Funnel Hacker TV Episode 82 – Russell Brunson Busts Out The Pyro In New Expert Secrets Ads!

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Funnel Hacker TV Episode 82 – Russell Brunson Busts Out The Pyro In New Expert Secrets Ads!

Funnel Hacker TV – Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels™ digital marketing show behind the scenes! This may be the most exciting episode ever! Books on fire, jeeps high-centered, and shooting potato guns at the Prospector.

– Dave Woodward returns from back surgery and ready to go!
– Russell Brunson goes live on Facebook and Instagram to introduce the speakers of Funnel Hacking Live 2018!
– Average cart value for the new Expert Secrets book funnel is now $66.84!
– Russell Brunson films some sales funnel marketing for the webinar thank you page.
– Shooting potato guns at the Prospector
– Setting books on fire
– Offroading in the FunnelHacker Jeep and … getting stuck!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 82 – (Behind The Scenes Show)
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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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[Music] [Music] all right so this is the idea why potatoes and hairspray and see how the two of these things can come together take the potato it must be larger than the circumference of this king of the book line fire so we’re gonna go buy some lighter fluid lighter for a lighter fluid I think you stuck I really screwed this one up you should I show off and now we’re stuck all right today’s Tuesday Tuesday is becoming filming day trying the word buttons easy to hook a microphone to a button and t-shirt we’re trying to roll out an agency for a week so then the funnels a lot of video has happened so I walked out for Tuesday every day plus we’re starting to last push Funaki live we’re raising the prices by 500 bucks in the month so we’re doing the last push to get the last to get sold and gonna be fun day [Music] guess I’ve got this morning what’s up everybody so we’re about to do a Facebook live to sell some fun I can kick it absolutely then we’ll read in rest today well you’re filming I’m coming home secrets Thank You page webinar to do give me all funnels to launch Oh bed yeah it’s on today people because he’s back and you can walk like you know like I’m on my toes first Yeltsin back surgery so he had what did you have against excluding head I had a laminectomy with a basically cut out and roto-rooter the inside of Lamar two and three there’s a big huge thing in his back big scar is it cool whoa that was cool alright well if we ever need to like get a kidney like the whole city’s here [Music] you never strong yes sir how nervous you know this time because it’s been telling us is not working so I will keep you guys I’m so excited ideas here today we have a bunch of really really cool things to tell you guys about that I am so excited for but first off I wanna introduce you guys we’ve got David Derrick’s here I know we got they’ve got good to Linda Bob how you doing man so over the next couple weeks we’re gonna be doing some Facebook lives like this introducing you guys a lot of the some of the speakers upon oculi because it’s not like the traditional event where you guys probably know events works like every speaker is the same speaker that speaks to every event like for fun lacking live we have actual clip funnels members funnel hackers who are doing the stuff every single day all right so Todd to send me over the new average cart value for the experts tutors fun we relaunched twenty six twenty dollars the average car value at the end extra seekers launch as of today the new funnel is $66 and 84 cents would suffice how many millions of dollars any losses because set up that way David how are you living you learn Oh go follow hack it because there’s a ninja stuff inside [Music] all right make a promo videos for my book and checks out Dean let’s book on fire home video I may be burning books today I’m write this talk to this I was like judging like how far to start wasting [Music] the incubator webinars done four o’clock when we have one down we’ve got one two three four five six six more next hour and a half we’re just luck alright so this is the idea Dean gracio C’s got his magic fart like things that are killing me okay all right so these are some the ads so this one is Tesla that was awesome spy Oh sounds cool then this one here is the box where they magic so you got you got 14 million views okay so apparently magic trick sells stuff so check this out so if you watch this guy’s stuff they all his magic tricks are insane here’s the thought let’s hire this dude for a one-day consult to come in here and teach us how to do magic videos and then we can make thousand so yeah finds that King Simon Boise coaching all right so we’re trying to make funny ab that’s gonna interrupt the pattern so we thought we should shoot a potato gun at the book and then with that wait we should shoot hitmen off the prospectors head yes in the book it should be like glued to his hands I shoot out of his hands there anymore like ever holding it what happen the toughest head like I don’t think you I don’t think you can tell special I think this is my visual yeah maybe shoot quick any more dramatic we do work obey you know [Music] super expensive hey Bart thanks for making by these stupid shoes and our girl muddy [Music] so this is normal right to have a prospector holding secrets but how in the middle of a field with a funnel hacker Jeep I don’t know what kind of marketing this is but believe us guys we’re marketing company [Music] [Music] all right those sardonic Pater don’t you take the potato it must be larger than the circumference of this Oh has it be airholes put it here and then this is the secret strategy grab your hand back it all the way down you make sure there’s no light they might as well suppose I’m Taylor good expert boom when we shoot the thing and then and then I’ll probably drop this and then someone’s got throw me the book I’ll catch it [Music] [Music] Hey – awesome run – nine potato gun expert and I fish my new book called expert secret cool hey my name is Russell Brunson I’m a potato gun expert and I just finished my new book called expert secrets and I can’t wait for you to get your first copy of the expert seekers book [Music] I’m such a gplus I’m sorry guys I tried to be cool yeah you’re stuck now what do we do how do we get this off net you should I show off and now we’re stuck so we’re gonna do another video after we light the book on fire so we need a flame we’re skillset we didn’t know there’s a former life that I was occurring it’s hard light books on fire we just weren’t like this is not as easy as we thought it’s gonna be there’s got to be rubbing alcohol in there let’s burn king of the book line fire so we’re gonna go buy some lighter fluid [Music] all right so here we are lighter fluid just getting ignite fast though so I’d like get the pitch right the first time yeah where I lose my fingers or your hair I once inch my eyebrows they’re met ones better worse kingsford looks nice I think I think this isn’t a lesson in marketing yeah thanks fur has brand value kroger odorless charcoal lighter has no brand value branded by any hockey team sucks this is a different this is what happens when you create a brand ding well it’s by the been the bigger brand Oh small one here we go all right anything else I don’t think so it’ll be just a case let’s blow some I mean the sort of fire to warm our family are here we go we’re priming the prop I would just do like the top edge yeah it’s coming to do is just can be like one shot of this so it may catch my hands on there you got ready eyes lighting let’s restart hey my name is Russell Brunson and this book my new book is literally on fire I’m hoping it doesn’t catch me on fire that’s my brand new book called expert seekers to teach you how to find your voice how to share your advice and actually make money doing it and right now if you go to you can get a copy of this book for 20 bucks and you see all the five-star reviews or you get a free copy go to expert seekers calm [Music] practice writing it for now Sunfire [Music] [Music] [Applause] si was a fun day I couldn’t get back in the swing of things hopefully has enjoyed hanging out with us and I will see you tomorrow on funnel hacker TV [Music] you [Music]

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Funnel Hacker TV Episode 82 – Russell Brunson Busts Out The Pyro In New Expert Secrets Ads!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 82 – Russell Brunson Busts Out The Pyro In New Expert Secrets Ads!