Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 187 – Commodity Or Experience, What Are You Selling?

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Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 187 – Commodity Or Experience, What Are You Selling?

Why Dave Chose to Talk about What We Sell:

Dave Woodward wants to lay out the details for the pros and cons to the types of products that sell best. He reveals secrets successful marketers use to sell products as experiences and what you can do to have similar success.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

Selling a product that is purely commodity vs. an experience. (2:08)

Changing your marketing standpoint from commodity to experience. (4:42)

When you look at successful people, they sell experiences (8:00)

Quotable Moments:

“Unfortunately for most of us that are in marketing we end up going the exact opposite direction. Our product becomes very price-sensitive, very commoditized.”

“But once you start bundling it with different products and services where someone no longer compare it to other water bottles. It now becomes an experience that the person is going to get along with that.”

“Even though you’re selling a product or a commodity you can still have an experience. Try to find different ways of creating it, most of it is through your marketing.”

Other Tidbits:

Dave loves ice cream, his wife loves Lu Lu Lemon

Audio Clips:

(4:12-4:24) “The same things happens in every other product or service is you have to think ‘What is the experience that I can provide for these people? What are the things or what do they like?’”

(7:50-8:00) “We always spend a whole ton of time talking about funnel hacking, I want you to take a look at who are some of the leaders in your industry: are they creating an experience or are they just selling a commodity?”

Links Mentioned by Dave:

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back everybody this is in a fun new years beginning its 2018 and I am so excited for some of the crazy stuff that’s gonna happen in 2018 but one of the things I want to talk about real quick is a concept that I think most people really don’t understand I was talking with Garrett white a while back about this and recently he had ended up doing him one of his daily podcasts about the topic as well I thought you know I really need to explain this in more detail to our funnel hacking audience to really make sure they understand how this concept works in their marketing and in the things that you’re actually selling so the whole idea here is what are you selling are you selling a commodity or an experience I’m a huge believer in experiences for Christmas and everything else I hate just giving normal gifts for me it’s more all about the experience so I love taking trips I love providing people experiences that they wouldn’t normally have whatever that might be just recently I ended up having back surgery and that’s topic for another day but anyways part of the experience I wanted for my boys to have was the experience of snowmobiling and so they actually end up going snowmobiling without me while I was getting surgery on that day but it was one of the things they they loved it was such an affront I’m for them the for the boys just took off and had a ton of fun just snowmobiling up in McCall Idaho where we not far from where we live and it was one things that they continued talking about all the time I love taking trips with the kids and I love going to you know foreign countries and having the experience third-world type of situations every every other year I take my boys down to Mexico and we end up going down there and while we’re there we actually end up working in a medical hospital basically I don’t have any medical experience but while we’re there my kids have had the opportunity of actually working with plastic surgeons in working with general surgeons and eye doctors everything else and helping them in provide medical services to people who normally couldn’t afford and those the type of experiences that they’ve continued to remember forever and ever and to me that’s what it’s all about unfortunate for a lot of us in our marketing we end up going just kind of the opposite direction and our product becomes very price-sensitive becomes very commoditized and I think it’s one of the things you have to really pay attention to when you’re when you’re out and really working on your product so take for example let’s talk with Garrett white while back and his podcast on thing he was talking about was he and his daughter just gone out to dinner they went to a teppanyaki Japanese grill and again he was saying you know the food wasn’t that great but what was exciting was the experience of having the chef prepare the food in front of them and after that they ended up going over to McDonald’s and got a McFlurry and he was just basically talking about no this is ice cream that you know it’s 3 4 or 5 bucks whatever it is but that same ice cream could be an experience and be you sold for a lot more so I want to talk to you a little bit about this in your marketing how that works so take for example as far as ice cream I love ice cream my youngest son Jackson is the dessert King every single night he has to have some side type of dessert and it’s all about the experience so take for example when you get ice cream you can go down to you know McDonald’s and get McFlurry for you know 3 bucks or whatever you go through drive through a Dairy Queen and get a blizzard or you can go to like if you’re in Austin one of my favorite places in Austin and go to is Amy’s ice cream Amy’s ice cream is an establishment of Austin and they’re on 6th Street and it basically there’s always a line no matter when you go and it’s because of the experience and that experience basically goes back to kind of the the whole marble slab type of ice cream where you you go in you pick what type of ice cream you want you pick good type of flavor and fix seed you want add it to that and they chopped it all up and they basically provide it to you in in a scoop basically they throw the throw it up in the air and catch it in the bowl and it’s all the experience and you spend anywhere from eight to ten dollars for this little tiny bowl of ice cream but it’s the experience and because of that Amy’s has become this huge popular place that everyone goes to in Austin to get ice cream the same thing happens in any other type of of product or service you have to think of what is the experience that I can provide for these people one of the things that they would really like or that they would talk about now take for example on high end coaching programs a lot of times it’s the experience it’s people spend a lot of money because they actually at the opportune experiencing being with the Guru and sitting in the masterminds and because of that they’re able to get a much higher price point for that kind of stuff so when you take a look at your own marketing you take a look and see what are the types of things that you can do to add to it to not make it a commodity but to make it much more of an experience it’s been one of things we’ve I’ve looked at here at ClickFunnels™ when we have a one of our large rooms basically where we have our mastermind meetings and everything else we’ve actually toyed around with the idea of having other gurus basically be able to bring their people to click funnels headquarters and use use that conference room as part of the experience for their students and things I’ve seen the same thing to happen with gel polish and genius Network and the experience that happens down there bade Rose talking with him as far as some of his head high-end masterminds one of the things that he’s done is on his PI and masterminds where basically it’s a three-day event the first day they come in and they’re with a coach and not all of them are actually with pedro’s most of more ashley with other coaches they then have the second day where they basically come together and a group environment are taught by a couple of different people who are specialists in different areas but the third day is an experience where they then go out and if they’re if they’re in Vegas they typically go on a big hike and they hike up to one of the top peaks in that area when they’re in San Diego they go out and they go surfing with pedro’s and so it’s that ik type of an experience that Bond’s that person more to the coach or anything that they might be working with this whole idea is one of things I really encourage when you take a look at your marketing one of the types of things that you can do to provide an experience for your buyer so that it’s not just a commodity I’ve seen the same thing as far as Jason flavin has done a lot of things with in the whole Amazon ecommerce situations where they’re bundling different products where they’re no longer able to compare apples to apples Ezra Firestone does the same thing and we’re if take for example if you’re selling a product on Amazon I don’t what’s I’m looking right here I’ve got a ClickFunnels™ water bottle from me so let’s say you’re selling a water bottle and that’s the product well you can get a water bottle four to three before bucks but if all the said you start bundling it with different products and services where a person can no longer compare it to other water bottles it now becomes an experience as far as the things they’re gonna get with that Dollar Shave Club is phenomenal at doing this here again you think you’re gonna go ahead and get Dollar Shave Club and Dollar beard Club work the exact same way and really what you’re buying into it’s the experience you think you’re getting a razor you know for a buck reality is you’re your average car value when you leave there is typically in the neighborhood of 50 to 100 dollars it’s because of all the other experiences that you can have with shaving it’s the shave balm it’s the shave it’s the shaving lotions it’s beard oil it’s beard vitamins to help your beard grow thicker and and stronger it’s all those types of things that become part of an experience even though it’s a product the person’s buying into the experience they’re gonna have with that product so as you take a look at your marketing pay attention the different types of things that you could do and look at what others are doing obviously we all used to spend a ton of time talking about funnel hacking I want you to take a look at who has some of the people leaders in your industry and are they creating the experience for their the consumer or is it just a commodity you’ll find that anybody who’s super successful especially as far as increasing average cart value the way they do that is by creating an experience for the user and sometimes it’s not a physical experience sometimes it’s actual it’s just a mental experience that they’re taking that person through it’s an emotional experience or they have this emotional buying with that product for example my wife loves Lululemon and she has an emotional connection and an experience by literally just walking into the store the way it smells the way it looks it’s it becomes this experience of shopping at Lululemon so realize that and because of that they’re able to charge you know 75 to 120 dollars for leggings that you could get on Amazon or Target for a ton less but again it’s the experience of doing that and she will go on and on about why those leggings are so much better than the ones at any other place and that’s what she prefers but it’s because of the experience and others have now caught on to that and are trying to duplicate what Lululemon has done so just realize even though you’re selling a commodity or a product you can still have an experience and try to find different things that you can do to create an experience and a lot of that’s in your marketing as far as how you’re presenting it and what you’re saying how how what is the picture that you’re painting for them so with all that again I appreciate so much all the people who listened to this podcast I would love if you wouldn’t mind going out to iTunes and giving us a rating and review it’s something I’ve really never asked much for but I’m finding that it actually fives a lot of value to others so if you don’t mind go to iTunes or wherever you’re listening and give us a rating to review I will be checking those on a regular basis and commenting on those as well so again thank you so much for being a funnel hacker radio listener I wish you all the best in your marketing this year 2018 not wait to see how it goes for you and again look forward to seeing many of you guys at bubble hacking live real soon talk to you soon bye

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Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 187 – Commodity Or Experience, What Are You Selling?

Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 187 – Commodity Or Experience, What Are You Selling?