During your ClickFunnels™ journey what was your main source of inspiration?

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During your ClickFunnels™ journey what was your main source of inspiration?

okay so you question number two now hey how’s it going just want to do the live spinning Capel setup to live in you down there and Christchurch in New Zealand Russell I know I’m probably late for the mic drop but I just woke up down here in New Zealand but anyways I want to share it anyway my question to you is during your Clips final journey I’m sure you you came to a lot of crossroads and you will last in you just trying to find direction what was your main source of inspiration there directed you to where you currently are today that’s my question to you my brother I want to thank you so much for the opportunity I have to be on the my crop and could be a part of the the click funnel movement it’s amazing and thank man blessing shout out to everyone out there in Boise Idaho and have a great day all right so great question or grab in the middle I think we got the gist is question first I say Kapow removes Benny’s thank you for Rick at Alan us for this question as questions we’re building clicks on how to be the motivation to move forward and to do it so I don’t know I think there’s different levels of motivation they come from different things for me you know part motivations I’m a cradle of creating stuff it’s like just knowing what we were creating I got me motivated I think we’re gonna create this thing we had this vision of what we want it to be I would say that without a vision people perish a book what’s your book your first book is I eat one of your inspiration yeah the books inspiration this full gallery here’s some inspiration down by the entrepreneur huh but they all say without a vision of people perish so the first thing that you have a vision of what it is you want to create what you want to do and I see that and I like God like I see the vision I know where we’re going and then with with that like I’ll try to make it as real as possible for me it’s like okay like when people are using this like what’s it going to mean how it’s going to affect and how is going to change them in their lives and people they can serve and and I think that’s what drove a lot of us obviously you know some of the other things that the drive you know as entrepreneurs as capitalists if we like money and the side of what could happen like that drove me like man this could be something that sets us apart for life I also thought about like potential to start building a team like employees and jobs and it’s all the other cool stuff that comes with building and so I think it’s just finding whatever gets you passion fired up I know that used to get you close to her she’s bugging her hey there’s got a baby live you never know they’re going to react anyway it’s picking those things out and but having a vision where you want to go what you want to create and do and then I mean going from there so I hope that helps that that counts we drop the mic I know you won’t drop it she dropped them all day today now she won’t drop it k daddy won’t drop it you’re over the bike oh one more marketing secret it’s sold and go get your copies on my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at experts stickers calm and book number two and calls calm seekers and you get your free copy at Calm secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 speakers to leave you to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world

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Today’s Question: During your ClickFunnels™ journey, what was your main source of inspiration that directed you to where you are today?

During your ClickFunnels™ journey, I’m sure you came to a lot of crossroads, felt lost and just trying to find direction. What was your main source of inspiration that directed you to where you currently are today?

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During your ClickFunnels™ journey what was your main source of inspiration?

During your ClickFunnels™ journey what was your main source of inspiration?