ClickFunnels™ Wizard Ads – Our Adventure to Meet the Wizard of Ads

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Our Adventure to Meet the Wizard of Ads – Funnel Hacker TV Ep 90

ClickFunnels™ Wizard Ads

ClickFunnels™ Wizard Ads: Join us today as we take a wonder-filled adventure, with James P. Friel, down the yellow brick road to the Wizarding Academy in Austin, Texas. We’ll give you our takeaways from the Wizard of Ads plus the best piece of marketing advice that not only blew James’ mind, but gave our veritable tinman all the feels. ClickFunnels™ Wizard Ads

ClickFunnels™ Wizard Ads

All right so what’s up everybody so this week we are going to see the Wizard of ads maybe Russell heard that I was going to see the Wizard of ads and he said you gotta film this whole thing dude you should totally film it so here we go what’s going on right now Stephen ah so right now I am handing off the camera that I’ve been using to film my portions of fun on your TV.

And frankly a lot of my product were you passing the gauntlet up to mr. James fee frioli we’re going on a trip to Austin next week and Russell’s like bring the camera with you so that’s what’s happening right now you’re literally in good hands James quickly realized he had never vlog before but he vowed to figure it out so here we go I’m here with the lovely out of golden we also have fellow inner circle member Jaime cross that’s the founder of MIG soap.

And we are headed to Austin Texas all right thar she goes not even three seconds goes by and Jana gets ahold of the camera alright you guys so I have control of camera right now and I just found out from James Russell Russell said that the more entertaining our section of this film is the more camera time we’re going to get so I think that this may be the most mischievous episode of fun on Hacker TV ever right Jamie are you in on the fun we’re in on the fun Russell I’m sorry I’m sorry are we gonna make it in the Blackboards in like  25 minutes thanks again for flying with us.

ClickFunnels™ Wizard Ads

ClickFunnels™ Wizard Ads

All right so we are about to start our traffic meeting everybody’s here and guess who is on the airplane you do want to miss me so he’s literally all right so while we’re waiting for Jamie’s grandma’s bag to come off the carousel she’s gonna do the backpack dance y’all y’all y’all so we just got to the wizard Academy campus so this place is like 30 acres outside of Austin it’s huge I mean there’s like all these buildings and everything but there’s just one place where the classes are it’s the tower hold on let me see see it there right there like you can see the tower that’s we’re gonna be having class tomorrow so this.

The Wizard of ads is this guy named Roy H Williams and he is one of the highest-paid ad writers in the world like in some cases he gets paid eight figures for just writing ad copy and that’s why we’re here we’re checking into our place they’ve got these little on-campus housing we’re gonna drop our bags off go grab dinner but first thing tomorrow that’s when the wizardry starts so super looking forward this I’ve been dying to come to this classroom like nine months now and it’s gonna be amazing so wizard Academy has the largest collection of Don Quixote art I think I think in the world this is the gallery down here on the first floor and today.

I think we’re gonna be finding out what in the world Don Quixote has to do with creating amazing marketing storytelling and ad copy that they do are just like single malt scotch maybe in the western hemisphere or something like that’s you do whiskey we got special special access to the whiskey ball so I’m headed up to the whiskey ball right now.

ClickFunnels™ Wizard Ads

I mean there’s a chess set I think 750 bottles of whiskey largest collection I think somewhere in North America or something like that it’s all over the place big collection that is like the white wine of a whiskey in this but magnitude percent the lowest place and now for a few takeaways like what is this wizard Academy like what are we doing like facilitating marketing school but interestingly enough that you’re working themselves is all word of cops you’ve gotta get invited to get here it’s like super like pretty cool stuff yeah yesterday they kind of blew your mind they kind of blows my mind is somehow after like 38 years they like turn off the left hemisphere of my brain.

And I stopped like thinking logically and I feel amazing so yesterday I may have had a feeling we learned the power of the right hemisphere of the brain and how like you can really get information to people like music like tempo like word tempo and all this stuff and actually my one of the left side of the brain this week yeah I’m just like get that information and there so today we’re gonna start putting it into practice which is super exciting and I think they just like Jedi that information into my head because I didn’t see it coming in I think the waianae be heard in the morning hell yeah they’ve wine lots of wine down wine down there.

Anyway so the I think my biggest takeaway was that brands are characters and the more interesting characters have opposing like attributes like how they think feel see the world and things like that so they gave the example of house the medical doctor that was on the TV show.

  Like how he’s like a super genius and diagnosing things but he’s also super insensitive and and that needs a drug addict and it’s like what like and so you you like try and put it all together in your mind and you can because there’s all these opposing attributes and everything and I said one of the things that makes a brand super interesting is to like think of it as a character and make sure that the attributes that are like most well-known one that would be surprising and then the one that’s some sort of flaw really comes through.

ClickFunnels™ Wizard Ads

So I or yeah for things and yeah I thought it was really sleepy here’s one see those bears are absolute to anybody drink writing for you the videos that you’re meeting any way that you’re communicating with your audience you’re making sure that you pay all those points and then switch them out so that when people read it even though you’re not actually charging them what your those attributes are they feel right like it’s all about the bank not only the message but it’s feeling is right feelings.

All right we’re gonna get started all right so James just about there so we’re actually on our way to record the end so I’m gonna take you guys okay I’m ready when you are did you hear that Jimmy wrote a RINO last night yep it’s true and while you may not have saddled up on a two-ton horn stampeding rhinoceros lately I bet you’ve done something equally unfortunate without even realizing it see we’re guys like you and we know that sometimes it’s easy to forget your anniversary her birthday or any other occasion that she needs to feel special.

ClickFunnels™ Wizard Ads: That’s why we created the Rose Club for Men a simple to setup flower subscription service that will keep you from getting trampled by your own forgetfulness all year long so don’t be like Rhino riding Jimmy and take your life in your own hands sign up today at Rose Club for Men com yeah cool there we go all right since this is a single voice spot you got to have things in there every so often along the way what’s up everybody so we’re just getting back we just got back last night from our trip to Missouri Kadim e and we’re back here in sunny but chilly Boise so that’s what’s happening. ClickFunnels™ Wizard Ads

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