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Funnel Fridays Episode 44

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences: Today’s episode of Funnel Fridays is “Pimp My Funnel”! This ClickFunnels™ and Funnel Scripts user is helping people in severe pain from tennis elbow, but his sales are causing discomfort. Russell and Jim are gonna pimp his funnel to see if they can bring relief! ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

The Facebook and and what’s up Google? I think we live everywhere. What’s up my shizzle? Look at that. What’s happening players? Who is that? Who is the guy I don’t sleep don’t you those Brandon Fisher do member? Yeah. Oh my gosh, I gotta remember Sookie if I remember Su dong zhuo’s to the middle so dude. Why are you dressed up like a pimp with your opinion? Oh I got on my pimp hat. I got on my pimp Cape. I got my pimp stick because today is all about Pimp My funnel because we got somebody who’s got some pain and they need to get their pun on their final pimped so we can apep some copy. We gonna pimp some questions. We just going to be Big Pimpin baby.

This was kind of like a pimp and watches like I can contribute to it. It’s like the size of my head almost that looks like it should have its own steam engine in it. So these are like my favorite watches and I bought a whole bunch of them the other day and I think we’re trying to make a ClickFunnels™. Well as gears in it, can you tell the time with that? I’m not sure where’s the time?

It’s was watches. It doesn’t really matter. So it’s got like justice is 12 o’clock all the time. Just woke up. Yeah. Well, there you go. So we’re back two weeks in a row two weeks in a row. This is going hardcore. I love it two weeks in a row fo sho fo sho. All right. I was Brandon’s here. These are the best stupid childish jokes ever. Oh, he’s going to find him real quick. Oh one of them was that I might mess it up. Try. Try not. Yeah, it was like what what is new jog washed his clothes in?

leoch the other one was oh what is being invested for like what a Snoop Dogg do it or what a steep dive say when he goes out in the rain or something and it’s going to drizzle. I don’t know something like that. There you go. There’s my there’s my version of jokes. Yeah, I’d say just flying and I’m we’re good man. We’re good. We’re good. All right. So walk us through what’s happening today? I’ve been my funnel.

All right. So basically today we have somebody who is helping people with tennis elbow and the interesting thing though. Yeah tennis elbow, but the thing and and the magic was hidden at the end of his submission when he sent it in when he was like, oh by the way the people Who suffer from this aren’t just people who play tennis and so that to me was the thing that that caught my attention the most because people would call it tennis elbow if they play tennis, but if you play golf, do you call it tennis elbow? If you’re a construction worker if you’re somebody who’s like a fisherman do you call it tennis elbow know you call it elbow pain full? So why would you want to only go after elbow pain think think about it.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

So anyway, that was it was like the last thing you know that there’s the magic what Owen I hurt my tailbone rustling one time and the trainer called a tennis elbow and I was like what I’m a wrestler like we eat tennis players for lunch anyway, but actually yeah, you’re all roided up and stuff and got all that crazy testosterone going and Russell tennis tennis. Are you crazy? Wait, I’m a good Foreman boy. I don’t think we call it tennis elbow coach. That’s probably closer to me. Yeah, so I was reaching around this guy in practice and I hurt my elbow.  What do you think? Is it a repetitive motion injury?

All right. Let’s change the subject before you have flash your warning sign. We can’t even talk about this right now Jim.What are you talking about? We just start as a pimp. So I guess we should just assume that yes. Okay. So here’s the thing that I thought we could do instead of like we normally do where we would just redo this guy’s following and it’s cool to show is funneling everything because I had some ideas about how we could about how we could redo it. You’re not the you’re wondering this is it right?

Which I mean those pictures don’t really say a thousand words, but what I was also thinking about was time may be talking about how We could structure this so he could easily. Take the funnel and duplicate it and repurpose it and pimp it in some other niches as well. You know I’m saying, okay, so he can he can he can have his fun like they’re working for him on the High Street the low Street back alleys, you know all over town all there. That’s right. So in all seriousness though is talking about how we could do that.

And then I had a thought that one of the best ways to do that would be to start with a question because it’s one thing a lot of people don’t really ever realize is that some of the most effective headlines you can ever use our questions and so it also got me thinking. Okay. So let’s make some questions and I started writing these questions and then I I heard 5,000 funnel scripts subscribers screaming all at once I disturbing scene the force there is that Jim we’re going people going Yoda. This is amazing. You didn’t give us a script for asking questions and I said to myself. Well, my goodness is like five o’clock in the morning. Could I between now and when we do funnel Friday’s could I create an entire script to ask questions in sales copy that are designed to get yeses from the Right audience.

And I was up to the challenge Russell were able to do it. I was able to do it and I’m going to demonstrate it is all right scripts.It’s not listed in there yet, but it will be but I mean it’s done. But so my thought originally on this this thing was you know, as dorky as it might seem the question that needs to be asked at the top of this thing is do you suffer from tennis elbow? Are you tired of greasy bombs leaving you smelling like a locker room all the time. Are you afraid? The only cure is dangerous surgery. Those are all right, you know, we’re just talking, you know as guys do they’re dressed up like pimps and somebody’s wearing something about nudity on there, you know best we can Jim.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

I just wanted to show you my a figurine case. You’re still trying to get yours. I am still trying to get mine, but I’m not trying I’m in the active pursuit of it. Thanks Pursuit of Happiness. Sorry, I just Those are fun like you live. This is the new a figurine when you do 10 million dollars inside of a funnel. You just found it. He’s like, yeah, I just left a three thousand dollar ring laying around, you know, just somewhere.

Well, we’re told this is like it’s all gold. Those are all dying. And these are like 818. I can’t think we spent on these things. Hmm. So make it good funnel. Anyways, right? Can you imagine the pimp thing I’ll be able to do with that with this cape and that ring. Yeah. I call them across your hand. I’ll show you guys. Anyway, it’s good. I don’t actually wear it. I just got on my desk. So all right. I’m going to time or what you’re going to these questions are amazing and I time and again.

All right. So what do you want me to what do you want me to show so I mean the the biggest thing with this is that when somebody is in pain and I just want to clarify one thing real quick and you’ll hear this when people are giving copywriting advice and they’re telling you all these things and you need to be really careful when somebody tells you something about copywriting or anything in general. They’re like dealing in absolutes because I know you have heard this before people would tell you.

Oh, you never start sales copy with a question because people could say no so what people say no loans are going to buy your product you have tennis all know then they should leave well then great. You know where you should be asking that question. You should be asking that question in your ad where you’re not paying by The Click. Oh, you’re getting a whole lot of people to say no and it don’t cost you any money. So do you suffer from tennis elbow? Do you have chronic elbow pain? No, cool. Beat it get out of the way. I got somebody else. I need to tell you. Yeah, so, so anyway, that’s that’s the that’s I just want to dispel that little myth.

So the other thing about when you use questions in sales copy, the other thing when you use questions in sales copy is you need to think like yin and yang now, I know I’m wearing the wrong, you know stuff. I should be dressed up like a Kung Fu Master talking about yin and yang, you know, yeah, but the thing is when when you answer when you ask a question in copy it still okay to answer the question for you for them, you know, do you suffer from chronic elbow pain? Stop the pain now? You can it’s like a question response question response and it forces them to start thinking in their own head in these terms. So that was something else. I wanted to throw out there as well.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

So I don’t know if you want me to send you that stuff. Yeah, you are other questions done and everything. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, and then I’ll show you guys the wizard, but the other thing is, excuse me the script because it’s a it’s online. It’s not a downloadable one, but the other thing is thinking in terms of do you suffer from tennis elbow versus do you suffer from chronic elbow pain?

If we’re going after tennis players, you call it tennis elbow if we call it. If we’re going after anyone else, we want to call it chronic elbow pain, right? So we do that like as a how could you have questions to ask they go through that? I’m trying to do this is serving I mean I can show you I can show you the thing that I came. I saw I can show you the script. Yeah, let’s see it. Okay inside.

So I’m going to send you these the stuff. I already told you though real quick so you can play with it and then I’ll show you guys the script. Thanks for giving us Direct Communications Mark Zuckerberg. You’re awesome, sir. Converge the man. He is the man. Have you ever met him? No W he get to talk to me see me coming and be like security that ain’t happening.

So anyway, here’s I’m calling it sails opener questions scripts create targeted questions, you can use to open any piece of sales copy no video demo yet. We’re making that now use this to create questions. You can use to open any piece of sales copy with a giant yes from your prospects. Use these questions for headlines sub headlines email subject line social media openers tweets Instagram post Pinterest the first words out of your mouth on video and much much more.

So basically I got some things load in here including the one from today on tennis elbow, but where’s asking five questions super simple, who’s your target Niche member? So in this case we say a tennis player, but we can change that. Over to like, you know wrestler or fishermen have a list. Seriously, you’d have to be like hard as nails if you did man. I mean it would be like the Mike Tyson of the NCAA.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

What’s the number one good thing they want more of they want more pain free movement. They also want more relief from elbow pain. And what’s the number one negative thing? They want to avoid they want to avoid chronic tennis elbow and they want to avoid crippling elbow pain. So, I mean, it’s pretty straightforward to fill that out. So in this case, so I’ve got I’ve got it set up so that it’s divided into some main groups because some of the most classic questions are, you know, you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Are you sick and tired of chronic elbow pain or chronic tennis elbow, but the cool thing is I got all the little real OD stuff in here so that you can keep clicking it. So are you finished with chronic tennis elbow you fed up with chronic telling sambar you done with chronic tennis elbow. Are you finished with crippling elbow pain? Are you done with are you sick and tired of crippling elbow pain? Let’s add that one. I like that. Are you sick and tired of crippling elbow pain if they’re not going to say yes, we got an issue. So that verse is actually meant that was a test Russell that wasn’t the actual headline package that may look awesome on the page already. I know you did. Sorry.

Um, but that was like a test that indicated test not Hey David, they found the real joke. I tell you the real joke now that I messed it up earlier. I’d love to hear it. Okay, so stupid. So why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? Yes why for the drizzle jacked up last? I’m sorry Snoop if you’re listening, I just anyway. All right. Sorry, bro said yeah. Um, so the other thing is that I actually listened to our show at the greatest. That’d be pretty cool dudes in the comments. He’s like, yeah, I’m listening.

Yeah you remember what happened to to pack right? Just remind you that is the white guy from POC right? There’s an odd not a nap Tupac tax, but you POC is way different. Are you trying to create it East Coast West Coast thing or a Midwest East Coast Midwest? You don’t be bait and don’t be baiting on.  Onto packed and not too but not whatever is and I glad you can’t see me right now.

Snoop Dogg anyway the other thing so we got a whole bunch of different ones, you know is blank driving you insane is chronic tell tennis elbow making you lose sleep is chronic elbow pink causing you pain is it it’s chronic elbow pain destroying your future ruining your life making you nuts costing you sleep making you lose sleep is chronic tennis elbow killing your results as a tennis player.  Do you want more pain-free movement? You might more relief from elbow pain.

so, I mean it makes hundreds of variations of questions that you can ask any we’re ready for relief from elbow pain. Now, are you a tennis player who needs more pain free movement. Are you a tennis player searching for more relief from elbow pain or relief from elbow pain? So anyway, that’s what it does pranic problems with chronic tennis elbow problems with crippling elbow pain, and the neat thing is that these can be tested so fast and just as as an aside.

These are using these are some of the easiest Facebook ads that you can write because you just asked a question and boom people are either paying attention or they’re not it’s a question with a call to action. Hey, do you need to write a met? Here we go. I need to write amazing sales copy check out funnel scripts need to write great sales copy at the click of a button sound impossible. It’s not check out funnel scripts. So that’s the big thing is just asking a question.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

I love it. It’s kind of like the question that a pimp would ask. Hey buddy looking for a good time. That’s what we asked how would you know that I watch movies you don’t watch ever wished for more pain free movement.

I think we’re definitely Getting Thinner to PG territory. Yeah, we should flash that fence of sign thing paste just to let people know I totally stole this image from Google Images don’t actually do that. Like if you’re going to use it go buy it. I just don’t have time to buy right now and I’m gonna actually are the stop sign. Yeah. I totally saw it.

Hmm, you know how to search on Google Images for stuff that has usage rights, right? Oh go back to Google Images real quick, and I’ll show you if you go up under Tools. There’s these buttons before and go under. Yeah. She’s labeled for reuse. ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

What I could use these well, okay, let me let me let me answer that question. I’m not an attorney nor do I dress like one in on the web. However, I feel comfortable using them but you would need to consult the appropriate legal or other professional if you have any doubts, well, that’s cool.

So anyway, that’s more your pin. Jim told us we can use this but only you know, what that’s about as smart as Consulting Saul from speaking about season 3 of so, you see that like that. I have not seen that I’m waiting until I can power watch like four years in a weekend three years. That is so like anyway, my favorite line from that is is from breaking bad and he’s like, he’s like you need to hire me to hire criminal lawyers. Like I know I got two layers like no no, no, we need a criminal.

Anyway, here’s is one of my favorite and isn’t it time you stopped dealing with crippling elbow pain? I like that one too. Am I getting rid of this other ones that are designed beautifully gotta choose one dude. That was the point. Hey, okay. Did you send it to me? Did I send you? What? Oh, yeah. Okay. I’m so throw more questions in Here We can question the crap out of space for all I care well, and that’s the other thing you can use questions as sub headlines as well.

Make these ballpoint ballpoint element, but that I mean, I honestly got the way that he can redo this funnel and go after each of these individual markets is by just changing the question headline at the top and pretty much anywhere throughout that he is mentioning the target audience then it just be as easy as a search and replace so wherever he has tennis player, he would change that to fishermen or bowler or wrestler that a list. Yeah, or or a wrestler a wrestler wrestler. Whoo, but I mean, I hope this is making sense. I’m going to try and to give people a tool that they can use and coming up with all this big huge list of questions. ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

Funnels Convert For Any Target Audiences

I’ll be honest with you. I made this for me. I was like dang I’m going to use this so and I’m actually be clear I use questions and most of my coffee might be getting as well. She may not know that I mean component speakers book when I share my Dawkins use Excel letter start with let me ask you a question. If you ever want to work from home work or fire your boss. Yes. Yes. Yeah. I love questions. It’s a big as an interview love questions Russell because questions set up the answer and the answer is my product.

Okay, this looks like it’s labeled for reuse. I’m using it copy image address. Yeah. Mitch demo image Boom Oh, do you suffer from chronic? Elbow pain? Medical Graphics? Daddy? He’s going to show me a picture that’s labeled for usage rights. Well, there’s some serious serious credibility right there because it’s like an MD picture street cred, but I mean right there it just He’s the the question that you asked at the beginning is going to be the filter that resets the entire funnel.

As far as people that are reading it now just be copying that funnel and changing the headline switching out the switching out the target audience wherever he said, like I said, wherever it says tennis player, that’s fisherman or what have you and then you need the only other thing you’re going to need are some supporting images like before and after a tennis player that looks like he’s had his elbow. Whacked by Tonya Harding’s ex-husband or somebody and then somebody at the end of the copy playing tennis like they’re freaking John Mcenroe, you know what I mean? So, I mean that that would be the other thing would be pictures of before and after you want to show the pain.

At the beginning in a context that they can understand right that makes sense. It’s like oh there’s a tennis player and he really hurts and to take it even further you could do this with a funnel where you only talked to male tennis players and showed pictures of male tennis players and you showed and you had one that was going after female tennis players and you showed pictures of just female tennis players that make sense. All right. This is like letter to and because ClickFunnels™ is so amazing. ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

It makes it point-and-click simple to clone a funnel and make those changes mean you’re talking about 5 or 10 minutes worth of work to totally customize a funnel for a different target audience, especially with this wouldn’t you agree Russell? Oh, yeah, you like survey on the front of it’s like, hey tell me what’s in sounds almost like you you have 10 wrestlers. Are you offended by me asking you that question? Why are some be offended by that? Jit? I don’t because my pronoun is they Tell you how amazing you are. So he get this stuff. It’s amazing. I get it from we’re all good things come from Russell the internet the interwebs speaking in ranks kind of cool and creepy at the same time.

I would love to hear about that. Okay, so sometimes I get all excited and I go on eBay on my phone and I’ll spend way too many hours trying to find random weird stuff. So this week on Sunday night. I bought you go ran away. I bought some of the old mat Fury psycho cybernetics newsletters when she no longer publishes rise, like that’s kind of cool. So I bought them dude.It’s so funny. I was thinking about him on Monday. I am not even lying to you. I was thinking all about Matt fear on Monday actually went and found him on Facebook.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

I think he rejected me or unfriended me for something for some reason go you offended him. But yeah years ago I pissed him off. But um, that’s actually really cool dude. I mean, but that that what made you think of that because back in the day when I used to see back in the day and Always by Matt Fury and farmer Burns and Dan Kennedy and J. So all my saved searches for like 10 years ago were all like those things right?

I searched and found psycho cybernetics, so I bought it and I get this letter with it. That was like, hey Russell, I saw you bought some re based or I know who you are. And he was like, I’m gonna send you a gift. So he also sent me check this out. This is the Crossman success series tape set. What? Oh my gosh, but like in a briefcase and it’s like cassette tapes of this millionaire success dude in the mail that came with it. Okay, hold on that was pretty cool. Super cool, but it gets even crazier those eight tracks on the back on the top. You might be.

Okay, then the next thing that was crazy is so then I was like searching Napoleon Hill because like nobody talks about Napoleon Hill anymore. So I’m buying a bunch of his old stuff. Like there’s old Napoleon. He’ll like handwritten versions of thinking Grow Rich like $500,000 for sale by keep watching. They’re never going to bye. Bye Mike someday. Someone’s gonna buy that at school.

Anyway kind of book that I didn’t know he wrote called how to raise your own salary, which is crazy. I didn’t know that so I bought yeah universe so it’s like it’s like 500 bucks or something cause it’s like a really really rare one he had so I bought it and then the dude sends me a letter insides like here unless I buy my book. I also knew who you are.

And I love this episode your podcast. Anyway, I’m buying stuff on eBay now and all the people who buy stuff from Anyway, it’s crazy. Just kind of cats better than I’m saying. Hey Russell. Thanks for buying my thing. I know who you are. And now I have your home address. Oh my gosh. I need to change on eBay. That’s why you have a PO Box actually since the office I’m safe. So anyway, I just lost three minutes of my vulnerability time, but you gotta take that thing off the top you got to choose one. It can’t be versus. Oh really gotta choose to go with the just a straight tennis elbow one. All right to start. We’ll go after tennis players. ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

Yeah, and I would go I would I would even just go old school with this, you know attention tennis players. Do you suffer from tennis elbow? I mean, I’d literally have the intention tennis players in the small type up there on the left. That’s like 1994 stuff ready for this good year for direct response. People don’t even know. Did you like that? Yeah ratify it probably yeah, that’s right attention to this players. You suffer from head to toe. It’s so we can help. I mean, I know that there are people’s you mean could it really be that simple?

Yes, it could now would you want to test that? Yeah, I mean would you want to try other questions like is tennis elbow ruining your life which by the way the new script in funnel scripts writes all those questions for you. So Russell would they be able to set up automated tests through ClickFunnels™ to be able to tell which one actually was the best I’m pretty sure that you can set up a split test as I click funnels with one click of a mouse. So the neat thing you can do is just fill out this form once whack that button whack it until it feels right and then just start picking out headlines and loading them into your little clip bin here to your little hearts content and then you have all of them available to download and then you can test them inside of Click funnels and It’s pretty amazing.

ClickFunnels™ Pimp Your Funnel

So most people have the problem of not being able to figure out one headline. Is it okay and final scripts if we give you dozens and dozens of headlines and questions that you can use so you can test and find the one that makes you the most money. Is that okay if we over-deliver or are you sorry it’s not drop that in there. Sorry. Okay, that’s looking pretty good. Oh crap, I wasn’t paying attention. Oh, well, then I would have been working faster.

I actually hate this little back we had before good thing about ClickFunnels™. I can just drag and drop my way back to amazing this that’s right. Goody. All right. Well this one you get completely down but a couple things number one. I think that we pop people some amazing this about questions and you knew question script. When is your questions are going to live inside of this funnel scripts you keep talking about I would say it’ll be up in it’ll be in there by next week very cool.

But if people are excited about it, I mean are the people that are watching anybody in Social and them social medias on the line saying anything good about it or they just like me is there after think that’s a really great question Russell and if they did say that I could actually see my way clear to maybe listing and in there today, but I want to ask you guys a question again. Look in your wallet and see the money that you have in there and think to yourself what I rather take that money and spend it on an amazing tool like funnel scripts or would I rather spend that money on a copywriter and just set that money on fire?

Now think about that everybody, please don’t let your money on fire. Do you actually want to head over to funnel scripts right now and get access to now over 40 different online scripts to help you with everything from writing complete email sequences headlines, these amazing sales opener questions complete sales letters or do you want to cheat your children out of their future because you struggle to write sales copy and I think you know the choice, you know the right choice, don’t you? ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

Yes, you do head on over to funnel Jewish China because you do the math on that. So 40 scripts times ten dollars a year. You’re basically in ten dollars per year per script. Well that doesn’t even include the amazing downloadable Wizards that will create entire perfect webinar sequences for you many people have said access to that one wizard is worth the entire subscription just for the year. Dang. Dang the Aang. Oh shit ezel.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

All right. Well, the funnel is begun is not finished was got some good-looking copy in here. I’m going to save it out for those who this your first time on Fridays on Final I’ll actually get the sheriff on the link where we build each week. So it’ll be there and we’re right by this monthly. She has a new photo Friday site intro video. All the exciting is coming up. So we have a really cool video makes Jim look like he’s an actual pimp, which is awesome. I would drink some Gin and Juice to that you’re sad as I know every word of that song.

Yes in high school. I was a Snoop Dogg. Dr. Dre fan and my old headphones. I had the CD it was spinning in the thing and my parents annoyed. I was listening to the should know there’s a big like marijuana leaf on the front that CD. It’s really embarrassing now as like the clean-cut Mormon kid to admit that but that was the best CD of the 90s you Rebel you’re such a rebel cause I don’t see any of the marijuana leaf was I was like, why is it big palm tree leaf on this team?

Okay. I got to tell you a story you will think this is really funny. This shows innocence.Okay, so when I was in college, I had my ear pierced I had three earrings in this year. That’s and so I came home with my ear pierced in. My mom said, oh, I’ve got some extra earrings that Miss shock me. I’ve got some extra earrings that I lost the other one for and I’ve got this one that I got in Mexico. ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

It’s is really pretty really pretty. It’s got like Maple Leaves its Jade in silver. She brings me out. This pot leaf of earrings like it’s telling me it’s a maple leaf, and I’m like Mom, do you know what that is? No, what is it? It’s a pot leaf. She’s so I can’t give you that to give me that. Better buys this story is not quite as good but it’s almost as good so my grandma Jensen who is amazing.

So she was the most frugal person I’ve ever met so she’d buy everything at thrift stores like Desert Industries or Savers whatever. So one day we were at the beach with Grandma Jensen and she had on these awesome sunglasses and I decided sunglasses was a big old Playboy Bunny glasses. She’s like I got like, you know, that bunny issues like yeah. It’s a cute little bunny. I like I was working like we classes. There you go.

ClickFunnels™ Pimp Your Funnel

Anyways, the coolest sound you Grandma sounds awesome viewers are going to miss out wait till next week. I think you might have a hemorrhage if you don’t so dig brother sui sisters from Billie. Jean’s is Billy Russell Brunson is marketing. Is it still pretty loaded? Yeah. So this is from Billie Jean and check this out. This is a money Cannon. You ready for this? You got to clean this mess up now. Oh my God, that is that I am so jealous.

I don’t even got a musical way. I can just do it now. I’m out of here. When when we go on the cruise in January, you have to load that up with like all ones but put one 100 in there until every and then do it from the stage and just watch the scrum Chum in the water. Dude, that would be just and do it at a karaoke party after people been drinking and say there’s a hundred in here is watching go for it. Oh my gosh, there’s the money can’t that the cash cannon.

That’s pretty cool. I should have are beginning to show you even know. So Dave brought that back from San Diego to me. So thank you. You need to get some of those made and then when somebody gets into people would be more excited about having that branded with ClickFunnels™ and getting that when they get there to Comet Club award and having it filled with like $50. They would go crazy over that.

It’s actually cheaper than the awards. Yeah. Especially the to Comic-Con extra words these things like your $3000 ring. I was like, I wish that is how much do ya um, because I’ll see you soon Instagram world and Facebook world when you make ten feet eight figures ten beers. We billion right a figures inside of an of a ClickFunnels™ account. You get the big ol Super Bowl ring. Yeah. ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

Anyway, um, or you could give away those cash cannons with 50 bucks in them at the next funnel hacking live to everybody who makes it into like the six-figure clubs. Everybody hits a hundred thousand. They get a fit they get one of those with 50 bucks in it. Can you imagine how crazy people would be going?There’s Russian Cassidy? Yeah, that would be insane. That is pretty fun. All right that’s on the idealist for next year’s photo talking which by the way is in Nashville, Tennessee. The dates are on for locking

You can’t buy tickets yet, but you can schedule in your calendars. You don’t forget nice by the way, Brandon Caitlyn, they sold out there vent in one day. It’s my goal is to cell phone. I can live in one day. So when we do open this for everyone you better get Or dollars lined up and ready because it’s going to be opening and closing fast. Anyway, very nice. All right. Well Jim, that was amazing. I appreciate you. I’m excited. We only get next week. Yeah, I guess you tell me I have it down.

It’s the Nexus last week of school for my kids. I think so anyway last day of school shooting first, June 1st, we all right. Well today was fun. Great job guys. Thank you. Everybody. Appreciate you all the watches at home. I hope you guys enjoyed to learn something now. You can cure your chronic tennis elbow. If you’re on a cliff Barnes County a go click files and, and that’s it for the day. Okay. I just have one last thing to share.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences: With the point why I see everybody I can’t figure how to get my mouse to end. This one. The mouse is disappearing. I need to take off my pimp robes. Are we off yet? You’re literally still alive because the mouse is not working on my computer. Wow. Okay right here disappears Excuse me while I take this off. I don’t know how to turn this off. Now. How do we say there’s the mouse? Okay now it’s working and we’re stopping by everybody. ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

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