Funnel Hacker Radio 177 – 7 Online Marketing & Sales Funnel Tips; Value Bombs From Genius Network

Why Dave chose to share about his time at Genius Network:

Dave Woodward attended Joe Polish’s Genius Network November 2017. Here he shares the value bombs he learned in the 2 days he was there.

Tips and Tricks for Marketing and Your Business:

You can’t read the label of the jar that you’re in so you’ll need to look from an outside perspective to see what situation you’re really in (3:22)

Focus is something that you do, not something you have. You have to continually work on it to maintain it (3:46)

Jason Fladlien reinvented using testimonials, content, and getting 150 “yes’” (5:56)

Randi Zuckerberg’s balance of work and life (8:26)

Tony Robbins wants you to get obsessive with finding who you’re selling to and why they would want to buy (11:10)

Fall in love with your customer, not your product (14:13)

Buying back time (16:53)

Be 100% in charge but with no control, give the control to others. Funny concept right? (19:10)

Quotable Moments:

“As you take a look at your life try and focus on what you can get exponential returns on. You’re really trying to maximize your time”

“Too often people don’t want to put themselves out there into stressful situations. You have to get out there, you have to live on that. You have to realize there’s so much left that you’ve got to give and get uncomfortable. Get use to being uncomfortable”

“It doesn’t matter if you are a [glass] half full or a [glass] half empty kind of person. It only matters if you are going to fill the glass”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Dave’s favorite one-liner from Genius Network was: “Life is easy when you live it the hard way and life is hard when you live it the easy way.” Dave is a huge enthusiast of grinding through the hard times so you can enjoy the finished product so much more as you feel the accomplished feeling coursing through you.

If you’re not throwing up once a month because of how hard of the intensity you’re pushing at then you’re not trying hard enough. Just don’t take that too literally. Randi Zuckerberg, the brain behind Facebook Lives, advised this to her audience purely as a metaphor to remind us of how much we really can do.

Tony Robbins told Dave and the rest of those at the conference that a belief is a poor substitute for an experience. How many people do you know that have an abundance of beliefs but little to no actions to go along with them? These kinds of people don’t have as sound of an understanding of what it truly is they believe as much as someone who goes out and acts on their thoughts own notions.

Audio Clips:

(12:20-12:30) “I think it’s really important as you look at 2018 here that you look at how you can become a business owner instead of a business operator.”

(17:54-18:05) “A lot of times we get focused and we get so concerned about getting everything done at the same time that you don’t get ‘Focused Energy’. And without that ‘Focused Energy’ you can’t create the very best.”


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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward everybody welcome back to funnel hacker radio I’m your host Dave Woodward and this is kind of a weird episode actually I was driving other day with my son Parker and we were talking about some of the travel and everything else has been going on he’s like man dad you gotta just share with people some of the stuff that you learn while I’m out on the road and literally like 10 15 minutes later I received a an email from Julie hood who was the podcast and was kind enough basically right in this you know tell me she appreciated the show and all that and one thing she was talking about was the same thing and that is gotcha Dave you go out you meet with so many different people and you’re traveling around want to share more of the things that you’re running into some of the people you’re here and all that kind of stuff I thought you know it would be wrong of me not to at least share with you guys some of the opportunities and the things that I learned by literally having the opportunities associated with for me well who are some of the literally the greatest markers in the entire universe so I thought you know what I was at a genius network in the beginning of November 2017 and I had the opportunity of taking a ton of notes to everything else and I thought you do it well let me just kind of flip through my journal here and let’s kind of look into my journal and see some of the things and some of the quotes and things that I wrote down and hopefully it’s gonna be of use to you as you take a look at 2018 all the crazy stuff that’s going on so first of all if you’re not familiar with genius network genius network is ran by Joe polish a dear friend of mine and the guy is just an amazing marketer he’s been around for a long time started off in the carpet cleaning business huge huge history definitely take a look at it but what he’s done right now has created this group where basically it cost you twenty five thousand dollars a year to belong to it I think it’s ten or fifteen thousand dollars to go to the two-day annually mint where they have two hundred three hundred marketing Minds from all sorts of different industries it’s one of the reasons I really kind of like it the party enjoyed the most this year actually had another good buddy of mine JP Sears was there actually became the emcee and so the banter between the two of them was hilarious it brought a ton of energy excitement to the audience was this year unlike some of the other years to me at least the value that was created inside of that room was really really amazing and I thought I need to at least share with you guys some of the things so you kind of sit there on my desk basically with me and kind of dive into here some of the things that were said as I share with you some things that I took notes on so with all that said let me just dive right into this first of all when Joe starts off genius network on his annual event one of the things he loves is goes through a ton of just one-liners and quotes and all that kind of stuff I wrote down a few my thought was kind of cool and fun so I’ll share those with you first one of the things I wrote was life is easy when you when you live it the hard way and it’s hard when you try to live it the easy way it’s a teach credos quote so again life is easy when you live it the hard way and hard when you live it the easy way and I was talking to buddy of mine about that just the other day where so often people are always trying to look for the easy way out and every time you try to look for the easy way out it life just gets hard if you’ll just put in the work and do what it takes you’re gonna find that actually life gets easier but you have to pay the price second thing is you can’t read the label of the jar that you’re in and I thought it was kind of funny that actually is a cool little picture I wish I could share with you guys but so often we don’t understand the problems that we’re really dealing with because you don’t know the jar that you’re actually in and I think it’s important you take a look at this year and you reflect back on last year what were some of the problems and things you ran across what was the label that you were really dealing with and how are you gonna fix that so you don’t have to repeat that she can get out of that jar and into a new one the last one here he’s talked about is focus is something that you do not something that you have and the reason I really like this is we spot it spent a lot of time talking about the importance of focus and you have to understand that a lot of people will focus on how to do something themselves to me that’s like linear progression it’s like step after step after step after step the other focus that’s more of an exponential type of focus especially as an entrepreneur that you really need to pay attention to is the focus on how can you do something or how basically focus on who can do something for you and this is one of the things I’ve seen recently here at click balls russell’s just been an amazing app and that is trying to find ways of getting other people to do more of the stuff that he doesn’t have to do it’s not his unique skillset it’s not his superpower so often as entrepreneurs we get started business and life and everything else we get so focused on thinking I’m the only person who can do it I’m the only person who can do it as good as I know it needs to be done realize that it typically doesn’t need to be done as good as you think it does and second of all there might be someone who’s actually even better at it than you and it’s not something that you enjoy so this year as you take a look at it don’t focus on on linear type of focus as far as how to do something yourself focus on who could you actually who can you find to do something for you and for me it’s been a huge huge relief I I get real busy during the day and one of the things I hate to have to do is worry about eating it drives my wife crazy because I just don’t care but for me one of the best things is I actually have my son Parker helped me find a cook for a Russell night and it’s the great thing with a little bring food in it’s already here I bring it in every single day and I’ve got it basically for my meals are done I don’t have to think about I have to worry about that so I can focus on other types of things so you take a look at your life look at the things that you can basically get exponential returns on you’re really trying to find a way of maximizing your time let me just dive in some of these other notes here um Jason Flavian a dear friend of mine did a we’ve done webinars with him in the past he’s come out with his change webinars one things he talked about was the importance of testimonials now obviously anybody who’s done any marketing understands how important testimonials are he took it another step further and he said the hard part for a lot of entrepreneurs is and people especially on webinars is they save their testimonials to the end well Jason actually started off with was his testimonials in the beginning and found testimonials that he actually used to overcome objections and what he’s really said is what he tries to find is his very best testimonials and tries to find a way of using those testimonials at least three times throughout a webinar and it’s not the exact same testimonial typically it’s that person but it’s three different parts of it so it may be the person who and they tell you almost this of all this the first part of the testimonials where they were and then how they got through it and then how there’s life is now and so you’re actually using that person so you’re weaving them into the story of your webinar it’s done a great job with that the other thing was the importance of content and one things you talked about was you need to present things especially in a webinar setting to people more on a road map so you say you know what you don’t want to have less than three steps and you don’t want to have more than five but by telling people okay this is the third step four the fourth step or the fifth step they’re able to chronologically pay attention to it the other thing that it does is it it sets up open loops where they know they need to get five things so as you take a look at your content the whole idea there is to make sure that you’re doing it in a way that that really ties them in engaged they’re obviously Russell’s done an amazing job on his on his perfect webinar script you don’t have that by all means go to perfect webinar comm and get it but I just want to make sure that you understand the importance of using testimonials as well as a content the other thing he’s talked about was the importance of getting 150 yeses before you sell them anything now if you followed experts secrets book you see in there all the different opportunities as far as closes that you’re setting people up to get those yeses but one of the things that Jason said I really liked and that is make sure that you get a transcription of the webinar and see how many times yes is you actually get before you have to get to that close so look to try to get 150 yeses in I thought it was a really cool idea been hard he’s a great guy if you haven’t followed Betty’s he’s actually ClickFunnels™ user he’s been crushing it on medium all I’m gonna tell you right now it’s a topic I’m probably trying to get him on on a future podcast for but again just a guy who’s killing it out there one of the things Randi Zuckerberg was there she’s Mark Zuckerberg sister and she actually was the creator of Facebook live she’s now since left Facebook and is doing her own thing but it was fascinating hearing from her some of the different things that she went through and I thought what was really kind of cool about the whole idea was you know people were asked her a bunch of different questions and one of the questions they they asked her about was work-life balance and her whole thing is that there’s no way in the world to truly have a balanced work-life it just doesn’t happen and if you think it’s going to you you set yourself up for failure and frustration everything else so her secret or her tip basically was that there’s five things that she has basically these two balance she has to balance her work her sleep her family her friends and her fitness said for me I look at it and say you know what I can only pick three of those and I’m only gonna focus on getting three of those a day and that’s it and by doing that that was her way of creating balance so maybe maybe the this for today she was gonna the three she was gonna focus on would be work family and fitness well that means she’s probably not gonna get as much sleep as she wanted she if I’m not gonna have any contact with her friends but that allowed her that opportunity of getting accomplish what she needed to and then the other thing she said is to make sure that you you identify is the juice worth the squeeze in other words if what you’re going after is it really worth it and yeah that’s something that’s internal you have to decide for yourself but it was one of the things she tried to use as a guiding post for hers is the juice worth the squeeze a couple of the other things she made mention of was some business advice and then personal advice the business advice you know someone basically so ready what’s the what business buys would you give to us as entrepreneurs and she said you’re never as good as they say you are and you’re never as bad as they say you are and it kind of got a laugh out of the audience but it is really true some people who love you they’re giving you all the praise in the world and all of a sudden you think you’re this amazing super person you’re probably not as great as as they may think you are at the same time I know in my own personal life and work life I’ve been amazed at times how mean some people can be and just realize that that you’re never as bad as they as they say you are the advice that she had personally and this was kind of a getting kind of funny advice people are saying well what’s the personal advice you’d give just as entrepreneur she goes well if you’re not throwing up at least once a month due to the stress you’re not doing enough that’s not I I usually don’t try to throw up once a month but I I got the idea behind it and that is you’ve got to often people don’t want to put themselves out and get into stressful situations you gotta you gotta get there you gotta live on that you got to be able to to realize that there’s so much you have to give and and get uncomfortable and get used to being uncomfortable Tony Robbins was there always love having Tony’s always drop in value mom’s left and right a couple things he made mention of and that was start doing a weekly company video and then share testimonials of clients one things he talked about was to go from a hundred million to a billion dollars his secret there was you had to become obsessive about the ideal customer that you want you have to know in detail exactly who that person is what do they like what do they where do they live I mean just he went through a whole list of different ideas the other thing made mention up was the fact as far as don’t fall in love with your product or your service people are not loyal to products or services and realized the product lifecycle that he’s seen these days is about four to six months the other thing he said was you need to draw a line a line in the sand and become an owner not an operator and this is one of the things we’ve really looked at I’ve looked at my own business life many times and that is there is such a huge difference between being a business owner and a business operator if you’re not familiar with what I’m referring to I’m not going to take time right now you need to research that you really need to understand there’s a massive massive difference mentally as well as the activities that you actually take on when you go from operator to owner and I think it’s really important as you take a look at 2018 here try to find out what are the things that you can do to become more of the business owner instead of the business operator the last thing Tony said which I I just love it it’s just pure toning that is said you know what a belief is a poor substitute for an experience and the man that is such great advice so often people have all these crazy beliefs and things but they never actually had the experience and he talked about his travels and being around the world in different countries and everything else and he says you know people believe all these different things about different people who live in different parts of the world he goes you don’t know what it’s like until you actually experience it until you’ve actually gone out till you’ve actually travel to that place so you’ve walked in their shoes so just realize that whatever beliefs you have a belief is a poor substitute for experience so this year in 2018 try to find some ways that you can actually get more experiences in your life I’m a huge huge believe my kids always joke around about with me because gives me nothing to me experiences me in the world and other words I all spent a ton of money on experiences that I wouldn’t spend on a gift and for me I I just realize know what I learned so much more from an experience it’s something that I treasure and I look forward to it’s one of the reasons I I get so excited every single day so I’m trying to find out what new experience can I have today versus tangible things gifts they come and go the cars come and go that all that time to get on that soap opera clock to learn anyways just realize uh police a poor substitute for experience and this year trying to find a way of getting more experiences Naveen Jane was there his whole thing was on moonshots again InfoSpace moon express by ohm billionaire running three different billion dollar companies crazy crazy guy most down-to-earth humble kind the world I didn’t know who I was talking to I felt almost embarrassed but he was just the coolest guy ever but one things he was talking about is you have to fall in love with your customer and not the product which was kind of funny because it was a couple hours after so after Tony spoken but it’s so true it again me they both made the same thing that’s fall in love with your customer not your product and if you do that you’ll find that you create the very best products you’ll create the best experiences for them you’ll be you’ll have their heart and everything in mind and you’ll do what’s right for them so again fall in love your customer not the product the other thing you said is focus on the big stuff said so are you guys how many guys are are half-full vs. half-empty type of people and you know people have all over you know different hands raising up most of everyone in the group was you know half-full egos you know what it doesn’t matter if you’re half-full or half-empty what matters is do you want to fill the glass I thought that was really cool as far as you got to focus on the big step is is it doesn’t matter what your thought process they are about the jar you’re into the glass order them mindset realize is it worth filling up and if it is man overfill it just go all in on it so I love that idea a couple other things let’s see here and was his email I’m not gonna give you the email sorry I’m Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan both got up and they were talking a lot of their stuff was really cool they’re talking about the importance of longevity and living longer and it was just fascinating to me to see when you start associate with people who mindsets far surpass where you currently are and the thing that’s so far out of the box it’s just blows my mind because I mean for them their whole thing is longevity how long do you how long how old do you want to be and I think Dan Sullivan was you know I don’t plan on dying in some 147 and if he I think Naveen Jane was somewhere that two hundreds and it was interesting he said you know both of them wanted to live through an entire century from as a book and basically so whatever wherever they were born on one end of the century they want to have that same experience on the other end of another century the other thing they talked about is when you start thinking that way that life isn’t a 80 year life cycle or a hundred years you start planning differently you look at your finances differently you look at people differently you look at your experiences differently and so it was just really a kind of cool concept the other thing they talked about was again gratitude creates abundance and if you haven’t already read Peter commonness the book abundance or bold highly recommended great books amazing amazing content um but the whole idea behind that was understanding how important just being appreciative is there’s emotional gratitude and then what you’ll find is as you express that type of gratitude you actually have you provide higher value economically to others as well it’s a weird thing and on but I’m just a huge believer in it you’ve got to be more appreciative and express that appreciation let people know about it too often people just don’t aren’t willing to share that kind of stuff when things dan sullivan talked about was free days and buying back time she says you know buying back time for him is the most important thing I think Dan’s in his late 70s and his whole focus right now is on on how do I buy back time in other words doing those things that gave him the greatest result and the importance then of having three days a lot of us here you know hustle hustle hustle hustle hustle it says for him the most important thing is blocking time out where he literally blocks out this is a free day where I’m not doing anything this is my time and he just totally protects it it’s a three day for him from work and everything else to do whatever in the world is that he wants instead of letting other people control your time he’s like you know what for me those are my free days no one could book any time during my freedom but me the other thing was the importance of buffer days and focused days for him he says you know there times where you have you have to have a focus day where literally no one’s allowed to interrupt you your door you don’t look at email you do anything you have got to get things done deadlines are approaching it’s time to focus it says a lot of times we get focused we get so concerned I’m trying to get everything done at the same time that you don’t get focused energy without that focus energy you can’t create the very best so for him eBay is there’s there days that are blocked out as a free day there’s other days that are blocked out as focus days where there’s no interruptions no meetings nothing else I’m doing nothing else but the project that I know I need to do but then he said the other part was the importance having a buffer day and he said a lot of times people will stack ten focus days back-to-back he goes that’s just not realistic you’ve got to be able to put a buffer day in there and that buffer day is a day where you basically say you know I I realize there’s gonna be a lot of stuff I got to get done and I can’t put everything off forever so my buffer day just gives me a cushion and what he said is it actually decreases his stress because he can push things off because he knows he’s got a buffer day coming and so I highly encourage you guys take a look at your calendars and say okay schedule right now what are gonna be my free days what are gonna be my focused days where are my buffer days gonna be and tribal to at least you know at this point at least go for a month look out a month and say okay what which ones are free days buffer days and focus days and schedule those um trying to keep this concise and short but the same time wanna get us all out to you let’s see your oh the other thing he talked about was be 100% in charge but with no control give control to others and thought wow that’s kind of crazy but what I’ve seen recently and recently literally being the last today’s Friday before Christmas started on Monday we brought James Friel in the office James is amazing at systems and operations and given to the podcast a lot long time to go with him if you wanted to go check that out but one thing his whole thing’s is creating systems and I know Russell’s gonna do a podcast on this later as far as the whole bat-signal type of stuff so I’m not gonna talk about that but I do want to express to you what has happened here living in the last two or three days is so what we’re seeing is Russell’s 100% in charge but he’s pushing control out to other people and by doing that it’s increased his creativity which seems next to impossible do but it has and it’s it’s allowed him to take off some of the gas in one area and apply it to his unique ability which is actually accelerating things even faster for us so I’d really encourage you to take a look at how can you be 100% in charge with no control and how can you give control to other people Dean Graciosa was there one of my favorite things he talked about was understand that irritated oysters make pearls and I’ll leave on this note here this whole idea behind it is you have to understand that you get so frustrated times you get gosh nothing’s working it’s not going the way I want it to go realize that those little irritations those little irritations inside of the oyster that’s what makes the pearl and for you guys I promise you those you guys are listen to this realize that the little irritations that you’re focusing on is that you’re that you’re wrapping your brain around and you’re trying to get control over that little that irritation literally becomes the Pearl that you’re gonna that’s gonna be a massive value to you so with all that said have an amazing 2018 I look forward to connecting with you guys hopefully the funnel hacking live if not sooner and we’ll talk to guys soon thanks so much thanks for listen to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Otto hacker in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Funnel Hacker Radio 177 – 7 Online Marketing & Sales Funnel Tips; Value Bombs From Genius Network

Funnel Hacker Radio 177 – 7 Online Marketing & Sales Funnel Tips; Value Bombs From Genius Network