Funnel Hacker Radio Ep. 176 w/ Julie Stoian – Becoming The Best In The World

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie Stoian:

Julie Stoian is the FIRST female Dream Car Winner Affiliate, she’s rocking her new minivan in style. Not only was she a Dream Car Affiliate though she is also a 2 Comma Club winner and even a member of Inner Circle. She has become the best at what she does and we’re excited for her to help you learn how you can do the same in your business.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

You can become the best in the world at what you do, if not the best than at least better than what you already were (1:50)

There’s importance with becoming obsessed with what you do (4:16)

The greatest in the world has mastered their craft to the extent where they are able to help others get to the same level they’re at (7:16)

When you teach others what you do, you can be learning more for yourself than you’re teaching your students (9:22)

The greatest success you can have is to mentor someone to the extent where they surpass you (10:06)

Quotable Moments:

“There’s only a limited ‘Best in the World’ slots. But I think a lot of people forget if you aim high, you’ll go a lot further than if you aim low.”

“I see this happen all the time with you, with Russell, and with all the people at ClickFunnels™ is this idea of obsession. People that become the best in the world become completely 1000% obsessed with what they are doing.”

“You see that happens when people become the best at what they do, they stop focusing on the money. They know that the money comes with the value and start to focus more on their legacy.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

How much are you willing to do for your business or clients?

Julie’s dentist told her a few years back about the importance of flossing, she had been told this her whole life and had little faith she could change this habit of forgetting to floss. However, she decided to take action and finally devote the time to develop the habit. Years later her she’s still flossing and she’s learned to apply this principle in her own business.

Life has more meaning as money becomes less of a focus and your legacy takes its place.

Julie has set the goal this year of becoming one of the best funnel building teachers in the world. She loves what she does and now that her dream has finally become a valid source of income she can really start to devote all her time into it.

Audio Clips:

(2:22-2:34) “Think about 2018 and what I need to do to change in my business or in my life to become the best in the world. And it’s okay if I don’t become the best in the world because I’ll become so much better just by thinking that way.”

(7:16-7:26) “If you want to become the best in the world, one of the ways to see how good you are becoming is think ‘Can I replicate this in somebody else?’”

(9:36-9:48) “You become an expert as you teach it because you realize how many things you are missing. I learn so much more every day when I go and teach it.”

Links Mentioned by Julie and Dave:

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward hey everybody welcome back to funnel hacker radio I am so so so excited this is gonna be airing probably about the first part of January 2017 1818 holy cow and the part you’re gonna love is I’m bringing on someone who’s gonna be on a regular contributor to our podcast I am so excited to introduce you – you guys already know her but this is my formal introduction to Julie stoian Julie welcome hey hey I’m so excited fun gosh I’m so excited so if you guys don’t know Julie I mean she’s got a ton of accolades all over the world but inside of our ClickFunnels™ universe basically what happens is she is one of our first the very first female dream car winner affiliate we’re super excited about that she has a beautiful minivan we have a funnel hacker TV episode you can listener on that she’s an inner circle member she’s two comma Club member she has been just crushing it everywhere she goes she’s writing a ton of content for us coaching things so bottom line is you guys are in for just value bombs dropping left and right all over the place as we kind of go into these episodes so Julie I’m so excited to have you thank you so much oh gosh I’m so excited I can’t wait so what I want to dive into here didn’t begin in 2018 you’re kind of talking about different topics that we can explore and one of the things we were talking about how to become the very best at what you do now this is a very easy thing for you only because I’ve seen seen your backstory and know kind of what’s happened a lot of people don’t but just see you truly have become the very best at what you do so you of all people are the best people to talk about that so with that let’s dive in well thank you I feel like sometimes when you talk about how to become the best in the world people are like ah well I just never mind that like I’ll never be the best in the world right there’s a very limited number of best in the world slots but I think the part that people forget is that when you aim high you go further than if you aim low right so it’s like you make these crazy go and it’s okay you can’t quite meet them because you’ll definitely always go further than if you had made a goal that was just kind of mediocre so why not think about 2018 and think like alright what are the things that I have to change in my business or in my mindset or my life to become the best in the world and it’s okay if I don’t become the best in the world because I’ll just become so much better just by thinking that way I love you know any ideas so you know shoot for the moon and you land in the stars I’m okay yeah and you know in order to be okay with that you have to be okay with failure and being imperfect because people who are perfectionist so be a failure they don’t like doing this exercise because they don’t want to set a goal as they can meet it and part of this is just like seeing how how far you can push yourself you know even if you don’t make it so I just thought it would be super fun when I joined the inner circle I just realized I was all of a sudden surrounded by the best in the world and so I started asking them like why like how do you become the best in the world and so I’m really curious like to hear what our audience thinks like what is the characteristic of someone who’s the best in the world and like what do you think like what do you think it takes to become the best in the world now I’ll tell you what I think for me I think that again a lot of it comes down to just setting high goals that motivate you I think too often people set those goals that are you know I’m gonna make it anyways but I’ll set it just so I can check it off the list yeah so for me I think to become the best you really have to have a huge dream a huge vision this grandiose idea that it literally pulls you out of bed in the morning and without that you’re never gonna get to the level of success that you really want and or that you deep down inside hope that might you might be able to do and I think too often people they just again kind of goes back to the whole ideas you know either Tony Robbins Bill Gates said years ago and that is you know people basically think they’re gonna get much more done in a year than they ever possibly can but underestimate how much they can get done in you know five or ten years I’m sure totally slaughtered the the quote but that’s the idea that yeah you really can do you know it’s funny and I see this happening all the time with you with Russell with all the people in ClickFunnels™ is his idea of obsession that the people who become the best in the world become absolutely completely 1,000 obsessed with whatever it is they’re doing there’s like you know it’s pretty trendy to be balanced right now and I’m not saying that you know self-care is not important but like the people who are the best in the world don’t usually show it kind of balance they show just like they’re just like their whole world is consumed by it and I’m not saying you know you shouldn’t have balance but but there is a level of like how deep are you gonna go on your topic like how committed are you to really understanding your customer and understanding you know what your the people that you serve to really be able to serve them at the highest level you know what I mean like Russell is a parent example he’s obsessed with marketing absolutely you know I think I’ve seen that same thing with you though one of the things I’ve seen you become very obsessive with is you are obsessive with time I yeah I know one I’ve never known anybody who gets more done when you’re given a deadline than you it’s like I remember when you were putting together the marketing secrets book that you again this is a we’re letting the secret out of the back you’re Russell sorry about that but coming Julie’s been involved in it I’ll leave it at that but again we’re thinking oh yeah we’ll get that done by the end of the year time thing and you had it done within like two weeks of like what you kidding me how can they out yeah I mean it’s like it’s a level of like ruthless discipline that you it but it only comes with practice like it’s like it’s about repetition too and sometimes I think you know we we think oh we learned something or we learned how to do time management or we learned funnels or whatever and so then we don’t have to repeat it and it’s like don’t like the best athletes in the world do the same thing for like six hours a day every single day you know they’re like never they just never stop repeating and like that very act of repetition so for me it’s like if I want to make a new habit in my life like flossing my teeth I remember I went to the dentist one year they’re like you need to floss your teeth and I was like I can’t you know and I knew that if I was like ruthlessly disciplined for like 60 to 90 days that it would become a habit but then you keep having to like revisit that habit and it’s the same way with time with marketing with with it whatever whatever you do like you can’t stop practicing you know naveen oh I told I think is I’m here talking about this two things you’ve mentioned I’m huge fan of and one is obsession you have to become obsessed about it to where you literally just feel like I have to do this there’s nothing else I no matter what it happens my life this has to get done and the other thing there is the importance of repetition too often people think I’ve done that check it off the list it’s done but actually those skills you got to go over and over and over it over again it’s crazy I appreciate you mentioning that and I think one of the things if you want to become the best in the world at what you do one of the ways to see how good you’re becoming is to see can you replicate it in somebody else and I see this idea it’s like okay you become really good Russell becomes really good at funnels and he could do it really well but now can he can he help somebody else do it can he help someone else replicate the process because what happens is when you get into that mode of teaching it and really like working with somebody else you start to see all the little things that your brain is just doing naturally and you start to really like see the process at a more like organic level like micro level and it helps you to understand it better and he said the same thing when he was writing them well podcast it was some podcast cuz I’ve listened to them all during the experts secrets book that he had to by writing the book it really forced him to like get down to the nitty gritty of what he does and then once you see those like little tiny micro steps that you do for a big step then you can perfect them and then you just get like and then you just get exponentially better I love that I think that’s what’s why so many people go into coaching as well as teaching is because that as you mentioned that’s really where you become the best yeah you should always fresh-made frustrate me when I hear people say well those who can do and those who can’t teach and I thought you know what sure maybe whatever in some places but I can tell you for the people I’ve been surrounded with the very very best are those who can simplify something in such an easy teachable manner that anybody can do it you’ve done an amazing job of that with you with your audience and just the way that you’ve been able to systemize and duplicate yourself in so many different areas to where you can actually almost leave one business and go to another because you’ve got things so automated because you’ve literally taught everyone every single step to where and a lot of people afraid that well if I do that I’m gonna have I’m gonna jeopardize my job I know there’s no other place for me I mean that scarcity mindset as far as yeah really getting good at that it’s just I think what holds a lot of people back and you know I think there’s also this like this kind of negative vibe of like well you can’t be a teacher until you’re like a true expert because there’s a lot of people that try to like fake it but I think one of the things you know we and all of us do it to some extent but but the idea is like you become an expert as you teach it because you realize how many things you’re missing like there’s I learned so much more about the processes that I do every day when I go to teach it because then I see where the gaps are where I didn’t you know what I mean and I start to understand it at a different level so it’s not about lying and like being like oh I’m an expert when I’m not but but this act of teaching and mentorship is something that that doesn’t just sharpen the person you’re helping it sharpens you to that very act of teaching so it’s about just being honest where you are but not being afraid to dive into that and I think that’s part of experts secrets is like he’s like you have to be one step ahead of somebody else he’s not saying to lie about it he’s just saying to position yourself like you’re ready to teach if you can teach somebody something that you know that they don’t know and it will help you to you know I love that so the first three things you talked about as far as we gotta become the best first thing basically was total obsession second thing there is repetition and the third thing is becoming a teacher I really like to actually the other term you just use and that’s more than mentor and I think as you become a mentor it’s you have there unlike teaching where you’re just trying to distribute information or dispersed information as a mentor you’re actually concerned about the person you’re trying to bring up to them absolutely and so I I love the idea as far as that that analogy of being a mentor to whoever you’re bringing on whether it’s people you’re you are teaching but you’re really truly mentoring them to become the very best that they can be which in turn makes you the best that you can be and you know ultimately like the greatest success of a leader is to be able to create people who can then take what they’ve taught them and even go further like I know that Russell has turned his gaze away from like just how much money I can make to like what kind of legacy I can leave and you see that happen to people who become the best at what they do is they they they stop concerning themselves with money because they know that the money comes with the value and they start to look at what kind of legacy so like it becomes almost a joy if Russell can watch people become more successful than even he is because that’s evidence that he’s really like done his mission really well and and when you start to make that shift life gets so much more fun so much more exciting so much more meaningful and the scarcity mindset disappears and then people flock to you because you’re really invested in their success and that’s the whole that little purpose right oh I totally in fact I was joking around alex mandossian while back who was one of Russell’s second or third mentor basically when he was especially learning Telus Emmet’s all that kind of stuff and Alex came out and he was actually out here boys a while back and say it is so weird for me to think that one of my students has so far surpassed me well I am now becoming a student of him and I thought that it was just such it was a tribute to Alex for me to recognize that and not being oh my gosh I can’t learn from him there’s no credit to Russell saying how important it is going back to that obsession and just repeating things over and over again so I love that idea yeah it’s just about standing on on the shoulders of the people who’ve helped you and that’s like that’s a great legacy and I think that’s the lap that would be the fourth thing I would say besides obsession and mentorship and repetition is becoming the best in the world means it’s not just about you you’re thinking about your legacy and about the impact that happens after you’re done with what you’re doing I love it so we’re getting close to wrapping things up here tell me what are some of the things you’re hoping to accomplish in 2018 to become the very best that you could be at oh my gosh I mean I put you on the spot I know you totally put me on the spot I mean part of the reason why I’m now a ClickFunnels™ is because I want to be with the best in the world period do you know what I mean and I think I love one of the things that I’m enjoying so much as I love teaching and writing these are things these are gifts and you know in the past couple years building my business I’ve had to do all kinds of other things that aren’t writing and teaching you know to keep my business afloat and now I get to really dive deep into into that art form that I just loved and so I’m really looking forward to becoming one of the best funnel building teachers in the world period that’s my goal and to be an amazing writer and just turn out massively awesome content that Russell just spews inbox or messages like tell the world you know so that’s really my big my big plan for 2018 and we all drop the mic on that one Julie congratulations I’m super excited to be a part of that working with you is so much fun for those you guys again as you’re looking at 2018 one of the things you’ve heard Julie mention is Russell’s books and things I highly recommend you guys go out start with expert secrets go to experts secrets calm it’s a free plus shipping offer if nothing else final Hackett we’re just actually today going through changing it so it’s gonna be new here by the time you listen to this but more importantly make sure you consume the content and really become obsessive about becoming that expert repeat whatever it is you’ve got to do to continue to become obsessive repetition over over over over again become that mentor and then most importantly build the legacy once again Julie thank you so much so excited heavy on the show and look forward to more episodes soon to come Wow talk soon guys thank you Dave thanks for listening to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Bono hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Funnel Hacker Radio Ep. 176 w/ Julie Stoian – Becoming The Best In The World

Funnel Hacker Radio Ep. 176 w/ Julie Stoian – Becoming The Best In The World