Funnel Fridays Episode #45

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Funnel Fridays Episode #45

Clickfunnels™ Local Marketing – Create Sales Funnel

Clickfunnels™ Local Marketing: We are back for another LIVE episode of Funnel Friday! Today we are funnel hacking a local business funnel called Silent Guard Security(?). If you have a local business, find out why you should be narrowing down your target audience in today’s episode which uses this local marketing

Clickfunnels™ Local Marketing: Youtube Marketing

you tube come on what’s up YouTube alright we’re alive everybody every everywhere Gmail’s go man hey I’m wearing my new unicorn mask that is not a unicorn bask goodie oh my unicorn horn it’s like a wrestling unicorn with the mullet in the back or something it’s like endings in one it’s like the 80s drug dream unicorn trailer park thing is in Mexico oh there’s like a net over your mouth I can drink through this no that’s for everyday wear it’s for all the time well awesome Adam excited how

is your summer been you’ve been traveling a lot um you’ve been the one traveling you were the one eating unicorn candy in hipster damn not me good having a wholesome Virginia summer so far well that’s awesome hey before we jump into we do a public service announcement I think that would be fine what for you may all notice that I’m wearing my oh you are t-shirt operation Underground Railroad and those who don’t know about oh you are this is a charity that Ethel Hawking lab we raised over a million dollars for they go into the darkest deepest most evil spots on planet Earth and they save children from sex trafficking and racism might save over 400 children I fucking live and we do that by showing this documentary and this is the first DVD documentary totes haven’t seen it and we’re actually be streaming this live online fan tire world of finding

stealing people have seen uh people at fun rockin live so we’re showing this live launch day is July 10th so if you guys want to watch this with others community to help us say tons of children you know you are film about org and and then watch the trailer it’s like a three minute trailer that you watch that’s gonna make you oh it’s super excited actually make you really upset at first and then excited knowing that you could actually do something help and then and then register then we’re gonna be watching this together as a community here in like two weeks so like week and a half or something that’s it good so now with that said we’re gonna build some on photo Friday for those who aren’t watch you go to funnel Fry’s calm every episode we ever done is their archive which how many episode we’re on this is episode 45 five that’s consistency friends consistency is the key all right so photo fries that comes all the back archives plus every one we build we also post the share photo URL so

Clickfunnels™ Local Marketing: Find the right audience

think it’s something about a red ocean or a blue ocean and I mean there’s all kinds of stuff you can learn in experts secrets available from experts secrets come for free just pay small shipping and handling um but the the problem is is they just making in a commodity right from the start so the other thing just ripping on this poor dude but anyway he asked for it the other thing is that your target audience is homeowners I mean that pretty much if that was gonna suck if I was going to tell somebody to pick a sucky audience that would be a sucky audience because it’s too general my personal opinion and I wrote these down in a caffeine induced furor but basically going after families with children families with special needs members kids of elderly parents people who live alone that’s how you’re able

going to be able to give a specific message to a specific group of people that’s going to transcend oh we can save you five bucks a month over what you’re paying now plus exactly what you just said Russell is that once you’re in a contract you’re either in a contract or you have equipment that can’t be used with somebody else’s system so it’s it’s like okay I got this I installed it myself and I got all this equipment I spend all this money on that if I switch over to this place they’re gonna install all new equipment or lock me into a contract or I’m already locked into a contract and I can’t switch so what in my opinion you’d have to do is is show them how you have a feature that they need that

they can’t live without in other words it’s it’s and in combination that offer to buy out their existing contract yep so you know that’s why you see these things like cell phone companies right which will buy your contract right but I mean even if that worked if doing a commodity if that worked then everybody would have sprint yeah I mean if you think about it cuz Sprint’s you know they always say they’re half price so I I think it’s got to be a combination of a specific audience plus it’s got to have a feature that most security systems don’t have like cameras like remote

activation like you know that’s why you see ADT with with all the extra bells and whistles like carbon monoxide and fired extinguishers and Gatling guns third thing I would add that tons of friends who sold security systems door-to-door like what they do in the mornings with this sells guys they wake up and they go to the newspaper trying to find out where the break-ins were at and they come all right your neighbor four doors down got broken in and they closed everybody on the street so I think the third part is like nothing the most from the landing page but for might be add standpoint is targeting areas where there’s a break-in and then like having a pre-sale page they’re like the

Clickfunnels™ Local Marketing: Google Adwords

tension Boise Idaho residents geo last night there were 14 break-ins in your local area there’s this and this and this and this like like putting the fear in there it’s the best way cell security well and you know you can do that online because you could look up where the break-ins are and drop a pin right there where it is and advertise to everybody within a mile on Facebook or you can do that with Google Adwords and stuff too so I mean you can do the online you can do the equivalent of that online actually really easily I would even like I’d become like the personality like I

do Facebook lives in those areas and be like put a shirt all day I am Russell I will protect you and like you know some nerdy thing like that could be really really fun so all right well she’s our building just say start this countdown clock sure so what based on that big long preamble discussion what do you think we need to do to this guy’s page I mean my personal opinions I even worry about a vesl because to me the number one thing is the headline and the sub headlines and stuff yeah going on down there cells are really good when there’s like a complex thing you have to explain to somebody you need them to Summa in like in order if something like this was like you want security system like like it’s not like something doesn’t know what that is right it’s like here’s cure system here’s who it’s for here’s like the bet yeah I agree I think it needs a vesl unless it’s like some new security system where monkeys like

[Music] if thieves and other predators I would say and not over he’s got kids got newsy you guys it a monkey gun picture I could find in Google Images riding a unicorn I will be right back with you there’s a unicorn I found a unicorn riding monkey ooh which is good if you could Photoshop a gun in there yeah I’m not that good [Music] the cat on a unicorn with a gun oh here’s your executive security we have so executive security monkey [Music] I tell you what hires a monkey alright what’s the core headline though we still ones at the top yet do I do like um what what

thieves and other predators don’t want you to know about home security yeah okay what we copy/paste I can’t supposed to use yeah twice kina also noticed on this thing he’s got to call to actions yeah yes I’m ready for a quote they down here’s like opt-in for my thing right for report so it’s like we won call to actions it like quote you think but I think my personal opinion is that you’d want to cuss two different things so you’d have to have two different funnels and personally I think I would quote I would test getting a quote and I would test just going straight for the or some kind of a free report or other comparison oh so like if I was there to you quoted like oh great I’ve had to call

Clickfunnels™ Local Marketing: Build Social Networking

him for quoting as me crazy expensive a caddy phrases differently so it’s not like a quote where I’m gonna get and that shouldn’t have a question mark on it I’m sorry I modified it a little bit um I mean I would say you know a home home security assessment you know that that was when and I actually sold home security systems for a while like about six months through different I did networking networking it’s way more efficient why would you do that yeah there you go cuz I love getting door slammed in my face it was awesome go away what do you want you know so I

would say you let us test your home defenses for free oh that’s much better I mean think about it you know you’ve got a you’ve got I mean if here’s what I mean I’m just gonna be honest with you for a second okay if we’re if we’re blue skying this whole thing if I was doing it now my whole thing would be let us come see if we can defeat your existing home security system if I can break into your house you need us to you you need to listen to what we have to say because quite frankly most home security systems can be beaten you can either cut the you can you can cut the phone connection you can jam them you can do all kinds of stuff to them and like simply safe which is the one

that everybody’s doing the home security thing that thing can be jammed yeah there’s all kinda feeted that’s the thing like what’s that that’s your monkey yeah but if you have a llama with a hand grenade nothing can take him down because he can get shot three or four times and still pull the pin um the PETA people are getting really pissed but don’t worry I’m gonna be doing a fought dog BBQ fundraiser down in front of PETA headquarters in Virginia Beach later on this week come on out support the good cause so that literally is what my thing would be I would say okay you got a security system you’re you’re using this to sleep at night with your kids let us come out and if we can

beat your home security system and break into your house then let us you know give us a shot I mean I’m not saying it perfectly but that would be my that would be my offer that would be your that I’d hire a bunch of unsavory looking characters who like hang out in a neighborhood for a couple weeks and then start making sales calls hey if you noticed any strange characters hanging around the neighborhood lately well there’s been a crime wave happening we just want to make sure let everybody know those we should always joke about with the security system dudes it’s

Clickfunnels™ Local Marketing: Grab your free report

like he’s just have two crews of people wanting to go in there’s like break windows like messes the secretary comes in a week later like that would work so well totally what an unethical but but just say it hmm throw it I’m still in some his bullets just add some some stuff to the stage there you go but probably not the best bullets in the world if they wanted the best Folsom rollover they do Jim oh they would of course use the one of two different bullet scripts available inside of final scripts they can make amazing bullets I think I think the big things with that headline right

there looking at what these and other predators don’t want you to know about home security this to me is it would be the one where I would want to offer some sort of a free report you know just how to do a home assessment or how to do how to assess your your current home security system or something let them do their own initials that’s it you’ll be cool Joe polish back in the day had his carpet cleaning business uh-huh and he got the same report if I was carpet cleaners it was like I just find it at five seconds it was like the coolest title ever Jack and Joe had his big ol ponytail it was like it was like find out about the greevey grimy gucky stuff in your car it was like this really cool

thing here I could and then you read it it made you scared to use anybody besides the person who gave you that thing it was awesome right I mean the other way it would be oh my god seven-way it’s free report seven ways even the most Anette burglar can seven ways even the most in net burglar can defeat your home security system in five seven it’s like free report seven ways even the most inept burglar can defeat your defeat and disarm your the most inept burglar and can disarm and defeat your home security system in less than five minutes oh then they feel like they take the hacker test and see if you can beat your own system yep aim just to try on your own like this put that

put that where you have to let us see if we can beat your system I would put that above the thing you know take the challenge and see if you can take the challenge to see if you can beat your own system yeah because that because it’s wholly social when you get everyone like tribunal systems kind of break in cuz right for sake we watch oceans 8 the other day which was like the female version of oceans 10 and 11 right and afterwards I was like man wouldn’t I be so cool to have like stage a whole break-in and have to go through like try like break into a bank and do it that would be so much fun so I planned the whole thing but then you go to jail if you get caught but then I was like what if people

had hired you to do it in the night Kate I want you to break into our bank and you actually have to like do the whole thing to try it anyway that would be insanely cool and fun and then like you could film that to film themselves trying breaking on house they come in YouTube videos Facebook lives like oh this whole huge thing and in any way I want to do it I want to break your own house there you go so inept is spelled with an i sure that i and burglar is spelled

Clickfunnels™ Local Marketing: 500 Dollars Daily Earnings

with an A in it burger burglar burg its burglar yeah you got it now really yeah yeah and then take the challenge to see if you can beat your own system using this report [Music] just lay like if you be if you meet your own system we’ll give you 500 dollars well the whole thing is if you can be if you can beat your system even one of these ways imagine what a professional burglar can do I mean that’s really the the call to action if you can beat your so I mean that picture may not be yea the best picture for this particular offer that we’re now caffeine-fueled doing but I mean this is the kind of thing this

is why I like to do sales copy with a mastermind rather than just in a vacuum by yourself because if you get you know like-minded people together and you use a cool tool like funnel scripts and you have a cool builder like clickfunnels which really there is there’s only one cool builder that is clickfunnels there is no other in fact there is no alternative when you use the only tools you need such ads click funnels and final scripts not only can you have fun but create amazing funnels and sales copy quickly especially when you employ the mastermind effect first made popular in napoleon hill’s book Think and Grow Rich but see to me that’s like the perfect freakin offer you can run

that to anybody and and then it doesn’t have to just be physically defeating the system there’s there’s other stuff where people then socially engineer themselves into your house they can pretend to be a like a delivery person they can’t like that oh I love that the guy in the hoodie I’m pretty sure I can’t use this image in real life but in fake life that we’re doing right now I’m fully using it yeah well this is just for demonstration purposes only but I mean there’s

there’s all kinds of stuff oh my gosh you could go like interview a criminal and have them say how they would when I sold vehicle security systems we had a 30 second video that we could use to the it was called the immobilizer and what it was was it was a video showing a guy breaking into a car and every that was back when everybody was using the club yeah you know the club could not be this dude pulled a hacksaw out of his out of his bag he didn’t saw through the claw the club he saw through the through the steering wheel bent the steering wheel pulled the club off

bent the steering wheel back hot-wired the car and drove off that was the kind of thing where people like holy crap dude that’s got a crazy imagine like if you had a podcast or a Facebook live show like great like X criminals and just like they walk you through how to be if you go to people’s houses and you try to you follow this process to breaking systems and sharing that right that would freak you out yes oh yeah it would freak people out and they would buy yeah that’s super okay okay okay let me let me break from this really quick from those things I want to stress something really quick please do it I know you agree with this Jim I wanna make sure all of our friends at home

Clickfunnels™ Local Marketing: Be consistent in your post

understand this as well there’s a camera man looking at you left are depends on were you trying to talk to you that’s true facing us um hey guys what’s interesting is like everyone thinks that a funnel is just like the pages they spent all this time on like the beauty of the pages and I want to I want you to kind of note something that happened just today and this is what happens in the room or when you’re actually building amazing offers it’s like most of it comes down to like what’s the offer what’s the hook what’s the angle what’s the like that is so much more vitally important

than the page design and layout structured things of that closings are important um but like I would take the ugliest page on planet Earth tank when we started with with the right hook over like an amazing design page it’s like get a free security system audit like boring the right angle like and if you’ve read extra senior talk about building a mask like how do you build the mass movement with Bert with a security system like we just showed you how you would do that I create this big thing and people sharing these videos with their friends or family members now it’s like it’s

make it fun and exciting entertaining then and the message spreads it’s more site all those things start happening we need the right hook right offer the right story and think start building two-story actives now this plan you could build the story after story after story and they onion content it would draw videos and and just the videos the potential like that potential of that young man standing behind you will take him down get a whole bunch of henna tattoos and crazy piercings and stuff and get a scar I mean he’d get scarred he works for you get him a good scar on

his face and then have him be the one breaking in the houses and walking up an actin posing as a UPS driver and I mean getting with the phone let’s get the process started yes yes I’m here to make a delivery um but I mean that that’s the kind of thing I would take would be one it’s like that that thing I’m telling you when that guy who defeated the club all it would take would one guy showing Oh with your Bart with your bargain-basement security system I’ll just walk around and see which windows you decided you didn’t want to put a sensor on and I’m gonna knock that

Clickfunnels™ Local Marketing: LifeLock

glass right there and lift it right up boom your whole security systems been defeated because you were cheap similar to on what’s the what’s the the was missiles or credit card that I say LifeLock yeah I thought you remember like the original commercials back in the day when it was like when he the dude who started the company was like before you got in trouble yeah so my real social security number is this it was huge plaster for he’s like go ahead and try to rip me off and you got ripped off a lot by the way but that was his ads is that all Facebook ads or no face because TV commercials billboards everything was my name is so and so um life let’s rip him up now I need a new checking

account what’s his name we will find out I want to I want to be this guy just not with the criminal record yeah all right Jake’s that he’s like this is all bill that is my name is Tom Davis CEO if I plug it my real social security number is boom like that’s the great four of all marketing time like yeah we need to interview this guy she left fun locky live I’m come tell his story about this big banner ads with your social security number on I love this guy where are you saying he got in trouble because people were actually doing it and I think the feds are yeah it’s something like legal issue because of it okay I can’t react to what it was lately the side of a car like I’m Todd Davis my is my real social

security nice guy he is my favorite of all time anyway there you guys ghost marketing history lesson for you Todd Davis aka my new hero but that’s to see that’s the thing we’re if all it would take would be one video to hit where everybody they’re showing the guy breaking in the house defeating the security system and then you know then basically tell them this is what you should do instead and give us call I think on it be that move they ever starts doing in because fun TM is Facebook live like Facebook live attack whatever your company name is like like home break-in try a test on my thang embrace try trying it out and then uh so cool and then you take those in any and um

raid I’m like here’s here’s vivid here’s ADT and you have all the persecute systems I’m like well you get sued you probably yeah you couldn’t you couldn’t mention what the system was that’s the only do your ass quick excuse me pardon me I used the three letter word it was three letter words okay you’re back you’ll suit your donkey I mean why would you sue somebody’s donkey or other livestock I can’t believe you would do that but if you’re that kind of person that would sue farm animals go ahead shows you’re a lowlife but okay see I recovered that was awesome alright well that’s that thanks Jim ideas obviously if you’re insecure system or any kind of company think of food

stuff like that the hook those like angles with stories like that is the stuff that’s amazing to end out with I got to call of actions my number one is go watch the trailer for operation to st. right now oh you are film about org and help us get this message out we’re the my documentary launches July 10th and the more people get to watch the trailer register for it more children lives we can say that’s mine Jim what do you got sweetie they’d be buying anything else this weekend while they’re sitting around bored well I would just say if you’re serious about writing copy and

Clickfunnels™ Local Marketing: Your only solution besides using clickfunnels

putting words on your phone they’re actually gonna get results whether it’s getting people to sign up getting people to buy or getting people to try your only solution besides using clickfunnels is to use funnel scripts which has over 40 online scripts to help you do everything from creating emails to complete email sequences headlines bullets and more as well as 6 downloadable Wizards to help you do everything from creating entire perfect webinar funnels surveys and more at the ridiculously low price of 497 dollars a year you couldn’t even hire an inept copywriter to fill

out funnel scripts for you at that price so I would just tell you if you don’t own phone scripts you hate money as Russell says so everybody have a great day thanks for joining us and I appreciate you fellows and remember this if you do take us up on the idea of creating a business in your home security and going out and showing people how to break in your homes if you’re stupid enough to throw a brick through somebody’s window do not blame us that was

your fault yeah yeah just flavor don’t use any show yeah all right this shit makes everybody preciate you guys all and we’ll see you guys on next episode of funnel Friday’s if you’re not a member yet go to farm price calm and that’s where you see all the back archived issues and Gayle share for the links to everything we ever book on the show did you put up the cool intro video yet are we still waiting on speak we’ll do this week it’ll be live it’ll be live hey thank you buddy see mad [Music]

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