Evan Michael, How “YOU” Are 1 Funnel Away – Evan’s Story

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Evan Michael, How “YOU” Are 1 Funnel Away – Evan’s Story

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: How you are 1 funnel away

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast Evan Michael’s “ONE” Funnel away story. It took him 7 years but if you knew you would have a 7 figure business in 7 years, would you start today? He reveals the funnel he used. He talks about using webinars to sell a $100/year subscription. He also discusses the 3 keys to marketing.

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: Podcast behind the scenes

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back to your host Dave Woodard you guys are in for a rollercoaster ride of excitement enthusiasm day because I’d the opportunity to have it Evan Michael with me Evan welcome to the show hey thanks so much I appreciate it always happy to do stuff like this and what an honor to be here with you today thank you thank you thank you this is honestly I’ve gotten chills

just this would be kind of doing some little pre talk here before yeah it’s we’re gonna be all over the board so I hope you guys are taking notes if you’re driving that just I don’t know what you’re gonna do but this is gonna be a lot of fun primarily because Evans bit of guy’s been around for a long time 2004’s time when he got started on this whole thing but the part I love is and where I really got introduced to Evan was he made a Facebook post in our group recently about this whole ideas far as being one one funnel away and I just love basically seeing it was really a cool post I backed up probably I’ll try to

get the post and put the show notes because you had these little pic little circles as far as kind of the size of your business growing over the years if you don’t mind I take a few minutes guy talked a little bit about that transition as far as from 2004 to now what’s happened yeah sure tell you all about thanks again so much so alright let me just start with the very beginning which is an interesting little side note here which is you hear so many people talk about you know they want to sort of business they want to go full-time they want to do it I was like never that guy I worked two jobs all the time like I just could never risk like everything you know some of it and some people say like well if you’re not 100% committed you don’t do it right away you know you’re not

committed no one’s gonna take you seriously but that wasn’t me I said forget it I can run two jobs like how hard is it I’ve got 24 hours in the day I didn’t sleep very much but it was fine so I started in 2004 and I started the software company for creative professionals designers photographers etc I did it online did it part-time so up until about 2010 that’s really what I did and it just grew and grew and grew which is great so what got me the post and what you’re talking about is in 2010 I came up with this idea for one of the products for this for this software company and it was really an education based software and it actually an education based program online and that was subscription product but going back just for a second when I start in 2004 again I didn’t take this

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: Full-time until 2010

thing full-time until 2010 so again anybody’s listing out there you know maybe there’s new to this I know you’ve got a valuable audience here that knows a lot about this stuff but you know obviously they gotta say hey look if you’re not ready to take this thing full-time just work 24 hours a day you will you will grow take the time I think one of the best things about all this and what really drew us together today was the diagram I put out which went from this product that we took in 2010 from 8,000 to 28,000 40,000 etc and then all of a sudden grew up into you know hundreds of thousands of dollars the thing I put at the bottom of the diagram was you’re just one funnel away even if it takes seven years so the key to this really is like a lot of people want to do this overnight they want to become millionaires overnight they watch all this stuff on on the Internet I think that’s all great if you can do it overnight believe me more

power to you I would love it but I think it doesn’t hurt to say something like look if I told you today that in that you could start building a funnel and working on it tweaking it iterating it working on everyday items and I don’t care if you’re working at Starbucks on the side I don’t care if you’re working you know another job full-time if you’re a teacher if you’re somebody else but then you I tell you to just build that funnel start today and in seven years from now you’ll be making a million dollars on that funnel now it may take you six years to even get to a hundred thousand but wouldn’t you do it I mean I think that’s really the whole point of the post and it was like you don’t have to do it overnight my point is put the work out there you know one thing we always hear about is implementing and one thing you know we talked about yeah we’re all over the earth today but one thing I was talked about with marketing

is a lot of people get stuck in like that that that researching phase of marking they’re always learning research not doing we take so much time to do stuff it’s like if you can implement and get out there and start building that funnel like the more and more you do even when those funnels aren’t working as well as you want it’s like just keep working at it every every day you know wake up in the morning if you’re excited about it’s like I don’t care like yeah like well today started out kind of slow and then I looked at my funnel again and it built up but like in the morning today I was like this funnel is like not working as I wanted it to and then it took off but it was like in my head I’m thinking what can I do what can I do what can I do I want to go for I want to

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: how to be a millionaire in three years

make this better like that’s the whole point so anyway my point is implement don’t sit back do it because what do you care if you’re a millionaire today or a millionaire in three years or million ten years right like it’s all of its fine and like you know you can always make money go like I always said to my wife it’s like I don’t care what I do I can always go get a job at Starbucks and work online at the same time now luckily knock on wood you know I haven’t had to do that but it’s you know it’s I’m not I’m not embarrassed by it’s like I just want to do the best I can like there’s no rules here you know what I mean so you want to talk no I’m not yeah I just want to see what are the things yeah I get people oh my gosh people are always give me tons of crap about that fact man you got so much energy always bounce around I could tell you there is something that is contagious about energy and I love love your energy because it was

one things you and I were talking about before stars x-1 things to draw drew you to Russell because it’s Manny’s talk so much he’s got all this energy going go go go go go I think people have to understand there is so much to having that type of an energy and it is what allows you literally to go if it takes you seven years it takes you seven years but takes you three it takes you fears it doesn’t matter because you have that type of energy that drives you and motivates you and keeps pushing you forward so I again those you guys are listening realize how exciting this business is it is such an awesome awesome experience I’ve actually before we got on the call here I’m playing with LEGOs right now we uh I wish I could show you I’ve got these huge Legos because we’re

the process of putting together a cookbook we’re gonna be doing this tonight and and Russell’s gonna be doing this kind of stuff but the reason I mentioned that is there is so much fun in business it’s one of things I just love and I’d love your passion your excitement especially considering you were in a really small niche and I do want to kind of talk about because one think you and I were just discussing is you actually are using a webinar type of funnel and you’re using this webinar funnel and the webinar funnel accidents what you’re using to help to build a continuity based type of income which most people when they’re looking at a webinar funnel it’s you know what this is a high ticket price item you know minimum of 497 typically it’s a 997 29.97 I’m looking for the kill I’m trying to make a lot of money on this thing and I really want to kind of talk about what you’re doing on a much smaller scale but we say smaller steel again at the same time it’s a million dollar a year business so right right and talk about how what you’re using a webinar using a webinar funnel to create

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: Multiple funnels for multiple businesses

this yeah definitely an answer that of course I’m gonna jump around bites wanna say one thing about it which is again this is only one of our products I just want to be really clear to everybody which is it’s always about everything not one thing so I think you should all have a funnel like this but let me be really clear about funnels which I really love about it and again until I started hearing Russell talk about funnels I didn’t really understand what it was but I think when you understand about funnels as funnels there doesn’t have to be one funnel your business alone see Russell talked about having you know multiple funnels for multiple businesses I’m sure it talks about a lot of things that’s just one thing yes you can have that I have funnels for other things

my own personal brand I got things for my facebook group you know just a hobby thing those are all funnels too but in your company you can have multiple funnels you have you know funnels going this way funnels going that way etc and so what I really want to say about funnels real quick is like you know don’t let them limit you all the funnel is is just how you want to direct those particular users you know so it’s just funneling people like moving them through the path you want to take them so the reason I mentioned that is because I don’t just have you know I I don’t just have one funnel working at this time so if you are doing Facebook advertising which I do you know spent thousands Day on Facebook you know marketing the company if you’re not if you don’t have an email

list to back that up if you don’t have a Facebook page to back that up if you don’t have a webinars back that if you have a good price back coupling you have to have everything so one thing I one thing I really do work on all day is everything I don’t get stuck in one thing I see major major major companies doing this that that lose sight of everything is all they do is branding they don’t do everything else so anyway my point is have everything so yes with this one products I get to it this webinar funnel which is really amazing and I think what’s the key to this is that of course I built the funnel the beginning in 2010 but I didn’t figure this funnel out for you know six seven years and so that’s a huge factor here it’s like that funnel took me a really long time to perfect now didn’t even were making money but let me tell you what we did so long story short is that the funnel is an education type subscription product online you

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: Learn how to watch webinars

learn you watch webinars so I’m using a webinar to sell a webinar product okay so that’s that’s that makes sense it’s kind of like it’s sort of the same thing it doesn’t mean you can’t sell products but again like you said one of the biggest keys here is it’s not a high ticket item this product is 97 dollars a year that’s all it is 97 dollars here and these people get access this education that updates throughout the year etc we have feature presenters and different things like that so it’s really cool we pay them and stuff with you know the profits whatever my point is but it’s obviously much more profitable you get more subscribers so my point is is that this is a small ticket item so what what I did is I put it out there originally they begin 2010 send it out to all my email subscribers hey we’re building this in an education site you want to be part of it great you like really by 2011 we were probably doing like 28 it never

really got over like $48,000 a year so oh but the price point was $36 when I first started cuz I didn’t have any content that was the case so I’m building education you know it’s like a bilious education course in this life but there’s not much there it sort of like an education like a TED Talks of our own kind of like you know you’re helping creative professionals things like that so anyway really we had like you know we were doing like 25,000 per day and it just wasn’t taking off I was trying everything you know I was sending out emails and people that and then people would drop out of the subscription for $36 at $36

a so this is just the point of this is it was a constant work it was a constant effort tweaking figuring out working working working and coming up with new ideas it wasn’t just the probably the product had to improve as well wasn’t just the marketing the product improved the marketing proved the idea is improved the price point improved you know it’s like I hear people say like oh I’m trying like I read something online say and somebody said they are trying to justify in their head asking people to spend nine ninety seven or thousand dollars for their course I’m thinking myself don’t justified in your head justify it with the product if your product isn’t worth nine ninety seven don’t ask people to buy but you should like been given the product worth ninety seven dollars like uh you know or really under sell it but like if you want to make the money I think like with this particular funnel it’s 97 dollars a year it’s it’s purposely

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: Setup your recurring product

low cost but that’s because it’s a recurring product if I can make really clear this product is a recurring fee product so every year it’s only $97 you these people get renewed but here’s the key to it so by the time this year rolled around it was like earlier this year I think we did I mean I think we probably making 24 35 depending on how much it was but it really started to take off this year it’s like that funnel came together so what it was was the basically its Facebook Ads along with meal mix with email and and and you know retargeting there but it’s the Facebook ad leads into one of the best training and webinars that we did we just give that away for free so what’s what’s key there is that like yes it just doesn’t waste people’s time it’s like here’s the ad if you watch this you’re gonna love us like you’re gonna trust us and it goes into an amazing webinar that is free probably the best sessions we do and then that

gets them to sign up for $97 pretty year and then that has exploded and then so the product got better the ad got better and the end the pitch got better I mean it really did all those things came together so when this took off so now you got to think it’s like now I’ll start getting 1015 signups a day well we’re at $97 okay so let’s say you know it’s $97 ten signups a day thirty six fifty people a year you multiply that pi times three years now I’ve got a million dollar product right so we’re on our way to that that’s how it’s growing so my point of that is like okay so your great point was in the beginning was okay this is a small ticket item here’s the thing there are days where I’ll spend $10,000 on Facebook and I get $10,000 back right so what is that side what am i doing so it’s a hundred hundred clients right a hundred subscribers so I make zero dollars right besides it’s funny I’ll go in I’ll go talk my wife and say oh y

yeah I spent like thirty thousand dollars over the weekend like oh yeah how much did you make like oh nothing we didn’t make any money you know it’s like no money in that here’s the thing I know with a subscription product next year I’m gonna make 10 grand now let’s say there’s a seventy-five percent retention rate but that’s part of the funnel too but let me just say let’s just say there’s a seventy-five percent retention rate I know next year if I spent ten thousand dollars this weekend to make those to those customers and I make all my money back I make no money so that’s why you have to everything right this one product in place now your other products are making you money while this one makes you nothing this year but next year I’ll be on a weekend vacation in Colorado and I’ll make seventy five hundred dollars for the company just doing nothing right I mean that’s the that’s the key to the subscription business so

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: Create more products

if I can go all the way back I want to be in the subscription because all our other products were like single one-off products I had to keep creating products I want to have a subscription product and ask what we’re doing so that’s what this final is going that’s what led me to this that’s what let me do that post because it was like guys you don’t have to do this overnight take your time build that don’t give up do everything above the over the Sun under the Sun etc what’s the expression but once one of these funnels your one from away once one of those funnels takes off it’s like boom it can change your whole company and like you said this might just be our main product moving forward after a year or two like knows this might be one to three million dollar profit it’s like you know what that’s what we’re doing you know and that and that’ll be fine you know it’s it is everything and that’s the thing I think people just they

misunderstand that take for example we’ve got I mean gosh you just went through exactly how we built ClickFunnels™ I mean we have we built it basically through a webinar platform and yes we gave a lot of way freed all that kind of stuff but the crazy part for us is I take a look at all the different front ends that come into to ClickFunnels™ and you know I meet with these growth equity guys in the private equity guys who are always fast as far as you know a SAS company like ours it’s not a common that a person would spend anywhere from 120 to about 140 hundred 45 bucks just to get a free trial that’s why they have to go out and have to raise all this crazy you know write the dollars just so they can do what you’re doing where you’re basically just trying to break even on your ad spend right yeah right for us you know we were talking about you know the fact you love Russell’s books you know expert secrets.com secret saw like I

stuff all those are front ends and we sit down we talk these guys and like they don’t understand we’re actually acquiring a customer for free so our cost acquire customer role we actually make some money on it because we typically make on our front ends it’s not a common where you know we can spend up to about 30 to 35 dollars to acquire customer for a book product or something like that but the part that I love is the fact that this is kind of your your back-end to a lot of your other products and at least for us is that we found and I’d love to get your opinion on it but is that what we found is a person once they buy once they become a customer they buy anything it is sure tell them something else yeah if I go for the best part about this is the funnel doesn’t you know as I mentioned before the funnel doesn’t stop so now here’s what’s really cool now I spent 10,000 to make 10,000 okay but now I’ve got the customer like you said

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: Love your products

and guess what they love me because they love the product were selling so don’t forget the product has to be amazing you know sometimes people say what converts the best a red button or a blue button I’m like the best product converts the best like you have to that’s what converts like like you know it’s like I always like take notes on my stuff it’s like if here’s here’s what converts the best yeah I have a list you know see if I can find I here’s what converts bets it’s not colors not websites if it’s the best products the best offers and the best experience end of story you know it’s like nothing else really matters so anyway if I go back to it yes so here’s the coolest thing so now I have these people in the funnel yes I do sell them other products I’ll be honest though I kind of like don’t go crazy with them like I kind of let them enjoy the experience of the subscription and like just keep feeding them tons of value in the education part so it’s like I’ll sit but here’s the thing I’ll send them emails all the time and I’ll say like hey here’s a new webinar here’s any

education piece and the email says this is why you’re a premium subscriber this is the benefit this time Lila always reminding them so they don’t lose sight that in a year you know it’s like oh wait I got all that benefit out of it so I don’t sell them too hard but here’s what we did do and this is really exciting this is really cool which is we when we bring out a new product let’s say I had like this new product was $75 so we did a big you know promotion on that product look you know design product and then we offered it to anybody who’s a premiums you know subscriber to the to the education part we offers them for $24 now this is digital products we make $24 it’s fine if we saw a hundred etc you can make 2,400 ollars etc in a weekend or whatever but my point of that is

is like that not only gave them a huge discount of the product right it’s $24 instead of 74 it made them happy so they’re gonna want to recur and come back and and keep buying and in fact it’s almost like they’re getting these products for free and if I could say one last thing about it which is I’m probably not charging enough for the subscription but I almost just I just don’t care I just don’t get hung up on those things now being a small company that doesn’t take funding it’s really easy to not care about every dollar I think if you’re in like this big company is you knows a lot of red tape and these people have your head yeah of course you have to account for all these things I see a lot of people doing Facebook and they’re worried about every little penny and for me it’s like I don’t I I just see the bigger picture it’s like if I make $100 today 200 hours say 10,000 a or 11,000 a it’s just doesn’t change much I just like I just go for it all the times as long as things are moving the wheels are spinning people are coming in people are buying saying I don’t get greedy and I just I just want it to all be up there so like if I give away you know $75 product maybe I could have sold them for 50 but like I don’t know I just like it’s not

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: Make more profit in your products

important to me and maybe that’s a little bit of an easy place to because I do you know we have had success but I never worried about that to be honest II I just never worried about like the money of it I mean yes you want to be profitable but like I never nickel and dime this whole thing and I have like my own like I know I don’t get too off topic you but have my own theory about like a value of a dollar and it’s like at what point in your life does each dollar each penny not make a difference like if you are still collecting pennies and change and like I don’t know what you’re doing it like it’s like you will never go broke over not collecting the change back from somebody or not throwing it at a charity bin or like or counting your change but I made like $20 I don’t even

know like how $20 would change your life like if you’re at that point like you need to get a job like at Starbucks and then just come back like there’s a point in your life where you can surely like $10 Azamat are $11 in I like 100 hours men a thousand dollars like this $10,000 really matters that gonna change your life sure I’m not saying it does I’m just saying like but a thousand dollars maybe like you know my thousand dollars maybe like somebody else is a hundred or my thousand maybe like somebody else is ten thousand so I’m point is like don’t nickel and dime this stuff it’s like you know think big it’s like don’t be penny wise in dollar foolish that’s something my father used to always say to me you know and I just live by that it’s like I just you know I don’t count my pennies I just I look for the bigger picture and I think that really helps like with the whole process of advertising and building a company if you’re so stuck on every little penny like forget you’re not gonna grow you know that’s my opinion obviously I totally agree it’s you know that’s been one of

the funnest things is I’ve I’ve worked with Russell now for over ten years and I’ve seen different parts of this companies you know come up and it’s come down anything else that’s what are they I’ve always seen with Russell is the fact that that is never spending money has never been an issue and I think I learned it a long time ago that is it’s very very hard to ask to sell other people if you’re not willing to buy and I’m one of these it’s fascinating to me as far as get all these people who want to sell people stuff it but they will not they will not open their wallet to buy a single thing I’m like it’s just not congruent it’s just I don’t know I least to me it’s not up maybe you’ve got to be a buyer to also be a really good seller and the better you are at buying stuff the better you’re gonna be at selling stuff i I just that’s my own personal feeling on it totally and if I could just go way off topic but half it is like you know what it really is this customer support – it’s like it’s like it’s like serving people and like the more you gets an amazing thing I don’t believe in

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: Start giving and helping other people

like magic and I was kind of stuff but there’s something about giving and helping other people that like changes the paradigm like it really doesn’t and that comes with spending money that comes with giving it’s like if you can give somebody a product for less money if you can help somebody on a Facebook post if you can talk to people like this if you know I hope I can prevent value present value it like you know in the back of my head I’m always thinking am i helping people right now I don’t know it’s like but that does change the paradigm like it’s not that you get more return but like it opens you up so the more you can help but even doing podcast like this anything it’s like the more you can give like the world changes when you give it’s amazing so anyway that just total

side note but it does it really does work that way and if you if you don’t understand that start giving today and see how that works you’re gonna be amazed oh my gosh we can have a podcast just on that because I told we totally agree on that one for sure yeah well I want to dive into one more thing here before we let you go in there um the idea that you talked about as far as spending money to build a hobby page on Facebook oh yeah we buy that and I because you you learn by doing that concept so if you don’t like kind of dive in and let’s spend just a few minutes kind of talking about the ideas Farr is using the Hobby Facebook hobby group page to learn you cut your chief basic as far as learning Facebook Ads yeah first of all I never shy away from a project even if it doesn’t make me money I think that like you never know we’re like something’s gonna turn so it’s like this might be a little hobby project of mine but like who knows in again 2 3 4 or 5 years I’ve got 50,000 people in a group and all of a sudden I can monetize it in some way it’s certainly not what I’m trying to

do but like you just never know where the world’s gonna take you you know you never know what’s gonna be hot what’s gonna work what new Facebook thing they’re gonna invent and so my feeling is like don’t be afraid to jump into things you know I have so many things going on all the time but like that’s just one thing I don’t you want me to tell everybody what it’s about or is that like embarrassing tell everybody it’s really awesome but anyway it’s a total passion project so thing I just love my life you don’t get it I totally understand if you do get it you’ll love it but you know since I was a kid I always loved like professional wrestling and you know Hulk Hogan all you know all the stuff like I don’t really a called Hogan anymore Jim I’m saying like Randy Savage all these guys we all kind of grew up with in the 80s and whatnot and so I don’t know I just always loved it it’s a great sort of like mindless entertainment for

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: Learn social media marketing

me though it’s become quite a complex amazing business at this point and if I get to say one thing about you know WWE pro wrestling is if you want to learn social media marketing they’re the biggest in the world right now I mean there’s unbelievable bigger than NBA B than any other sport company and so if you watch what they do but anyway I created a group I don’t a shameless ly plug it unless there’s any like wrestling fans out there but I could wear my t-shirt for it it’s called smarting out if you’re if you’re a wrestling fan you understand what it means to be a smart and so it’s called smarting out and join the Facebook group is a lot of fun my point is like you know I really did I thought like if I’m gonna really work with ads I’m gonna teach people how to work with ads mom gonna teach myself how to work with ads you know if I’m gonna understand Facebook more it’s like so many people I see I’m in my 40s but so many people I see that are my age and young and older you know they see this new technology come out Twitter something that like oh I’m never touching that or yeah it’s tits to it I’m not gonna do it her Facebook is a stupid guy when I hear somebody say Facebook is stupid I’m like go just just try it like you have like

snapchat all this stuff it’s AI just try out something that it’s not that used all the time it’s like I have to try but then you start to see what what is amazing about these things if they work so like Facebook is amazing groups are amazing they say they hands down our amazing and the more I’m in groups the more I manage this group now we have got like four or five admins but the more I you know manage this marking out group the more I realize like how amazing an online group can be it is like managing a club in your local town it’s just online that’s the way where the world is going I mean the kids today are not gonna understand the difference in a virtual world in like a real world so like when you have a conversation online it’s a virtual conversation but like I mean even right now what we’re doing is sort of a virtual conversation you’re not in my room but you can hear me we can talk my point is you know that’s what Facebook coops are like it really is this real I think so I started kind of advertising it’s a little tricky to advertise your Facebook group and promoted I did start with a Facebook fan page I don’t feed to that but the fan page feeds to the group and then we kind of like that kind of helps because it singles out what’s interesting is it’s a fan it’s a group page not for a business or a product it’s strictly just made up out of thin air but look we’ve already got forty six

hundred members but here’s what I want to say about it which is it’s a lot of work so like I could probably of it like 10,000 12,000 members mine I started earlier this year but I’m telling you right now like it is like a full-time job because like I said it’s like it is like managing a small club and there’s you know and then you’re dealing with like professional wrestling fans I mean feel fights and all this have you have to like manage and we have like a very strict no like trolling rule and I know you can’t attack people personally and we deal with all the time but anyway you know I don’t if I answered your question it’s a lot of fun I think there’s like a few strategies to grow Facebook groups right now as far as I know you can’t advertise directly to the group but there are a lot of ways around it I’m not sure how legitimate they are but just saying you could go on to Facebook groups and find out like I mean kind of do some

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: Using facebook to market your products

workarounds with Facebook one of the easiest ways to do just go to a website that promotes the group or just you know advertise to a fan page that promotes the group and you get people in that way so anyway any other questions about the group you groups a lot of fun it’s amazing I think groups are a huge part of Facebook right now absolutely huge I recommend everybody start joining groups it’s amazing I love it I think the key to it as I take a look at the kind of stuff you’re doing is the fact that as you mentioned earlier that is you have to do everything and I know that people go I just don’t have time to do everything I think that part of what the fun of it is it is you get real good at one thing but then don’t be afraid to go and do the next thing as well and and I love the idea as far as understanding funnel stacking is a totally I mean it’s what we live and die by over here Clint funnels and that is the energy as far as you get one foot as you made mention earlier Evan it’s one funnel leads down to another funnel leads on to another funnel and even your even to Facebook group it so I wanted to kind of make mention of it that Facebook group as you said you don’t know where that’s gonna take you right but at the same

time as you’re one you’re perfecting your skills as far as running the group you’re understanding how to drive Facebook you’re doing all that kind stuff but at the same time you have the ability to communicate with a group in a totally different way than you’re normally communicate with people on another another group whatever it might be and I think there’s just such a skill to that I know I’m storytelling again you and I could go on and on about storytelling cuz you’re an amazing storyteller I think that’s one of those things though honestly Evan is I just hope people I mean honestly you and I could carry this podcast on for hours and they would be entertained but I want to be respectful your time and a same time I I really want to make sure that people understand you guys who listen to this podcast understand that you are truly one funnel away and what I mean by that is look at Evans story and then see how can your story fit

into that I love which made mention earlier Evan and that is you know if it if you knew in seven years you’re gonna have a million dollar business would you start now and I just I hope people that you guys listen this one that’s been they’re entertaining because you can’t talk to Evan and not have it be entertaining but in addition to that I really hope that you guys got a lot of value out of this and I want to make sure is we kind of get close to wrapping things up here Evan I know people don’t want to get more of you so where can they go to get more of Evan oh yeah the best place is just Evan Michael calm evn mi CH AE L calm it’s my full name Evan Michael calm and so you know I do my own personal things you know my own personal webinars will be starting up some you know Facebook ad strategy just the way that I grew my business and want to teach that to people as well so go to Evan Michael calm you can also reach me on messenger from there and so like that you know people can talk to me I’m always happy to help and answer questions and I don’t go into groups and promote

Clickfunnels™ Evan Michael: Create your product videos

stuff and I’ll do that on my own you know it’s like I don’t take advantage of it that way and I just want to help people and I’m really happy you you know you found me and you know we connected because that’s really what I want to do is I just want to help people and if I could just follow up can you give me two seconds I’ll follow up on that wrestling thing which is another great idea just just find what you said which is you don’t know where it’s gonna go so think about this I started this wrestling groups got 4,500 people in it right now will grow to 50,000 let’s say but already in the group ideas are coming up friends are being made people are talking and what do they want you know some guy says hey we should have a group convention somewhere we should have a group meeting we should have a group you know online video game chatting we should have group you know this and that we should cribs and so before you know it it’s like maybe in five years from now I’m hosting like a convention for all these guys bringing in old wrestlers and having them interviewed and all those kind of stuff and I’m making you know I’m doing $100,000 $20,000 of en’t right so it’s a hobby but it’s like you just never know how things are gonna go so I just

want to back up your point which is like I could see myself in five years hosting this incredible convention for these guys you know smart King out convention it’s like you know again I’m not making any money on a right now but let’s let it grow you know it’s like who knows what’s gonna happen in the future so anyway just want Ament that but yes Evan Michael comm is where you can find me it’s been such an awesome experience talking with you I get all guys go check out Evan Michael comm connected them on Facebook you’re likely blessed as – dead for have them on the podcast thanks so much hey thank you so much you’re the best I really really appreciate it thanks for listen to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at ha no hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at faunal hacker radio comm forward slash retrial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to frontal hacker radio com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening


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-Evan’s thought process up until 2010 was that quitting his “9:00-5:00” was way too risky

-The “overnight success” is not typical and is not necessary to being a success story

-Creating your business on the side of your day job is okay as long as it fits YOU

-Evan Michael’s is a huge advocate for being into everything for your business

-The key to a subscription based company is being comfortable with losses that Evan often encounters

-If you’re stuck on the spending of a penny then your company is stuck not growing

-A hobby project that helps you learn to make money…3…2…1 TKO!!!


“You hear so many people talk about how they want to start a business, they want to go full-time. I was never that guy. I worked two jobs all of the time, I just could never risk like…everything.”

“You’re just one funnel away, even if it takes 7 years.”

“It’s always about everything and never just one thing when it comes to your business.”

“Don’t nickel and dime this stuff, it’s like think big and don’t be pennywise and dollar-foolish, just like my father always would tell me and I just live by that. I don’t count my pennies. I always am looking for the bigger picture.”

New To ClickFunnels™ But Want To Grow Your Business?

Want To Join ClickFunnels™?

Want To Take ClickFunnels™ To The Next Level?

Want To Promote ClickFunnels™ & Earn?

Evan Michael, How “YOU” Are 1 Funnel Away – Evan’s Story

Evan Michael, How “YOU” Are 1 Funnel Away – Evan’s Story


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