Drop The Mic Show – Ask Russell Anything

Drop The Mic Show  – Ask Russell Anything

Clickfunnels™ Instagram Live – Ask Russell Anything

Clickfunnels™ Instagram Live: Drop The Mic Show – Ask Russell Anything. what’s up everybody uh guess what this is my second ever Instagram live 

Clickfunnels™ Instagram Live: We are brainstorming idea

I have a question for everybody but wait so you guys show up because I think that Instagram belief sees instantly so if I just start talking all right now couple yeah all right now we got two people showed up first off thanks for something guys all right so this is my second Instagram I’ve ever the first one I think was in the wrestling room show when he had some cool stuff and we’re brainstorming idea that he can be really fun and I counted on Instagram but

neither guys helped see would be the best way to do it so well rate from and show up though I don’t get notice I’m wearing an Ironman shirt today show and check out acting on the back this is kind of cool this thing right here glows in the dark you see that actually anyway so I think I used Riegel’s most of my calendar there’s my calendar yeah ever

look like why don’t you google calendar or something I’m like because you can’t see it very easy like this I can see my whole life so there you go um all right so my question for you guys we’re publishing content in different platforms I’m trying to each platform super unique right which by the way hopefully as you’re listening not just uh watching

Clickfunnels™ Instagram Live: Gary Vee is good at it

like understand what I’m talking about why I’m doing so Caleb uh all right so I’ve been watching a lot of entrepreneurs in like it’s like most people are good at one channel but they suck at like going a lot of channels and the few that are really good at it like Gary Vee I think is probably the best at is because he knows how to tell the story differently in each channel that fits the platform and so right now we have our YouTube show which is funnel hacker TV hopefully have been watching that we have another episode coming live today which is awesome in fact Caleb’s

episode’s coming up soon Caleb yeah and then we’ve got marketing Seekers comics as the podcast which is dominating iTunes then we’ve got russell brunson comics is a blog which is so far not dominating anything but long-term book would be an SEO Dominator on face book we do like a lot of stuff but for Instagram I like I wanted to Instagram things like what’s the cool thing so we had this idea recently this is the idea the idea was what if we did a

show at the Q and a show we call it the drop the Mike show so like ask you guys ask question then I just answer and I get to drop the mic I’m gonna be fun and so it’s always like you guys basically go in Instagram you could make a video a bit long video and ask me a question want tag me and then each week I take all the best questions and I answer them and then we drop mics each one and I’d be to drop the mic show which is kind of cool right but I’m

terrific I’m going to scram live right now do you guys know when I’m done I think fear disappears forever eyes always save it or is it just gone gone gone does anybody know anyway thing you guys know that would be interesting because that’s that’s the ideally at the end of it that’s what we do with your Cornwall Instagram live like this and have a high state have saved somewhere we put on the drop the Mike show the Mike show which would be really cool so

Clickfunnels™ Instagram Live: What is the coolest question?

yeah egg drop Mike yes I love that you guys all right Kim says gone so gone gone I guess I could use my magic little video camera right here and videotape me video taping me and guy which would which would be kind of fun but then how do I drop the Mike and I got it this hand I got the camera this hand I got the can of Mike’s real quick I get could be kind of awkward on huh anyway yeah look it’s absolute like we didn’t drop the Mike show as just Q&A once a week why just go through all the coolest questions you have and go deep they say yeah can’t I need a new mic every time we got 30 Mike’s we’re gonna bloom I think Mike when I’m answering the lady’s question we green Mike for the

tree huggers how many people can defend really quick just kidding drop my food oh yeah the best questions ones could get a drop Mike yeah oh that would be really really cool Lucy for hemming as we compete for your own drop Mike this is like this Mike was made for dropping it’s actually like a professional drop Mike they get dropped that’s what it does John John bought it for me I was again the greatest gift of all time is the gift that keeps on giving so

anyway um that’s a thought uh Caitlyn’s clapping okay were you traveling out right now I’d so fun watching you all over the all over the country um anyway okay so that’s my thought we’re gonna try to figure this thing out it’s kind of way to report Instagram videos anyway we’ll figure it out or maybe we should feel something else so alright guys well that’s all I got I just want to come hang out you guys and drop the idea Oh ruff let’s drop the mic show anyway we’ll

Clickfunnels™ Instagram Live: How it help marketing your sales funnel

see if it catches on or not but if it is be really fun to answer all he has questions so alright that’s all I got actually hold on I got a document this thing because I document everything now this would be fun allatra TV show which is like alright so we are right now live on instagram cuz thing about launching a new show called the drop the mike show on instagram but we can’t figure make it work so I’m asking Instagram peeps if they would actually watch the drop Mike

show up they’d ask some questions to make it really really fun so we got people do it Caleb’s the man anyway oh look at this it’s like a video inside of a video oh so we’re talking about medical report on this camera here like this some of them actually I might actually do it as if we’re doing so somebody asked me a question we’re gonna do a drop the mic

we’re into our first ever live question right now so give me a question and we’re gonna try to drop the mic show and I’m going to see if I knew it both hands the questions if I can hold this camera and this phone and drop the mic and answer this case so give me a question yeah I need one good question marketing hopefully related don’t give me a

question about your relationship is you could I have some relationship advice 50 years married you know I’ve been married for a long time I got some good advice let me get answers buy some good advice alright someone have a question here is there delay how long okay how’d you build your audience boom crystal fantastic question so crystal


Clickfunnels™ Instagram Live: Best social media marketing strategy

is now on the first ever drop the Mike show and I’m going to answer your question how do you build your audience alright so a couple things first step in the process you must go and read this really cool book called sorry my desk was a mess it’s called expert secrets that’s step one read that book from teach about how to be prolific and how to share your message how to find your voice and how to fill not awkward number two you have to find a platform that you want to dominate don’t tries you twelve platforms and once like me I’ve got an amazing team of these guys back

behind me who just walked away who make this all possible they’re for pursuit for someone like me I’m able to do a lot to stick one like if you like live videos through Facebook live if you like writing become a blogger I pick one platform and then start and then start publishing consistently not one for the week that once a month but every

single day and it’s going a little while and at first I’m going to listen to you you have zero audience zero people but it’s okay because there that time you’re going to have a chance to find your voice to learn who you are and as you are finding your voice the audience will start building as you are prepared to share your message the people will come it’s

weird how it works the search engines the algorithms everything knows and when you get better as sharing your message the people will come Anthony DiClemente from bio hacking secrets again watched on allatra TV that episode yet go watch Anthony story that’s Anthony was he started with 2p forms fan page me and his mom that was it and then and then he went through and he started a Facebook lives and first like 12 Facebook lives bombed me his

Clickfunnels™ Instagram Live: How to build your sales funnel

mom did even watching their so bad and they had one that crushed it and you got a million views from that I think another one and it’s like the people spoke and so that’s why I start alright so you go into the first thing let me talk to Mike because I had a whole some whole new camera here got it alright it can work where you go oh we top the bike so congratulations alright so that’s that’s how a format it’d be kind of fun like that so for anyway someone asked me

what camera has it’s not a drop in my question but it’s a Sony if you watch the fun hacker on TV episode it was still miss little guy right here it’s cooked as a little screen and so I can flip it up and then you see what’s actually happening which is cool so I can be like hey this is Russell what’s going on guys and stuff like that so anyway I hope that helps alright so I’m gonna end this party so stay tuned we may or may not start a drop to Mike show here in the

near future but I gotta use my drop mic like otherwise don’t be offended I’m not using is good so that’s what that’s important thing so it’s all about call for jobs ain’t came if you like the idea anyway so we’re thinking about it if it is it’s going to be I think it’s going our Instagram play where we have some really cool unique stuff just for Instagram which be kind of fun so alright guys appreciate you all have an amazing day and we’ll talk soon bye everybody


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