ClickFunnels™ Work Life Balance – Gary Vee’s Best Advice For Success

Gary Vee’s Best Advice For Success in Work Life Balance Q&A Part 2

ClickFunnels™ Work Life Balance

ClickFunnels™ Work Life Balance: We are back for the second round of Gary Vee motivation from our Q&A. These highlights focus on the broad strokes of work and life balance. Specifically, his motivation centers around the culture of your business, why pushing yourself can equal success as an entrepreneur and taste everything. ClickFunnels™ Work Life Balance

ClickFunnels™ Work Life Balance

What’s up everybody, it’s Russell Brunson and welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I hope that yesterday you had a good time hanging out with Gary Vee. So just puts perspective, his speaker fees to come to something like this is about a hundred grand. And you guys had a chance to hear it here, for free. So what’s that mean? Number one, it means that this podcast is awesome.

Do you agree? Do you agree? If you guys agree and you concur, then I ask you just one little favor. Tell other people about it. If you’ve got an email list, tell ’em. If you post on Facebook, let people know. Like I spent a hundred grand to give you two podcasts and you get him for free because I love you and I care about you and I want you to be successful. So, I hope you get something good out of it.

Again, every time I hear Gary speak I get more pumped up and motivated and excited. I don’t know if he ever gives the tangibles like ‘here’s the steps to do’, but that’s my role. That’s what I do for you guys. So I’ll give you the tangible, here’s the process, and Gary will get you pumped up. So I hope that’s okay. With that said we’re going to jump in to part two of his presentation.

ClickFunnels™ Work Life Balance

Once again we’ve edited out as much profanity as possible to make this PG, maybe PG-13. So that my podcast can stay clean for all the kids and the people like me who like to listen to clean things. I hope that’s alright. Anyway, with that said, you guys enjoy part two of the Gary Vee show. – Guys, nobody remembers the part where Michael Jordan couldn’t get to the finals cause the Pistons were beating them every single time. – [Male Offscreen] Isaiah Thomas. – You know what I mean? Guys, let me really unleash you doing more (bleep expletive) Nobody remembers the losses.

As long as you have a win. – Is there any trends that you see or platforms or any advice that you see with women entrepreneurs primarily, my age, thirties, forties? – Yeah, so the thing, you know it’s funny, Katie, right? Hey, hi. (crowd laughs) Katie said the most important part, I’ve become unbelievably fascinated and empathetic about the difference between men and women, you know. I’m super fascinated by it from a business standpoint. That’s my lens to the world. It’s harder to be one hundred percent yourself when you’re a woman than a man.

ClickFunnels™ Work Life Balance

ClickFunnels™ Work Life Balance

I genuinely believe that because men are dick faces. Right? And so, the answer to your question is to be one hundred percent, radically, transparently you. I’m also massively empathetic how that’s difficult for everybody, especially attractive women. – How do you balance work and family? How do you do it? – By first and foremost not adhering to the current state of political correctness that everybody here has deployed on me. Most of all, right. And second, extremism.

I almost took the whole entire month of August off. Like I go all in, right. When I’m in this, like Monday through Friday, I do not see my kids pretty much at all. Thirty nine weeks of the fifty two weeks in the year. Just what it is. And then on weekends and seven weeks, eight weeks of vacation a year I’m all in the other way. That’s how I do it. For me. But that is only uniquely going to work if me and my partner in crime are aligned on that strategy, audit that strategy every day. By the way, I don’t even want to do it anymore.

As now they are eight and five and not five and two, they’re just more interesting to be around. You know? (crowd laughs) So, for example, I guarantee you in 24 more months, this exact trip, they’re here and we go to see the Grand Canyon or something. I’m so sad that so many people do certain things in parenting because that’s what the other parents think they should be doing. Like, I don’t know. I just wanna make a very important statement that I implore every parent in this room understands.

ClickFunnels™ Work Life Balance

Everything that is right in parenting right now, by the common standards, will not be in 20 years. You’re going to be judged one way or the other. – When you grow rapidly, how do you embed the culture to make sure that it grows with the right people? So we built values, manifestos… – Ready? Ready? How do you get muscles by doing pushups? – You do it consistently every day. – I spend an ungodly amount of my time on HR. Now, I have 800 employees.

Next year I’m going to mandate that I see every one of my employees every month for 15 minutes. Which is going to eat up BIG amounts of time. – So literally you’ve taken that one one. – The math is daunting. – When I do the one-on-one time it always works. But I’m just thinking now from scale at the same point. – Scaling the unscalable is how you build long term wealth. – (bleep) dude, that’s a good one. – Thanks bro. I didn’t get up here for no rooks. – Now we know why you get paid to stand up there.

ClickFunnels™ Work Life Balance

My second question was, okay, as you grow obviously you’ve got haters. I’m sure that people don’t like you and whatever. – Sure. – So I always focus on the mission and the vision and the people that we’re helping, right? But when you get certain people, I mean it still affects me when I… – Of course. – So, how do you overcome that so you can keep growing? – Empathy. – For them? – Yes. – And just for their life circumstances? – Sure. If a human being can generate hate, they’re not in a good place. – Okay. So what do you do mentally, in mindset, to just keep going? – I deploy gratitude that I’m not them. – I feel like an entrepreneur on accident, honestly. And the thing that I love to do is the business that I do that’s making me money.

But recently I’ve started being way more vulnerable about the whole chip on the shoulder thing and in telling my story. And that’s resonating with a lot of people. And that is (bleep) hard. I hate doing that. I’m very introverted. I don’t like being out there that much but that’s what seems to be making the biggest impact. – I have great news. That’s binary. Either you do more of it and you get used to it, and like everything in life, once you get used to it it just becomes your norm and you didn’t realize it. Now you may never be the most extroverted.

ClickFunnels™ Work Life Balance

Everybody here can be a better singer, dancer, basketball player. They may not become Lebron, but if you do it every day, you get better. You keep putting yourself out there every day, you’ll get better. So you can either choose to do that or you can say I don’t like it. I’ll leave the money on the table cause I love the privacy and the private life and not having to engage, and you do that.

It’s your choice. You’re in charge. – Are you an advocate for doing what’s harder though? – I’m an advocate on doing what you want to do. Not because I said so or your friend said so. I’m an advocate of you doing what you want to be doing. But I always encourage to taste more. Cause it works. Do you know how many people here hate oysters but have never had one? (audience laughing) I think about that (bleep) every day. (audience laughing) That’s how I think about business. Like you’ve made a judgment on something yet you’ve never done it. I already know you’re going to do more of it because you’ve already done the hardest part.

ClickFunnels™ Work Life Balance

Which is you’ve done it. – Just really quickly. Is there anything that is hard for you? (Gary laughs) Your mindset, the way that you think about things, you’re like ‘I am confident and I can do this’. But is it hard… – Yes, yes. – …to get up sometimes in the morning sometimes. – No. Nope. Spelling is (bleep) impossible. (crowd laughing) – I can’t read for (bleep). If I was reading from a teleprompter right now I would crumble and be out of here. Can’t read for (bleep). Like, you know, fencing, probably is hard. (crowd laughing) I’m really way below average in swimming. Poor swimmer. I always think like, (bleep) I’ll be super pissed if I die… We get (bleep) up, and if I have to swim further then everybody. Yeah, there’s (bleep).

You’re asking me that, as somebody who knows a lot about me, because I don’t spend any time on it. We all suck at (bleep). So like I don’t care how you judge mine, you’ve got (bleep) too. So because I don’t care about that, the only reason people spend time on their weaknesses is because it’s everybody else’s opinion on it that they’re trying to avoid. I don’t care about your opinion about my weakness cause I know you’ve got them too. So let’s just move on. (loud, inspiring music)


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