Funnel Hacking LIVE Documentary Trailer – It’s NOT Just About Sales Funnels

Funnel Hacking LIVE Documentary Trailer – It’s NOT Just About Sales Funnels

Clickfunnels™ Just About Sales: Documentary Trailer

Clickfunnels™ Just About Sales: Funnel Hacking Live is not your ordinary marketing event. In this short sneak preview, you will see what makes Funnel Hacking Live so different and why it has been called the rock concert of internet marketing events!

Clickfunnels™ Just About Sales: Showcase to the World

We sat down and said if we if we are going to do this it can’t be it’s not internet marketing minutes not what everyone else is doing we have to do something that’s that’s better people deserve something more every year how are we gonna sell 4,500 tickets and it’s just always an impossible task these attendees are leaving a family a job relationship or someone behind to come here we’ve got over 4,000 people that are coming they’re gonna walk in and they’re gonna see incredible branding everywhere it’s a 60 foot wide about 16 feet tall led wall that first 15 minutes sets the tone for everything I think a funnel hacking live every year like in my head it’s a rock concert it’s what we get excited for it’s our showcase to the world.

How are you a software company that has this rabid following I always tell my staff the very first day it’s like look this is gonna be a long week for us we’re gonna be sore and tired rooms our voices his events are hard they’re long days you know you’re lucky if you’re only working 16 hours so the question is how much of an impact do you want to have on your audience in the end our goal is to bring people to a live event to learn and to be able to take information and take it back into their life for their business and the next year they come back they’re sitting in a different spot because they’ve won an award or they’re there telling their story of that pasture.


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