FHTV 100th Ep Breaking Records And Changing The Game With Kaeline Poulin!

FHTV 100th Ep  Breaking Records And Changing The Game With Kaeline Poulin!

It’s the 100th episode of Funnel Hacker TV and Kaeline Poulin is on and totally changing the game! But First, Dave and Myles visit the blue turf at Boise State University to dole out a Guinness Book Of World Records plaque to head football coach, Bryan Harsin, and Athletic Director, Curt Apsey, for breaking the record for largest bubble soccer game played. Next, it’s all quiet on the Click Funnels front as the team prepares for a webinar, but this webinar day is a little different. Russell is busy prepping Kaelin Poulin from Lady Boss to lead the webinar as he starts to create new attractive characters for the Click Funnels brand. Kaelin obviously crushes the webinar pitch and Russell is now officially retired from Click Funnels…but not really. Finally, as the 100th episode winds down Dave reveals the new 2CCX box that will go out to 2CCX coaches and members.

Guinness world record plaque for the largest bubble soccer game

Alright so Miles and I are about ready to head out and we’re heading down to Boise State. Miles you tell me what we’re gonna be doing a Boise State today? We’re presenting the Guinness world record plaque for the largest bubble soccer game. “It is my distinct pleasure to present the Guinness world record to Russell, Dave, Todd & the executive management team of Clickfunnels. You are officially amazing!” We’re gonna have coach Harrison there, gonna have the A.D. for Boise State, gonna have a bunch of media there, so right now we’re trying to compile this, adding up numbers and everything so, we’re cutting it close like we always do, what’s up let’s go! So these are the plaques that are actually presented here. mmm Clickfunnels Guinness World Record. Alright Miles, game on buddy are you nervous? Dude you have the plaques! Oh yeah that would be an important thing. Okay here we are Boise State Stadium on the blue it’s a big old stadium when you’re now and below it. Alright hopefully we don’t screw this up only got one shot at it. My name’s Dave Woodward I’m the chief development officer at Clickfunnels. So we set the world record here on the blue, I want to thank coach Harrison for allowing us to use this field and most importantly Boise State for all they do for the community and I want to congratulate you thank you so much we appreciate this. For Boise State this is a great award and honor we love to see records being broken thank you very much.

The weirdest webinar day I’ve ever experienced

This is like the weirdest webinar day I’ve ever experienced here. Our office is like quiet, it’s really really weird but literally within hour and 15 minutes this thing’s taking off so let’s kind of figure out what’s going on. Quiet isn’t it? Calm before this storm what’s happening? The webinar’s coming! I’ve never seen this happen for it, it’s like Russell’s not gonna have to work out as powerpoints or anything else it’s like a weird feeling. Russell: “I’m done, I retired officially, Kaeline’s now in charge of being attractive character for Clickfunnels. Jamie’s bustin out trying to make sure this thing actually works, Ron is busy bat-line signal is up! It’s going on, we’re all set getting ready, getting ready glasses are on, I’m out! Miles just typing away like crazy. Look at Brett crushing it over here, this is just like I’ve never seen an office this quiet before a huge webinar, this is really really really bizarre. John sitting here making sure everything’s working and ready to go, here in an hour it’s so close. Tell me how many registrations we had? John: 7,648. Alright so we’re talking about literally the evolution of the attractive character and groundbreaking craziness that’s happening, literally less than like 45 minutes, well so we’re just talking about how there’s this common belief in like the business community that if you if you are the face of the business (like Russell is the face of clickfunnels) – if you’re that person, then you’re always going to be inextricably linked to the business and you’re never gonna be able to pull yourself out and you’re always gonna have to be the attractive character. It’s like so cool but then you get stuck.

How do you bring in other attractive characters?

So like four years ago when we launched clickfunnels, I thought about that. How do I sell clickfunnels some day? if we wanted you know not that I’m going to, but if we wanted to if Russell is clickfunnels then it’s not gonna sell. So this was the thought and I know i’d execute it. I just knew I couldn’t be the attractive character all the time I had to be the initial momentum and growth, but then how do you like bring in other attractive characters, like what’s the next level of that? And so it’s crazy the last three and a half years when training tons of people in our community to do the perfect webinar to do my webinar pitch there are their own stories, their own thing and so this is the first time we’ve done it: Kaeline basically took my offer but she’s doing the webinar with her own style and story, her own everything, but she just used my offer and she’s doing the whole webinar today and so when she does it she’s gonna crush it. So now, Russell has a presentation, Kaeline has a presentation, so that’s two people that are selling clickfunnels and then eventually we would have a third person and a fourth and a fifth and then 12. Then it’ll be cool we’ll have 12 attractive characters and I’m one of many and if I want to say like just step away, my presentation still stands, but I’m one of a whole bunch of success students so the magic is that you are the attractive character initially, but long term your clients are your attractive characters. That’s the secret and then we’ve got a whole foundation of them and that’s the magic.

Success stories of the success stories!

If you do your job right and you actually serve them and change their lives they become the attractive characters. For those who really want to get deep into marketing doctrine here, notice my language patterns over the last eight months or so, no longer I just talked about how Brandon became of my success stories. I talked about success stories of the success stories. I’m talking about how Brandon helped over 1.3 million women lose weight so the success stories of your success stories become the third level of the attractive character.

Kaeline’s Webinar

We’re watching Kaeline close the webinar now everyone’s in here we had happen on the big screen right here anyway Kaeline’s a way better fit person than me and I’m officially retiring she’s now in charge of clickfunnels anyway so much for watching this . Alright just wrapped it: the first one of hopefully many to come. What do you think she killed it? what I haven’t seen someone to over a hundred Katie webinar besides me like live live like that was that’s very very rare very rare and she freaking blew past it so this will be at least half a million dollars before the end of the campaign which is crazy that was amazing. Oh way to go Kaeline that was awesome!

We got a brand new box

Alright so we got a brand new box come in today we love anytime we get these boxes and especially when they’re from us actually so I want to show you some of the new things that are going out from our 2 comma club coaches, to go just out to all of our two comma Club members 2 comma club X? check this out. Big ol box, open that bad boy up what do you see? the two comma Club X a special gift and thank you from russell brunson and the two comma club coaches. So then you open this bad boy up and what? it’s a Plata o Plomo binder, check out the size of this bad boy man that’s a lot of newsletters years were the content super super excited for this thing. Open up this thing and what do we have? our very first newsletter welcome to the two comma Club x newsletter Plata o Plomo, boom! check that out issue number uno, so this is gonna be one of the main things we want to make sure that all of our two comma club x members get. They start receiving things on a regular basis from us this helps us increase our stick strategies but more important provides the massive content to help them get what we want more than anything else. That’s five hundred people from our 2 comma club X program walking across the stage next year receiving the two comma Club program plaque and hopefully some of those hittin the X!

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