Funnel Hacker TV Episode 84 – A Bad Case of FOMO Hits The ClickFunnels™ Team

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Funnel Hacker TV Episode 84 – A Bad Case of FOMO Hits The ClickFunnels™ Team

The Funnel Hacker team self admittedly has come down with a severe case of FOMO!

We are gearing up bigtime for Funnel Hacking Live 2018 with our speaker tour interviews on Facebook live!

We discover we have lost millions of dollars by not optimizing our pages … our lesson? TEST! TEST! TEST!

We host our last … maybe … FHAT event and Russell Brunson and his boys go camping in the snow!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 84 – A Bad Case of FOMO Hits The ClickFunnels™ Team. (Behind The Scenes Show)
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[Music] yes yes who’s here this is why you test test test test test all right the party’s not start you ready for this last one maybe probably we’ll see where we going [Music] good morning good morning so I’m sitting here drinking the tears of my enemies and I learned a concept this weekend actually that highlight two weeks I heard this is the first time I never heard this before fo mo fear of missing out parent that’s a big thing it’s a disease that people have or may not see me it’s a superpower I’m not sure we have a fun fun building week this week and Nickolas flying into town and then Julie messaging me she’s like wait news coming town I’m having massive f o mo and I was like wait the fear of missing out and I remember how I Oh which is like I just switched my entire schedule and looking at my file for a week and now Julie’s here so that’s what FOMO does to you apparently y across the Boise Boise this year doubt and I was like six and I was telling I was telling James it’s like the same rental car the same flight attendants a motel room throw your back ey you just move here so and then I told Dave about this and Dave’s to some fun he’s like that’s why California the he came down FOMO and I was terrible case of FOMO there have been back surgeries everything else I’m like these guys are out working out all the time I had this fear of missing out so this morning that’s a sign of migrate to Boise [Music] we’re about to start a webinar with Eddie sell some more for like like ticket so we’re talking about biohacking at photo hacking what the oh yeah what’s up everybody I’m here today with my special guest Anthony DiClemente I’m so excited to be introducing him to all of you guys that’s the more I particular photo hacking live-dot-com looking you chickens phone hacking to come see Anthony on stage so this week solidified normal the normal bat meetings because instead of in one funnel we’re doing that kind of catch smiley four funnels the last two weeks we did relaunch the extra secrets book and dime seekers book average cart value you guys know on expert seekers is like it’s 66 bucks right now so it’s killing it EP C’s are low because the second step on the order form the conversions are down so Todd’s trying to split test the crap out of that and get them back up the dock I’m six book funnel um free I think today’s webinars before almost 42 bucks and a pcs are awesome set tuning and the things working amazing so that funnels like pretty flawless outside of I think it’d be fun to do some split test on the upsell because it’s a fifteen and a half percent which is normally frickin amazing except for extra seekers same up so same offer it’s so much better so anyway congratulations the process is working it’s amazing [Music] it’s [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay this is like triple over on the other yeah this is why you test crap this is why you’re testing I don’t have program software because you thank you like how many tens of millions dollars new boss has taught for the last three years and you billion ClickFunnels™ instead of optimizing our pages like it’s insane so we’ve lost literally hundreds of millions of dollars just because Todd is true because they are average carbide one for my thirty bucks to sixty sweet double or Kardashian you can spend twice as much the same out like we drive sales through these pages thousands every month Wow we’re testing that right now he said yes so pre selecting the books winning hereby that’s crazy twenty cents was just twenty percent yeah this is why you test test test test test so this is the first instance the first funnel where like where we’ve had an amazing average cart value but EPC was down earnings per click and what’s what’s funny about that is it I mean that’s great when you can get a buyer video that links all right and that takes forever to get a buyer he pops 100 chili dogs gonna buyer because your EP fees are so long so we’ve never I mean that dichotomy between the APC of the and the average cart value is like it’s just something we’ve never really experienced before so it’s a really cool learning experience to see them stretch like that and have to bring one back up with a little tie any way to cool [Music] all right so I gave me about to get on stage in my fancy pants shirt and there’s a makeup stain I don’t know how I got there I think my wife or should I make out with me or something awesome and then all right good I get rid of it and then awesome Julie comes the rest you said wait a minute I have baby wipes my purse they say wait a minute actually have makeup remover or what what are the chances service miracle she cares makeup room we just in case all right the party’s not start you ready for last one maybe probably we’ll see [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] all right we just survived another fat event the last one actually crazy so Stephen selling the wrapping things up everybody I gotta head out because I’m taking my boys camping to the hot spring so we’re on hot springs camping out in the cold see my breath already it’s gonna get really cold tonight so that’s the game plan the rest of the day [Applause] [Music] I can’t buy nor anywhere I’m not sure she’s that but your sound coming out of it [Music] where we going oh yeah we’re going camping excited he’s gonna be warmer cold cool breathing down decided goin mom down up front work dad’s daughter later work are we go camping the cold you ready [Music] [Music] you [Music]



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Funnel Hacker TV Episode 84 – A Bad Case of FOMO Hits The ClickFunnels™ Team

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 84 – A Bad Case of FOMO Hits The ClickFunnels™ Team