Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 179 – How to Scale Your Ads & Sales Like “Purple Mattress”

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Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 179 – How to Scale Your Ads & Sales Like “Purple Mattress”

Why Dave Chose to Interview Bryant:

Bryant Garvin has been running ads for over 12 years. He is the ads guy at “Purple” where they are running 50K-100K a day in ads. He knows what he is talking about. He explains how to make partners out of your vendors. He reveals his strategy on using multiple networks to scale ads. He even discusses his top 3 hidden networks no one else is using.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

Bryant has realized over the years how overly obsessed people get on one advertising outlet (1:16)

The price of focusing on one platform through looking at the cost to reach 1,000 people [CPM] (2:24)

The scaling of Purple Mattress to be able to spend $50k/day on Facebook ads and remain profitable (4:38)

Bryant breaks down why Youtube can be more valuable than Facebook for your videos (7:44)

If you’re looking to migrate your videos to Youtube, Bryant has some words of advice (9:38)

Brand lift is super helpful, luckily if you’re like us and have never heard of it Bryant gives us the low down (13:00)

Other than YouTube and Facebook, Bryant has 15-16 other advertising channels going for his product (20:36)

Quotable Moments:

“They’ve gotten in trouble with putting all of their eggs in one basket. And, really, it’s about strategically growing across all platforms and becoming OMNIPRESENT.”

“So we’re always looking for a unique place where everybody else isn’t playing where we can still reach the people we want without having to compete with everybody else.”

“If you are stuck in one channel and that’s all you’re using to drive your revenue, something will happen eventually: and you will go out of business or close to it so you’ve got to diversify it ”

Other Tidbits:

Bryant Garvin and his company have helped Purple Mattress launch and become astronomically successful. You can tell just how successful they are by the amount of times you continually see their ads consistently on varying platforms.

Although this podcast is not a plug for using Youtube for ads, Bryant brings up several great points as to how it’s underused. While Facebook’s ads have recently received a 117% increase, Youtube’s have remained stable for years.

Bryant’s main wish to leave with all of us is for us not to all be “One Trick Ad Ponies”. If we all want to build a true brand then you need to be diverse. You need to be testing where your audience is to see where you should be pushing ads to. Once you see where your audience is you will then be able to see where you can afford to make efforts to expand your audience and reach.

Audio Clips:

(3:00-3:14) “I wouldn’t be surprised this year if when they pull all of the data together there is a 300% increase in cost to reach that same thousand people you were able to at the beginning of the year.”

(8:03-8:18) “Not to mention that 98% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off whereas 98% of videos are watched with the sound on on Youtube. That’s a completely different experience. Would you watch a movie with the sound off? No. It wouldn’t have the same impact”

Links Mentioned by Dave and Bryant Bryant Garvin’s Podcast How to manage your Google ads statistics

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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward I’m your host Dave Woodward and today you guys are in for a massive massive treat and I’m so excited to introduce to you guys to brian Garvin Brian welcome to the show hey so I had to be here excited to be a part of the community man so some of you guys might not know who Bryant is but you see him absolutely everywhere if you’re on any social media platform at all because he is the ads guy behind purple purple mattress company and it’s got his own podcast out right now called Scott stack the odds stacked the odds and he’s been just crushing it with purple it’s a super again it’s a crazy crazy hope everything you guys have done at purple it’s been amazing to see how you basically taking this thing I know you guys work apartment brothers as we did with deer cliff falls stuff I want to dive right in though and kind of talk about some of the amazing stuff that you guys are doing and help let’s hide it nobody dived in as far as what does stack the ads in really mean why is stacking ads so important to house what’s that we’ll talk so one of my buddies we started this little side Facebook page and podcast originally because I’ve been doing this for twelve plus years and one of the things that I’ve seen with almost every single company that I consult with especially in the e-commerce space and over the last year or two everybody is like 150 percent in on Facebook and ignoring everything else and I’ve ever been a part of that or help to and consult with they’ve gotten into trouble it’s because they put all their eggs in one basket and so really it’s about strategically growing across multiple platforms being omnipresent right at least on a retargeting front like if you can just get on a couple of different platforms you literally become omnipresent to people that have been to your site that have seen your stuff so you’re just constantly there and you don’t even have to spend a significant amount to be that omnipresent right the people that have interacted with you that you drove in from Facebook ads right in Facebook especially but what are some of the stats this year it’s almost tripled in price and CPM is 171 percent increase through July according to ad stage like that’s massive that’s a huge I don’t understand what you just said because CPM doesn’t mean that’s kind of our lingo so it helped people to get what when you’re saying hundred seventy-one percent CPM what’s that really mean Brian so basically the cost to reach a thousand people increased a hundred and seventy one percent from just January through July this year and anybody that’s actually been watching their ads knows that it’s even spiked even more through the end of the year so I wouldn’t be surprised if this year when they pull all of the data together that there’s like a 300% increase in cost to reach the same thousand people that you were able to at the beginning of the year like that’s massive that is huge and so again for you guys were listening understand what we’re really talking about is it’s gonna cost you three times as much Tim to get to the same thousand people you’re gonna have to have a really solid funnel built out because your cost of acquisition by an ad standpoint just went up three three times as much so it’s again super critical that’s really why I want to make sure Brian was on here to talk to you guys about how do you scale ads how do you drive more traffic while actually being able to really stay within a fixed budget that being I don’t know how much just purple spinning them Phaeton ads these days I can’t give actual numbers so if it would be I’m sure it’s more than a thousand so how many zero so we need to add behind that thousands get kind of close a few units yeah a day and we do manage our budgets on a daily basis and it just scales from there right to weekly monthly annually all of that type of stuff one of the things safe to say you’re spending over a hundred thousand today some days yeah so it is a somewhere between fifty thousand hundred thousand a day yeah that’s that’s a very conservative estimate so we’re you’re getting a lot of bad exposure for I’m just trying to help establish the fact that you know what you’re talking about here so yeah thousand dollars a day Facebook yeah I think you got a pretty good idea as far as what your what’s going on so Facebook YouTube all of the different platforms right that’s that’s actually one of the things that’s a loud purple to scale and leave scaled profitably because up and tell this merger IPO stuff going through right it was all 100% self-funded and that money hasn’t even come through yet so the continuation of the business every machine that we have to build all of the products that we have to buy because this is physical products it’s not as easy as spinning up another server right like a version not that that’s easy but it’s a lot easier to scale ass ass platform by just spinning up servers and duplicating them then coming to actually physically produce manufacturer package and ship product right so to scale ecommerce is significantly different than scaling a legion or a SAS type of platform because there is something tangible that has to be produced and shipped when you’re talking physical product goods obviously SAS is technically kind of e-commerce because they’re buying it online right and did ebooks or all of these other things or e-commerce things as well and not all of them are physical and tangible but with purple it has been and one of the reasons why we’ve been able to grow like when people think about scaling online right they think about Facebook and doing that because that’s where everybody’s attention is that that’s all you hear about on podcast news there that’s all you hear about you know in the media and in all of the Facebook groups it’s like oh my gosh a lot right if you’re not on Facebook then you’re getting missing out type of stuff and there’s so many other platforms that are out there though the next place most people go is like oh well do non brand search right and that for those that don’t know the difference between non brand and brand search number and would mean that there’s not a specific brand attached to the search query so it’d be like memory foam mattress or buy a mattress online instead of purple mattress right and so most people that’s the next place that they go is into non brand because of the intent is really high they’re looking for a product that you hopefully have to offer right but everybody’s playing in that field as well and so CPC is on the mattress side can be 30 40 50 $80 a click I can get a lot of video views out of YouTube and Facebook and other stuff like that for that same amount of cost and then video is really where we’ve pushed in the floor right like started off with the Harmon brothers but we also some of our original videos that we had produced they weren’t Harmon brothers quality but they still engaged and they cost significantly less than that and we use those inherent below with to scale out our business as we’ve gone along here so that’s that’s really when everybody is digging right to Facebook you should be zagging going the opposite direction not saying don’t be on Facebook Facebook is still highly profitable if you know what you’re doing but if everybody is doing it it’s an option it’s going to increase the costs and targeted you get the more expensive it’s gonna get whereas you can go reach out into other platforms like YouTube as an example like YouTube is a massive platform that everybody has forgotten about you can get 30-second muse on YouTube for 5 to 10 cents if you actually went in and looked at what your cost for views on Facebook would be for 30 seconds it’s probably 50 cents plus and there’s a big difference there not to mention that like 98% of video views on Facebook are done with sound off whereas 98% are done with sound on on YouTube that’s a completely different experience would you watch a movie with the sound off you know it wouldn’t have the same impact right did you imagine watching the latest Star Wars with no sound just reading captions the same impact right and so people go to youtube specifically to watch videos they go to Facebook and it’s kind of like pulling a slot machine they’re not really sure what they’re gonna get they’re just looking to waste some time essentially maybe checked in on their family whatever so there’s opportunities that people just completely ignore and if you go where the people still are right there’s over a billion people on YouTube there’s over a billion hours of video watched every month there okay there’s lots of people still there in 68% of people on YouTube are actually using it for purchase consideration they’re going to YouTube to look up reviews to look up product demonstrations to do stuff like that so they’re actually using YouTube as a step in their purchase process so you’re not there you’re missing out right only nine percent of small businesses as a stat I saw recently are on YouTube but 68 percent of people are there looking for products to purchase like that’s a big disparity see disparities like that that spells opportunity right for those of us that know what we’re doing so how does a person who’s getting used to using Facebook from ad source how do they jump into YouTube what are some of the tips and strategies you recommend they do so I think so the first thing right and this is something you won’t find anywhere it’s something that I actually had to get Google to confirm is Google has attribution inside of Google okay but it is 100% limited to search so if you are running your YouTube campaigns in your search account where you run your brand search and they watch a video and then go search on your brand that brand search gets a hundred percent of the credit and you have no idea that the video did anything one of the first things that I tell people if they’re serious about it and they should be is actually creating an my client center or a managed account center so that you have your main account with your brand your search all of that stuff and then you have a separate YouTube and prospecting display account set up a separate conversion event so that way you can have and it’s not never gonna track the same as Facebook right Facebook’s amazing what the cross device and really tributing as much revenue as it possibly can YouTube will never look the same on a direct row ass basis but it drives lift there’s so many times that I look like somebody skipping an ad right the first five seconds if they skip the ad first off you pay zero dollars for that okay that’s just that people need to understand because it’s one of the things I first started looking at YouTube people were like I’m paying for all this stuff when they skip and I I never even get they don’t even see it so I think that’s I appreciate you clarifying that Brian is you don’t pay anything for skip down yeah they if they watch up to 29 seconds of your video and it’s longer than that and they stews to skip at the 29 second mark you pay nothing it’s 30 seconds or a completed view so if your video is less than 30 seconds that’s when you’ll be charged so really get a reason to have longer than 30 and like where else can you get 5 to 10 I like not even a penny right like yeah you may be getting penny or two penny three second views on Facebook you get the same ones for zero on YouTube right and so but one of the things that you can do if you’re spending enough money with Google is they can set up brand lift surveys on the back end where the audience’s that you’re targeting they’ll exclude part of them okay so the minimums like twenty-five thousand over two weeks which there’s a lot of money for some companies right but the data that you can get out of it because you can actually see the lift of people that searched for your brand terms versus those that didn’t see the video and so a lot of times you can get a thousand percent lift in brand search from somebody that watch the video versus somebody that didn’t even people that skip the ad you can get two hundred three hundred four hundred five hundred percent lift in brand search from somebody that skipped the ad like that’s freaking amazing and you paid for that like that’s like you paid nothing they went and searched you paid on that click and hopefully right if your you should be bidding on your brand terms because everybody else will be right so like the opportunity is massive there I’m really bullish on YouTube because there’s so much inventory and remember how we talked about the increasing cost on Facebook CPM have basically then flat on YouTube year-over-year like that’s huge that’s fantastic so tell me explain to people what brand lift means so brand lift is and we’ll use purple as an example right the non brand search would be memory foam mattress or buy a mattress online a brand search would be purple mattress okay and so brand lift is actually somebody going out and searching on a brand term so for click funnels right it would be somebody searching click funnels because they saw YouTube yeah does that make sense yeah so it’s on youtubers that on Google its YouTube and Google so and one of the things that’s important there is you should build out brand search campaigns on YouTube as well because I’ve seen instances where we’re actually getting 35% more brand searches on YouTube than we are on Google so if you’re if you’re not there you can completely miss out of an opportunity right because no matter how amazing the product is there’s always a competitor and there’s always somebody that can try and negatively bosch messaging right that’s what marketing really is is making sure that we’re putting our best foot forward super cool stuff so tell me what are some of the tools and things that you’re using inside of YouTube for a video standpoint I know one things we’ve looked at is like bid IQ and and some other resources what do you what are you guys using and so did IQ is really awesome from a cost standpoint first off if you had the free version right and then they’ve got it really does not cost that much for what you can do you need to make sure that you’re getting your end cards set up so like your end screen needs to look a little bit different than your end screen on Facebook that’s another stat that’s really important most people watching vertical on Facebook but 85% of people are watching horizontal on YouTube because they are going there to watch video right so like whereas on Facebook you want square vertical videos on YouTube you want the 16 by 9 aspect ratio that widescreen because that’s what people are that’s what people are looking for but those end screens when they watched your video and then you had like other videos they could go watch and a call to action that needs to be a little bit different than on Facebook because you can actually have them click on mobile right to your site you can have it and watch another video which you don’t necessarily get with Facebook right so if somebody watches all the way to the end make sure you have them subscribe make sure you you know do all of those different things because next time you push out a video organically don’t get a notification that it came out it’s kind of like going live on Facebook right like there’s that opportunity there that trying to get those subscribers there and you’re never gonna have as many generally I’m going to do on Facebook right like you too we have close to a hundred thousand subscribers for your purple we’ve got almost half a million on Facebook but that’s okay because the quality of those subscribers they want to watch video that’s their whole entire purpose for being there so if you can give them that it’s freaking awesome real quick before you save that thought so I want to come back to but I think what you just made mention of there is real important that is the you have to set this up for the audience that you’re targeting and anybody who’s on YouTube that audience are video watching people and I love that idea so for us I know we started created a whole bunch of our funnel hacker TV episodes on YouTube and again it’s been I think we’re just I think we did cross tube number 80 right now and a lot of these are just for entertainment value but man we are seeding ClickFunnels™ all the way through this in different types of things we just did one Todd Dickerson was out looking for his affiliate dream car and just got a Mercedes then went through and did you know it’s a ten minute segment I’m basically looking at cars that’s all pushing towards our what’s your dream car affiliate program I think it’s it’s really cool though as you made mention there that yeah it’s a different audience and it’s not as large as Facebook but the quality and those who are they’re already pre-qualified to watch video and they’re they’ve trained themselves they know the actions they need to take so I love that idea and and it is a very large audience so 85 percent of 18 to 49 year olds are watching YouTube every single month so that’s still most of the audience that people are trying to go after right that 18 to 49 is pretty much one of the biggest buying demographics especially online and so if you are not on YouTube you are missing out on potentially 85% of the audience but yes you may be able to get on Facebook but it’s gonna cost you significantly more to reach those same people and that’s really what it’s about is hedging your bets right one of the porters by forces a supplier right the supplier side of stuff well in advertising that’s the different channels that you’re using and if you are stuck in one channel and that’s all you’re using to drive your revenue something will happen eventually and you will go out of business or close to it and so you’ve got to diversify we talked about diversifying products we talked about diversifying you know your back-end your friend and all of these different pieces right we get people ignore diversifying their traffic sources they either go all-in on organic or all-in on Facebook or you know what I mean and then when an algorithm change comes and all Facebook is emitting reach or you know SEO just you just get hammered because they shut down you know personal blog networks right the they’re like oh my gosh my business and you’re like well that’s your own fault because you diversify I mean would we be ups would we honestly be sad if Walmart went out of business because they decided not to diversify no that’s their fault right and any business can do it look at some of the major businesses that have gone out of business over the last little while Sears Kmart you know like all Bourbons I think it’s just retailers right yeah like that’s just a few of them all the you know Circuit City like CompUSA think about all of these retailers that some of them had existed for hundreds plus years others were fairly new but none of them diversified the way they needed to to be able to sustain their business they may have happened to them it can happen to anybody really yeah my gosh Facebook live earlier today just on the whole idea as far as number one is the work the number one is worst number in business if you only have one product you only have one source of traffic you’ll only have one JV partner I mean if your whole business is tied to that one person you are at their mercy and again mark decides to change how things work on Facebook your whole business is gone exactly exactly so that’s why I started all of the stuff that I’m doing is because I see it time and time again and I’m honest the tire to get people like are getting the wrong message for most of the quote-unquote gurus out there right like they’re all like hey Facebook Facebook Facebook and you’re like but yeah Facebook but right it’s not a no ignore Facebook because there’s still so much opportunity you’re going to get so many more shares comments likes things like that on your facebook video than you will on a YouTube video use the platforms for what they were intended for use Facebook to try and grow that social Reach find audiences that all they do is share even if they don’t buy somebody that they share with probably will right so you’ve got to look at the type of stuff use the back end you know they’re rolling out some Facebook analytics stuff where you can actually track people that have liked a comment to purchase or shared a video to purchase and so like there’s some of this analytic stuff that’s coming down the pipeline that you’ll be able to use outside of Google Analytics to try and see assign some value to some of those other things that’s awesome so what else besides Facebook and YouTube you guys playing with so we play across a really wide gamut I think we manage fifteen or sixteen channels right now yeah so then we’ve got a team of six right now doing that so we we the key to us growing has been to make partners out of our vendors we don’t call them vendors we call cohort groups so they understand that they’ll succeed if we succeed we have row last numbers that we have to hit if we can’t hit those numbers then we’re not going to spend as much with them we rely on them to do a lot of the heavy lifting so if you’re spending and enough with some of these platforms they can help build out some of these things Facebook not so much well with Google I can have them build out my ad account like my campaigns if I want to I tell them what I’m looking for they do the quick and dirty grunt work right I go in and double check and then we were able to turn them wife so we’re lying on some of those partners like that so obviously we’re on Google and being in Yahoo Gemini which is now both I guess with AOL but also a lot of smaller platforms right like we’ve tested out US Postal Service removing address stuffs or like forcing change of address we’ve tested platforms like hive wire an Amazon media group if people don’t know Amazon media group they should Amazon is probably the third biggest player coming up that people are ignoring Amazon has an advertising arm that they are building out internally now the minimums they’re a little bit higher and it’s not the click to see you know when somebody does a product search that adds that you can click and serve internally on Amazon this is taking Amazon’s targeting data people that have searched for a mattress viewed mattress has done stuff like that but have not purchased on Amazon we can send them display ads or ads on their Kindle and so they can see that and drive them to our site or to our product detail page on Amazon and so yes the minimum thresholds there are around thirty thousand a month you need to be spending that’s $1,000 day most businesses if you’re doing what you should be are probably spending that other places so I would recommend definitely testing that as an opportunity especially if you’re in an e-commerce space very cool I again I’m not familiar I wasn’t that I Amazon media stuff also where’s where do the ads show up then so across the network so Amazon first up owns like IMDB and a bunch of other platforms that people don’t realize that they own so you can serve the ads on those placements but they’re also programmatically buying across the web through DSPs but using their targeting data and that’s really where the power comes in right because targeting like it’s the audience that you’re hitting right and if you know people are in market looking at something and you can hit them somewhere else that’s the gold right love that do that a super super cool idea I think that that whole idea as far as the Amazon media side is something I’m gonna where you look into on our side for sure that’s obviously works more for a physical products cuz that’s usually people buying on Amazon I’m assuming it could be ebooks it could be ebooks different stuff like that right because if you have people that are buying Kindle books you could target them to get your ebook potentially or software right yeah it may need to be a package but if people are looking for software and you can do a sass subscription it may be worth looking at right it just depends on what’s there and but if you don’t look you’ll never know right and so we are constantly looking at different platforms I just got off a call this morning with media net which is perform media and they’re one of the biggest um third party companies they actually powered for the lung being Yahoo contextual side of the business and so they’ve kind of broken out a lot of former Yahoo people have gone over there to perform media where you can on Forbes as an example right there’s the little related topics suggest when it comes at the bottom there when you click on that it returns a search results page those top results used to be filtered by Google or Bing now they’re filtered by them as ads and then there’s organic content below that so there’s some pretty cool like there’s new opportunities and we’re always exploring something that offers a unique place or add either a unique ad unit delivery right or unique audience that we might not be able to reach somewhere else and so we’re always looking for unique plays where everybody else isn’t playing where we can still reach the people that we want but not have to compete with everybody else I love that idea are you guys doing much on Instagram or Pinterest or anything yeah we’re running some one Instagram and Pinterest obviously instagrams run through a space but we’re testing some stories stuff there where we do really not obviously all of our retargeting and stuff passed off like that’s the big thing right whenever we’ve gone and we’ve started with new platforms like when we started with Yahoo Gemini right like the first thing we did was we set up all of our brand search because we can get a cheaper through Yahoo Gemini and then I can being in second because they’re not having to cut off part of the margin right so and we based about 30% savings you can get it through Yahoo Gemini so that but also setting up retargeting for native for display ads for you know some of those other platforms every platform we go into at a minimum you should be setting up retargeting because you where your audiences it doesn’t matter where they are if they are your audience you want to be there right Oh miss Frances that is my one caveat there as long as it’s brand safe for your brand yeah I just love oh gosh seriously right thank you so much as we get close to wrapping things up there anything else you want to add her um no I I just one of the things that I said and some people said that it’s a little rocket Orion that’s not what I’m trying to do but I really want people to stop being one-trick ponies I love it no I told me if you want a long-term viable business first off you need to be building a brand it’s something that’s distinguishable and second we needed by diversifying everything so that you can be around long term whether that’s to sell to somebody else eventually because if you diversify well I think it was on your podcast uh not that long ago where I was talking about Amazon versus having a separate e-commerce store yeah like the multiples you could sell if you were just on Amazon versus Amazon and your own platform right so it’s the same thing with everything else the more diversified you are the more stable your business is you built a foundation that’s wider instead of just taller so if that makes sense no I love it’s so funny because you know a lot of us came from the whole direct-response marketing days where you know branding was the old you know food poop type of stuff on coke and all these other guys and we’re really starting to see right now with the direct response marketing is great for the client acquisition but the branding is so critical long-term for the lifetime value of that customer so it’s it’s amazing how you really can create a brand out of again I look at some of the our inner circle people and they really have created their own brands I know obviously lady boss is one that’s done extremely well but we’re seeing Alex promotion and as Jimbo I mean it’s just crazy to see the different types of people I look at as you started again with the direct response marketing getting those customers and then building that culture through that branding aspect man you just blow you it just grows like crazy exactly and I like that you brought up the direct response side right because that’s my background I said we get Lycos in Adsense account rep right and so like I come from that very direct response paradigm shift where if it’s not trackable I don’t want to do it and as you mature I don’t know if it’s me maturing or just my understanding of the consumer behavior that I would rather have revenue I couldn’t track then have less revenue that I could if that myself man that’s awesome so an idea I love that for sure that’s a great even if you can’t track it but you get the cell what the hell doesn’t matter right like the day you’ve got money in your bank account yes it would be great if you could track everybody and every person but as an example 65% of Purple’s funnel upfront is female 65% male closing that’s because there’s a lot of cross relationship stuff happening and I don’t know anybody that’s developed cross spouse attribution yet right thank you so much so as I’m sure people who want to get a hold of you what’s the best way they’re reaching out to you so you can look up our Facebook page on stack dads or check out our podcast stack the odds show it’s on pretty much all of the platforms there so thing we’ve got 12 or 13 episodes up right now but again it’s me and my buddy all about advertising some of the stuff that we’ve seen over the years mistakes that we’ve seen harping on things attribution like all of that stuff so I love it Brian again so glad to have you on thank you so much for all you’re doing get it guys definitely check out Brian his stuff that he’s cutting edge again as you meant 50 to $100,000 a day in traffic I mean that’s this guy knows what he’s talking about so listen his podcast Brian thank you so much look for talking soon bro talk to you later thanks for listening to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Auto hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash retrial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening


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Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 179 – How to Scale Your Ads & Sales Like “Purple Mattress”

Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 179 – How to Scale Your Ads & Sales Like “Purple Mattress”