Funnel Hacker Radio 182 – Teacher To 2 Comma Club In Less Than 8 Months – Marketing Success

Why Dave Chose to Interview Tyler Shaule:

Tyler is a 2 Comma Club award winner and the Executive Director of a Christian children’s summer camp in Canada, the best job in the world if you ask Tyler. But as his camp faced shrinking enrollment numbers he saw that moving marketing and registration online would be a good move for his business. The only problem was he didn’t know how to do it.
He eventually found our ClickFunnels™ software and began applying the “offline” principles he was familiar with to drive up the online sales (about $1.12 million in 8 months) for camp sessions. Tyler has even been able to receive an award from a national fundraising association from his donation funnel.
Not only has he found success in increasing the revenue for his summer camp, but other businesses have reached out to know how he did it. Since most of them are “offline” coaches and service he finds a lot of relatability to their struggles. Tyler has been able to help these new clients of his make the same trip he did to getting their own “online” clients. Now he has his own consulting business where he gets paid up to $10k per client.
Almost forgot to mention this last part, 5 years ago he was a high school math teacher. Now what was your excuse for not following your dream again?

Tips and Tricks You can Use in Your Own Business:

From Math Teacher to Camp Director to Online Marketer (1:04)

Tyler’s $1.2 million funnel logistics (4:29)

Increasing retention when you only sell a week-long camp trip (8:41)

Tyler Turned his “Free+Shipping” Funnel into a “Donor-Conversion” Funnel (14:06)

Starting up a Camp-Marketing Consultancy when everyone wants to know how you’re doing well (17:36)

Getting in contact with Tyler Shaule (19:38)

Quotable Moments:

“If I can do it with a summer camp in Canada, you can do it with anything.”

“In our industry, the buyer’s journey is like 6 months to 8 months long. So, we kind of have to walk with them throughout that whole time.”

“That’s what I want to do, I want to put that word out, encourage regular people like me to just jump in, and get ready for the success that can come when you have the right Mentors, the right tools, and the right mindset to just really get in there and do it.”

Other Tidbits:

As Tyler’s business relies on their ability to invoke trust in customers so they can see why it’s good for the kids to attend the camp and why it’s safe to leave their kids at this camp. He was able to solve this problem through the use of social media posting of other families.

Audio Clips:

(11:28-11:40) “That’s been one of our greatest strategies is dominating in social media through other people. They’re coming not just because we say it’s amazing but because other people think it’s amazing”

(18:18-18:30) “Here’s the crazy thing Dave as I’ve been talking to camp directors and I’ve just been talking about it in my regular life, I’ve got business owners who are in offline businesses around me saying “Hey, could I do this to?”

Links Mentioned by Dave and Tyler: Tyler Shaule’s Facebook

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward radio I’m your host Dave liberated today yes you have the opportunity of hearing from the one and only famous now Tyler Shaw time welcome to the show hey Dave thanks I am so excited I just this is one of those things where I didn’t understand exactly what you were doing in your business and I saw you post on Facebook and are like oh my gosh this guy’s absolutely crushing it he’s one of our now over 200 – comma Club winners and he’s been just crushing it in a space that most people would never everything was possible and so I talked about it but in last eight months I think he said over 1.1 million bucks or something it’s a crazy yeah Dave that’s right yeah yeah and I I’m super excited to be on here I’m kind of a fan Girling a little bit so thanks for having me on the show well I know director of a Christian Childress summer camp in Canada and that’s kind of how this whole thing started so if you don’t like just take a couple minutes give people the back stories of how you use ClickFunnels™ to fill camps I mean just bizarre yeah sure Dave let me give you a little bit of the story about kind of how I went from being a high school teacher to a summer camp director to an online marketer because it’s it’s kind of like a unique path right like four years ago the the camp I grew up at met my wife at and everything the director you know really tragically passed away and they were looking for someone to fill in and after you a little bit talking and thinking I thought you know this would be something to be a lot of fun so in addition to teaching high school science and math I jumped in and started to be the director of this Christian kids camp so we have nine weeks in the summer and offer some you know school trips and things like that throughout the year and you know in the middle of that there was kind of a difficult time to take over because it wasn’t doing so great we had lots of empty spaces the budget was kind of tight so we had to try to figure out a way to make it work right because it’s an important mission is something that was really dear to my heart and I thought you know did this can’t just stop right we got to do better we got to get kids there who are gonna love this and have a life-changing unforgettable experience so we racked our brains about ways to get kids there and you know in addition to lots of other strategy is one of the things we thought was hey we got to get online because we kind of the classic camp thing which is centered a brochure with that like a little paper slip inside and you got to depend on parents not to lose the thing then they got to fill it out and put it in the mail mail it in and then register kids totally paper manually right and so we had an online system and I thought you know we really pushed hard with our online marketing and online sales I bet you this would really blow up for us and this is just me being a math teacher right thinking online thing is cool these are you know kids aged 6 to 12 their parents are kind of just on this cusp of knowing online stuff and and being okay with giving their credit card credit cards online and things like that so why don’t we try it right so we jumped in and tried lots of different things and then one day I came across Russell’s stuff ordered the books Secrets sock ClickFunnels™ you know jumped into it and it worked and and it helped us incredibly yeah you got it because we’re really struggling you know how do you find a system that can help you market and sell all together that has a lot of the strategy and tactics kind of built into it or you know the education that comes along with it so yeah we were able to take that and put it together into a funnel that last year did almost 1.2 million online in like eight months yeah so crazy industry people would never think online stuff would work for summer camps yeah it is the most offline niche ever right so I tell people the time we’re like oh I can’t do online stuff I’m an offline business I say hey if I can do it with a summer camp in Canada you can do it for anything that is insane so tell me what are you doing now me that I know was kind of where it started and yeah but just last summer yeah so we’ve been using it for a couple years and last year’s kind of a big year that blew up for us we came up with a funnel that had you know three kind of unique phases to it yeah well we we really came across something important not just probably the camp industry but across all industries and that’s that the price point for us sure sure it’s kind of expensive and parents wonder if they want to spend that much money or not for the kids to go away for a week but in the end you know we’re talking about parents children you know if they’re if they’re to write down a list of their assets they probably include their kids in it but that’s because they’re like so valuable they don’t even make it on the list of assets right they wouldn’t even think of that way but you know they care so much about their kids that that is really the prime decision is can we trust these people to take care of my kids for a week so we really isolated the fact that we had to build trust and belief that we could care for their kids you know love them for a week and give them an amazing experience as fast as possible so the front end of our funnel was actually something we totally funnel hacked directly from Russells so you’ll have to say big thank you to him it was his it was his viral share contest funnel from his snapchat promotion oh yeah we totally funnel hacked that grabbed that viral share contest software used that because the whole our whole plan was you know we can’t tell people how awesome of I can’t we are they don’t care if we tell them but they will incredibly care if they’re friends family neighbors and colleagues tell them that we’re awesome so that was really the strategy was we need to we needed kind of our number one asset which was our camper parents from the past years to tell everybody they knew that we were a great place to go so we set up the front of this funnel as this huge viral share contest set up some three weeks of camps and three camp gear and said if you share like crazy we’ll give you points and someone’s gonna win all this stuff well it was incredible like we just blew up people’s newsfeeds for like weeks on end and and that goodwill that we you know established through other people’s promotion of us was really the key I think to doing so well last year I get it’s one of those things I think gosh that’s been we don’t even have that one up right now so I think probably you I think that’s awesome so obviously you go from the viral sheriff funnel to what happens where does maybe now share this where are you taking them back to what type of page what’s the funnel where they going to next yep so then from there it went into kind of our custom CRM system which is a camp software that registers kids and then after they came out of that we really spent the next either you know three to 16 weeks in an indoctrination sequence because what we’re doing is we’re getting the parents excited the kids excited will come into camp because we know that at that point they’re just you know they’re they’re signed up and we know that if we can pre frame that excitement when they get there it’s just going to be awesome so we send lots of information lots of fa Q’s basically we our objection crushing the parents with all the the worries they’ve got and the you know the the the problems that they could think for their kids I talked to our registrar and the people who work our phones and say you know what what did they call you and talk to you about what do they worry about and they tell us all the requests that parents call with or worries that the co if they kind of talk mom’s down and ease their anxiety that into email sequences and so we drip content on them so that was the middle part of the the funnel and then the end part of the funnel was really cool because this is where you know we would say that we really kind of increased the cart value per camper household we knew that if we could establish them coming back next year and increase our retention numbers that we would just be doing awesome for the following year so what we we did was we started seeding that idea well they were at camp so while they’re at camp we know that we have the parents a hundred percent attention in fact if it’s exactly like like fifty-one weeks of the year were kind of a cool place one week we are the most important thing to a band so we just would just communicate like crazy with them right send them tons of emails tons of live updates on Instagram and Facebook try to get a picture of every kid every day and we’ve got like you know over 400 kids a week as part of our camp programs other day camp for summer camp and you know just really feed those parents what they want when they want it with with two big ideas I first I said was retention you know you guys got to come back next year and kind of get that set up and the way we did that was we know if someone will refer us at that moment the chances of of them being retained the following year is amazing because of you know if you think about it if someone will tell someone else that you’re awesome then they’ve just declared their belief in you sure and you know they’re gonna come back next year right so we did that and the second thing was we said you know we’re pretty full but sometimes we have spaces because we run about 90 percent we say hey there’s a few spots left and we’ll give you a discount if you register well your kids at camp to come back you know for next week or the week after so those are the two big things it’s like the same values on same summer yeah summer so repeat the two things yeah so we do repeat buyers in that summer and then we get them to refer in the sucker so that we can retain next year that’s such a great idea it was kind of a lengthy funnel but that’s that’s kind of our industry right is the buyers journey is you know up to six months eight months long so we’ve got to kind of walk with them throughout that whole that whole time how much is a week cost our day camps are just under two hundred dollars and summer camps could be as high as about six hundred dollars so I mean it’s a it’s an investment for the parent so you know we’re not most expensive we’re not the least expensive or kind of middle-of-the-road but it is discretionary income right we know it’s not a it’s not a need it’s a want and so we really mark it that way and you know the two big things for us are probably you know trust and belief and establishing that and then the fear of missing out so we just publish a ton of media in the summer to show parents what other kids are doing and having fun because what we realized was that when a parent sees a video of their child having fun the best thing they can do is share it like your kid is a couple hours away at summer camp they see a video of lido the little Johnny doing something fun outdoors they can’t reach out and give them a hug but what they can do is you know hit that share button ten times email the whole family and they see our camp everywhere so that’s that’s how you know that’s what our biggest strategy is dominating in social media through other people not just not there not just coming because we say it’s amazing they’re coming as other people say it’s amazing and that’s probably been our biggest learning over the last couple years I love it I know you’ve got a quiz funnel you’re doing this year or something Mary what was the whole idea what’s your quiz funnel yeah yeah so that was last year so I was kind of the social the viral share funnel this year we’re doing a survey funnel so it’s called find the perfect week of camp for your child and it’s totally modeled on you know a bunch of stuff you guys have done I totally geeked out on all those survey funnels so the first couple questions are just like like total like gimme questions so we say tell us you know in one word describe your child and we’ve got these awesome five descriptors you know they’re curious they’re fun they’re energetic you know they’re they’re you know they’re humorous and every parent wants to say something nice about their kid right so they they just click in and the next is tell us about what your child would love to do at camp and then we have bought eight items of just the coolest funnest activities we have and really it’s not to find out what they want to do it’s for us to promote to them awesome things we’ve got right so we say you know we’ve got a high ropes course we’ve got tubing behind a jet boat we’ve got horseback riding we’ve got archery we’ve got an inflatable obstacle course so you know what what your child like to do and then the third the third question is are you new or returning because we want to be able to segment for that because we know that returning we wanted we want to take them down a pathway where they do a referral for us and if they’re new we really want to you know love them a lot and hold their hand a little more closely in the registration process and the last question is how old is your child because that’s gonna segment for the the page we serve them with but the camp experience that fits their child’s age group so that’s that’s the rolling out next week for us Tyler from a high school science teacher you done pretty good one point last year two million on track for this yeah I mean you guys are crushing it kill yeah it’s it’s gonna be good you know we’ve doubled enrollment over four years and for extra online sales and you know there’s a lot of factors but ClickFunnels™ has allowed us to move fast on ideas you know cuz we can just quickly publish something in and go right and try it out test it out if it doesn’t work we haven’t invested too much time it’s alright we kill it try something new if it does work we keep optimizing and tweaking and you know one crazy thing we did last year this you’ll get a kick out of this we took a free plus shipping funnel and we made a donor conversion funnel out of it because we’ve got lots and lots of camper parents who would never donate to us we’re a Christian charity so we run great Christian camp experiences but we also have a charitable side where we invite kids to come to camp that you know otherwise couldn’t pay for camp we call it our summer fun so we raise money for that so last year we got thinking you know a lot of parents don’t really know that we do that they love us that we’re a great summer camp that their kids come to we really need to convert these camper parents into donors so we put together a free plus shipping a free plus shipping funnel at Christmas last year where we said you know you can get a Forest cliff camp swag bag and it was too kind a bunch of Forest cliff gear in it for free just $10 shipping it’s perfect to give your kids for Christmas and they’ll love it so that was kind of the front end and the second end was a video of me saying hey guys christmas is a time for giving and you probably don’t know this but we have tons of kids at camp who only get to come because people like you give you know you just gave an awesome gift to your child would you considering giving a gift to another child who really needs it this season yeah so then we had it’s you know fifty three dollars a month sponsorship is what we run as we say could you do one payment of fifty three dollars so you know we had a pretty small sample size we had a number of people who took it and then the third page was an upsell and one-click upsell cuz that’s you know ClickFunnels™ is awesome for that right to to turn it into a recurring subscription giving you know you’ve given fifty two dollars that covers just you know that covers january the first month would you consider clicking this one button and being a monthly sponsor and taking care that whole sponsorship and so that you remember what the conversion numbers were on that oh it was awesome so the conversions on the gift were of 12% and the conversion on the the m RR was maybe maybe another 12% between 1012 yeah it was awesome in fact in fact we won this huge was it’s huge we want a really cool award from a big nonprofit online fundraising agency in the state so I got to go down there and got this plaque for that for that campaign I was telling her but down there but click funnels and they’re like what are you talking about I was like ah you guys got to use this thing it’s amazing right so you know for us the power of click funnels has been you know the education and kind of a mentorship in a virtual mentorship that you and Russell and so many people provide as well as you know a tool that’s easy to use quick to learn and really fast to implement and and it’s been amazing for us because we can just get in there and do stuff right and and try it out I’m just so impressed good I hope you guys sort of listen here I understand what’s taking place and you’re finding different ways you can use this type of stuff in your own business again just the idea as far as the viral Sherriff oh no I love the charitable donation funnel and the quiz funnel I mean those are just crazy crazy thinks that most nonprofits would never ever think of doing and it’s just again it’s such a great way you guys are implementing this kind of stuff and I now I think one of the things you were talking about is now you’re you’ve got other camps who are wanting to learn from you on how to feel their camps do yeah so you know I do I go to the conferences and talk to my colleagues and I like what what is going on like what are you doing and so I started to share a little bit more about it and you know I had dozens of people asking me so I I started up my own camp marketing consultancy and and again like ClickFunnels™ just makes it easy cuz I was like I just got this ideas like I should do this and then set up a sales page set up a membership site and then started enrolling people as I started as a course sold the course for almost a year the last eight months I’ve made it kind of a monthly consultancy but here’s the crazy thing Dave as I’ve done this for camp directors and I just kind of talked about it my regular life I’ve got I’ve got business owners and people who are an offline business around me saying like could could I do this too so it’s been a neat journey over the last couple months for me to start thinking how could I take all the stuff that we’ve done in the context of selling camp to help offline businesses you know grow from six figures to seven figures through getting online clients you know going online finding the clients online enrolling them online and then serving them online right so that’s kind of my next big thing that’s what I’m excited for and that’s what I’m jumping into in a couple weeks I’ll have to have you back on the show you have to tell us the success of that one next year that’s just crazy crazy cool I love it congratulations I think it’s just I love how you guys are just totally crushing again I know we actually are doing this as a video record you guys can catch over at fo hacker about TV one of the things Todd hasn’t his back of his wall here is just two comic club plaque and he actually is gonna be at photo hacking live for those who are attending he’s gonna be one of our roundtable getting hosts he’ll be there answering any questions so again if you’re not coming to funnel hacking live by all means go to phone hacking sign up register for it again I’m so so excited cuz people are good I know people are dying to get a hold of you other stuff so tell you God how are people gonna be able to reach out to you and find out more about what you’re doing where do you want it’s probably easiest to go on Facebook look up Tyler Shaw my last name’s SH a ule and message me I love having conversations and you know if you are an offline business and you are professional or a service provider and you want to go from six figures to seven figures by getting online clients then message me and we’ll figure out if it’s a good fit if if we could work together and we’ll see what happens this is something I’m just getting into so I’d love to to chat with lots of funnel hackers out there to see if I could help Tyler congratulations all your success I’m so proud of you it’s just oh I just love love seeing how people are using stepford putting out there you in the universe and again I never would have thought that through what you were doing you’d be feeling Christian summer camps but I love it and again congratulations all your success can’t wait to see in Orlando here in March and again any parting words you want to tell everybody before we hang up here oh you know just that you know I was five years ago four years ago I was a high school math and science teacher and last year a two comma Club Award winner and then this year launching you know my you know had a lot last year left my own consultancy and this year jumping into you know business so you know it’s possible and it’s just taking imperfect action trying it out and using ClickFunnels™ and I think it’s achievable for every that’s what I reached out to you Dave cuz I I was on one of your lives and you said you know you got we all have a moral obligation to share and publish and put out there what’s going on for us so that we can help other people and and that’s what I want to do I want to put that word out and encourage you know regular people just like me to jump in to learn and and and to get ready for the success that can come when you have the right mentors the right tools and the right mindset to just get in and do it I love it thank you so much I can’t wait to see you in Orlando just a couple months here just awesome thanks Dave thanks for listening to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified any time we release a new episode just subscribe over at pono hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift can find that free gift at Fond Oaxaca forward slash retrial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Funnel Hacker Radio 182 – Teacher To 2 Comma Club In Less Than 8 Months – Marketing Success

Funnel Hacker Radio 182 – Teacher To 2 Comma Club In Less Than 8 Months – Marketing Success