Funnel Fridays Episode #59 (Takeoff Funnel)

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Funnel Fridays Episode #59 (Takeoff Funnel)

Clickfunnels™ Info-Product Takeoff – How to create info sales funnel

Clickfunnels™ Info-Product Takeoff: Welcome to Funnel Fridays! In today’s episode, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards are helping out a sales funnel that sells drone courses, repairing it, and getting it ready to take off. Using ClickFunnels and Funnel Scripts, the guys show you how to create a sales funnel that is perfect for your info product.

Clickfunnels™ Info-Product Takeoff: Facebook and YouTube

Facebook and YouTube as well what’s up everybody Jim how you doing man what’s up guys how are you I’m an amazing and I love your new half of the day I hope well it’s actually a it’s a it’s an old-timey pilot’s hat thingy and the reason is because Russell and I are gonna launch on a new career as professional drone pilots today that’s right and I’ve got my celery juice today I’ve been out reading the medical media and he said celery juice heals all things everything you have cancer surgeries you have disease summaries you have a broken arm celery juice so everything

severed limb celery juice good back so apparently yes that’s the secret so I’m treating my cellar Tuesday Jim if you could shove it through the internet that would be amazing but I’m I I really don’t even know there’s so many things going through my head right now that we don’t have time for that I just want to congratulate you on discovering celery juice tire medical community just disappeared all the doctors the drug companies of supplement companies it’s just sour juice that’s it so are you investing in celery futures now it’s like man I’m in a corner though I’m gonna corner the market on celery my celery funnel is just operating in top notch I love that the guy Ron white whom you’ve probably never seen the comedian he said celery’s just celery is a carb masquerading as dental floss but that

was pretty funny okay let’s talk about what build today because I’m actually cyclist because I do actually have my own drone and I flew it but I did not make any money with it was that’s we’re talking about today I believe and that’s right so we are actually you want me to show my screen yeah okay so we are actually we have a if I could I’ve been on vacation too I don’t know how to share my screen here we go so um we have clickfunnels and final scripts users who are the the professional drone Pilots Association and so they are selling a course on how to become a professional drone pilot and the idea is actually kind of cool and that’s why I’m wearing this amazing hat the problem with their page and I told Russell this is they’re like can I use the same analogy or would you prefer I didn’t probably not oh

Clickfunnels™ Info-Product Takeoff: Combining Five Funnels

yeah not yet so the they’re basically combining five funnels into one they’re trying to do a sales letter slash I don’t even know what it’s so many different pieces here that that my mind just goes this is just all kinds of wrong with me if you are successful they all look the same everybody else’s yeah you make one of these things not like the other you’re following they don’t look the same yeah I mean this this kind of root beer puke background just ain’t doing it you know I got a disco party or something this is this website is only legal in Oakland California where they just legalized psychedelic mushrooms so I you know I put some thought into this and I did some things but I really want your your thought I mean my personal opinion is that they need to turn this if this is a if this is an opt-in page then this needs to be a frickin opt-in page which is get your free video with instant tips on how to become a professional drone pilot and turn your hobby into a profit Center and the other thing they’re like discount on udemy course udemy training it’s like it’s like well why are you even telling me you got a udemy course cuz all I’m gonna do is go

over to you to me and if and I’ll take a look at it and then this just messes up your funnel you know it’s like I thought really quick very top and like the very first thing you see it very first thing I see is are you ready for success a little bit updates here do you don’t keep your minutes ever yeah I don’t even know how I got to go up through the sub-headline to be late okay in any yeah and any time you and that’s like limited seats available get in today or risk missing out completely and then there’s nothing that’s total disconnect he’s like purchase very often yet yeah it’s like a webinar funnel had a baby with an opt-in funnel with sales letter funnel with a magic bullet script I mean I don’t know so I think that they really ought to go with the with the thing just get the video or everything you need to know ever you need to everything you need to start and run a drone business and make a profit I mean I don’t even know I

forgot sorry Kevin across this very source I saw Kevin Clarke I’m gonna the page structure for a basic ought to be something very very simple because that’s right in that right now and I mean they just need a basic I’m assuming they’re their target audience is anybody that owns a drone and drones are not cheap so I remember great honor which is awesome too though what’s happened which is a easy to target that group which is good oh yeah absolutely but I mean a good drone is gonna cost you a couple grand I’m not talking about the $30.00 drone you buy at Walgreens when you’re getting cough syrup and you know warm beer so you had cough syrup and warm beer price which is nice that means doesn’t meet the market and opening up you’re still looking like minima grin to get a good drone yeah and even if you’ve got it I mean I remember when I’ve got my first this is before you were born or

Clickfunnels™ Info-Product Takeoff: Drone Owner Can Make Money

something but I bought a 486 SX Pentium 100 or something and it was like the the cutting-edge computer in 1997 I remember looking at it and going man I had to be able to make some money with this computer now I wouldn’t even use that as a target on my range but back then it was pretty cool but you need a headline man I need to get headlight and I need a picture of a drone things awesome and so I went I went through and used the killer headline scripts and I just filled it out drone owner or make money with your drone all that all that good stuff took me like five minutes to fill this out and then I started looking at I said you know what we need something that’s just going to cut straight to the heart of this thing so I skipped over the hot warm and cold headlines I just started looking at the how-to one so I’m gonna throw some I’m gonna throw some out there and you tell me which of these you think is good so how to make money with your drone as quickly as next week that’s not bad at all how to make money with your drone and there’s a little as quickly as next week even if you’ve never started a business before I thought that one was okay too

yeah how every drone owner can make money with your drone how every drone owner can get started on an exciting and fun career path that that might be a good sub headline somewhere yeah bigger career how about this one this is this is how to make money with your drone I like that it’s it’s pretty simple its basic I buy that looking for pictures of the drone look like a business Cezanne’s shutterstock type of drone business okay people are wondering what I’m doing then I’m gonna shutterstock just fighting you know it actually pays this if I was gonna use that using the demo for the demo whoo fast ways to make money with your drone and avoid getting in hot water with the FAA yes that’s the one dude for good bet is super good that’s the one I think my wife Spiros happens like we go to jail two-stroke doing a white fly the drone and the side never I know drones oh no drones oh no my entire eyelids no drums on

what’s to get out of a drone anyways choose to go I was gonna get sued or something yeah well they don’t let you use drones on cruise ships or any other cool place hey did you see the footage of the day yeah I did it was pretty amazing I was a little I was a little hurt though that I was out there running for an hour while you were out and I didn’t make it into any of that b-roll well you were filming on that track I thought sure I would make it but I didn’t sorry you’re like aren’t you tired yet no no I’m trying to do this job yeah like man I gotta keep going around again again again again again so anyway though that’s cool but I mean there’s a bunch of other ones make here as far as headlines and oh how to turn your drone from a hobby into a profit Center in the next week ooh that’s day I’ve got even more so

what’s the biggest focus because there’s so many options sucks I hate it I don’t know what to do like he just picked it for me not tell me ten thousands you know if those might be that weird sign I’m gonna modify I’m gonna modify this a little bit but um you want to use that one how to turn your drone into a hobby how to turn your drone from a hobby into a profit center in the next week that’s a good one too that was really cool cuz this is quick I mean okay so the other thing that I did because I know we’re getting low on this is eye on their confirmation page and I’ll show you guys their confirmation page the confirmation page just says congratulations you’re on your way to success I know you really want to make money as a professional drone pilot we’ve created a younameit training class for you that

Clickfunnels™ Info-Product Takeoff: How to Make A Profit

explains how to make a profit also on the next page you get all the details about how to make a profit as a professional drone pilot I’m like what so this this doesn’t even make sense it’s it’s so what there is no next page so this is the page where they need to do the hook story offer script and I didn’t know enough about their story to be able to do that but I was able to create an offer stack based on what I saw on the front page where it was listing off all these things and and when when when I get done with this offer stack I do want everyone to be totally amazed and happy with me that I was able to intuit all this stuff from this one sentence yes even even Jim needs some congratulations so I don’t know if you want me to share that right now yeah or not but basically inside a funnel scripts and you guys may or may not know if you’ve it’s been a while since you’ve been here but we created all the

OFA scripts and for the one from the way challenge which is amazing by the way and the next one’s coming up June 17th you need to sign up now how’s that for a little plug um so we got the offer stack script in there and actually added something really cool to that in the last week but the bottom line is this this if you this took me 20 minutes to fill out knowing basically nothing about this whole thing trying to make it sound super cool and so you basically just put in the title of your overall offer and then it builds your offer stack for you piece by piece by piece and it goes off of the thought that you’re going to have three main parts of your offer and then three bonuses to get them to act now and something cool that we did with this though is that before we just had one option for the output for the description but what I did was I created two versions now we have what we call the conversational stack so the let’s say the first thing in their in their thing is the FF FAA compliance and support module this training helps you get everything done properly with the FAA so you can operate your drone legally in all environments and have potential

customers view you as the professional drone solution in your area so that’s one way to do it then we go down here to the what I call the sinks stack and this is where it’s more of a bulleted approach so FAA compliance and support module bullet one this this training makes it simple to get everything done properly with the FAA operate your drone and legally in all environments have potential customers view you as the professional drone solution in your area so it was just two different ways to prevent present your stack and it gives you a lot of opportunity so I’d like I’m gonna send you the the six I’m gonna download it in Word and I’m gonna send you the succinct stack I don’t expect you to get the whole thing in there but I’m good okay so I’m gonna send you and just to show everybody when it downloads

Clickfunnels™ Info-Product Takeoff: Funnel Designer

this is what it looks like inside of the word document so I mean this is you sending this to your funnel designer hey funnel designer I’m sending this over in just a minute you can send this you can send this to them and they know pretty much what you want to look like props in the next week boom I like it there’s a second I would like with the bugs of their testimonials labor from the page yeah I like that – page one okay so I’m gonna send I’m gonna send this to you as a file so my downloads and this is the waiter from here to the udemy course that the end I think here’s snacks like go you to me by right yeah I think so due to me I almost tried to clone you to be one time I thought wasn’t my big idea before clickfunnels yeah you only the exact same thing that’s dumb but I thought was good at a time you know it you don’t know which which which idea is gonna hit man it’s gonna be the one yeah but once you find the

one you need to ride that bad boy hold on it yes big time did you get it did you Facebook it yeah it’s a do CX file or I bet you sucker brush probably scanning to make sure there’s nothing illegal now I just didn’t hit enter I loaded it but I didn’t I didn’t hit it makes there you go you know it’s the basics that often get in your way if you click oh yeah and did you hit enter oh so totally off topic but I got a new iPhone and you won’t want it you wanna know why I got it well it’s an iPhone 8 but it’s new to me I didn’t want the iPhone 10 because my wife hasn’t it sucks every Apple stock just dropped she said she doesn’t like it so I got an 8 oh and you want to know why I got it yes cuz they dropped my six so I here’s the total just just total terrible customer service I go to the Verizon store right I walk in I said hey I need to get a new phone guy looks at me he said what happened your old one I said I dropped it he said how did you drop it I

said really gravity took I mean what I dropped it dude don’t don’t rub salt in my wound okay I dropped it I feel stupid don’t help the process along further you don’t need to problem agitate solve me I already came in and said I need a new phone and my wife’s already mad at me because I dropped the phone she’s told me months ago let’s get you a new phone you need a new phone no I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine so she’s on a trip and doesn’t run out at me because I got the insurance I got the 13 dollar insurance honey I got a new phone because I dropped the old one it made sense right there in front of these guys who were already making fun of me to get the insurance because they didn’t mean them somewhat well why are you getting a new phone again cuz I dropped it oh do you think there’s a chance you’ll drop it and break it again in the future sir I gotta say yes very yeah so anyway that was my exciting foray into the

world of consumer electronics last night well you uh ready I’m up to the eight would you have a ten I don’t know I have oh okay I just I keep though yeah that’s it s three whoa I don’t know what that means I think you’re so cool to know stuff now like I don’t now are you working on um you’re working on the confirmation page with the with the stacked yes okay so really what they could do in this situation would be to I was thinking this was actually a great situation for a five-minute perfect webinar yeah there’s something there for sure I didn’t but I didn’t know enough about it to be able to do that particular so that’s why I did what I did but they need either some kind of a vesl or a one-time offer type thing or just just some sort of video they’re explaining all the cool stuff that you’re gonna get and you need to just go ahead and join the Association first page I put a free video whatever whatever something yeah via that it’s like here’s before video and then using that too right.

Clickfunnels™ Info-Product Takeoff: Five Minute Perfect Webinar

So I really I really I would personally try the five minute perfect webinar myself I’m such a big fan if I prefer webinar now like I it’s good stuff man it’s really good it’s we that somewhat takes like when you’re students take something you have improves upon it it’s like the coolest feeling in the world I think yep but then you snatch it back and make it part of funnel scripts so all your students can use it and then that’s when you’d prove that you are the master it means everybody should literally go buy so from Jamie because she’s the one that did that for you also yes yeah and by funnel scripts out of respect for her and Russell and me yes and now with the new funnel scripts unlimited you never have to pay for funnel scripts again pay once and always have it we can’t say lifetime so we called it unlimited I can you give me a headline for above the video cuz act now before sooo it’s like post video I need a headline it’s like for them to watch the video you know I mean that would be sweet okay well what about the original one the original one was actually one free video reveals how to make money with your drone as quickly as next week a literally using one from the first page remember I’ve

ever armand morin Easton that was one of his scenes here I talk about like the headline of a squeeze page was the same as a headline of his thank-you page yeah but that’s not that but I sent you that other one the the one you did for the top how to turn how to turn your drone from a hobby into a profit Center in the next week and then you could just go how to make money with your drone this temple is weird thing that kind of try as quickly as next you know how to make money with your drone next week I would just go with that I don’t say yeah how to make money with your drone next week I mean with your drone by next week yeah by next week or I add the original one was how to make money with your drone as quickly as next week like that you like that better can you type it before I can send it to him today he want you to copy and paste that dang it so this is so geeky this is so cool can you imagine can you have you ever thought to yourself if you could transport yourself back to like 2001 2002 2003 how much money you

could make if you had clickfunnels and frontal scripts back then oh yeah before anybody else before anybody else had it all the offers that you could put up just so fast this new offer every freaking day it literally took us I mean I talked to us in webinar and exaggerating but it was it it was a once a quarter real get a funnel live so took his shirt quarter so three months had to do the whole process from beginning again that we could do now like literally this smells mostly done I got three minutes left here we going with 17 minutes yeah we spent a good day on this with like it would be insane you know I mean sure and then the when train whoa launches flashlights phone he’s like I’m gonna build the funnel ever so which one hits that within like 11 weeks he had that one made twenty million dollars in six weeks yeah a really good strategy I think more people should do this I mean you don’t know which one’s gonna

Clickfunnels™ Info-Product Takeoff: An Amazing Sales Video

hit and it’s never your first one I’ve never met anybody there’s oh man yeah I retired off the first funnel I remain in foam scrubs and that’s just not how it works you you learn what to do you you tweak you massage you edit you get all that stuff that’s that’s what you do jack now before it’s too late and get these incredible bonuses I mean a lot of thing in here I fight pretty proud of myself it’s looking amazing basing a killer video and then they’ve got a funnel it’s gonna crush form I think it’s gonna do better than it then has been doing yeah I mean it’s a cool premise because you you think about the kind of people that have a drone and you got buddy their buyers sure I mean if you can afford to spend the 1500 2000 bucks on a drone you can spend a couple hundred bucks on a course to potentially use that

drone to make money and you can’t tell me that anybody who ever bought a drone well not anybody but a lot of people who bought drownings have thought to themselves I wonder if I could make money with this person cliff falls goes down I may go in this market so there you go people stopped liking funnels going straight to the drone Russell Brunson’s drone Air Force drone drone secrets doctor drone hacker secrets calm somebody’s gonna go by that so I can I can see it right now drone hacker secrets how to turn your drone into a fast profit funnel six different ways that you can make money with your drone next week be viewed as a professional be seen as a reliable source of marketing and other video for every from realtors to commercial real estate developers the commercial real estate agents golf court owners even minors in – full border back in closed rad time sounds like 49 seconds he it’s so close you can do it what am I trying to do to decide margins asking some side margins oh you can do it and you today get started today

there’s your dues your it’s just weird the butter templates is driving too crazy shouting is padding and I hate it and it makes me angry oh I’m soaked if you won’t like me when I’m angry easy there bill bixby yeah there’s some padding cleanup I do is funnel viola times I think I still but no dude that is still pretty sweet oh yeah okay just so I got done in 20 minutes with Jim’s help nice work okay here’s here’s the application before and after this is like if you want the reveals from all the TV shows okay and one close your eyes see how look real quick my before and after so I get them all loaded up it feels like a great funnel Russell yeah alright and then okay so here’s before and then here is the after that actually looks really cool sure or after no psychedelic root beer stains all right I like this page a lot actually and you don’t I’m gonna opt in here and we get a free videos and show me how I can turn my drone from a hobby to proxy next week that sounds amazing I’m gonna think about a success Arni unlimited scripts means that’s confusing

Clickfunnels™ Info-Product Takeoff: Pictures for Real Estate Developers

to me a little bit updates like what this makes no sense to me this is like oh I know exactly what it is I’m doing and I think that that funnels and copy is like you gotta trick them into something it’s like no literally it’s like you watch this on the street they hit it you gotta draw them that’s awesome let me show you how to make that Trump turn that drone from hobby to processor might actually play yeah cool emitted video between email email just narrate the video I mean that yeah I mean if you walked up somebody that was using the drone in a park and said hey dude I can show you how to make money with that drone taking pictures for real estate developers and real estate agents and luxury high-end product open properties and I can show you how to do it about 30 minutes you interested boom but you gave that person you’re like hey guys like we talked about unlimited camp unlimited updates guaranteed Oh future payments everything hangs for one so confused do I need a suit yeah okay there’s before and after page

number one with a reveal I like that a lot it’ll do fine more time but it’s pretty good and they use Reaper Thank You page turner way to success okay I decided or it’s like boom now quit the Nek minnit drone as quickly as next week there’s a video here explaining the premise and then say Nick if you want a really good deep in this app that force you eight here’s we can get when you type right now you get to this boom sac close send to you to me page games that match they just won and at least you’re not gonna get thrown out of the stadium with this one you may not I mean it may need a little bit more but by golly you’re you’re doing something nice work on that man so anyway for all you guys who love funnel Friday’s you go too far every past episode never had is there what 1:59 we’re almost a 60 where’s no no and then like when we build the fun we put the share fun link in there as well so this funnel if you want to build something similar or if you’re the new dude schemes your funnel go in there grab it because I’m gonna

go post the share funnily on fun if you wanna use this as the base whatever you’re building anything go grab it share funnel over and he gives the base board every is your building so there you go nice work that’s fun everybody doesn’t have funnel scripts at this point in their life we know they need money obviously they would have got it we can get the screen and deals there people where where can they go to find out more about photo strips well if you want to watch the amazing training that Russell and I did recently about copywriting and funnel scripts you can head over to funnel scripts calm if you already know all about funnel scripts and you say you know what I just want it then you go to funnel scrip calm /go and you can sign up for it the cool thing about funnel scripts is it helps you with everything from your emails to your webinars to your ads to your headlines to entire follow-up sequences anything that Russell teaches you how to do inside of the dot-com secrets book in the experts secrets book we help you do with

Clickfunnels™ Info-Product Takeoff: Funnel Push Button Solution

funnel scripts it’s your push button solution to all things wonderful that Russell teaches you by the way Russell have I told you so it’s definitely the most amazing solution you’re ever gonna find to help you get all your sales letter scripts and webinar slides and emails and ads written as little as 10 minutes without hiring an expensive copywriter we even have expensive copywriters that use funnel scripts to create the first drafts of their of their copy we have agency owners that use it to make a lot of extra money providing copy and so the coolest thing about funnel scripts now is that it is no longer a yearly subscription but it is a one-time payment for an unlimited account yes you do not have to pay for it yearly anymore yet cartoon Genesis copy cartoon Russell [Laughter] that funnel looks amazing I love that even do image you got a little unicorn yeah well that you see that up there on my um on my wall oh yeah yeah along with my two comma Club award which will be a two CCX award in the very near future in the very near

future awesome I appreciate it a lot of fun hope you guys all got valued miss watches it both on Facebook nd tubes and Jim I hope you have an amazing weekend to men next week so I’m gonna go but it’s not my kids we need some Sun and some water skis my he’s on water-ski this week and be fun do you know how to water ski oh yeah come on okay good okay good you know maybe you were checking out water ski hacks calm and just you know why don’t you mind do it yeah it’s these fun so awesome anytime so anyway thanks not appreciate you leagues ever print out this today we can go to for price after all past and future episodes if you want us to potentially do your photo like this go register final Friday psychology place you like submit your phone I believe actually you have to be a member of funnel scripts in order to do that because it’s quite the member benefit yeah that’s awesome cool cool awesome and so much great job bye

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