Funnel Hacker Onboarding #2 – What’s Your Micro Value Ladder?

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Funnel Hacker Onboarding #2 – What’s Your Micro Value Ladder?

what’s up everybody’s russell brunson welcome back to video number two here in our funnel hacker onboarding series inside the marketing secrets podcast i hope he has enjoyed yesterday’s podcast talking about why funnel is why they’re important today we’re talking about the value adder so the big question is this power onch Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets puddly market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is russell brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright so with that before I show you the video a lot of times when people think about value adders because I think it’s way I explained it in the dot-com secrets book I talked about going from page one you shouldn’t be funnel one to funnel two to Vonn a funnel three which is it’s true but for most people they spend so much time mapping out the value out of like this is we’re gonna go next 20 years you know invention I mean hiring coaching and then I’m gonna coach the president the United States I’m gonna become the president United States like they’re going so deep in this huge value ladder which is good so you don’t sound like here’s where I’m going but then it comes down to the micro like what’s the value out here like when someone hits my landing page what’s the value I’m giving them here when they opt-in what’s the value and so that’s what this trains about is kind of micro level of value out and how they kind of work together so let’s watch that clip right now I hope you guys enjoy it and we’ll see you on the next episode all right welcome back now in the last video we talked about what is the funnel and by the way if you haven’t had a chance to read accom seekers book I would recommend it because this is where we go deep into like what is the funnel the whole concept of whoever spends the most money to acquire customer wins is all talked about in here we talked about funnel structures and like it’s a really good books help you understand the strategy behind funnels if you don’t have it yet so click on the button down below there’ll be a page we can go get a book I think it’s 795 shipping and handling but that’s what this is all about help you understand funnel structure better now one of the core concepts inside of here that I want to share with you because it’s such a key to understanding how funnels work is a constant called the value ladder and so the way the value ladder works if you look at this image right here on the left-hand axis you have value this is how much of value you’re giving someone as the arrow goes up the the value is on the bottom axis as price and then you go to the right the price gets more and more expensive now most business owners like the most ideal thing would be able to provide the most amount of value for somebody get the most amount of money right like for example we have a coaching program we charge a million dollars to create somebody’s funnel for them and that’s amazing right like in a perfect world I could go to every single person in that ok it’s a million dollars but I’ll create a funnel for you and it’s gonna be awesome and the problem is like if I walked up to this I saw you on the street the first time I’m like hey my name is Russell Brunson I know I look like I’m 11 years old but if you give me a million dollars I will build a funnel for you you’re gonna think I’m insane right because I provided zero value to this point yeah that’s what a lot of us as business owners are doing we’re coming we’re pitching our most expensive high thing and like shooting for the fences but people have not received value firmer so they don’t want that so if you look at like how businesses work it move to this thing called a value ladder where initially when someone first comes into your world they’re kind of testing the water and they’re filling things out so what you want to do is try to provide value for them right there for free and if they get value the tip that are tolling the water like wow that was really really quite a good experience was so-and-so and they receive value us as humans we naturally will want more and we’ll start sending up saying well that was a really good experience like what else do you have and we’ll move up the value ladder we have a chance to offer them more value but they’ll give you more money and then they receive value at that level they’ll naturally want more and they’ll keep moving through this ascension until you either stop selling them something or tell you offend them and that’s how business works and so for you is understanding this process of the value ladder and you know listen in the real world right somebody came in to you the first day and said hey what do you do for a living you would tell them and you can explain some stuff and try to give them something with like oh cool that’s awesome and you build some rapport and there’d be some value there and then the next thing you do is you could offer them something else ok it’s the same thing like if you like if and when you met your spouse like the first time you met them you know the first thing you ask them on a date and then have the you provide value if they have a good time on the date then you go on a second date and it keeps going on until you get married right there’s there’s this logical progression yet for some reason online we all forget that all these like common-sense rules fall out that out of the world cuz right oh they’re pixels and they’re their things and it’s traffic of it no it’s people you have to understand that so what happens is every single funnel is the value adder okay when somebody comes my very first page I’m saying hey my name is Russell Brunson I want you to give me your email address if I there you receive no value like why would I give you my email address can become too patient like hey my name’s Russell and I wrote a really cool report called blah blah blah blah blah whatever it is and say I’ll give you this report for free just give me an email address and I’ll send it to you and you’re right huh okay you give me an email address I send you this report you get a report you some value like that was really really good Russell’s a cool dude then on the next page in the funnel that’s like hey I just sent you the report and go check it out think you’re gonna love it but while you’re here I’ll make a really special offer to you and not try to provide value again like normally I sell this thing for blog I’m gonna give you a special discount because you’re here right now or you know whatever that thing might be because your first-time subscriber normally you know first thing I wanna sell you is this thing it’s like lot of times in my business I sell books for really really cheap or we do you know if you’re an offline business maybe it’s a maybe it’s a free exam or whatever it is but it’s something you’re providing value okay and if someone gets that they buy the next thing and then the next page is like hey you just bought my book for 795 on the next page it’s like hey that your books coming you’re gonna love but you know some people like to learn in a classroom situation I have a home study course it’s this or whatever that thing might be okay same thing works in e-commerce case people always tell me well that works in information but not in e-commerce but the same thing works in e-commerce one of our number one click funnel sellers right now he built a huge funnel it was the most successful funnels I’ve ever seen and started with a flashlight hey this is a tactical flashlight would you like to buy it and people bought the flashlight and they started thinking how else can I provide value to this person and short Bream through a vet through a value out he said look you bought a flashlight for this price how’d you like a second one a 50% off and boom my house people said yes there’s like hey now you got a flashlight we want to get like a carrying case we can put it in and people like oh yeah sure yes boom inning took next thing and he kept thinking how is stripe right in value hey you want Russia ping yes hey do you want this yes and slow evaluator is always thinking about that so every time I’m working on a funnel I’m thinking about this is like somebody is they see an ad they see something they click on something they come to my page the first page of my funnel and I’m thinking how do I provide this person value what do I want in return I want their email address or maybe want their credit card I may want them to register for a webinar or maybe I want them whatever you that the action is on that page I’m thinking how do I provide value to this person and if I do in a cool way and they connect they have a good experience guess what they’re gonna want to buy again and again and that’s how you build a business the right way okay and so as we do more and more of these trainings value out because value ladder is happening in a bunch of places happens inside of your front every page in your funnel is the next step of a mini value ladder okay also and we’ll talk about this in the next the next major training absalom goes through your first funnel then usually have a second funnel and that’s the bigger piece of the value so kind of like the micro and the macro and so these things are happening all the time but for the before any eyes when you’re thinking about that it’s like every single interaction having somebody I need to provide them value and then if they like that they will naturally ascend up and want more value and I can charge them more and if they like that I can provide brighter more me keep taking them through this process okay that’s how I can go right now and get people to pay me a million dollars to build a funnel for him because I provided value at all these loves that provide value for my books through my software to my training to my events now when it comes to their it’s like yes I trust Russell I have rapport with him he’s awesome I believe that he will do what he’s gonna do and now they’re willing to invest the big money okay and so if your business the same thing and so he I started thinking through that and so he has just understand that concept of the value ladder can your homework for right now is to map out a value ladder now this is not talking about all the products and services might sell them over the next ten years sometime about just this initial funnel the funnel you started building in the last walkthrough you have all these different pages right depending on which funnel you picked inside the cookbook and what you think in case someone lands on this page what’s the value I’m providing them in exchange for whatever’s happening their email address then if I go the next page what’s the value I’m providing in exchange for them to give me their credit card what’s the value I’m providing to get them to buy the upsell what’s the value to get them to register for the webinar like whatever that thing is for your business I want thinking through that and writing out every single like look at all the pages in that funnel and just think through what’s the value out of taking them through in the inside of this funnel okay and that is the key now in the next video we’re talking about now you got the value how do we structure the offers and then talking the next video about the copy to sell the things on the pages but right now I want you just conceptually thinking about like what do you have to offer people gave all the products and the services and the ideas and the things that you have what’s the logical progression you can take somebody through to give them more and more value so they can build the relationship with you they can buy your products they can buy your services and you can change their life that is the goal so that is the assignment right now and the other thing is if you don’t have a copy of this book yet I highly recommend will have a link down below to go get it and in getting this we’ll teach you all about funnel structures and teach you about value outers and whole bunch of other things this will help you understand the strategy funnels in a much deeper way so get the book if you don’t have it yet as well thanks so much and we’ll see you on the next training would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF unalaq ER TV

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On this episode Russell talks about the second step of the funnel hacker onboarding process, the value ladder. Here are some cool things to look for in this episode.

-You will see how the value ladder works.

-Find out how to get your customers to ascend the ladder.

-And see why providing value to your customer will help you get what you want out of them.

So listen here to find out how to get customers to ascend the value ladder so you can get more of what you want out of your customers.

Funnel Hacker Onboarding #2 – What’s Your Micro Value Ladder?

Funnel Hacker Onboarding #2 – What’s Your Micro Value Ladder?