to kind of set us off we had 91 people this day came on stage getting two comma Club awards but we also had 15 people who got the dot-com secrets using dokkum secret sex they the m2 comma Club X award which is means you made over eight figures or ten million dollars in the funnel which was really cool and the cool thing about this is it I saw tons of people posting on Instagram that like Instagram Facebook everywhere like Funaki live has become like the Emmys or the Grammys of entrepreneurship and it’s so cool like that’s what this has become the entrepreneurs there’s not much stuff like you start a business you make money you buy a nice car you buy a nice house you serve a lot of people he raised money for charities but there’s never like a time to like reward entrepreneurs like there are for actors and athletes and everything else and so Funaki life has become that become the enemies and the Grammys and it’s been really really cool this day it was fun because a chance to highlight so many amazing entrepreneurs bring them on stage give them cool stuff so I was awesome but what started a so the B today I wanted this one cuz I knew this is gonna be a it was to be a fun day so I wanted to start with Anthony DiClemente so Anthony came and taught I’ve been had a biohack how on tours came back for more energy so he came on stage and was so fun seen him on stage he was in a full suit with bare feet was just totally such a biohacker we came in and taught me what breathing exercises other ways to get energy and it was really fun so it was our only non like internet marketing type speaker and I think it was a huge really cool addition if you guys haven’t heard Anthony’s book on bio hacking you should get it there may or may not be a new book coming out in the near future made on near future but in the future he’s working on now which is also gonna be amazing so that was awesome a fan thing off stages and Alec Scharffen came on and talked about the billionaire code and what’s fun is like my opening presentation of funneling life was how to go from zero million million to ten ten to hundred and that mine was like more like your role as the entrepreneur like where do you needed to focus in your creativity out Alex came back and went through the billionaire code which is like all their faces says he sees them that businesses transformed through I think he has at nine or ten different phases and it was really cool cuz shows you like each phase like here’s what’s happening here’s what you know here’s why business here’s how many businesses in the in in the world are actually at this level here’s the opportunities and the weaknesses and all kind of stuff and goes phase by phase by phase and it’s really cool for you to get like a really good map of like oh here’s the direction I’m going here’s what’s happening and things like that so alex is awesome after that then Dana Derek’s our resident go for her hot stage and talk about the dream 100 which is really cool you know it’s funny I’ve been talking about dream 100 now for like eight years ever since I read about in chat homes book and I’ve been telling people to do it and I haven’t do it a few other people done but very few people do yet it’s the foundation for everything that comes like Dana’s book here but he ended writing a book called dream 100 he’s like hey can you write afford four and I was like yeah and I’m not gonna find it here and right when I need it but the form of the book was basically I told him I was like in a dream 100 is for us it’s how we decided what we’re gonna create what products we were gonna serve the audience with how we’re gonna get traffic how we were gonna like differentiy everything in our business is based off the dream 100 yet for some reason people don’t do it so I didn’t come and talk about that and it was it was it was awesome so dream on under was really big and he had some amazing images and videos of goats knocking over little kids and things like that so anyway dream 100 was a big thing and this is where we start kind of diving more into traffic so Dana talked about dream 100 how to use it for traffic handle over partnerships – I mention relationships things like that after that then paying June came on state and paint June is actually the number one affiliate for the expert seekers book but a lot people here don’t know him he’s awesome and he he drove me in a circle while ago and had a chance to meet him and get to know him and he’s just an awesome dude so he got up and taught this process that he does he basically spends three days once a quarter and he films like 100 videos and then he’s done and then from there he’s that steam that breaks up and like they turn into him Instagram post and she can videos and YouTube and Facebook and like he shows the whole process of how everything works and it was it was amazing people were like draw a dropping holy cow like that’s the process it was cool because conversation domination which I thought about the first day was all about like here’s something you dominate each channel have like a specific type show for his channel and his like how to create content then push it across all these channels you’ve been building up to build reciprocity built following and the blend of those two concepts is really really cool in fact those who joined the two column Club X coaching program we’re gonna be giving you our systems that kind of blend both those two worlds together so that’s for another day but the coolest thing about paying June is presentation outside of him blowing everybody’s mind was the end of him he showed a video clip of him try learning public speaking and he’s on stage and he was so bad and nervous and awkward it’s like this coach critiquing him back and forth and and he showed kind of where he came from and how how bad of a speaker he wasn’t how nervous how introvert and all these things and now from that how he’s become this huge person out with you know three or four million followers on Facebook you know makes tens of millions of dollars a year and his whole thing and this transformation he wins her and how he had to learn in and earn and become it and that was I think one of the coolest things you see this person who would have evolved himself through hard work and I didn’t give everybody hope it like wow no matter where I’m at like I can I can become but I want to be like a ping Jun and look who he’s become and I can do that if he can do that which is really really cool then after that that Alex and Leila hermos II came on the stage was cool by them is that since I’ve known Alex he’s launched and and blown up three or four businesses and always kind of walks away from him and in April this year he launched a new company and from April till now he barely crossed the finish line but was less than a year the new coming launched not only did they hit the comma Club but they hit two comma Club X they made over ten million dollars in a funnel in less than a year which was cool and they did all through high ticket sales in fact I was shown his value out it’s like they don’t even have a full value at it basically have two rungs and they just sell really expensive stuff and so they came up and showed their how they do their cells and their pitch and one of the big things they talked about which was so cool was like when you’re doing when you’re doing high ticket sales and any kind of sells like like you’re selling the vacation right like I’m selling it like we just like you don’t sell like okay you’re on vacation you got to pack your bags or your kids in order here your family packing on and find a ride to the airport then you get the airport you got to go through the luggage another like you don’t you know sell this horrible like experience you sell a vacation like who he wants to go to Hawaii and we’re gonna be at the beach and gonna see like the waterfalls crash here you’re backing massages every night like that’s what you sells the vacation obviously they gotta get to the vacation stuff that happens and it kind of same thing them like looking at understand yourself high ticket things like you’re so like the work you sell the vacation like what’s the vacation I’m gonna go on and then reverse engineer that to get somebody to actually buy what it is you’re selling and it was man it was really really cool so their presentation was amazing as well then after that we had a lunch break we came back from lunch then we did the the award so we had a bunch of awards we gave out we gave our dream car winners I think we’re playing 50 or 60 people to win a car through the cliff phone’s affiliate program so we gave away those awards then we had an inner circle member of the year so all the inner circle members who would one member the month came up and then we awarded the member of the year and Dana Derek’s won that which was cool and then we did all-too-common Club Awards we had over 250 eight people that even have a ninety one of them are there so we can be ninety-one Awards send people a two and one person at 7-7 to call Club Awards which is awesome and then we did the 8 figure award which is the new award this year and we had 15 people I think 17 to have qualified at 15 over there that received the reward is big huge plaque twice as big as a two comma Club one plus they get a ring that’s like two carats of gold and four carats of diamonds or two ounces of gold four carats of diamond and like a Super Bowl ring and it was really cool they say we’re making this thing the Emmys and the Oscars and the Grammys of our industry each those rings cost us like King grands so we can’t rely a whole lot of hardware Dave was like carrying on his luggage the whole trip like hoping he didn’t get mugged and get robbed because it was like hundred grand in rings at least but as we do for our people so keep on selling and you’ll be fun getting rewarded by us after that and then Sonny D came out and did the Sunny D ClickFunnels™ wrath which is awesome and then after that it doesn’t talk about for a little bit because this is where I wanted to take a group of people through the process you know we just gave everyone awards and it’s like I honestly leave anybody who’s Sidney audience could be on the stage in 12 months now and winning in a two comic level war like I’ve seen it happen so many times I don’t think it’s impossible in fact I think is probable if people follow process and so it’s like well what’s that process look like like if I set a goal between now and next year I had it I had to make a million dollars in a funnel and my my life depended on it what would I do and it’s like I kind of talked about that or my presentation is called the 12-month million how to become a millionaire the next 12 months you can get to call Club award and and then I didn’t talk about myself I had five people come up and talk about sad Steven Larson like Kate you gotta create an offer that was so irresistible people had to buy what would it look like so he did supposed to be ten minutes going for seventeen but whatever 70 minute presentation here’s how I create the irresistible offer then after I had Julie story and come and say do okay now he had this offer that use creative Steven now yet you had to figure out how to get this thing that created the right funnel to do what would you do and she walked through this really cool process of like there’s two types of funnels there’s a presentation funnel or an unboxing phone depending what the offer was you know we would sell it through a presentation like a video sales letter or a webinar or we do an unboxing funnel where we unbox the offer and put it in a strategic line of sequence which is like your front end your upsell your down so and so she walked through that which was oh so insanely cool number two the number three than Jon parce que masticate you’ve got this funnel now you got make money how you knew fast he went through this testing process we learned from the Harmon brothers how to test a whole bunch of ads creative videos and a very short find out for your time for like under 100 bucks we walked through the whole process which was cool and now it’s like now we know exactly what abs gonna be the best and then we had a James P thrill get up and talk about you know you got this offer this traffic things of that how do you now like systemize this you’re not gonna drown like most entrepreneurs do we walked through his Trello process which was super cool and the bat meeting is how we do our bass signal meetings here in the office and then he got that man out sharp and got up and he talked about how he’d actually build the all-star team that could actually do this and facilitate and run the whole thing and it was really cool they all shared their stuff and then a fleurs ever gave me huge round of applause we showed an animated video we made called the Justice League and basically show these guys are my Justice League we brought them together tell my company and then I had these guys call stage that’s okay now how many guys want this Justice League to help you do it and we made an offer for our new coaching program called two comma Club X and my goal coming in this was like to be at 250 ish people to sign up and to get over a thousand and within the next year so that’s kind of what we structured it as I made the offer which was probably the best offer I made in the history of my life and when the dust cleared we had over 650 people sign up for a two-column Club X program at $18,000 a year or $89 a month seek me the math on that but it was it was insane and now I’m home in the office were scrambling this whole week getting everything prepared put together packed today I’m actually giving out the membership site access everybody get started but the program is amazing to get it work with all five of those coaches depending where they are on their business I clear a timeline they move through that we’re doing the systems event where we give people all the Trello systems we have they’re doing another event there you know about that they’ll find out about the members there which is super cool and then and then there’s a big cruise we’re gonna big party cruise at the beginning of next year before fun hockey live everyone come on and like celebrate and networking go on vacation together for for a week and a bunch of other cool things so it’s really insane offer that did two four six three times more than I thought was going to so it was awesome and then we broke to dinner gotta already signed up and they came back from dinner I had to go work on that oh you are funnel cuz I hadn’t finished it yet and I was obviously running an event it was almost done my team was building but I just couldn’t things I want to add to it so I actually worked my room before I did I introduce the five coaches again and Branco Peters and and they did hotsy coaching so a bunch of people fill in forms asking questions and they actually acts like two or three hours they’re coaching one-on-one with people which was super super cool and they were super late doing that and they all hung out helping coaching and serving people all night long which was awesome so that was day number two the two Carmel Club and we showed people to pass the process and then a bunch and we took outside the event now take them to hold their hand walk them through becoming a two-column member next 12 months because my goal for all those people and you just have you on stage next year getting your – comma Club Awards so that was day number three of the event I know can it get even better if that was who three days I made one more full day coming and the last day was called change the world how didn’t I like change the world so I’m gonna talk about that in in tomorrow’s podcast but that is the next step so I hope you guys enjoyed that those were fun liking live hope they gives you quick reminder of all the amazingness you experienced those who weren’t there will be gives you some ideas some tips some tips are along the way but hopefully most importantly it helps you understand why it’s so important to be there I mean I would sell my house if that’s what it took to be there because the ability to network with people and the ghost of the system this process people always asked like how to pick my and my own speakership from liking live and honestly the biggest thing is unlike most events like look the most marketing events or probably any man oh no they come in and it’s like million breakout rooms and I teach everything you pick which track do you want stuff like that and for me like Funaki I was really a storyline link it’s like there’s a story I want to take people through and it’s a journey and that’s why we don’t publish schedules ahead of time some people like I’m coming this one but not this one thing do you understand like everyone these speakers was handcrafted to tell part of the story and they all line up in a very systematic order if you miss one of them you miss a piece that build upon the next piece the next pieces so I picked my speakers on one number one having high energy I want to keep the energy a little high but number two it’s like they fit the storyline of what I’m trying to tell at the event and so I feel bad I’ve had friends who are like why don’t you let me speak why couldn’t I speak this year whatever it’s like your message did invent a storyline and that’s the most important thing is not any of not me or you or anybody as a speaker it’s the storyline for the audience and the attendees is the most important part and so that’s how I pick my speakers is the story I need everybody to have to break false beliefs so they could actually achieve what they need in their life and so it’s fun all right that said I’m gonna balance and tomorrow I will tell you guys the last day where we had much amazing things Charlie Robbins came on stage we did something that made an extra three million dollars in coaching sales in 30 minutes I’ll talk about that much other things so make sure you don’t miss tomorrow’s podcast things ever ready to you soon would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind this reality TV show at WWF uh no hacker TV

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Funnel Hacking Live Recap – Day 3 of 4

Funnel Hacking Live Recap – Day 3 of 4