Dream 100 Do’s and Don’ts – Dave Woodward – FHR #205

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Dream 100 Do’s and Don’ts – Dave Woodward – FHR #205

“Karma is real…The universe hates a vacuum”

Learn the Do’s and Don’t of networking and building your Dream 100 from Dave Woodward’s personal experiences. He reveals what works and what doesn’t with networking.

The Dream 100 is a value exchange. It can’t be about what is in it for you, it’s about what is in it for them. It’s not just a pitch, it’s a courtship. Here are few do’s and don’ts Dave talks about when courting:


-Don’t Stalk People!
-Don’t make your first package mailing all about you.
-When you are connecting other people, it can’t be about you.


-Send your dream 100 packets that offer something of value
-Find out what is important to the other person
-How can you give? What types of things can you do to provide value to specific people

If you play your cards right, you could find yourself in a situation among some of the most powerful people in your industry.

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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward hey everybody welcome back to my locker radio yes indeed this is just me this time and I want to talk to you about one of the things I get questions about all the time and that is the dream 100 do’s and don’ts especially when it relates to going to events and things so I’ve been to a ton of events recently you’re gonna hear a couple of podcasts in a few episodes about some of things I’ve learned everything from being out work with Dean gracioso you spending some time at 10x with Russell and Grant Cardone event flying up to T & C and then all social media marketers so there was a like 1012 days of just craziness but what I want to talk to you guys about right now is one of the most important things I find and it’s something that is just so I’m so important when you’re looking at building relationships and this is the whole idea behind a dream 100 now this is not a new concept if you’re followed any of Russell’s content or T genes or anything else daaamn secrets experts secrets everything you see is always gonna be mention about this whole idea as far as the dream 100 now one spends a little bit of time here as far as making sure it makes sense to you as far as why why we do it but most importantly exactly how to do it the do’s and the don’ts what works and what doesn’t so what that said the dream 100 if you’re not familiar with it go buy it calm secrets book so get a free copy of it doc on secrets calm or if you want just pay attention here I’m trying to make sure you guys understand the idea here is when you’re looking at the dream 100 it’s basically a hundred people or so or whatever the number might be it might only be 10 or 15 depending on your industry in the business that you’re in the idea behind it is these are the people who you want in your network these are people you want to develop lifelong or at least very lengthy business relationships with this is not a just burn and churn type of relationship which unfortunately I see a lot of people do on this whole idea as far as the dream 100 this is something that takes a lot of time and effort but the payoff is so so huge I’ve done a couple podcasts on this in the past you can go back and take a look at that but I want to talk to you a little bit about this understand the first thing here is not to stock people and I know that sounds like well of course that makes a ton of sense but at the same time you kind of have to stock people and what I mean by that is you may be stocking them virtually but when you actually meet them don’t stock them in real life my other reason to say that is I’ve seen this happen at so many different events I’ve seen it when I’m around Russell I’ve seen it I saw it literally at three different events back to back to back where there was people who literally were just we ran into them all of the time and they’re like I just want to get a pellet photo I just want us to talk to Murray you have to understand you’re gonna burn that relationship this cannot be you’ve got to look at this thing as if it’s a courtship you’re dating this person you’re trying to get to know them because you’re gonna do business with them for a very very very long time too often people think it’s just all about me me me me me and I know if I can do this or I mean I get pitched all the time these days you know what if you’ll promote this we’ll give you 50 a 50-50 split I’m like of what I don’t need the 50/50 split that’s that’s not appealing to me it’s not the money the idea behind this is you’re trying to create value the hole I’d be idea behind the dream 100 it’s a value exchange now the reason I mentioned that is there’s a lot of times where you may not perceive or think that you have a lot of value to give to those people and I want to make sure you guys understand that you’re wrong there is such a massive value that you can provide to other people and I’ll give you a couple of examples here in just a minute but understand its it cannot be what it’s what’s in it for you it’s what’s in it for them I’m gonna give you a couple of do not do type of things so you’ve if you’ve read dot-com secrets or you first talked about this you’ve heard how frequently we will mail out packages to different people the idea here is to start developing a relationship with them now when you’re mailing these packages out especially on the first one your first package cannot be all about you and I know that seems kind of stupid but I see it happen all the time we got a package in the office just recently and I could tell it was dream 100 it was beautifully put together he opened it up and inside was a video card and the video card was just basically all about that and it was all their promotional materials and all this kind of stuff and it was just basically a pitch understand that is not how the dream 100 works is not just a pitch you’re building a relationship you’re dating you’re courting these people you got to think of it that way the other thing is make sure that when you’re stalking them online what I mean by that is spend some time getting to know these people the best thing to do is to actually in fact recently we just hired miles Clifford in our office to become our relationship manager one of his main jobs is gonna get to know people really really well and part of that in a weird way will be stalking them online to find out what are the things they like or the things they don’t like as much as I mean Russell is pretty vocal about his own personal religious beliefs and things and at the same time it always it’s such a nice gesture when someone sends him a bottle of wine and he’ll never say Russell is just too nice for a guy not to say anything he’ll accept it graciously and everything else but he’s not going to drink it and fortunately other people in our office do and some of the benefits they get for working here I guess the ClickFunnels™ but realize when you’re trying to send someone a gift think about what’s in it what do they like I was talking to yata about this the other day she was in the office in she was the recipient of a beautiful dream 100 packet and it was all about what this guy basically ended up sending her the pretty woman DVD because it meant so much to him and I’m like that’s really cool but God was like David didn’t mean anything to me I I actually didn’t even like movie that much and so there was no real value there for her so realize you want to make sure you when you’re thinking about it you’re you’re giving something of value the other thing is I was at an event just recently and this person was oh my gosh you know date I want you to introduce I want to introduce you so and so I’m like oh great I actually know that person really well it goes oh fantastic when you talk to him please make sure that I referred you I was like I just told you I know that guy real well I said what do you mean goes well I want I want you to talking about this specific thing and he gave me two or three things that he thought would be super cool for me to make sure I talked to him about I thought great I’ll go talk to him so I had this great conversation yeah the guy and I spent a lot of time talking about it and everything else and then later the guy came the guy I’d spent all this time talking to came back to me said Dave it’s really weird I just got this text from so-and-so saying that he referred me to you or refer you to me and I’m like yeah I told him that I knew you goes I think he’s wanting to get a piece of whatever deal we may structure together and I’m like I don’t get it just it I understand it but understand you can’t go into everything especially when you’re connecting other people it can’t be about you you’ve got to be willing to give and give and give and give I want to give you a couple of examples of some people have done that recently which has been super super cool class one examples was I’m actually recording this on my iphone right now because I’ve had a couple people tell me how terrible my quality is on my audio and so I’m trying to find a better way of getting better audio on my interviews well one of the guys was giving me a whole bunch of crap and had actually responded to an interview that I had done with Ross gracefully and rosters got joking back and forth about it and I said you know what I’m in the process of trying to get a better sound a better mics and all that other kind of stuff well out of the blue what happens what shows up at my office was a brand new Yeti mic from Ross Christopher Lee now Ross is super generous super great guy but he didn’t have to do that but understand it’s those little tiny things that mean the world again it Ross is a great friend and everything else and it’s not like he’s trying to get anything out of me but it’s those types of things that you would do for another friend that you just kind reached out that’s the kind of stuff you want to send when you’re looking at dream 100 type of things find out what what they like what they what’s important to them there was a time an example I actually we went out to Pirates Cove gosh one of the very first times I was at Pirates Cove with Russell it’s probably been I know six seven eight years ago and I ended up bringing a huge gift for him because I knew how much he loved Twix the twitch bars but it was the peanut butter bars and so their fill of peanut butter instead of the caramel and so I literally bought just case the two biggest cases I could find twit subpoena butter bars and again it was something I would do for a friend and that’s the kind of stuff you want to do when you’re looking at dream 100 type of stuff another example is most recently I actually so one of the ways you can do this and get one things I mean half miles doing it is kind of stalking some of the people online that we’re gonna have on our dream 100 to find out what are the things that they like an example of this most recently was I actually received a gift from Christopher Boss where I had done a Facebook live a while back I actually had done two of them in and CRISPR vos has sent me two amazing gifts extremely thoughtful one of them basically was I at the at Christmas time I ended up doing one about I heard the bells on Christmas Day and the true meaning of it what it meant to me how much I enjoyed it all that kind stuff well what I end up receiving from him was this beautiful little tiny chest a treasure chest and when you opened up were these little tiny books of I heard the bells on Christmas Day and it was actually bookmarked with the lyrics of the part that I liked the most and it was a thought it was super super thoughtful and then just this last week a while back I’d done another Facebook live about whether or not prayer was your steering wheel or if it’s your spare tire in other words when you’re looking at prayer is it something that you that you use to drive your life and you do it on a regular basis or you only use it when you’re in an accident or when you have a flat tire and you’re in desperation you reach out to God and are hoping that he’s going to help you well Ross attacks there I mean Chris were basically created this beautiful plaque basically a wheel part of was a steering wheel part was a spare tire had that quote on there and it was framed it’s just beautiful piece he sent to me and he sent me he also kind of done this homework and knew what I had myself my wife and four boys so six of us in our family and so he sent six bookmarks of that basically in a miniature size and then he also had taken the time and they actually set and wrote me a handwritten note about how much it meant to him and the fact he actually had a picture of that on his wall and he talked about it with his family so realize I’ve never before spent a whole bunch of time with Christopher but I can tell you when I get to funnel Hecky live he’s one of the guys I’m gonna be seeking out because I want to make sure you understand how much I appreciate that it’s that kind of stuff that you do when you’re trying to develop a relationship so my only reason to mention this kind of stuff is I want to make sure that you understand this is the kind of thought you need to put into your dream 100 Dana Derrick’s is by far one of probably the best guys are doing the dream 100 stuff because his gifts are way crazy crazy stuff I mean way over-the-top nuts and the best way to find that out is I want you to check take a look at Dana Derek’s basically if you’re to Google dream 100 book you would find in the dream 100 book is basically written by Dana Derrick’s and I want you to go through his funnel and realize first of all the cost of the book how he goes through the funnel but most important the value that you get out of that so look at Dana Derek’s he’s going to speak in a funnel I can live of you there funnel acting live by all means make sure that you find him track him down and ask him about the dream 100 the other thing is what I make sure that we need to think about this another guy who comes to mind actually is Sammy shoebox Moses he’s a DJ I met him on one of the yacht cruises we were on in down at tnc he also was the DJ at TNC a couple weeks ago and I would sit there talking to him and I was so impressed with just the energy that he brought into the room I thought man that’d be just awesome I’d love to have this at funnel hockey live well we’d already gone through and spent a whole bunch of time getting things done and it just wasn’t gonna happen for us as far as bringing him in and so I had said you know we’re not gonna be able to have time well he went through and sent me four or five different songs and why they the impact it would have on the audience and just gave me a ton of different things that we could do to actually bring a whole bunch of energy inside me even though he was gonna be able to make it and wasn’t we weren’t able to hire him it’s that kind of value that he provided so realize you need to take a look at none of these guys again it’s not like they spent a whole bunch of money or anything else it’s the value exchange Sammy basically his value exchange is providing time I don’t have to spend a whole bunch time looking for different music tracks that we could use in addition to that he’s out there doing everything he possibly can to make sure that that he’s giving giving and giving and giving it as much value to me who knows what’s going to happen one thing you have to understand about life is karma and it is real I don’t care what your religious beliefs are karma is real it just happens the universe hates a vacuum what I mean by that is if you continue to give and give and give and give and give this whole law of reciprocity it just comes back it may not come back directly from that one person but it does come back into your life and so I’m just it really encourage you guys as you look at it coming to photo hacking live and you’re gonna want to spend a whole bunch of time with people plan in advance if there’s certain people I can tell you right now it’s about 10:30 at night miles and I’ve been in the office and we’ve been going through we were through 335 people who are gonna be at frontal hacking live that I wanted him to meet and get to know as our new relationship manager for no other reason the fact that these are people who have provided value to our audience and to our group and I wanted to make sure that they know how much we how much means to us how much we appreciate that so his whole job basically over the next week is to go online to Google these people to find out more about them some of them are inner circle members were who he’s met others are some of our two comma Club winners others are people who haven’t done anything for us as far as the odd as far as providing tons of value to us as a group but they’ve done it for me personally so I wanted him to kind of get to know them as well so just realize when you’re out there it’s this kind of stuff that you need to look as far as how can you give and as you’re giving and you’re looking at coming to funnel hacking live or you’re looking at going to an event plan in advance and see who who might be in attendance and what can you know about those people what types of things could you do to provide value to them take a look one of the ways you provide value to people is if they’re doing a Facebook live or they’re doing something on their share their posts comment if they’ve got groups and things out there be involved in those types of groups you will find that that type of value it never goes unnoticed people start paying attention to who’s commenting who’s sharing who’s helping them get their message out whatever you can do to help other people in that way it all comes back to you so with all that said first of all first step step number one is they’ll get a copy of of dot-com secrets if you don’t have it you got to get that second thing is as you look to coming to funnel hacking live make sure that you spend some time planning in advance who might be there who you want to meet third thing is when you’re there don’t stock people think what are the values I can give how can I help be generous with your time be generous with what you can do one thing you’re gonna find at a live event one of the best things about it is people are there to connect it’s one of the main reasons they’re there so as long as you do it in the way that’s that’s not offensive and doesn’t monopolize all their time when they’re trying to take care of other things there’s so much more willing to give and connect when they’re at a live event than any other place so take the time again I hope to see all of you there at funnel hackie live it’s literally a week from today and I can’t wait to hopefully connect with you guys real soon have an amazing day and we’ll talk soon you know one of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on iTunes you won’t mind going out rate the show let me know how I’m doing just go to iTunes click on the episode and rate it leave a comment I read all the comments I appreciate all the stars and everything given already left forming I get a really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind I’d really appreciate it and I again thank you so much for all that you guys do have a great day

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Dream 100 Do’s and Don’ts – Dave Woodward – FHR #205

Dream 100 Do’s and Don’ts – Dave Woodward – FHR #205