David Bayer, 4 Mind Hacks For Entrepreneurial Success

David Bayer, 4 Mind Hacks For Entrepreneurial Success

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David Bayer has created a multi-million dollar business in the last 18 months in an industry most people struggle with daily. He has 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and over 50,000 members who pay monthly for his advice. He reveals in this episode the 4 mental habits of successful entrepreneurs and what you can do to be even more successful. He takes all of the “woo-woo’ out of the personal development industry. He gives step by step tools and processes every entrepreneur needs to scale their business to levels they only dreamed about.

Show Notes:

-David Bayer is a partner with Ducatti that is all about the powerful engine of thoughts

-Making hard cash with a business in a really “soft” niche

-David is an advocate of allowing your intelligence to energize you

-How do we change our belief model into something that works like a business model?

-Bayer becomes the Entrepreneur’s Buddha
We have two different states of being, beautiful states and suffering states

-The tools in personal development David and his team help others transform thinking

-[Dave’s advice: FunnelHack David Bayer’s Funnel, focusing on his congruency]


“This is an interesting time in any entrepreneur’s journey because what’s sitting in front of you is this extreme uncertainty. You’re like ‘What do I do next?’. The thing that I’ve been studying this past decade I’m no longer interested in, I want to help people.”

“The answer is you have to stay in action. The enemy of figuring it out is in decision. The enemy of figuring it out is thinking your somehow supposed to know what you need to do before you make a decision.”

“The 2 millimeter distinction is that beliefs are decisions.”

“The only cause of suffering, is your own thinking. It’s not in experience but the meaning you give experience.”

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward I’m your host Dave Woodward today you have the opportunity of hearing from a guy’s become a real good friend of mine but most importantly a guy who’s really gonna help you in your business take your business to the next level I wanted to do she guys – David Baer David Dave thanks for having me pleasure to be here I am so appreciative Leigh taking the time for those guys who may not know David David is he has a huge huge business and has literally a enormous career in that as being an entrepreneur Larry for the last 20 years he’s done all sorts of crazy fun stuff with one my favorite things is Ducati motorcycles my wife doesn’t allow me to ride motorcycles but because I basically have this this unquenchable thirst for Speed but so I I’m off the off the motorcycles but I saw you kind of started off there most importantly though right now he has a membership site in basically for small businesses Chamber of Commerce calm over 50 thousand small businesses are basically learning from him on a regular basis CEO obviously of David Baer transformational company it was kind of cool as I was going through some of the stuff David obviously ink magazine rated your event powerful living experiences you know one of the top 30 must attend events for entrepreneurs we are very passionate about entrepreneurs and small businesses and so I wanted to bring you on the show today because today you have the ability of offering to my our listeners here something that you know people kind of always talk about but never really know how to do and that’s kind of this whole and you know you were you and I were joking around about beforehand as far as the whoo side of being an entrepreneur the or personal development and really trying to find a way of really quantifying how you actually can get the very most out of your mind so you can get the most out of your business so with all that anything else you want to say before we dive right into this might act well I think your ladies a smart lady for getting you off the bikes we had a saying at Ducati as much as I like bikes there were two types of motorcycle riders those who have been in accidents and those who will be so I appreciate that and and know is a great introduction I’ve been excited for us to have this conversation day because as you alluded to personal development mindset transformation I think as an aware entrepreneur we understand the importance we realize that you know what we think really does dictate our lives but it’s sort of become white noise right it’s the the the we understand that we need to change our thinking we understand we have limiting beliefs or maybe some of your listeners don’t and that our beliefs are driving everything in our life but the question is when we become aware of you know something that we’re thinking or believing that doesn’t serve us well how do we actually change the pattern of thinking and that’s what I hope to dive into a little bit more today with you I love it yeah I’ve looked so the title of this of what I basically came across was mine hack the four mental habits of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and I think that’s the part first of all I love anything that’s quantifiable I love all sorts of numbers I pardon primarily as a market right I’m just driven they making sure subtitles and titles and everything else typically have numbers because people can associate they and that brings you know some conclusion to that but with that said I was really excited to kind of go through and talk to you a little bit about this whole idea as far as how did you how did you decide this is where your passion was going to be as far as really helping people change this so I it’s a great question I started the business I have now a digital marketing agency called Data Bank under which we we also own an operator Chamber of Commerce comm I started that business when I was thirty which was twelve years ago and I had raised four million dollars from venture capital companies we were a leading kind of mover and shaker in the search engine optimization space early on I very quickly built a company of 25 to 30 people and it was at that time that I hit my early midlife crisis so I did not know how to handle all the stress all the anxiety all the overwhelm and you know I share my story I got in the drug and alcohol and my life had become unmanageable I think people hit different you know bumps in the road might be depression might be some other some other bottom that they experienced in their life but for me it was really clear that that something was going on that I didn’t understand that was preventing me from really living the life that I wanted to live and through a combination of circumstances which included starting to work a 12-step program being at the airport one day and and having that experience where a book decides it’s gonna develop a relationship with me off the shelf right I walked over this random book on Buddhism called awakening the Buddha within and and it just started opening my eyes to to the to the ideas around thoughts and thinking and you know I started becoming curious about well what are thoughts and what is thinking and and and I got it so like I’m all of the actions that that I’m exhibiting in my life are based on what I think and that really at the foundation of everything that I was creating in my life were were beliefs and thoughts and then I found this little book which I’m sure you’re aware of called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill of course yeah and and and so my my new addiction I guess you could say was understanding what was at this intersection of all of the different spiritual traditions of what we were understanding in neuroscience of what a lot of the personal development teachers were saying and I sat in this question around how can I actually change the way that I think in reverse engineer my thinking to my destiny because it was clear that my beliefs dictated my destiny so I figured if I could just figure out what type of life I wanted to create and then identify where I was out of alignment with my thinking and to correct that and get into realignment that I could create a very powerful life for myself so I started that process it was just a personal journey and what I found is that as I I started to change and people noticed that I started to change I was showing up differently in life and so for whatever reason people started to bring to me their own struggles their own stresses their own anxieties their own overwhelms and and I started helping them and and it felt good and it was at a time where I got really clear that I just wasn’t interested in gaming search engines anymore like it was fun for a while but like I wanted my life to have more meaning and this is an interesting time in any entrepreneurs journey because what’s sitting in front of you is this extreme uncertainty you know like what do i what do i do next the the thing that I’ve been studying for the last decade I’m no longer interested in I want to help people and I looked at it and I said god I’m really interested in this personal evolution stuff but like that can’t be a business and it’s one of those things I find for a lot of entrepreneurs especially on the personal development side it’s kind of in general is or any soft topic it’s really hard to create a business around a soft topic and that’s why I was really fast to have you on the show it’s because you’ve created an amazing business I mean Binx got you literally is you know one of the top leaders in this industry and I’m fascinated far as how you actually create a business around such a soft topic as you know personal development or this this concept of mind mic hacking but the answer is you stay in action because the the enemy is figuring it out is indecision and the enemy of figuring it out is thinking that you’re somehow supposed to know what to do before you take action so you know I got this idea that I could do a one day workshop and teach the methodology that has evolved into the training that we now teach to thousands of entrepreneurs and to develop an invincible mindset and I went and did a one-day workshop I rented a room over at the local university I invited some friends and friends of friends and 26 people sat through a one-day training with me and when I saw the transformation that took place with these people and and literally one after another coming up to me saying that was incredible it’s changed my life forever I realized that I needed to figure out how to make a business out of it and really every step of the way it was just guesswork well maybe I should create an online program I don’t know maybe I should build a funnel I don’t know maybe I maybe I should learn how to speak on stages I don’t know there was a lot of I don’t know but I think when I look backwards the one thing that I I was clear on was that I would figure it out and that the best way to figure it out would be to just follow any type of inspiration that seemed you like it made sense and that’s what I did I love it I know the very first we’ve been talking about decision and that’s really the very first key to our first mind hack is the power of decision I’d like if you don’t mind to kind of dive to focus on the really kind of the subcategory of that and that’s your success model about energy I can tell you for us Russell and I and a lot of guys in the officer focus a lot on this whole like as far as biohacking different things and tried to to get to the highest level of energy or to vibrate at a higher level if you don’t mind I’d like to kind of focus on the energy aspect tied to the power decision great so fundamentally everything is energy and and I actually would go a step further and I would describe the the foundational energy behind all types of energy and I believe it’s intelligence we don’t have an on the atomic chart right there’s no element but but I believe that in order to create what you want to create in your life and your relationships and your bank account and your health and your business it’s about learning how to allow intelligence to flow through you in greater quantity and when we when we do that we feel what we would describe as energized and so there are things that we can do to allow more intelligence to flow through us or to feel more energized and there are things that unfortunately many of us have developed as habits that put us in a low energetic or a lower intelligence state and and in the model that we’ve created there are certain concepts so we have decisions which we’ll talk about in a moment we have gratitude gratitude we talk about how the questions that we ask ourselves either lend to higher or lesser levels of energy we talk about clarity and we talk about confidence and then once you are able to really align yourself in your decisions your clarity your questions your gratitude and your confidence then you move into action so what most people do Dave is they go out into the world with an intention I want to create a successful business but what’s happening at an unconscious level is a bunch of beliefs that aren’t in alignment with creating a successful book business beliefs that I’m not good enough beliefs that there’s not enough time beliefs that I don’t have a formal education and I need a formal education in order to be successful in business beliefs that other people somehow have something that we don’t and that’s why they’re successful and we’re not successful and the body moves when when we are attached to this type of thinking when we allow these limiting beliefs to persist it moves us into a lower energy attic state and the problem with that is that in a low energetic state we lack clarity because clarity requires energy so now we we move into our day wanting to create a successful business in a low energetic state because of our limiting beliefs lacking clarity and then what happens is is that we start to ask ourselves we start to notice all the problems because it’s easy to notice the problems it’s it’s the way the brain was designed part of the survival mechanism of the brain is just to notice what’s wrong and it requires energy to kind of refocus ourselves around what’s working and when we put our attention on what’s working we feel good and we allow more intelligence to flow through us and when we focus on the problems we feel crappy and it moves us into a lower energy etic stage so we start to compound these layers right of of concepts that create Low Energy limiting beliefs lack of clarity focusing on the problems and then we start to ask unhealthy questions that again are aligned with lower energetic states like why isn’t working out for me what am I doing wrong so what I learned in and then ultimately what we go out to create and we’re doing a lot at least it seems like we’re doing a lot but we’re not producing a lot of results and what we found is that the most successful people in the world they operate differently and they operate in sort of an inverse structure so they understand how to transform their beliefs and align their beliefs with what they want to create so for example if I woke up every morning and I want to create a successful business and I believed I was capable of anything and I 5 that everything I wanted to achieve would happen as long as I put consistent and effort into it and if I believed that I was gonna meet the right people and and experience the right experiences that we’re gonna help me create my successful business I’d be in a high energetic State so the most successful people in the world they’ve aligned their beliefs with what they want to create and then they go out into the world they focus on what’s working which again gratitude kind of levels up your energy and then they have clarity because they have harnessed this extraordinary level of energy and as a result of that they’re asking really powerful questions like what are three things I could do to move my business forward today who are to two people that I could reach out to in order to grow my business today and the brain is like a search engine so whatever question you ask it’s just going to give you an answer based on the question so this is the model for the most successful people in the world and so the question really becomes because I’m not saying anything new here maybe the way we organize it is a nice way to look at it but the question becomes well what do we do when we’ve identified a limiting belief and we know that our beliefs are at the foundation of our ability to go into the world with a high level of energy and intelligence we know that our beliefs dictate our destiny how do we change our limiting beliefs and that was really the question I sat in for several years every personal development trainer and teacher and there are many great ones out there they’ve really paved the way for this next generation of transformation this is what I like to call mindset 2.0 every personal development guru was saying this but they weren’t explaining how I could actually change my beliefs right if I believe I’m not good enough how do I believe that I’m an incredible powerful creator if I believe that money’s hard to make how all the sudden do I start believing that money flows to me and there are tons of opportunities to easily make money that’s the question well I can tell you right now my listeners are gonna go crazy if you don’t give him the answer so what did you find out how do you figure how do you how to do that and you’ve read this in the mind hack ebook and it’s at the foundation of a lot of what we teach what I realized after having gone through a variety of methodologies to change my beliefs the two millimeter distinction and it’s really important to sit with this if you’re listening because you can miss it but the two millimeter just is that beliefs her decisions so yeah maybe when you were four years old and you were supposed to meet your little buddy by the drinking fountain and they didn’t show up you came to the conclusion that you can’t trust people but what’s happening moment by moment by moment throughout your life is just you’re just repeating that pattern you’re viewing life through that same lens and you actually have the ability to respond that’s what responsibility is you have the ability to respond when you’ve identified that you’ve got a limiting belief that isn’t congruent with what you’re trying to create in the world that you can simply make a new decision and so we have a process where we literally map out the blueprint of limiting beliefs that are holding someone back and we facilitate making new powerful decisions that are in alignment with what you want to create and then there’s an important third step which is to say well what evidence do I have for the fact that this is true and this is really where the the brain change kicks in so you’ve got evidence for the fact that you can trust people you’ve got evidence for the fact that you’re good enough you’ve got evidence for the fact that money can actually be made easily but that evidence is dormant in your neural networks and so we resurface that to our conscious awareness this is how we build new beliefs this is how we reshape the lens through which we’ve been viewing the world by going through a process of taking the time to say what evidence do I have for the fact that I will meet the man or woman of my dreams that I can be in an extraordinary connected intimate and passionate relationship if you sit with that long enough you’ll activate dormant neural networks that store the memories that are the evidence and as we do that we begin to engage in a process that we call neuro sculpting we start to prune off the old parts of your brain that represent the limiting beliefs and we start to reactivate and build the parts of your brain that will represent the Empowered pattern of thinking that’s how you change your thinking that’s how you become a different person and then everything changes because the brain is a goal achieving machine it can only operate based off of what you believe what you think is in alignment with what you believe the way you perceive the world isn’t in alignment with what you believe and it’s a much larger conversation but you actually manufacture and create the coincidences in your life based on what you believe so again that’s why your beliefs dictate your destiny and it’s by acknowledging that beliefs are decisions that you can take back your power give yourself permission to make new decisions and then go through this neural activating process of saying okay what evidence do I have for the fact that this new decision is actually true I love that I can tell you that as I was read through this is one of things I really liked the most was the fact that the concept as far as your beliefs are decisions and I’ve know as an entrepreneur especially when things aren’t going well it’s amazing how so many of us can just fast forward and find all these all these reasons to support ourselves as far as why things aren’t going well I was having a conversation with the person just the other day you said well you know that doesn’t work and this doesn’t work and this doesn’t work I’m like why doesn’t it and they went through as far as all these things that they had personally seen where I live I didn’t even see those things I’m looking at just the opposite I’m going I’ve got a wall of over a hundred and forty two people have made over a million dollars utilizing ClickFunnels™ and so as they’re sitting there telling me all these reasons why things don’t work I’m like it was just fascinating to me because they were trying to find things to support their belief on why they should go do something different in your dreams it’s a great point and and so there’s two things there one is is the gift of entrepreneurship because as entrepreneurs we have so many interactions with other things right with our vendors with technology with our business partners with money right it’s like it’s it’s an extremely dynamic experience and the the best way to start to become self aware because people will say to me well good Dave I got it like I’m convinced my beliefs dictate my destiny you’re giving me a little bit of an initial hack here that beliefs or decisions and a and a little process to start changing my brain but but if what I’m if my uh what I’m unconscious of is dictating my destiny how do I become aware of it right and the answer is pay attention to your reaction to the experiences of your life your react your reaction is revealing to you what you believe because this is a really important distinction there’s no meaning in any experience there’s no meaning in any experience so you know the if you look in nature right while squirrels are out trying to find a nut they’re not giving a meaning to it well as birds are flying for more temperate climate they’re not giving a meaning to it right there’s just experiences in nature man has the unique distinction of being a meaning making machine and so the meaning that you give an experience is what you believe it doesn’t mean it’s true now what’s so fascinating about this because the brain is a goal achieving machine is you will perpetuate that meaning into reality but you also have you also have the ability to change the meaning that you give something at any point in time and that will change your life because the brain is a goal achieving machine I think I love it I such a huge believer in that I’ve seen that in my own life I’ve seen it in the lives of others I’m fortunate to pad you know 20 plus years is not repre seeing and again is why I love everything associated with being an entrepreneur because as you mentioned your exposure there’s so many more things it’s just I mean just ten times what most people see because you’re happy you’re out there making stuff happen and I think that’s just fascinates I mean I’m a huge believer in the fact that the only thing that matters is the meaning that you give things and I guess appreciate you imagine you know yeah so now so now here’s an again you’ll see in our work there’s sort of a logical step-by-step process it begs another question if I’m misinterpreting reality right now if I’m giving a meaning to something that’s not really true and it’s limiting me in my life the first question is well what is true right and then the next question becomes how do I know when I’m limiting myself how do I know when a limiting belief is active or a pattern of thinking related to a limiting belief as active and so here’s what we’ve found there are only two states of being and I learned this from one of my spiritual teachers in India man named Krishna GE so Krishna ji taught that there are only two states of being beautiful States and suffering states and beautiful states are states of being or emotions or feelings like joy curiosity excitement compassion those are beautiful states of being in suffering states of being are stress anxiety overwhelm anger jealousy etc right so from most of us in our life no one’s really provided such a clear roadmap beautiful states of being suffering states of being what’s true is that we’re always in one of those states of being or the other you’re either in a beautiful state or a suffering state at any point in time and you were never in both states of being at the same time so you’re either in a beautiful state of being or suffering state what we’ve come to understand is that anytime you’re in a suffering state it’s because there’s some thinking taking place that’s not true and your body has been designed so intelligently with an emotional guidance system that it moves into a suffering state as a result of you aligning your thinking with something that’s not true so anytime you move into a suffering state the only cause of it is your own thinking and again this is a larger conversation Dave I’m just laying out some powerful things for your people the the only time the only cause of suffering is your own thinking it’s not an experience it’s in the meaning you’re giving an experience and if the meaning you’re giving an experience doesn’t feel good meaning it’s moving you into a suffering it’s not true you’ve misinterpreted what’s going on in reality but some people will say what how could that be well because the truth is is that on a moment-by-moment basis life is always working for your best growth your best Prosperity your best evolution your your best life now there’s some twists and turns in that journey and so sometimes we misinterpret the twist and turn sure and we live into a suffering stage so this this beautiful suffering state concept becomes a compass for people to go where am i right now like am i in alignment with my thinking or am i out of alignment with my thinking and then again we have some very powerful very practical very efficient processes for helping people move out of a suffering state back into a beautiful state which is where all your power is all your creativity all your inspiration all your intuition and all of your ability to move forward in a powerful way to have what we call powerful living experience it comes from a beautiful state so the name of this game and this is what we teach entrepreneurs but in my opinion it’s not just the name of the game of entrepreneurship it’s the name of the game of life is to notice when you’ve moved into a suffering state and to have the tools and do the work to move back into a beautiful state where you’re aligned with the truth and where you can become a phenomenon in your life I love that I love it I should say gosh man I wish we had more time to see this is this is the next evolution of transformation it’s a step-by-step process to know where you are at any point in time and the tools to become powerful in your thinking and to actually transform your thinking this is very different than 20 30 40 years ago you know when we were just being taught like you know cliches really right sure about you know be positive or focus on what’s working and like how is that working I mean I’m not the first person to talk about personal development to your audience I may be the first person to provide a step-by-step process for living your life powerfully and that’s what I think we’re looking into with this next evolution of personal development which is super exciting I think it’s again that’s I love the whole idea as far as it’s much more transformational it’s there’s much it’s it’s a much more tangible process of tapping into this this whole whoo type of thing you know people have talked about for years as far as you know positive thinking it’s so much deeper than that but I I appreciate all those who have started this whole concept you know over a hundred years ago type of stuff we’re where you’re at now and where we as people and as entrepreneurs need to go is directly in line thing with what you’re teaching I think that’s why you’re having the success that you’re having it I congratulate you again on all the success that you’re having well thank you it’s a great point I mean we’re early on but in the last 18 months as you know we’ve gone from zero to three million dollars helping people change the way that they think and when people say how did you do it my answer is will I eat my own dog food right I mean yes there are tactics and strategies that are important there are technologies like click that are imperative I mean we wouldn’t be able to do anything that we’re doing right now in today’s world and reach the number of people we’re reaching without something like ClickFunnels™ but at the end of the day to your point you know you can talk to two people who have clicked funnel funnels one of them is a tu cama member like us and another person is saying well this stuff doesn’t work and what’s the difference between the two I would suggest it’s the meaning that they’re giving the experiences in their life oh my gosh I love that well David we get kind of close to wrapping things up what first of all I want to make sure people people need to get what you what you gave to me how did they get it so first of all where do we send people yeah so people can visit our website at David Bayer comm it’s David ba ye are just like the aspirin calm and on our website we have a download of the mind hack ebook that Dave’s been referencing and and three videos and then the the the website for our annual event is powerful living experience calm and you can go there and check out the dates and we would we would love for you to start off your year with three days of really getting your mindset right so that you can have your best year ever I love it and guys I really recommend that you go ahead check out David bear comm and actually look at the funnel that he’s using and the content but also the congruence that exists between the message that is being delivered it’s not just a quick opt-in and here we to send you some stuff because we want to market to you real heavy later it’s the value that that they give to the audience is what really helps kind of segment the audiences to those people who they know they can help versus those people who are just looking for a freebie and so I highly recommend you guys take a look at look at the funnel go through it subscribe to it and just follow through the sequencing because David your sequence is great and I love what you guys have done to really first of all provide immense amount of value to people but then for at the same time it’s enough for a person to kind of whet their appetite where they’re going you know what I need more of David and how do I get more and you guys are right they’re following up which i think is fantastic so I provided that and I will I will pass the compliment on to the team who’s worked very very hard to construct that fantastic so again get everyone it’s a David Bayer comm d-a-v-i-d ba ye are calm and go ahead and take a look again I totally totally agree with and I’ve seen in my own personal life how important the mean that you give your experiences is what living will give you the energy that you need your life and we we barely even touched under we didn’t even get to even halfway through the very first one of the four mine hacks so go through it take a look at it again David thank you so very much for your time I appreciate any parting words you want to leave with our audience yeah I mean the departing word that I would leave is to for those of you who are serious about really creating the vision you have for your life and making an impact in the world and creating an extraordinary business and a life for you and your family and your loved ones there’s a there’s a point in time where you decide that you’re gonna put mindset first if you listen to every great you know person that we look up to they didn’t they didn’t say listen my whole life changed when I launched my podcast as great as podcasts are Dave and I both have podcasts they didn’t say my life completely changed when I wrote my book they didn’t say my life my life completely changed and every single person will will reference an event a coach something where they started to get into this personal development conversation and change the way that they think and so it doesn’t have to be me but but to the extent that you want to be powerful in your life and you want to be a phenomenon this is the pathway to get there and Dave thank you and Russell and the ClickFunnels™ team for just doing what you do in the world so that we can do what we do in the world we truly appreciate you guys my pleasure thanks again David we’ll talk to you real soon thanks Dave thanks for listen to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Bono hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker radio.com forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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David Bayer, 4 Mind Hacks For Entrepreneurial Success

David Bayer, 4 Mind Hacks For Entrepreneurial Success