Every entrepreneur must know their Big Domino Statement… Here’s why.

Every entrepreneur must know their Big Domino Statement… Here’s why.

A lot of people struggle when selling through webinars and presentations but more often than not, it isn’t their product or service…

One of the biggest things to understand is that the presentation is not about getting your audience to believe a lot of things. The entire presentation is designed to get them to believe just one thing: that your new opportunity is the key to them getting the result they desire the

That’s it. If you try to get someone to believe in more than one thing, your sales will suffer.

Jason Fladlien once explained:
The idea is to have a single point of belief that your message is built around and is emphasized over and over and over again from a variety of different angles.

The whole presentation is created to knock down that one domino, and that’s it. The three secrets you’re about to learn are not new things you’re trying to get them to believe. They are the tools you use to attack the domino from a variety of different angles. That is the key to the Perfect Webinar.

Your first attempt to knock down the Big Domino is by telling your origin story about how you discovered the new opportunity. This story will kick off the presentation, build rapport between you and your audience, and introduce them to the new vehicle that you will be presenting.

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The perfect webinar is not about trying to convince some of this and this and this and this and this it's i'm trying to meet you as this i'm gonna try to knock that down from like 20 different directions in a perfect world we meet somebody we tell them our 50 birth story like sweet i'm in i'm gonna buy this thing 100 done .

Right unfortunately not everyone is super trusting or things happen they're skeptical for different reasons there's a couple key principles you understand number one is that every single person's product gives somebody a result right there's a big result you're getting somebody so if you come to my world the result i'm offering you is that you're .

Going to grow your company right that's the result you're going to get and then all of our products are a vehicle to get you that result specific vehicle right so my vehicle is funnels so you come to me the vehicle i'm going to try to convince you to get the result i'm going to convince you that funnels the greatest way to grow your company i'm .

Gonna be competing against a lot of other vehicles out there right there's somebody that says facebook ads the greatest way to build your business some people say it's high ticket sales who says phone selling some people say it's whatever there's a ton of different vehicles but i'm convincing that my vehicle is the best thing to get you .

That result okay so that's kind of the whole perfect webinar is based on on that thing and so for each of you guys you should know like what's the result you're promising somebody and what's the vehicle that you have your product your service that's going to get them that result so the first question is like what is the result your your product is .

Offering that's the first thing and then what's the vehicle you use to get someone there second thing then is the big domino statement and this goes to a lot of stuff that heath was talking about earlier today but a lot of people think when they're trying to sell something is they're trying to convince people of a .

Whole bunch of different things right the big domino statement is all about understanding that your job is not to convince somebody of a whole bunch of different things getting to buy something it's figuring out what is the one thing that you can convince them if they believe that one thing then they're .

They're going to buy no matter what okay it's the it's the domino if i get if i can push down this domino it's going to knock down all the other dominoes and they're gonna have to buy my product my service right so i don't have to convince you of everything there's just there's one sales argument i was talking to perry belcher and uh he was showing .

Me this tesla digital marketer and they looked at all of their video cells that prior like 10 years and they said it was interesting they found out if any other video sales letters if they tried to convince somebody more than one thing the conversion rates dropped in half because more than two things was almost non-existent like people didn't buy .

Anything so it was like we had to figure out what's the one thing we had to get them to believe i said you believe that funnels are the best way for you to have success like you believe that then everything is easy right like you believe that drinking this every single day is going to give you the health you need to feel better and it's easy it's .

Simple like if i get you to believe that one domino it knocks down all the other dominoes okay so every business has that and you have to figure out what it is because the perfect webinar is not about trying to convince some of this and this and this and this and this it's i'm trying to get you as this i'm gonna try to knock that down from like 20 .

Different directions okay so it's the one big domino so if i can create that one big domino it's gonna push down the thing and people have to buy so the question is what is the thing i have to get somebody to believe for them to buy from me okay so if i get them to believe that my new opportunity okay that's the vehicle that you're selling so my .

Product is the key to the result they desire the most and it's only available through this specific framework this specific vehicle this specific product or service they have and all of their objections become irrelevant and they have to give me money okay so when you take your product or your service i want you to plug it into this big domino .

Statement okay if i can get people to believe that auban bone broth is the key to losing weight the key to healthy lifestyle the key to whatever the thing that they desire most is and it's only available through all bone bone broth it's not available through any of the other bone broths because they're all horrible garbage then all the objections .

Become irrelevant and having money if i get them to believe that then i win the argument right and so this is the thing the entire webinar presentation is built around is getting them to believe that one thing when i launched click funnels that was it i was like i just have to get people to believe that all the ways your company funnels the most important .

That's it if i can believe that they have to you have to join clickfunnels there's no other alternative right they had people had to come and join us and so that was everything we did was structure on that one big domino statement .


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