Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 189 – Secrets To A Booming Facebook Group

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Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 189 – Secrets To A Booming Facebook Group

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie Stoian:

Julie Stoian gives you the tips and tricks of how to grow an engaged Facebook Group. Engagement is the key to growing a group organically. Julie details 5 things she does to help grow her group and what we are doing to grow ClickFunnels™ Facebook group as well.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

-Julie defines for us how we can tell if our Facebook group really is engaged. (1:49)

-The concept of Timed Content. (2:25)

-Julie recommends that we become friends with our community and gives some examples (3:24)

-Julie occasionally allows her own clientele to promote within her thread, something she recommends for us (5:00)

-Julie breaks the news to us that we no longer can have “Entrepreneurial Groups”, ours need to have a purpose. (8:02)

Quotable Moments:

“Speed is the name of the game when it comes to engagement.”

“People like to join groups for the networking. If you give them a little spot, that’s controlled, where they can promote it helps the engagement, it helps the group, and it also helps them feel like there’s opportunity there.”

“A lot of people have groups because they just want to sell to them. Like you can sell to them but make sure they have another incentive to be there.”

Other Tidbits:

When you go on Facebook you can find plenty of red oceans in the “entrepreneurial group” sections, you need to carve out a different niche there. If you are selling coaching to help people improve their business or even selling simple products it is detrimental to your time and energy to be in those red oceans. Carve yourself out a blue, underappreciated, or even brand knew section to help expand your reach to its full capacity.

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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward all right everybody welcome back to funnel hacker radio I’m your host Dave Witter today we’re trying something really cool we have Julie stoian in the office kind of bizarre so welcome the sounds gonna work and all this craziness we’ve as you’ve probably been following one of things we’re trying to do is provide a whole bunch more content on some expert topics and one things we were talking about you the other day that we thought it’d be really a cool thing and that is in fact I think it was a pure call we were talking about Facebook groups yeah that’s kind of where this came from so the idea here is what we want to talk to guys about is the importance of building a Facebook group more importantly how do you build a booming Facebook group and so for that we’ve got Jewish Dorian the expert in Facebook group building here with us basically talking about how we’re gonna do that so for those of you guys we’re trying to do this also on video as well well strip the audio will be on the podcast fun hacker TV will be there Julie also will be at final hacking live so if you don’t already have your tickets go to phone-hacking get your tickets me with this down in Orlando she also is going to be one of the hosts of one of our roundtable events so if you want more of your questions answered the best way to get him answers actually come to funnel hacking live and send a Julie’s table and ask her anything you want to know in fact well we’ll talk about that later but anything actually so with them Facebook yeah all right so the first thing is that everyone’s like how do you build an engaged Facebook right like and what is engagement right and so it’s not just about like how many comments you get it’s also about how fast people respond when that post is posted so you want to make it so easy for people to respond so like if you ask them like really hard questions it’s like do you like you know do you like tomatoes or potatoes like it’s easy right and so you want to create content that’s easy to answer requires very very very little effort and allows it to have a lot of response really fast so speed is the name of the game in engagements all right yeah it really is yeah yep so sometimes it’s tricky and you’re like oh I don’t have engagement it’s just like this like downward spiral one of the things you can do is create time to content what I mean by that it’s like plan some really fun thread like make it like some fanfare and like email your list and tell people that you’re gonna have this thread at this time and whoever you know has the best answer or something like that so that people are like ready Oh at seven o’clock we’re gonna do this thread and it’s gonna be really cool and it will get people to go and comment quickly which will then like trick the algorithm and then it’ll start to like go up because once you have terrible engagement it’s really hard to get it back so I know there’s a couple of resource you can find out as far as when most of your followers are online yeah or on Facebook are those important to you when you’re posting your content you time it when they’re on or do you try to tell them yeah I mean I do tend to post in the evenings because I feel like there’s more people online in the evenings but most of the time it’s like keeping a group engaged is almost more important like because once the algorithm is working then you don’t have to like fight an uphill battle so another way to do it is to become friends with people in your group so if you because it will show in the newsfeed if you comment on clean ClickFunnels™ because you and I are friends and so if you’re having trouble times content really engage in content and then also start friending the people in the group and then engage with them and then they’ll start to see the posts in the newsfeed oh that’s that’s a cool idea yeah do you try to time yours on the same time your posts same time every day so thank you random I keep it completely dirty unpredictable yeah the other thing is now there’s all these Facebook group insights so now you can reward people who are the highest engagers you know give you explain to people what insights mean though so like on the sidebar of your group you’ll be able to see like who’s making the most comments who’s doing the most posts and you’ll see you look at the top ten and like in the click photos group we’re doing that now when we’re recognizing the people and so then that incentivizes them like ooh I got a shout out for Russell great and then they want to comment more so give away like free swag free stuff free spotlights things like this to get people to do the work for you I actually did podcast with a guy who was super excited because we did the top 10 post of the year yeah and he was all excited because his is one of the top three yeah I think again it’s the whole idea here is engage with people it’s it’s social that’s the whole idea exactly so alright so you want people to comment quickly and you want it to be easy you also want to friend request people in the group so that it starts to help show on the algorithm honor and incentivize people who are really you know really engaging and then the other thing that you can do which some people don’t want to do this but there are advantages to having what we call promo threads and so you have to choose for your group if you want to plain what a promo thread is yeah so a promo thread so in my group I allow people to promote their own services and products once or twice a week and it’s a dedicated thread and the beautiful part about this is once it gets going it’s like a massively engaged thread and it twice a week I don’t have to do any work Wow so these threads like I have a $50 Friday deal in my group and so like you can post your $50 deal and you have hundreds of comments and people like to join groups for the networking so if you give them like a little spot like that’s controlled where they can promote it helps the engagement it helps the group and it also helps them feel like there’s opportunity there which keeps them coming back I love that idea yeah by the way we don’t allow that in our group no but it’s a cool thing to do on your group yes yeah so it’s you know you can do this with deals you can do this with you can also do this with like follow threads I know a lot of people like they want to grow their Instagram following or they want to grow their whatever their Pinterest following and they do these threads where it’s like hey put your profile and follow people in the and these kinds of threads just like if these are great things to do if your Facebook group is really dead and you need to like is a great idea into it that’s a that follow thread I’ve seen really just bring a ton of life to a dead or just even a flat group or it just has it it’s getting the same amount of growth nothing’s really growing that’s out there that idea is awesome ya know one of the things that you should do is the comment ladder now the comment ladder is when somebody writes this nice pose with all this bait and then they tell you to get the answer to comment I’m a monkey right and you’re just like and you hate it the reason why it works is because people start commenting and then Facebook pushes it up right and it’s always at the top of a group but you can you can create that sort of environment without making people feel like they’re monkeys that having to like say I’m a monkey give me the answer you know and so you just think of questions where if you go it like even go to the click funnels group look at the questions that have hundreds of answers and they’re there it’s usually a very simple question that gives the the person responding a sense of like I wanna I want to have input right and then that’s the comment ladder without being a monkey I love that idea how does that tie into mini chat or things like that where you’re entering a keyword to get onto a list yeah so unfortunately many chat doesn’t work with groups right now that’s only works with pages so so if you’re on like it’s a little different like because when you’re on a page if you if you tell them it’s like hey if you comment you’ll get a message and a gift like that’s not a comment like it’s a little different I don’t know why it’s like you’re not withholding information you’re just saying here I want to deliver your gift this is how to do it but in groups we can’t do that yet there’s nobody chat very clear access yeah other ideas yeah I think you know what’s the reason for your group like you can’t just be an entrepreneur group anymore it’s a read oh okay read ocean you have to get you have to be there has to be a reason to be there there has to be you know remember that the the the reason people go into groups is for community so if it’s all the me me me show a lot of people want to build groups just to sell to them like you can sell in your group but make sure that there’s another incentive to being there otherwise it’s just like it’s like hey come to my party so i can spam you doesn’t it doesn’t work it goes back to the whole idea spars always be providing a ton of value people will follow you for value again it is content that’s what they want they want to find they’re joining your group because you are the expert or you have value they want to get that value from you or for other for other members in the group in sidebar group I know we get a ton like peer to peer yeah you know and and you can still get work in facebook groups but it’s all really value driven it’s about solving problems building relationships none of the old like spammy comment letters and in unveiled promos work anymore they just don’t that’s awesome so if they wanted to follow want to join ClickFunnels™ Facebook group how would they do that it’s our official page I know slash groups slash ClickFunnels™ there’s no promo allowed in there but just go and look at all the types of posts that are really engaging there some posts in there with thousands of comments and like learn why those posts were like look for the patterns to see what drove that engagement I think that’s really the key is if you can follow other if you’re in other people’s groups we talk about funnel hacking all the time I mean this is the same type of concept where you’re gonna find groups that are really super successful where they have a lot of engagement and there’s certain things that everyone’s doing to get that kind of engagement and you need to make sure you have that engagement in your group or otherwise people will eventually leave because they’re they’re not getting any value from it exactly and you know Facebook lives are a great way to get engagement in your group it’s gone you know going live if you have really really small groups having other people go live for you you know it’s like if you’re really busy and you’re like oh time to nurture a group make sure you have people that can converge for that group for you and that’s kind of why I like the promo thread boosting the algorithm well as we get closer a pin things up anything else you can think of that be real important value to these people yeah so if you know if your group right now is is kind of dead you’re gonna have a little bit of an uphill battle so do that timed content do the giveaways do things that like build buzz to get the algorithm kind of back in your favor and then just put things in place to keep that content engaging like going forward because once you spiral down it’s hard to get back out I love that great tips as always Julie thank you so much for joining us again you can get more of Julie at photo hacking live so I’ll go to knocking and by all means make sure that you sit at her table for our roundtable events so we’re super excited to have her there thanks again for listening and we’ll talk to you guys real soon

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Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 189 – Secrets To A Booming Facebook Group

Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 189 – Secrets To A Booming Facebook Group