ENTREPRENEURS: How To Get Yourself And Others Past The Initial Pain So You Can Get To Desire Fast

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On this episode Russell talks about how to get over the initial pain when you start something new and create desire. Here are some of the awesome things to listen for on today’s episode:

-Find out why starting a new business is similar to starting a new sport, because it doesn’t get fun until you have a win.

-Hear the fun story of Russell’s first win in wrestling, and how that is what made him decide that he was a wrestler.

-And find out why you need to start will small wins in order to work your way up to the big ones.

So listen here to find out why you need to be able to have a win, in order to create desire, in whatever it is you are doing.

tension entrepreneurs my name is Russell Brunson and on today’s episode of marketing seekers I’m gonna be talking about how to get yourself and others past the initial pain so you get to desire fast if this is your first time on the channel please like subscribe and that way you get more videos like this every single day in your inbox so the big question is this power on CH Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable this podcast will give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets okay so today I want to talk to you about something that I was actually having conversation with John here my office a few minutes ago and it came up he was talking about and John is the guy on our team that runs all of our traffic he’s amazing and he he was a ballroom dancer growing up in high school and in college and right now his kids just started learning how to dance and we were talking about that a little bit and he said it’s probably kind of like you you’re teaching kids how to russell right now and how excited you get watching them and then we start talking about just how hard is it first though like when my kids and also me first started wrestling the very first it’s not fun right because you’re bad and you go out there and you get beat up by a lot of other kids and they don’t in wrestling it’s not nice they beat on you and it’s really bad where and John’s like I’m gonna dance the same thing you go out there and it’s like you’re really bad at first and so looking at ourselves as coaches right because if you listen my recent podcast like as you grow in your company you go from you know entrepreneur to me a coach of coaching your your team right that’s how the progression grows as you try to scale a company so I’m looking a lot like how do we coach how to eat coach you know how do I coach my team better and also how do I coach my kids and wrestling right and it’s interesting because like when somebody first starts the process is not fun right in fact usually sucks at first it doesn’t matter if it’s wrestling or dance or if it’s Facebook ads or if it’s building a funnel whatever there’s like this part at the beginning that sucks we actually get through the initial like pain right you have to get through the pain of like learning and trial and error and like frustration and it’s it’s tough and slaying how do you people pass that initial pain it’s the point where you like you actually have success and you like it and then you desire it I sing back about my wrestling and I think I’m I told a story before but when I was wrestling growing up I started in eighth grade I said I started when I was really young and I guess I hated it so I did it a year when I was like 5 and then my parents said I quit because I hated it and I started getting eighth grade so I didn’t eat grams like it’s kind of fun but I didn’t really like it I’ve just kind of there because my dad was making me and I was getting beat up a lot and I just like huh this kind of sucks and then I started learning in the ninth grade started and I still kind of like you know I was going to practice my dad would come at practice and try to train me so when you beat up as bad and I wasn’t good but like I was kind of like figuring out a little bit and I just remember I had my first wrestle off and arrested this kid who’d been wrestling for two or three years and I beat him which meant I was gonna be JV and I was so scared because like that mean I was gonna be a match who’s gonna be in the middle of the gym and everything so that week the the tournament or the the wrestling match happened I still remember wrestling bright in high school and I go to weigh-ins and in weigh-ins like going to step on the scale and then the guy says let’s go out to me and he’s this guy and he has a mustache now to this day I still can’t grow a mustache and he’s on there and a mustache and I’m like what in the world and I remember going out and going up to the gym and they had the wrestling mats out and getting warmed up and the only people who stands my mom and dad like three other parents that was it and you know everyone’s going out the first matches go out and the second I’m getting so nervous and fine it’s my turn I go out there and I’m in my singlet you know super nervous and awkward and there’s this guy crossing me who’s got a mustache and I was like this guy’s like you know this is the room this is like a big dude and some are shaking his hand we started wrestling and at the end the match i won Eimer getting my hand raised and looking up into the audience and see my mom and dad see my dad jumping around and I was like like from that moment forward I was a wrestler that’s when I got the desire I needed and when I had that desire becomes easy right when you have desire like you he’ll do anything like I wouldn’t eat for you know four or five days out of the week to cut weight to make weight cuz like I love this so much like when desire happens it becomes easy right and so a lot of you guys is the same thing in business like business is like you haven’t like you can’t want to do it and you know there’s kind of that there’s kind of phase in there where it’s like how do I do it do I not do it and like [Music] and and why do we get stuck in that before they ever get the desire would even desire it all becomes easy because now you’re obsessed with it you’re gonna read your study you’re gonna do it whether you’re successful or even care you’re just gonna go go go because you got that desire and so for me it’s like as a coach of you guys and also as a coach of my team and now my kids like how do you create that initial desire fast like you have to get past that initial pain and learning curve so you get to the desire as quick as you can and so that’s my question for you for yourself and for your team’s for everyone just like how do I get past the pain and get to desire desire hits and then it’s fun I was talking about I’d rather have kids with desire than kids with talent because talent doesn’t mean you’re gonna be successful desire does in fact I never thought it was a very good athlete growing up but I didn’t same desire I loved it it’s in the in business I don’t think I was the most charismatic I was nervous I talked to you fast a little bit but I desire I loved it I became obsessed with it and so that’s the key getting past the pain today of desire so for yourself initially look at yourself like you in this pain point if so it’s like how do I create desire how to make it slide and obsessed with this thing like that where it’s fun and I love it I can’t stop thinking about it like that’s we got to get to you because then this becomes easy it’s not work anymore it’s just fun you know my kids I’m I think about how do I get them to have desire and from wrestling it’s like that’s the best way to desires to get a win it’s right now like especially my kids first started they wanted to quit every single day they’ve come up to me literally on the water breaks like hey Dad can we quit now and I’m like dude we’re in the middle practice like we’ll get now I’m like no you cannot quit and it was like and then they go to matches and they just get beat on and it was just like oh and it’s like I have to give them good enough they can win because when you win then you’ll get desire and so I think for you guys that’s a lot of say how do I create that initial win in your business in your life whatever might be couldn’t get that first win you taste it I got my hand raised and I’m looking at this guy with a mustache and I beat him boom that’s when I had the desire that’s when I became a wrestler that’s when you know for you that’s when you became an entrepreneur rest when you became whatever it is for you and so how do you get those quick wins fast you can create desire how’d you get past that initial pain you know a lot of entrepreneurs who come to me initially kind of me like idea for project Russell and giving these projects that are insanely big I mean that sounds amazing if you had ten million dollars in funding that you should run after that but you don’t so let’s pick a smaller thing let’s get a win I think let’s like let’s practice like my first win was a little product called zip Brander right and then how to make potato gun and then form fortunes these little stupid things there were little wins but that little win then creates the desire and then that that desire is what drives you to the big wins so think about that for yourself how do you create those little wins how do you get past the initial pain so they can have a win and get desired when you’re training new people on your team how do you give them the initial wins that you have desire so I’m putting it out there’s a thought I don’t know the answer it’s different every situation but just know that’s your goal it’s the people pass the initial pain of a new thing and so they can create desire and then from there they’ll just they’ll go on their own and it’ll run and it’ll be easy so hope helps you guys appreciate you all have an amazing day if you’re on iTunes right now please go like and comment we just opened up a new channel which is where you guys are now so if you go comment on the channel that’d be awesome if you were on the old channel so getting these you’re not able to leave a comment but if you go to iTunes and search for marketing secrets you can subscribe the new channel and you leave a comment which would be awesome and if you were here on YouTube watching this please subscribe to our Channel like it leave a comment and and I really appreciate that it’d be awesome thanks again you guys and we’ll talk to you soon bye would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to 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ENTREPRENEURS: How To Get Yourself And Others Past The Initial Pain So You Can Get To Desire Fast

ENTREPRENEURS: How To Get Yourself And Others Past The Initial Pain So You Can Get To Desire Fast