Dana Derricks, Inbred Goat Farmer Reveals The 2 Secrets To Sell Books For $2,500 PER COPY!

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Dana Derricks, Inbred Goat Farmer Reveals The 2 Secrets To Sell Books For $2,500 PER COPY!

– Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

How to sell a book for $2,500 or more. This is what the ‘Copywriting Professor’ Dana Derricks revealed on this podcast. One of his secrets is a mind-tweak he uses to cash-in on his Dream 100. He also details everything you need to do step by step to have similar success.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their market and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward everybody welcome back to funnel hacker radio as you guys are in for a crazy crazy ride today today you have the opportunity of hearing from David Eric’s aka copywriting professor or the my favorite actually is the world’s wealthiest goat farmer so Dana welcome to the show excited to have you thank you Dave I’m so so excited to just join a fellow goat farmer and have a great discussion about goats that’s the whole purpose of this podcast hopefully by the end of this podcast more people will be farming goats so that’s the whole reason we’re going through this and by the end you should be all be able to have an affiliate link to go buy your own goats and get things going so just kidding you guys were super excited I can’t tell you this is Dana is one of those guys in fact I don’t I’d love to have you talk more about it but I got to brag about two here real quick and that is we had the opportunity out of Dana at our inner circle meeting in and he was up there talking about the ability to sell a two thousand dollar book which we’re going to get to in just a minute but before we go there you didn’t start talking about well if you guys would help me with this and just basically send out a Facebook message to a lot of our inner circles that just put in you love goats and all of a sudden what happened is I started getting all these crazy things in the mail which we’re going to dive in and talk about here in just a few minutes but all that’s a privilege what we’re to discuss first of all Dana help people understand who you are and give us some background story on you awesome so I in a previous lifetime was born with a gift to of writing so for a number of years I did copywriting for hire and then got into goat farming made a bunch of money and then now I’m and then I got introduced into a guy named Russell Brunson I read every single thing and I listened everything he said and then all of a sudden I made a bunch of money and now and then I came up to Boise like the craziest coolest experience I’ve ever had in my life and I got to hang out with guys like Dave and the whole team and things are just exploding for me now so and I’m here so you guys have to understand data is by far one of the best copywriters I see I mean I’ve met a lot of great coffee writers and Duffing taking away from Russell but I could tell your coffee is amazing and I think you totally have a gift for it so real quick help people understand why coffee is so important so uh no matter what like no matter how marketing evolves copy and like words are always going to be there whether so for a long time you know it was long-form sales letters that’s what like got people to buy stuff and now is transitioning into like video right so what’s happening while you’re still reading for the most part you’re still using words from a script or you know just words in general so words and copy like are always going to be what gets people to do things and what gets people to do things is what’s going to make you money and get you successful so the sooner you can adopt investing in copy whether that’s words or written or spoken the sooner you’re going to have a lot of success that at least that’s what I’ve found and let me just kind of quantify what type of success that we’re talking about here I know anybody out there who has sold a book at a higher price point than you have and that’s what amazing they want to help people understand is because of your copywriting skills and your 3/100 skills by far some of the coolest ream 100 stuff I’ve ever seen what gets you in just a second help people understand what price point you’re selling a book act okay so my one of my boats sells for $2,500 a copy I can got a rake sure if people understood what you just said that’s $2,500 for one book that’s correct but shipping is free [Laughter] now see you guys different you get $500 versus a free book with 795 shipping an amp so exactly so help people understand how does that funnel work how do you how do you sell a twenty five hundred dollar book great question so um I’m gonna I’ll try to make this as quick as possible but it’s hard because there’s like here’s the thing a sale of any sort is not everyone thinks it’s a single event it’s not like it’s like marriage okay so a $2,500 book is a lot like getting married okay so you don’t just on the first date drop on your knee and propose and then expect to have a pretty good conversion rate on you know however many women you’re asking versus how many say yes that’s the same thing as a twenty five hundred books so what you have to do you have to date them for a long time you have to get engaged and then you have to like stay sane and like make sure that they still like you by the time the day the wedding comes and then once they’ve inked a deal for the marriage that’s when the twenty five hundred our book actually is sold and you get the money and then you send it so what I do is there’s a lot of build up to that so there’s a pretty long runway so I sell them cheaper stuff along the way so I don’t try to go from zero to twenty five hundred because that’s really really difficult that takes a lot of like effort in a lot of say selling I prefer to give them like a four hundred dollar book first that kind of touches on it and then they love it don’t but stick it in our dollar book ya know but it’s well it’s reasonable isn’t it I don’t know I wonder and then I get them a thousand dollar book and they get an ROI from that and they freaking love it and then they’re like dude I want more like give me the next thing and then I’m like oh sure here there’s a twenty five hundred dollar one and then and then I stopped at that point but I think I could probably go higher so I really want to make sure if you guys who are listening here understand this the funnel here is a four hundred dollar book a one thousand dollar book any $2,500 book these for a lot of you guys are mostly guys request size you know high ticket type of secrets and things and Danny you are the master excel in this kind of stuff so if you my drops of value Bob’s here for people as far as how what’s involved in that type of a funnel totally appreciate the analogy as far as getting married the dating aspect the first kiss the engagement all that kind stuff help people understand more detail what type of stuff do they really need to be thinking about when they’re looking to sell high ticket stuff awesome question so the first thing is you got to have the mindset right okay so the people that I sell to right now like they got a lot of money right so I don’t try and sell this stuff to broke people and then number two like the people that I’m selling to they put their pants on the same way that I do or that you do or anybody else so what gets these people my people that are buying my stuff to buy my stuff is the same stuff to get you and your people to buy your stuff like it’s literally no different just because there’s a zero or two behind my prices all the selling and all everything else is the exact same I promise you okay so get out of your own way raise your prices if you think this if you think this stuff is expensive then you are selling yourself too short that’s the first thing the second thing is you have to be really really intentional about it Kay so just because somebody lands on your page and doesn’t buy it that doesn’t mean that that’s the end of the road right remember it’s a process so you have to follow up with them right these are leads that you’re like spending money for in time on on there was one time I read the average you get like I think seven or eight knows before you get a yes right so when they’re telling you no I’m not saying you have to pound them and and you know you know browbeat them but I’m just saying sometimes when they object it’s not because they’re not interested it’s just because they’re not totally convinced yet that what you have is what they need so what I do is I really really really make sure that they fully understand what it is that the value that I’m parlaying to them and what they’re getting out of my books before they turn around and walk away from them right because Russell talks about this you guys like it is our duty and obligation like our moral obligation if we know what we have is good we’ll help them we have to make sure that they understand that and that they give it a chance so I literally just follow Russell’s lead and I take that mentality and I just deploy it and follow up pretty well and that’s about it I love it I can tell you that it’s fascinating for me I remember back to the old Dan Kennedy days sitting there basically his idea was so you could the whole object afar so anything high-ticket is if you can do without without a lot of smiling or laughing if you keep a straight face when you’re asking it but obviously the most important thing is you have to have value and your content is crazy cool I mean you can’t sell crap at a high ticket price and think that you’re going to get anything it’s every to last and have happy customers your constants amazing love your books and it’s just so detailed and so many action steps that little bit the person’s going through it and the way you write your books have been fan chat we’re really selling through the book as well to the next next opportunity and again goes back a lot of things we talked about at the very beginning gain and that is gear to again you’re the copywriting professor you have little years of great copy your headlines in your chapter headlines are just spent so engaging I remember I think it was on your book I think as chapter 13 or something as far as the your dream 100 where I was just so captivated by I don’t shouldn’t just have copy here but it was one of those things where I was like oh my gosh this is just exactly what I wanted to see and I’d really skip all the way to that chapter that’s the chapter one and it just soul beyond the rest of the book so amazing copy thank you I really appreciate that but with that I want to talk a little bit about how you have deployed this dream 100 strategy because this is one of things I get so much crap about from so many people say well gosh you guys always talk about dream 100 it’s not a good traffic strategy can’t really make money off that you got to do space book I’m like dude if you guys understand the dream 100 and how it really works and you by far fact I think the last copy I just got from you was you basically sold 82 or 88 of the 100 this and again Russell’s inner circle is limited to 100 so I mean it was a perfect your dream 100 was Russell’s inner circle and I think he sold 82 or 88 of us that inner circle yeah I got a couple more I gotta finish off what worked very well like I guess so I will just clear the air completely and I hope you’re okay with me giving away literally probably my biggest nugget of all time when it comes a dream 100 I love it okay so this changed my life so who I got to give all the credit first to Russell Brunson the person that introduced me to the concept and then I read through Chet Holmes like who I think invented it and then I was like yeah that’s cool but I like Russell’s were like version way better and then I just thought about it and it’s like okay think of so I listed out literally my dream 100 and it was like dream 300 in end up being but I just looked at the top 10 and I looked at the number one so this is what I want anybody listening to this to do right now list out the top five okay that come to mind like literally the top 5 not like five really good ones but like the top best five that you could possibly partner with and then let’s look at number one how much this what you have to ask yourself how much money I’m dropping the biggest value bomb ever right here how much money is it worth to land a deal with that person okay for me personally if I were to land let’s just I’ll just throw this out there I’ll do a little pre framing if I were to land to deal with Russell Brunson that’s got to be worth at least one two three million dollars at least so here’s why that’s important I can spend up to 1 million dollars to acquire Russell Brunson as a dream 100 affiliate and still be profitable do you know how much crap I can send them in the mail and still be profitable like I’ve never seen a better ROI ever on anything ever I love it I absolutely love it the best thing is so I’ve got ugly Russell down at the same office here and so it’s funny for me to compare my the letters I get from you and the letters that Russell gets from you because they’re a little bit different and I think it’s it’s really cool to see how you customize your dream 100 letters because a lot of us are send out the exact same letter to everybody but you’ve done an amazing job of really customizing how you actually send those dream 100 so if you mine at what kind of these go through the goat farmer mentality here as far as you dream 100 for your book if you’re okay with that absolutely absolutely so correct me if I’m wrong but I think it started off on a Facebook challenge to the inner circle is that right yep yep so once you kind of fill it in to tell us step by step what happened okay so it started off with I created like some demand for my core product okay which for for in this example was my 2500 odd book that teaches people how to sell their books for what they’re actually worth right so I created a demand for it and then I basically went into the Facebook group for the Russell’s inner circle and I’m like hey if anybody wants a copy of my 2500 dollar book you gotta just post in here that you love goats comment on it and all of a sudden bang like 60 plus people started confessing their love for goats on that post and it just kind of like spread like crazy so that was step one so going to yep just keep going through and I’m excited to find my goat while you do it I’m going oh man oh man okay so step that was step one step two now when the this is when the fun begins because I’m sending everything in the mail now so step two they so they requested a book they’re expecting a book to show up right well guess what I didn’t send them a book at least not yet the first package I sent out contained so everything has a letter accompanying it right so the letter explains what the wacky thing inside the box is why it’s relevant and then the secret sauce is that the letter also kind of nonchalantly pushes them toward where that where I want them to go next so the first package Dave did you want to spoil that one yes I would I want to throw everything out here so people understand how cool yourself with okay so um so the first box did not contain the book that they thought they were getting it contained a little mr. miyagi action figure and a copy of The Karate Kid DVD and basically the gist so that was like the whole wax on wax off thing like that’s what the books going to do so like the book is going to be mr. Miyagi and then you are the Karate Kid so when the book tells you to wax on and wax off you better do it right just like The Karate Kid so that was just kind of building some suspense like holy crap like I didn’t like what is this stuff and then they’re like oh wow like I’m going to check my mailbox every single day now because I’m really really really looking for this book which I thought was really cool because you actually said hey I’m sending you something next it wasn’t just dusty it yeah so you said I’m going to send you something that so what was the next thing you sent out yes so then they got the book but in its and it’s kind of funny the way like we package things we really were intentional about it like we want it like we always before we send it we open it ourselves and see okay this is what I would look at first so the next thing was on top of the book the book was in this one so it’s a bigger box but it was on the way bottom on top of the book was a book light okay so like not another crappy like dollar store one but in like a pretty decent one and so they pull out the book light and they’re okay they’re like what is this I didn’t order book light and then they pull off the like brown paper and they see the book and it’s like whoa and then in the letter then you always have to reference the wacky thing so in the letter I’m basically saying like here’s a book light because I want to follow up with you in a week and you better have read this book because guess what I’m not going to like like saying that you had to sleep or anything it’s not going to be a good enough excuse like here’s a book light for you and you can sleep when you’re dead I want you to rehab this book read by next week and I think the coolest part about it is every part of the copy that you were writing was to take action and you’re training people to take action you’re training people with the Karate Kid mr. Miyagi listen you’re going to act on you’re going to wax off but it’s going to teach you how to do that the very next package as soon as you get it listen there’s no excuse there’s absolutely none in fact here’s the book like so you can literally start right now and don’t stop go all night long if you need you the batteries are there it’ll keep you going you look and read throughout the night so you can finish this book and so you’re teaching people the whole time through your team 100 of taking massive action so what’s the International yeah so and then the cool thing too about that is like if they don’t take the action they’re going to feel like kind of a a jerk because look at what I’ve already done for them you know so um they’re they’re kind of already invested and then so the books already got there that’s what they thought they’re getting and now the fun really really begins because now they get a third package that they weren’t they really weren’t expecting because they already got the book right so the third package and this is a little bit crazy but um it’s so I got this idea because like my dad lives in Texas I live in Wisconsin and one like when it’s winter here it’s still summer there I’m really jealous so like one time I wanted to send them this like like garden utensil thing in the mail and I showed up to the post office without a box and I’m like how do I send this and like yeah we can just throw a label on it and send it just like that and I’m like just picture a shovel being sent in the mail with just a label like that’s what I sent him and after ever since then I’m like oh god like the possibilities are endless so this is what I did this is what the third package was so I playing off the whole gold farmer thing like I’m for those you that don’t know I am the world’s wealthiest goat farmer so here’s what I sent I freaking bought like every single um walking stick like like like weird like kind of rustic walking stick off of Amazon and then I basically like zip tied a wizard hat on top of it and then sent it in the mail just like that so picture a walking stick without a box there’s no box a walking stick with a wizard hat zip tied to the top with a letter inside a little bag inside of the Hat and it shows up just like that at the mailbox that’s the third thing and then the in the letter now I’m now I’m getting what I want out of the deal right so I’ve given them all the stuff they wanted now I’m kind of sort of recruiting them to become an affiliate and then getting what I want out of it which is really cool I what I got mine I just got a cane the walking stick there was no wizard hat or anything else to it I’m like what the heck is this why I’m like yeah so I was like what’s going on it did a fortune in the office and I saw the Facebook page people are talking about oh my gosh what did you see this did you see that I was like ah now it makes a connection but it was it was so cool because I end up getting the next package afterwards which actually reference that one as well and I thought ah that was from Dana so totally made a ton of sense and made connecting all the dots for me so it was super cool so I guess there’s more there was another package I forgot so um after I get what I want then I keep sending them because so I think what the last one day if you got was a little mini goat the screaming goat yeah I plan on having all these things here with me but unfortunate my kids have it all the house so what I got look don’t worry I’ve got mine right here not when I haven’t take it home right there Oh perfect so I said here’s how the letter came Dave thank you so much and again I got this crazy holy crap you did it congratulations and the copy in here is just awesome I love the font you guys probably can’t see this but I’m going to put it up to you anyway since this is the font is awesome little hands take it to the bottom and the best part is it’s all it talks about the entire thing as far as you go so I’m going to I’ll read this real fast we don’t get okay I don’t want steal your chest okay I’ll send you a bill Dave thanks a million for taking the wild crazy journey with me the video you gave me is going to help a ton of authors experts and creative minds to get paid what they deserve for their works so let me tell you a little backstory here one thing that said Dana asked for then was basically a testimonial from us posting on Facebook or on YouTube they sent in the link of what we thought of his book brilliant idea because now that said you’re getting testimonials from your dream 100 which was super cool and then I can’t in this campaign without a goat but according to my cage research shipping the live goat is going to require semi truck so here’s the next best thing open the screaming goat box now and then continue reading so this basically is the screaming goat you guys can’t see this I’m going to see if I can that actually probably bailed make this down but it takes scope and this boat basically has you push the bottom or the base in here and see if I can put stuff to my mic here that’s the crazy sound it makes it’s a screaming goat and you go through the rest of things yes goats really do see out just like that thank you I guess you could say it’s a little creepy when I lock my ghosts up at night their pets and all you hear is those screams coming from the near woods my neighbors haven’t called the cops yet so I’m good last thing if you ever need to help with anything just let me know I’m happy to do whatever I can and lend a hand in any way I’m just a simple-minded confused inbred goat farmer but if you’re super desperate I’m always here and he goes off for a couple of things the coolest thing about it is you’re actually so the psychology behind this is fantastic you’ve now asked them to do something to you and you’re reciprocating saying hey listen if there’s anything I can do for you I’m always here for you and I think one of the biggest problems I have with most people when I I mean we get a ton of people asked us to promote and all this kind of stuff I rarely get put up someone’s 3/100 there’s been two this year you and then will be from Australia a 15 year old kid is basically doing $500,000 and affiliations from stages crazy numbers for being 15 years old but it’s been amazing to me to see the psychology and really the thought that you put into this kind of stuff and I think that’s the part I really want people to understand what you said earlier gain is so true and that is listen if if Russell’s worth a million to three millions to you why would you I don’t care maybe you want to be cheap spend only ten percent of it my gosh whatever it might be but realize that your dream 100 has such value that you can let me sell anything you want as you get their attention the main thing is it’s really it’s a ton of fun here in our office because we get people all the time sending stuff to Russell just trying to get his attention and most of time if you send a letter it’s never going to get there he will never see email he’s not going to see a Facebook post but if you send a package I can guarantee if he’s on a webinar if he’s not doing anything when when Melanie gets that package it breaks to him first thing everything stops because only cares about seeing with the packages and it’s just an amazing interrupt and your packages are just killer cool coming to white box I love the whole thing so amazing job super super just love which done well thank you man I appreciate that it’s like it’s kind of like a your when you’re a kid and like it’s like getting a present you know yo yeah but it totally is and I think the funniest thing is we’ve been talking about 3/100 or gosh six seven eight years now and rarely do people actually implement it like you have and I’m just so proud of yet data seriously just so proud of the success that you’ve had with this and maybe before cuz you take massive action it’s just massive action super super cool but I know one of the things that you’ve gotten extremely good at and that is selling high ticket stuff I mean 2500 aa log books I take the record now I don’t anybody is sold a book that expensive so if people want to connect I know you’ve got stuff as far as how to sell high ticket stuff what’s the best way for people to get all to you um so I’m tough to get ahold of because we got like three gatekeepers one of them’s ago Tom’s but uh I do have if anyone is interested in like any of all of my secrets that I’ve laid out like the book that dave has read and that he’s been referring to and that pretty much everyone’s going crazy over that basically takes anybody that has a book or wants to write a book and puts the power into their hands to actually sell it for what it’s worth like I do for four hundred dollars a thousand dollars twenty five hundred dollars a copy profit margins are pretty good I’m not gonna lie still costs same five bucks to print it um so I’ve got um I’ve got an entire video presentation that lays out how that all started what that means how you can do it it’s at if you go to take our industry back calm you can watch it and see the whole story for yourself super cool again take our industry back calm definitely recommend you guys go take a look at it see it Dana you’re such a giving person and I appreciate just how open you bid with your strategies and how it’s worth to dream 100 and all that kind of stuff anything else you want to share with our audience before we wrap things up um so for any of you that are on the fence about doing anything when it comes to ClickFunnels™ Russell the maybe whatever just do it please like Brandon and Kailyn I’m sure you guys probably have heard of them they’re just absolutely killing it and Kailyn has a hashtag says do what Russell says I second that and so then my final thought is for those you that are coming to funnel hacking live if you aren’t coming I feel really bad for you because it’s going to be amazing for those who are coming though there might be some sort of goat something going on there and I haven’t gotten it approved yet but I’m just kind of planting the seed for Dave’s here so that’s all I have if that’s actually how Russell’s letter was different than mine is lastly the reason Russell’s letter listen it doesn’t ask that I’m I know super super cool data always a treat to work with you love having you on the show thank you so much for your time and again I appreciate your example or just going out and making stuff happen so thank you thank you David Saul you know without you guys I wouldn’t be here so I appreciate all of you and I’m happy to do it alright but thanks yeah all right take care okay thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at mono hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at photo hacker radio comm forward slash retrial one last thing is we love giving away cars don’t you like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to frontal hacker radio comm forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Dana Derricks, Inbred Goat Farmer Reveals The 2 Secrets To Sell Books For $2,500 PER COPY!

Dana Derricks, Inbred Goat Farmer Reveals The 2 Secrets To Sell Books For $2,500 PER COPY!