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This is our NEW Featured Film episode of Funnel Hacker TV… See what happened when our Young Funnel Hackers (Caleb Maddix and Emily Shai) teach youth how to become TRUE funnel hackers. As well as their speeches at Funnelhacking Live!

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[Music] hey how you doing good how are you doing good hi my name’s Emily I’m 11 and I’m starting a business called Emily sleeper a show to raise money for my business I wrote this book called the 5 steps to perfect sleepover well I’m selling my book for $15 new and make a great gift you wrote this yes sir how long did you write it took me about a month – Wow well I don’t you know I’m an adult I’m a sleepovers anymore but I appreciate you coming it makes a great gift if you ever go to a birthday party for your knees cousin or daughter it’s an amazing well I don’t have my wallet here for me right now but made you come back invoice you oh really just 15 dollars what if I did 10 q10 I could do it 1111 all right I’ll do for 11 bucks this is literally the princess of the pitch right here we do like it’s happy of my book my name is Russell Brunson and I’m part of an underground group of entrepreneurs that you’ve probably never even heard of before we don’t rely on cash from venture capitalists to get started and we don’t even have goals to go public either in fact our motivation is the exact opposite you see we have products and services and things that we know change people’s lives because we’re fight against the big brands people with literally unlimited budgets we have to do things differently we have to do things smarter we don’t have financial safety nets because every test we take with our own money we have to be profitable to day number one so how do we do that how is that even possible if you ask DMV age or look at your college textbooks they will tell you to what we are doing is impossible to get it’s happening every single day it’s happening through an art and a science what we call frontal hacking it’s not really something that I can explain to you something I have to show you these stories are a glimpse of entrepreneurs just like you who have a dream and a vision you want to change the world in their a little way I use the phone hacking process they’ll make their dreams become a reality yes we are funnel hackers and these are our stories [Music] today we have Caleb Maddox and Emily Shay flying to Boise Idaho we’re gonna have a ton of fun we are going to build some funnels and we’re gonna help give their message out to more people so they can change the world in their own little way oh look at all this professional to professional for me well now I actually have a kind of selfish reason for having them fly here to Boise I’m really excited actually helping with their business helped build a funnel all kind of stuff I love but my selfish motivation is I actually want them to come to me with my kids if you want my kids that some role models to look up to because most kids when I was a kid I didn’t have that it had the role models of other kids doing amazing things I wanted my kids to see both Caleb and Emily are doing when I first started wrestling I started wrestling in eighth grade and about two weeks into my wrestling there was the state tournament happening so my dad took me to state tournament and I saw two guys on my high school team won the state tournament and then that second I was like I’m gonna be a state champ and that was like my whole focus and I seen it happen and I believed it so I like that became my whole focus and eventually I became a state champ one of my buddies his dad took him to a national tournament and he saw some his buddies placed a national tournament and so for him he was like his trajectory I want to be I want to be a national national champ and so that’s where he was shooting for so he got a state champ easy and then end up hitting these higher levels because that’s what he was shooting for and I always I was like man like I hit where I was shooting for but I but that’s all I I wish I would have shot higher and so my one of my big secret motivations for you guys is like you guys from you’re like this is national level my kids see you guys and see like that I think now give us something to shoot for and if they never hit that like now and you know just it know fired more because they see kind of that stuff now I had seen both Caleb and Emily online I’d see what they were doing I see the Facebook lives I see all the cool stuff that they’re doing and I really wanted kind of Boise so I could help them to take all of this passion and excitement and energy and all the stuff that they’re doing and help put it into a funnel cuz I know that when you have a funnel it helps you to get your message out to more people and that way they can make more money but I know what’s more important to them and to anybody who’s really an expert who really loves serving the more important thing is helping them to have more impact on their audience and help serve more people now before we get started and really get deep into the business part of everything I really wanted to hear their stories and understand where they came from and how they got to this point because it’s not normal that kids this young or already having this kind of impact on the world I really want to understand their stories and their what what it was that inspired them and got them to be able to do what they’re doing today dad I want money and he said go start a business I was like what kind of business he said he asked me what I love I told him that I love sleepovers and and then after a couple days I just kind of thought through it and came up with the whole idea in my head and he thought it was a great idea he told me you gotta raise money for a business like that because that’s gonna cost money and so I was like well what do I do it was like go write a book so I went and I sat and I wrote a book that’s where most people stop most people beg write a book again oh you actually did it like that’s and that’s amazing okay sure write a book on sleepovers and I just did it and after a while I just went door to door to car dealerships and I just I kept going and kept pushing and even when I just wanted to stay home and do whatever watched movies my dad told me that I have a goal and I need to keep pushing to get there and I have I’ve raised $20,000 for that’s crazy so what was your initial goal well my initial goal was first about like three thousand dollars and then and then and then I made it to 5,000 and 10,000 dependent and then I just kept going after that I just I just kept doing it because I love to do it and I got to 15 dozen it was like we’ll just stop 20,000 that’s it and I just want that you got it so tell about the very first time you you sold it was it scary like however it just got like I’m in that’s amazing last year he kind of committed an entrepreneur but prior that was it was other stuff as well right mm-hmm so I didn’t get into like the money like she did you know I kind of got into more of the impact so like my dad said I was like super passionate about baseball I wanted to be the shortstop New York Yankees I was waking up at 5:00 a.m. and this is like seven eight years old I was waking up at 5:00 a.m. and I would work out then I go to school and then I would do my homework and then I go right back into baseball reading all that stuff a lot of passion and I met a lot of different kids and the number one question I asked them for some reason I don’t know why this is still a question asked you know to this day I haven’t just asked the hotel worker that we had but the question is is like what’s your dream job like what’s what’s your dream life and whenever I’d ask kids this question a lot of times I didn’t have an answer like they didn’t know what their dream was I didn’t know what they wanted to accomplish they didn’t have a goal or a vision so I would I started coaching I asked this one kid this question I was like so what do you want to be whenever you’re older and he said that he doesn’t he didn’t know like he was like oh yeah I’m just a kid I don’t know and it shocked me because I always thought that every kid knew exactly where they wanted to be and they were like taking action on it so I started talking to him I started coaching him a little bit for fun and like I coach him for like an hour straight cuz my dad was the middle of speaking it was at an event that I talked to this kid and next thing you know like we came back a little bit later and the mother said that since that one conversation she had way more passion better manners and was working extremely hard towards his goal that I helped him come up with I was like man that’s pretty cool like that’s you know that’s a cool thing so I started talking to some other kids and I wrote my first book at 12 years old started my first real company at 13 and just started crushing on social media and my book was actually like why I went in entrepreneurship it’s because I started promoting my book and everybody was like a 13 year old wrote a book because I turned 13 after the book came out so like a 13 year old wrote the book and so I it kind of just took off from there and I’ve been doing it ever since when I first got started I wasn’t trying to teach people a stuff I was just doing it like I’m so fascinated by it you know and then like I start sharing these people and then a lot you know most unfortunately too many people don’t listen or don’t do anything with it but it was like that one person that takes it and they do something and then they come back and tell you it’s just like oh like that that’s what least for me I’m sure whew that feels you’d like I need more of that like it doesn’t matter how much you read or learn like it’s useless for after a while you know until you like learn how to contribute and you started giving that and that’s like what light you on fire and that’s that’s I think that that that pivot from like from my personal development personal growth to that contribution is fascinating so this is people catch that that’s like when I get in a fire and that’s when it’s like you might contain the world and they so much good stuff happens from that so yeah I wish I had it as early ages you got it you know I had it I had it I mean I had early for most people everyone I remember because I was like I’m probably 21 22 and I started happening and be like oh you’re so yeah I wish I started when I was you know like you and it’s like man I was I give him they’re like how much further how much more could we have helped in any way it’s cool now before Emily and Caleb came to Boise they actually went through my perfect webinar and they went and they created all the slides they put together a webinar and it pre-recorded it what you think was probably important because it wasn’t just a typical webinar inside the webinar they had all sorts of crazy things they were showing off poop emojis and having contests and giveaways and all sorts of just crazy fun things to keep kids engaged and also engaged their parents and so I was really excited about that but I wanted to make sure before I just took that webinar plugged in and I want to make sure I understood who they were targeting were they going after the parents were they going after the kids because having a webinar is great but if you haven’t structured in the right way to convert visitors and viewers into buyers then it’s kind of pointless and doesn’t really help someone to get a good understanding of how they created their webinar who actually watches though do you think the parents are sitting there and the kids are next to them like we get comments all the time of my six year olds next to me my eight year olds next to me like they watch it together like it’s a family experience so to answer your question about the who’s watching the webinar it’s both of them and then who’s gonna have them come it’s like if the kid watches it cuz I have kids follow me and then the kids gonna ask the parent if the parent watch their kids to watch it it’s gonna go so it’s like that that that pool of which when do we go after but they’re kind of both what’s the dropping what would make me pull money out of my pocket it’s not like yes I want my kids to be successful and yes I think that this will help them get there but what’s as a parent what’s more interesting is your guys’s relationship right like like when I was watching snapchats of you guys at the gym together like I want that with my kids like that’s that’s the most important thing it’s not it’s not like I want my kids be success I want to be a champ or a millionaire what I don’t care about that I want I want to be connected with them right that’s that’s the thing that gets me as a dad to want to give money like when you told me the books that your dad read like that was like it had you read I was like okay as a father like this is how I can all my kids progress you get I don’t care my kids are successful I want them to be but like it gives me this connection with them and that’s what make me pull my money out and so I don’t think it was like if the webinar doesn’t talk much about that like that’s okay I don’t need to be tweaked a bit an indoctrination stuff I was thinking like one thing I want to capture when we’re here is it wanna go somewhere branded and film this I want to capture like your guys’s story and your guys a story cuz that’s what’s key in the indoctrination sequence is why should the parent care about this is because of that like the the relationship with their kid strengthening and that bond they’ll get from this process is that’s what’s exciting the extra my kids be successfully internals I want connection with my kids I think how do we bring that up in this process that’s what’s gonna increase conversions and get the parents to show up give the kid the parents pushing it hard is when they when they see this storage with you guys individually with your with your kids cuz that’s that’s the interesting thing I think alright now that I understand exactly who they created webinar for and had a chance to actually watch it it’s really fun it was really unique webinar which was cool but was even more fun as they showed me they’ve done a couple test runs with this and actually had a bunch of parents and kids watch it and I sent me a video clip I showed me a video clip on their phone what one of the parents did after they watch it with their teenagers I thought it was so cool which helped me understand they completely had hit the target with the web class and why he has to see this video that was sent to them by one of their students hey girls are you guys wanting to do this yes that’s quite a bit of money are you guys gonna be committed to something like this oh my god yes so am i either in like three books so is this like saving us allowance for like a really long time where you’re gonna like do laundry or something dishes this is like anything to get money yes so it’s a good thing I read about it for you guys alright so now we know the background work I understand their stories I’ve seen the webinar now it’s where we actually get down to actually start building out the funnel so the first thing I want to share with Emily and Caleb is this strategy guide what is the funnel we’re gonna create but then how does it work what are all the pages and where are we taking somebody through the and the first page of me focusing on in this funnel is a webinar registration page we’re in cool graphics on there it’ll speak to the kids they’re also the appealing for the adult because although we want kids to come to watch it adults are the ones that actually have money now on the registration page what I want to do is I wanna make a really fun video of Emily and Caleb kind of playing around having your time and on this registration page we’re actually giving away a hoverboard on the live webinar and so we want to show them riding around on a hoverboard having some fun and getting people excited about the prize they can win if they show up on the web class with their parents what’s up guys Kayla Maddox here I’m 14 years old and this is Emily Shay and I’m 11 years old and we have something really cool going on we’re doing a show called age is just a number cake this is gonna be an awesome show we’re giving away a free hug award and we’re going to be teaching you that age is just a number that you can live your dream life now whatever you want to be when you grow up you can be now and I wrote a book so I’m living my dream life now and you can too okay so now we create the webinar registration page but when somebody comes and they go and they put their email address into register the next step in the funnel is what we call a thank-you page which basically what we’re gonna do is going to thank them for registering and then do everything in our power to make sure that they show up for the web class that’s happening in the future the more Connection we build with them on the Thank You page the more life they are to show up and the more likely they are to buy the webinar registration page is all about causing entry that makes them want to register whereas the Thank You page is all about building connection so they actually show up I thought it’d be a lot easier to capture this video this one took a long time come here do a serve all right and then you’re gonna come just right up I think just right up next to him is gonna say like and don’t forget hoverboard and then you can kind of go around him and then thank you guys so much for signing up for the age is just a number show we’re gonna have so much fun make sure to put in your calendar and do not miss it don’t forget that before put it in your calendar what what what are you doing don’t forget the hoverboard not miss it put it in your calendar and don’t if you could I know it’s hard but try to like stop their excitement gonna be good okay right here yes then you stop say your line and then you can pick up again okay thank you guys so much for signing up for the AIDS is just a number show make sure you don’t miss it make sure to put it in your calendar and don’t forget the fan and oh yeah don’t forget that we’re gonna be giving away a free hoverboard all right the next videos were gonna create are gonna be the actual videos gonna be in the follow up sequence between when they register when they actually show up now if you see Emily and Caleb on video they’re so good they’re always very posture and very positioned and what I want to do is I want to capture videos they kind of took some that away and made them more real made them more kids telling their actual stories of how they got started a lot of times experts get on camera and they vary and they like to be polished and and and presented all the time and I understand that but for these videos I really want to build connection which means we have to kind of take some of the things away and be vulnerable actually tell our stories the goods that the you know the pros the cons the positives negatives and so we’re going to actually head back to my home we’re gonna film those stories there we’re gonna capture a Caleb’s story then we’re gonna capture Emily’s story and then I wanna capture a story of Matt and Joe telling the story about their kids and the connection they have with them working with them through this process whenever I was younger I my entire goal was to become the shortstop’s New York Yankees like I love baseball my favorite thing on the planet but the problem was I was like one of the youngest kids name one of the shortest and probably the worst kid on my entire team so I went up to my dad and I said dad you know I was like man I want to play a professional baseball but I’m really bad right now I got to step it up I was like what do I have to do he said I can be the best if I want to said I can become a professional but he said before I can do that I have to work so what he did is he sat down with me and he set up three habits that I can do every single day and it was like one was reading one was practicing baseball you know that was I was hitting her fielding when one of them was exercising probably six to seven months after the baseball season all that stuff I got a call to be on the all-star team so I’m from being the worst to become one of the best in all of Florida and he taught me the power of discipline because discipline is choosing between what you want and what you want more so I would say I know that you don’t maybe you want to sit home and watch TV but I know that you want more to play professional baseball and that’s how he pushed me so yes it was hard but my dad was always there to support me if I were just like if I can help one kid have a vision if I get up one kid focus if I get up one kid live their dream life now it would all be worth it and that’s that’s kind of the story of the first the first person that I helped and that feels me every single day it’s that little kids out there and one day he’s gonna be massively successful doing amazing things do you have a sales funnel that’s underperforming or do you know you need a cellphone if you have no idea where to start what to do if so and you’d like my help then go to funnel hackathon comm and find out how you can have me and my team help you with your cell phone [Music] [Applause] [Music] when I was in third grade there was this huge thing I don’t know if you heard of it rainbow loom and it was everywhere and I I went and everybody thought it was the coolest thing everybody was gathering around this girl and I was like hey I’ll pay for it and she was like no and then and then after I came home I was like way I can make money off of this so I just I went and I got a bunch of rainbow loom my mom helped me make the bracelets and I’m the playground I’d have bracelets all the way up to here and on each arm and I would just be like hey you want a bracelet and then people would give me like five dollars and I’d be like taking them out and by the end of the day they’d all be off my arm and I’d have like 40 or 50 dollars and my pocket money like I like this when I first got my book and I held it into my hand I looked at it and I was like wow I’m an author and I’m so excited to tell all my friends before my book was actually made I had like order forms and I was out there hustling so we tried to car dealership and we just killed it like she was in there for an hour but she talked to like 50 people because there’s all these you know everybody’s in this car dealership make probably on average 100 to 150 per car dealership so that became the target audience and we focused exclusively on those the book I guess just impresses a lot of people my goal for my book was actually to start up my business called Emily sleepover show so I made a goal for three thousand dollars he’s on one of this whole awesome set and I wanted cameras and a Mac and I wanted all this awesome technology and I was like two thousand dollars to cover it I thought that was the most money in the world like oh my gosh I’m gonna be a thousand there that’s awesome one day of sales can bring me up another thousand if I if I go for a certain amount of time and I just kept going and then I in the morning when I counted that I was out there like nine thousand I was like okay ten thousand and I went over again I was at about fifteen thousand and I was like okay twenty thousand dollars that’s a good number and then at when I got when I got there I just I stopped you don’t watch your next funnel it’s so then go to to combo Cup coaching calm hey parents what’s up if you’re seeing this video it’s because you’re either about to watch the show or you’ve already watched the show and we’re super excited to share this whole moment and experience with you and your kids Matt what do you think about this whole experience well first of all it tells me a lot about you as a parent the fact that you took the time to watch this with your kids like my friend mr. Miyagi says oh no such thing as bad student only bad teacher so you know we as parents oh my god I got I got to train him on the mr. Miyagi isms you know Joe that’s why Joe hangs with me so I could show him how to be a better we got this little fan turn going back and forth you know we’re the parents of two super successful kids we hang out all the time but we have fun we do but guys seriously it’s such an incredible experience and if you’ve already if you’ve already watched the show you know for ages just a number but it’s such an incredible experience to hear your kids talk about their dreams share some of the struggles they’re having at one point in the show if you haven’t seen it yet we even talked about some of the obstacles they feel or some of the ways people maybe other adults or other kids make them feel about their dreams and it’s so I opening and you know you may shed a tear or so too but it’s really gonna help your kid realize that anything’s possible now like the world has changed and they can do incredible things just like Emily and Caleb are doing and just like all the stories we share on the show yeah so parents thank you so much you know Joe and I believe in you we believe in your kids we can’t wait to see what happens we do know this because we’ve seen in our own kids life Caleb and Emily man they’re having so much fun because you know why they’ve learned the power of having a positive attitude and also believing in themselves and we as parents could make a huge difference in that by being our kids biggest fans and their biggest cheerleaders and if I can just leave you with this and I always tell parents that come up and ask me you know if you could give me one one thing that helped Caleb or Emily you know it’d be this you know what for every time you correct them tell them ten things they did right just catch them doing right more so hey we love you guys whatever the next step in the process is take that next step you’re gonna be glad that you did and you’re gonna regret it if you don’t we’re looking forward to your kids being a part of the kids for success movement now if we do this right after webinars done then we go to Facebook we start buying some ads there was an example of say we spent a thousand dollars on Facebook ads and depending on the webinar and the market the prices are always going to change let’s just say for this example we spend about $1 per click that means to be a thousand clicks that come to the registration page now of those thousand clicks my goal is to get at least thirty percent of those people to register for the webinar and means three hundred people from this thousand actually registered for the webinar no of those 300 people we need about twenty percent of those people to show up or about sixty people then I know we’re on target to hit our numbers from those 60 people to actually show up to the webinar my goal is to get at least 10 percent of those people to sign up for our program that’s six people and 997 dollars and then from the replay sequence we should double how many people we sell on the live webinar then the goal is for them to be able to put a thousand dollars in the Facebook ads each week and get twelve thousand dollars back out and then we just do that week in and week out every single week until it has a two comma Club now if for some reasons the numbers don’t work when we explain then we split those numbers and see what didn’t work let’s say for example the registration page doesn’t get thirty percent only gets ten percent then we know we need to fix and change the registration page let’s say whether the registration page does get thirty percent but then only two percent are buying on the webinar then we know we need to change the webinar all we do is after we drive some traffic we look at what’s broken we fix it we tweak it we test a couple things and try to get those numbers to work and as soon as we got those numbers to work now we have a funnel the weekend scale all right so now that the funnel is done and all the videos are created now time to start folks is gone and talking about traffic’s gonna take them over to John parks and my team let him meet with them and walk them through exactly how to get traffic into this funnel well this is traffic central welcome so the whole idea with these with these Facebook videos that you’re doing awesome at is that I think we can turn them into like conversions I think we can make money off of them we’ve got one guy from zero followers on his page a brand new page up to 22,000 followers in about 22 days right like just this so this was the one that was doing the best before we got a new winner and this is why you do Facebook live videos all the time like people like to do snapchat and I think snapchat is great but I’m always like do Facebook live is often you just why not right because Facebook live is where you can make money all the videos that are working for you Caleb you’re not sharing content you’re not sharing like how – you’re sharing motivation right those are the ones that are working for you the ones that I’m seeing are working for you and motivation I’m thinking it can be done a lot quicker well how – is like I’ve got to teach you something so I need five minutes to do it all right so now we are at the end of the day and honestly we’re all tired it’s been a long day of strategy and filming videos and building funnels and understanding traffic and all these different pieces and now now I wanted to get back to the part of the day that I am most excited for so we’re gonna take Emily and Caleb back to my home and we’re gonna let them play with my kids for a while we have a good time and then I’m so excited as Emily and Calum agreed to give a special presentation to my kids and some of their friends to help them understand that that for them like age is literally just a number doesn’t matter if you’re 11 years old or if you’re 99 years old you can have success in anything you want in life as long as you understand some core principles you want to write a book you can do if you want to make money you can do it if you want to change the world you can do it and I’m so excited to have Emily and Caleb to speak to my kids and help cast that vision and help change their mindsets they know what’s possible for them in their lives my name’s Emily I’m 11 years old about to be 12 and I really enjoyed sleepovers and I wanted to make money when I was about nine years old so I went to my dad and I asked him I told him I want money so he told me to go start a business he wouldn’t give me any money of course start a business and I’m like okay what about he told me to do what I love and I love sleepovers at the time because girls sleepover parties were who are you learn to like sleepovers all of them so I wrote my own book called the five steps to for a good sleepover and I went door-to-door and I sold my book and I made $20,000 like that was the question I asked myself like what stopped me from I in the book now so I literally went in my room I pulled out the notes on my phone I started typing and within like two to three weeks I didn’t I had my book all done we published it but I made over a hundred thousand dollars from that book but more importantly I’ve impact a lot of people so I’m super excited who’s ready to become successful you guys all ready y’all ready successful I love that you are already successful I don’t from Caleb that you can be successful right now you don’t have to wait into you’re like 18 and you’re actually like in the dole you can actually like a write a story and like Emily go door-to-door selling it and I’m like have thousands of dollars routines I like things that help your goal come like a go sidekick to help someone achieve their goal Caleb and Emily inspired me who are not like give up but like succeed not turn back like give up it was really important that I heard this so I have a motivation to go through what they did so someday I I can be successful too Emily’s only 11 and she like has 20 grand already from selling a book cuz she set her mind to that so now I know I could do what I really want to do if I can set my mind to it and work on my three goals everyday so cool thing is like my kids like I’ve tried to teach my kids to forever I try to read them good books I given books tonight they were taking notes they were listening they were setting goals they were to making commitments like I can’t get my commitments they’re making commitments and it was just a unique experience and it’s exciting for me as a dad because I’m always trying for you like I mean for us like how our kids turnouts kind of like probably the biggest reflection upon success for us as parents and you’re always trying to do things and most time it feels like it’s falling on deaf ears and this experience was cool because we’re able to share it together as a family but then also seen them so excited and doing those things and and actually having desires now it’s like wanna go read a book like you learn what you want a book that that’s not normal and it was amazing so I’m just grateful for Caleb and Emily and I hope that anyone that has children go through this process with them so that you can experience it and you’ll see how it can not only you but and not only them but us as a family all right so it’s been a super fun trip so far and Emily and Caleb had to fly home with their parents and so the last thing one do before they jump on the plane was taken back to the office and give them some bunch of funnel swag or give them hats and t-shirts and backpacks everything we can so they can be true funnel hackers unbelievably continue to amaze us so you can stick things right now that you like all right you just like working with those are deaths we’ve had amazing last two days all right now after Emily and Caleb flew away from Boise like many business partnerships do they decide they didn’t want to continue on the same path and so unfortunately that funnel never actually went live but what’s cool about is they were able to take each of those assets the stories we captured the different things we created and use them in their own specific businesses moving forward now since then Caleb’s been focusing on his new book program called Summa success where every single month kids including my kids get books and Caleb’s right in the mail a chance to read them and they have a chance to learn from now Caleb when he was here in Boise one thing he told me is that when he was a kid his dad would give him success books and every time he would read a success book he has to write a little report on it and he get a $20 bill and so since then I’ve had that I’ve had the same deal with my kids so every month they get a book from Caleb and they read the whole thing they’d righted a little report and they were paying him $20 and that’s what Caleb’s doing at Summa success com an Emily shifted her focus to teach kids how to actually make money and start their own businesses without losing their childhood and she teaches this on a web class you can go for free and see and the biz kids show.com one more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called calm secrets and you get your free copy at com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top thirty five secrets and we’ve used to become the fastest-growing non VC back-sass startup company in the world now I was so impressed with both Emily and Caleb and had such a good time with them out here and my kids ever since they were here have really looked up to them and have have changed as kids it’s been such a cool thing and because of that I wanted them to actually come and speak at funnel hacking live in front of 1,500 entrepreneurs and tell their story so that everybody could see that again just like their message talks about over and over and over again the age is just a number that anybody can have success when you’re following the right principle it doesn’t matter if you’re 11 years old or if you’re a hundred years old you can have success through this process and so they had a chance to go and speak now I don’t know about you but for most people standing in front of 1500 the crazies entrepreneurs on planet earth is intimidating it’s a scary thing but both of them stood up there and they gave their presentations and both of them ended out with standing ovations it was an amazing amazing time so what I wanted to do to end this episode I actually wanted to show you both of their presentations that way if you’ve got a kid and you want their key to your kids to be affected by both Emily and Caleb’s story you can show them this episode you can watch as a family and hopefully Emily and Caleb have the same impact on your kids that they had on mine so please pull up a chair pull up some popcorn and watch these two presentations from Final hacking live ladies and gentlemen if you would please stand and welcome to the stage the princess of the pitch coming from straight back down the middle miss Emily Shane are there any photo lockers in the building oh come on you can do better than that are there any photo hackers so I’m just a kid so I’m gonna need a little help up here so we’re gonna play a little game who likes games I like games so every good game needs a good reward so let’s see I have Chris got cookies see Dave I got more and more yeah so here’s how you win when I point over to this side of the room I want you all to say uh-huh let’s try and when I point over here I want you to say yes ma’am okay when I point to the middle I want you to give me a big Jancy rootin’-tootin Dallas Cowboy sighs yeah and whoever does the best cowboy dance Kingdom stuff will get extra cookies so let’s try it shy over here ain’t got any over here yet who wants them bad though sorry I’m working on it so speaking of Girl Scout cookies this is where my story started because when I was 10 years old I really wanted a phone and the only way I could get a phone was to sell Girl Scout cookies cuz it was one of their little prized things but based on Girl Scouts generous compensation plan I I only had to get one phone I only had to sell ten billion dollars in Girl Scout cookies in that hopper you reward me with one phone not including my monthly plan so I had what we here in Texas called problem one I didn’t one I didn’t want to work as an employee for Girl Scouts and two I didn’t have any money so I did what any sweet innocent fun-loving all-american ten-year-old girl would do for money I searched my dad gene pockets for some extra cash no no I’m just kidding on our next daddy-daughter day I asked my daddy for some money you know what he said to me he said cashing outside how about that and I said ain’t nobody got time for that so he’s actually he said if you want some money you should start a business so that so I did I was a good idea don’t you think thanks dad oh and while I’m thanking people I’d like to thank mr. Russell Brunson is he’s in the room I’d like thank mr. Bunsen for allowing me on this stage you mr. Brunson a big man class and he’s taught me a lot about marketing and success and I’m really thankful for that and also Kaela Maddox who introduced me to he’s in the back room Kaela Maddox introduced me to roster Brunson so I wouldn’t be here without him Thank You Caleb anyway so that’s what I did I started a business helped little girls have the perfect sleepover to get the word out about my business I wrote a book called the five steps to of horrific sleepover and I went door-to-door selling my book that didn’t happen so I went door-to-door selling my book and in that process I hit every car dealership from Jack from all the way up to Jacksonville Florida all the way almost down to Miami and car dealerships for my target audience by the way but I’ll explain to you what that is some other time and I learned how to pitch and sell and overcome objections I made over $20,000 and thank you and the best part is I got my phone but yeah I know that sounds awesome but the truth was once I got good at it I got tired of getting in the car and driving around all day just to make a quick 800 bucks yeah it was rough you know it was it was in that struggle mr. Brunson why have these these external struggles of getting to my target audience car dealerships and these these internal struggles of of one of wanting to meet my goals but still be a kid and not work all day that as I face this wall in front of me I had right I had what I personally like to call an epiphany seriously people write this down this is good stuff someone should write a book about this hey I realized that the reason I originally spoke to car dealers because it allowed me to speak to more people at one time and I didn’t have to make my dad or my mom drive to a different place for every sale I could go to one place and talk to 30 40 or even 50 people all at one time so it’s that’s why I started doing car dealerships in the first place but I got tired of it so we started thinking what if I could sell online what if there was a way to get my message out there in a way that broke it into a step-by-step process but no it was too much for a kid you know building out web pages and computer code there’s just too much tech stuff you know so but what if someone somewhere made that the training and the technology so easy to use that even a little kid could do it and then I learned about this amazing life-changing technology simplified sales crushing supercalifragilistic expialidocious tool called click funnels [Applause] have you ever heard of it Wow a lot of you shucker geez actually I started using it I was like in love and every time I got to go to work in my pajamas the only thing I could think about was click funnels [Music] [Music] now where was I oh yeah now I no longer have to drive 200 miles to find a part of my target audience that I couldn’t even reach now I’m creating online presentations to help other kids become successful too now I’m a funnel hugger [Applause] now for the remainder of my time I want to show you the three quick things that from my perspective I’ve learned as a funnel hacker and you and your kids will too so the first thing funnel hacking teaches you that you’re not too small for your dreams and your dreams are not too big for you and this year my goal is to help 2,000 kids write a book and start a five-figure company but a lot of people will think oh no that a little kid can’t do that you know that’s too big of a goal and she’s just so small a lot of people think that but I have a story for that so once upon a time my dad and I were driving in the car and he was talking about business and I was kind of zoned out you know thinking he’s like talking talking talking I was like what are you talking about so so and then I heard him say after that the sky’s the limit and I was like literally like looked at I mean man I was like who says the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon he was like thank you but from that I learned like a lot of people in the language that they use they like tell themselves that there are limits there that you have to put limits on them there’s there’s limitations you know once upon a time the ground was the limit but since then we’ve we’ve built airplanes and gotten to the sky rocket ships and gone to the moon and we’re already working on going to Mars so teach you that there’s no limitations this is the 21st century for crying out loud you can do anything you want to do when you put your mind to it so if you’re still living at moon thinking it’s time to shift to Mars thinking or Krypton you know but I don’t know if that exists so now I know I know my role here I’m a walking living breathing metaphor on the stage of the speaking to you about the dreams you’ve allowed to die because you’ve lost faith in yourself I’m a voice and a messenger to notify you that your dream is not dead the best is yet to come you’re not a failure you’re a dreamer on a mission you can I tell you something you’re just one funnel away [Applause] you may have had ads that failed but you’re just one funnel away you know you may have had webinars that didn’t convert but you’re just one funnel away and if a kid can do it the truth is you’re just one fall away this leads me to my next point point number two sometimes you make a funnel but sometimes a funnel makes you like this may be controversial I don’t know if I said that right but but I think that being a funnel hacker is more valuable than a two hundred thousand dollar education to Harvard because I mean how many people go to college and end up living in their parents basement I’m 12 I know this I don’t want to be one of them being a funnel hacker forces you to determine exactly who you want to help and it which means like you’re one funnel way from your purpose being a final hacker also forces you to get clear on exactly how best to help the people you want to help which gives you a clear plan now can someone please show me a college education that does all of the above so don’t just ask me about my grades ask me about my funnel now because sometimes the funnel means sometimes you make a funnel and sometimes the phone makes you which leads me to my third point funnel hacking is not about making funnels it’s about making a difference some people ask is what you’re doing worth dying for but what I want to know is what you’re doing worth living for if your funnel hacker is what you’re doing actually worth achieving how does it make the world a better place my mission is to rescue these kids from what it means to be a normal kid and to help them to know that they don’t have limits anymore that the sky is not the limit and that they can do anything they put their mind to because kids adults whoever you are your dreams you can you can you can make it happen and I’m committing to using my money to support orphaned children and other charities because I believe in making a difference in change in the world but why because donnell hacking is not about computers it’s about contribution and final hacking it’s not about money it’s about movements and missions final hacking is not about changing your bank accounts I’d like that but it’s not about that it’s about changing the world now put your hands together and make some noise if you believe me on that [Applause] my name is Emily Shay I’m 12 years old I’m a funnel hacker and I want to change the world who wants to change war with me shout yeah yeah let’s do it you’re just one fall away thank you very much you guys hello hackers I’m so excited to be here today my friends honestly like there’s like I mean being a kid there’s like a couple different moments in your life there’s your marriage there’s having your first kid and they’re speaking of funnel hacker live for the first time so guys I’m super excited to be here I want to start off by saying thank you to mr. Russell Brunson himself there’s I like to say uncle Russell Brunson honestly actually I set that on the Facebook god I need to stop saying that because I sit down the Facebook live and someone would comment says oh no reason you’re successful Russell Brunson is your actual uncle like so I’ll stop saying that but okay Russell you’re awesome but seriously guys I’m so humble to be here just meeting you guys connecting it’s been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I’m just super excited to continue to meet you guys and get to share this stage today so guys today you know I’ve been singing over the last couple months as I’ve known that I’m speaking here today I’ve been thinking about what to talk about and it became really clear to me what I should talk about and I’ve been working over the last couple months you know working on my powerpoint getting everything together and I’m very prepared to talk to you guys today about my weird Anish funnel that’s currently helping me have an unbelievable marriage and the coolest part about this is I’m gonna show you how to ethical Enoch it off in just less than 10 minutes I’m just kidding guys that’s not what I’m talking about today I’m not talking about that now the reason I’m not talking about that is for the the main reason is because first of all I’m not married and second of all I have no expertise in the area of marriage and you know when you see a 15 all the first thing that may come your mind is what does he know what he’s talking about and I want to first tell you guys this I don’t share things that I don’t feel like I can talk about I like to share with you guys things that I know that I can actually provide value in your life so guys what I’m gonna talk to you guys today is about the things that I’ve done in the top three biggest secrets to my success so first of all what are some of the things I’ve done well the first thing that one of the most things I’m proud of is I’m the author of four different books the first book I wrote whenever I was 12 years old called keys to success for kids the second book I wrote was how I made $100,000 by 14 years old then I came out with the book just recently called keys to success for kids 2.0 and then one of my favorite books I got to co-author a book with my dad the one and only mathematics which was one of the best experiences of my life I’ve been on national television in front of 8 million people I’ve been privileged to do a TED talk I’ve connected with some of the top entrepreneurs and share the stage with people like Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone Arnold Schwarzenegger invited me over to his house this week I’m getting to hang out with Jake Paul who’s on Disney Channel most kids watched his knee channel I’m hanging out with the stars but I’m hanging out with him this week and the title of PES I’m going to his house and then the guy in the middle a lot of you guys may not know him actually it was just a random dude who wanted to take a picture with my car so we just took that real quick now I’m just kidding that’s the one only Russell Rustin and I’m so excited to share the stage with him as well as Tony Robbins and the number one person I’m most excited by able to show the stage is my dad mathematics even though I see this in the slides I threw it in last second because guys honestly people always say Caleb you’re only successful because your dad and I don’t have an answer that he honestly is the greatest person on the planet and I met so many different people but he’s made the different biggest difference in my life and I really appreciate that you know yeah clap it up for him can’t wait I’ve also been able to have dozens of viral videos some reaching just like this one I posted a couple weeks ago this one has 5 million views reached 12 million different people and I didn’t even spend a dime on this video it just went there organically I’ve been in Forbes I’ve been in Huffington Post I see we were saying about the clicker I’ve been Huffington Post Inc said that was that this 14 year olds gonna be a millionaire in two years they were kind of off because it’s actually gonna happen this year I was voted I was voted in the top 20 most motivational people in the world I’ve been able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars doing what I love and what I’m most proud of is the people that I’ve been able to impact in the process last week on Facebook alone we reached 10 million people and it’s amazing to see that like these kids right here in this photo as I see this like that’s what I’m most excited about is the messages that I’ve gotten from people literally saying that they were about to kill himself and then they saw one of my videos and that’s really why I’m here so guys I’ve had some success in my life I’ve been able to do some cool things and there’s really three things that I’ve been able to pull from it and I want to share those three things with you guys today is that all right can I share that all right so let’s get into it so what I’m most known for and what people you know I I got stopped a lot in public because you know I’ve had a lot of viral videos the number one thing that people say is oh you’re that work your face off kid because I’m always saying work your face off and I’m always talking my hustle and so people like this is what they know me for but I’m just here in a second that’s not my number one key to success so it’s actually something even deeper but the first key to my success is the fact that I’ve worked my face off you know I was speaking in London and you know I Sydney Australia London up and in Washington DC New York City I’ve been able to go all across the world and I was speaking in London to 1800 people and as I was speaking there I was looking at my Twitter I was you know receiving messages and I got this one tweet from my friend okay you guys are gonna believe this here’s what she said she said I went to school with her my entire life she said Caleb you’re so lucky that you got to go to London and I wanted to reply to her listen I am blessed but I am NOT lucky when you were riding your bike I was writing a book when you were watching a movie I was building a movement when you were posting when you were sending snapchats to your friend I was posting out I was posting content and what people don’t realize is how much work that it actually has taken for me to get where I am today like honestly thank you I appreciate that honestly like if you actually saw our days our team we put in so much work we literally have to force ourselves out out of the office at night like we were go working really hard the other day Cody’s right there he’s our videographer got Risa Rene over there got my dad they all know like literally we were working the other day and we forgot to eat the entire day just because we were getting stuff done but we’re obsessed with work ethic and one of the number-one stories that kind of shows the importance of work I think who’s ever heard of this app called periscope does anybody notice that yeah yeah so periscope is basically this app it’s just like Facebook live where you can like livestream so you’ll you’ll get on you’ll put out content it’s really cool and you get to go out to the world so I remember about two years ago so two years ago at this point I’ve been putting out videos since I was seven years old and I had never I’d never had a viral video up to this point like I had no followers at the time and I remember okay I was thinking to myself man this new app periscope I’m gonna do one periscope next thing you know it’s gonna go super viral and have all these people watch so I go live on periscope and there was one viewer who stayed the entire time and for viewers in total and my first ever periscope I was sitting I was thinking wow I could have literally stepped outside gone outside on the street and talked to more than four people why did I just waste my time with this so I get done I keep putting out periscopes I do them every single day next thing you know I get a message from someone who said hey Caleb I’ve been watching every single periscope you’ve been doing this week I think that it’s amazing what you’re doing my name is Diane Cardone so Diane Cardone is Grant Cardone sister and she told me who knows who’s grant cardone is anybody familiar with him so she said great she said green card she said Grant Cardone is my brother so next thing you know she messaged Grant Cardone so you know they made that entire connection and like literally Grant Cardone shared a couple my videos I started going viral I started having videos that hit millions of views and my life completely changed from there but way too many people in this room they’re doing these periscope and the important part grant cardone the reason he admired me is because I started doing periscopes shown that I was out on the street selling I was out putting out content I was doing all this stuff and there’s so many people in this room who they do Facebook live they do periscopes they put out videos and they have so limited amount of viewers and they get discouraged by it but the fact of the matter is they don’t realize the people that saw that they’re trying to drive traffic to their funnel but they don’t realize one of those visitors could have been someone who works for Allen or works for CNN or someone who can change your career forever and that one periscope I went into it thinking there’s only four viewers but it was Diane Cardona sister changed my life forever and I was only one periscope away same exact way surely one final way I’m a living proof of that you’re only one action away only one connection away only one day away people have quit a week before their blow-up moment and if they would have stayed one week longer their life would have been changed forever it’s so massively important that we stay consistent we keep putting it out there even when there’s those days that we’re discouraged our team we’ve had arguments and we felt disappointed but guys the life that we get to live because we push through it it’s the life that I hope that we all live so that that was me with Grant Cardone we got to connect was a super fun experience I got to go on a show I actually talked to some people they found me out about the they found out about me they’re Grant Cardone that all happened because I stayed for assistant so the second key to my success is I gave my face off and I said to you guys about work your face off right I was telling you guys about how important is work face off and then I mentioned that’s not my number one key to success because honestly it’s not this is the number one key to my success if I could only do one thing and if I could only leave you guys one message it would be this simple thing and that is give in my life out of all the accomplishments and the things that I’ve been able to name off the things that I’m most excited that I was able to do as I’ve been in over fifty three mission strips in my life and I’m not saying that I’m not saying that to be like I’ve benefited through mission trips I’m all about giving look how amazing I am I’m telling you guys that to realize the importance of giving the things that I’ve learned from it like I love seeing uncle Russell and Stu McLaren talking about giving because that to me I’ve met a lot of really successful people I look up to those two now more than like pretty much all of them because now they making money not only they make in their income but they’re also about their impact and that is where it’s really at you realize funnels I love what Emily said or Emily right there you killed it by the way I love it I feel like an old guy at this event now all of a sudden I’m always coming up the young Kayla Maddox now it’s like oh yeah it’s just Kayla very well on stage but but seriously like I love her talking about you know you’re only one front and I’m the importance of giving but it’s so true you really have to be in it for the impact and understand funnels it is about impact and there’s a two comma Club for money but I feel like there’s a sauce to be a two comma Club for people who’ve reached millions of people through funnels because that’s where it’s ads that’s where we’re making a difference and I remember I was having this really bad week I was really disappointed I was feeling kind of down I was just depressed as you could be for I guess being 13 years old at the time and I was making sales calls no sales were going through wasn’t you know my video viewers were low I just felt kind of disappointed and I felt down I was thinking myself watch I do like nothing’s going good so I said you know I’m gonna work harder so I started making more calls I started putting out more things and I said well maybe I’m doing something wrong maybe like my strategies off so I decided okay well maybe I’ll switch up my strategy and I continued still nothing was going good so I said you know what I’m gonna do what my dad’s always told me since I was four years old I’m gonna go give so I went out I found this single mother I gave her a hundred dollar bill the single mother told me Caleb because you gave me this one hundred dollar bill I’m gonna be able to feed my five kids tonight make sure you know my dad and I went to the store we grabbed some sleeping bags we went out to the homeless and we gave to them next thing you know I was thinking well I’m trying to sell coaching calls what’s a kid I know that I can give free coaching calls to to these kids and what’s a kids I can I guess coach for free and make a difference so I called up this kid whose dad had just committed suicide so I called him I tell him and actually no I’m done with him so I gave I like it was it was night I’m sorry I’m laying down on the bed and I’m like man I still don’t feel that much better next thing you know I hear this ting noise okay ting ting can it turns out as a Facebook message so I go I listen to the Facebook message you know this it was this Australian guide he has to saw showing accident he says hi might how would you like to speak with Gary Vaynerchuk I was thinking what like speaking and the reason why this is so powerful is because I literally this has been a goal I’ve written out for a long time one of my goals I wanted to connect with Russell Brunson after I read Don secrets I wrote that down every single day another one was I wanted to speak with Gary Vaynerchuk so next thing you know this guy’s like hey you when it comes to be with Gary Vaynerchuk and I was able to speak to with Gary Vaynerchuk in Sydney Australia in front of like 600 entrepreneurs and in this moment I realized nothing was going good in my life nothing was really working but it was because I gave that made the difference and I came up with this mantra that when nothing is going good for you do something good for somebody else you can win nothing’s going good build funnels I want you to want you to hustle put in the work but if you’re actually not feeling good inside if you actually you’re not feeling fulfilled if you’re having a bad week you’re not getting results figure out a way that you could make a difference in someone’s life like that’s a value I have in my life is I would call a kid every single day and encourage them because the thing that I’m selling I want to be giving in that area and it’s over impact over income every single day impact over income so it’s much more making money that’s why I honestly respect Russell what they’re doing so much they’re all about giving you can see it in his eyes whenever he’s teaching about funnels you can see how he knows that she’s not telling you ways to make money he’s telling you ways to have more time to spend with your wife he’s telling you ways to have more time to spend with your kids he’s telling you ways freedom he’s telling you ways to quit your job and that’s why he’s so passionate about what he does so guys there’s work your face off there’s give your face off and the final key that I want to leave you guys with that’s helping me so much and that is fun or your face off this one guys so I thought I’d be completely transparent I believe in being transparent I had a lot of success early on so I mean as far as like getting known I was very well known I had success viral videos all this different stuff and I still made a lot of money I made a hundreds of thousands I made a hundred thousand dollars at the time and I had I had a good amount of success but if I can go back and if someone asked me what’s your number one regret honestly my number one regret is that I wasn’t obsessed with funnels in the beginning like I did I had viral videos out of seven but I wasn’t like funnels wasn’t my thing so I found out about Russell Brunson I found out about dot-com secrets shout out to Jo Jo lady for getting us that book.com secrets I read all the way through my dad tells me this is your this is like your Bible for business just the way you read he made me read it like five times six times over and over and it taught me about the importance of funnels and I’ll honestly say because I was just talking to someone in the back and they were like you know caleb is this final thing legit like Sheree is it important if you have any hesitations with click funnels with funnels with going all in with it that is what you need to do follows is where it’s at putting it together and so the funnel that I’m doing right now the main one that we’re working on is I just released this new thing called Maddox book club so this is like the main project that we’re on so Maddox book club what it is I mean Donald Trump right what’s his companion his campaign slogan is make America great again that’s what he said so make America great again how do you think we can make America great again I’m sorry I gotta break it to you it’s not going to be through the government it’s not gonna be through the school system it’s not gonna be through sending every kid to Harvard it’s not it’s gonna start with the u.s. it’s gonna start with the kids so what we decided to do is we said what is three things that every single kid needs we realize those three simple things first thing that every single kid needs they need to have unstoppable confidence in people skills you know I’m amazing it feels that I’m able to stand up on stage with confidence and talked off you guys I can have a conversation with any person no matter how much they’re worth how much money they’ve made how much you know how many people know them I’m able to talk to them so we want to give confidence and give that gift to every single Ken second thing is the second thing that we want to give kids is we want them to make $100,000 so we want them to have $100,000 in their bank account and we want them to have this by 18 years old because every single person in this room we have good beliefs about money that’s why we’re at this event people kids in general have bad beliefs about money and we want to give them those good beliefs and the third thing that we’re doing is we want kids out that mindset about giving we want them to understand how important giving is so the way that we’re gonna do this is through Maddox book club and I was thinking to myself okay we want to give these three things what give me these three things in the very beginning we realized it was immersion and it was personal growth it was educating myself it was learning so what we’re doing is we’re literally I’m doing a daily video every single day and I’m sending it to these kids phone texting it and then what else I’m doing is I’m also writing a monthly book and I’m sending it to their house every single month about success about goals about the importance of manners and all the things that every school kid needs and we’re doing this and we created our funnel we put it all together our goal is to have 100,000 kids inside of this book club and we know that the vehicle that we’re gonna just throw is through ClickFunnels™ we’re gonna produce this now there’s two reasons why we want to have 100,000 kids inside the book club number one because imagine a hundred thousand kids getting a daily video for me every single day I can’t wait to see the impacts to make the maximum getting a reading a book every single month and the second reason did you guys do the math in your head on a thousand kids inside the book club so I’ll be making four point seven million dollars a month that’s a pretty good deal right you guys agree who wants to make four point seven million dollars a month so the way that we’re doing this is we decided to do this game show actually Renee on our team she came up with the idea we knew that the perfect webinar that’s where it’s at so we decided okay we’re into the perfect webinar but kids don’t want to really see a webinar that’s not what they’re motivated to do so we decided okay we’re gonna do it through a game show so making it super fun we’re producing it we’re putting it out there it’s literally it’s the perfect webinar in game show forum where they’re playing games they’re laughing we tell funny stories it’s like this entire thing and we’re gonna do that we’re gonna bring it out to the world and that’s my mission right now that’s the current thing that I’m working on so I’m super excited about producing and putting out there but it all is going to be through funnels and funnels is where it’s at so guys I want it in real quick with this one last thing so work your face off give your face off on your face off in this last story I want everyone’s attention is everyone looking at me right now everyone’s in it right raise your hand if you’re in it this last story and then I know I’m almost at time this last story I want you guys to consume this you guys already this is the thing that changed my life forever this is the thing that has taught me the biggest lesson in my life so I produced videos every single day and I realized that the more controversial that you are the more virals the video the more viral the video goes that’s just how it works if you’re controversial people share it they like to write negative stuff and then you get really positive people that love you forever so I decided to do this one video and I wasn’t sure if I should do it and the title was why you were poor now I don’t know about you guys but if you hear 15 year old saying why you are poor it’s gonna get some hate right it’s gonna get some controversy so i sat there I was like okay so I post this video I’m not sure I’m not sure maybe I showed it I said decided no I’m gonna post a video so I go ahead I posted the video within like seven hours the video out a hundred thousand views and to this day the video has 2.5 million views now here’s the cool part everyone hated me everyone criticized me everyone was messaging me and being like you’re awful you’re this you’re that I got the most criticism I’ve ever gotten and I was going through my message this literally probably twelve ones in a row was just you’re awful you’re this you’re that and I got about the thirteenth message and I read this man it’s kind of feeling down like all these people hate me and this guy says Caleb you should just commit suicide that’s what he told me he said you should commit suicide he said this world would be better off if you were just dead and I felt so discouraged I thought I should delete this video if this causes some of the thing I should die maybe this wasn’t the right video to post so I said you know what no no no I’m gonna keep scrolling I’m gonna I’m gonna push this scroll one more message I said I’m gonna read one more message I read one more message and it kind of went like this it was his mother she said hey Caleb so I have my son and this is basically his life he’s super depressed he hates his life gets the worst grades in his class he’s always down he has no friends he has no confidence he has no future and he told me the other day that he’s gonna commit suicide and then she said that she showed him my video and his life changed after seeing that poor video he started watching more and he committed to doing better in school he committed to living a better life he said you know what I’m gonna I’m gonna commit to having more confidence he started naming all these things and here was the kicker she said I want to say thank you because because of you not only as my son not dead but he’s finally alive [Music] I I took this message in and I realized myself Wow how selfish and I if I would have listened to the message before is that this kid would have been dead and way too many times we let our impact we let our criticism and we let our hate get in the way of our impact way too many times we let someone on Facebook not wear the skirt s’pose Aunt Sally might say something get in the way of providing for our friends or for our family we let our criticism we let the scarcity we let the fear get in the way of what our potential truly is and we think wow but what if I do this funnel when it fails do another one do another one because you’re only one funnel away and I want to leave you guys this message don’t listen to what people think about you stay in your lane understand there’s people that are counting on you every time you sell something whatever I do it whenever I do a book club it’s 47 dollars a month I get excited whatever I sell one cuz I made 47 dollars a month but I’m more excited about that kid reading that book we’re excite about that kid seeing that daily video and every time that that funnel works you’re impacting people so don’t let criticism hate fear get in the way realize you’re on all that Ryan realize you’re only one foot away and go after it thank you guys I really appreciate you guys with time you guys stand up keep up the door [Music] [Applause] [Music] next time on funnel hacker TV but why if I take a trip to Dallas Texas where I surprised her with the makeover from Robert Jones after that we build the funnel for him we invent a new software program with a chance to love the Dallas Cowboys football game we’re actually a chance to wrestle on the big start and yes they forced me to do a makeover and buy some skinny jeans

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FHTV – Young Entrepreneurs Caleb Maddix and Emily Shai (ClickFunnels™ Featured Film)